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Her_Majesty 02-27-2008 12:19 PM

Queen Sonja's trip to Kenya for Unicef, 2007
In October 2007 HM Queen Sonja travelled to Kenya (for UNICEF).
She visited children with HIV and Aids.

Here are some amazing pictures: Fantastic! :flowers:

Dronning Sonjas besøk i Kenya - Forsiden - UNICEF

I so so adore the pictures of the Queen with the African children! The first one , of the little boy sitting on the Queen's lap and smiling to her, is so cute.

It must have been a very exiting trip!
I am glad there finally appeared some pictures of this trip!

Her_Majesty 02-27-2008 01:23 PM

Slik opplevde kjendisene å møte TV-aksjon-barna - VG Nett

Pictures from JØRGEN BRAASTAD for VG

Her_Majesty 03-12-2008 06:00 PM

And even a few more pictures from UPPA

I just loved to see the Queen like this... with all those adorable african children. It makes one very melancholic....

Smiling at little boy
Smiling with boy

Sitting with a group of African people
visiting a plantage

listening to people
visiting a new-born

Vanesa 03-12-2008 06:31 PM

What a good thing she is doing now...God bless her! My heart aches everytime I see these poor little boys and girls suffering! But Queen Sonja has no real way to change their lifes. The powerful of this world, I mean, the people who has real political and economic power, are the only ones who could be somewhat able to change something.


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