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Marengo 02-21-2008 07:19 AM

King Pedro IV of Aragon and Wives (Queens Maria, Leonor, Eleonora and Sibila)
Pedro IV ‘The Ceremonious’, King of Aragon, Sardinia, Corsica, Valencia and Mallorca, Duke of Athens and Neopatria, Count of Barcelona (Balaguer, 5 September 1319 – Barcelona, 5 January 1387); married 1stly in Alagon on ? 1338 Princess Maria of Navarre (1326 - Valencia, 29 April 1347); married 2ndly in Barcelona on 19 November 1347 Princess Leonor of Portugal (?, 3 February 1328 – Exerica, 29 October 1348); married 3rdly in Valencia on 27 August 1349 Princess Eleonora of Sicily (Sicily, ? 1325 – Lerida, ? 1375); married 4thly in ? on 11 October 1377 Countess Sibila of Fortia (Fortià 1350 - Barcelona 1406)

Reign: 1336 - 1387

Dynasty: Barcelona

Predecessor: King Alfonso IV of Aragon

Succeeded by: King Juan I of Aragon

Children Pedro & Maria: Queen Constanca of Sicily; Princess Juana of Aragón-Ampurias

Children Pedro & Leonor: None

Children Pedro & Eleonora: King Juan I of Aragon; Queen Leonor of Castile, King Martin I of Aragon and Prince Alfonso of Aragon

Children Pedro & Sibila:, Princess Maria and Prince Pedro of Aragon; Prince Alfonso and Prince Pedro of Aragon and Countess Isabel of Urgell

Parents Pedro:King Alfonso IV of Aragon and Princess Blanche of Napels

Parents Maria: Count Philipe I of Evreux, Prince of France and later King of Navarre and Queen Juana of Navarre

Parents Leonor: King Alfonso IV of Portugal and Princess Beatriz of Castile

Parents Eleonora: King Pietro II of Sicily and Duchess Elisabeth of Karinthia

Parents Sibila: Count Berenguer of Fortiá and Dona Francisca de Vilamarí.

Siblings Pedro: Prince Alfonso of Aragon, Count Jaime of Urgell; Prince Fadrique of Aragon; Queen Constanca of Mallorca; Princess Isabel and Prince Sancho of Aragon

Half Siblings of Pedro: Prince Fernando of Aragon, Marques of Tortosa and Prince Juan of Aragon

Siblings Maria: Count Queen Blanche of France; King Carlos II of Navarre; Countess Agnes of Foix; Philip, Count of Longueville; Princess Juana of Navarre; Viscountess Juana of Rohan and Luis, Count of Beaumont-le-Roger

Siblings Leonor: Queen Maria of Castile, Prince Alfonso, Prince Dinis, King Pedro I,, Princess Isabel and Prince Joao of Portugal

Siblings Eleonora: Princess Constanca of Sicily, Countess Palentine Beatrice; Princess Euphemia, Pricness Violante and Prince Giovanni of Sicily; Countess Bianca of Ampurias; King Ludovico I and King Federico III of Sicily

Siblings Sibila: ?

Marengo 02-22-2008 10:46 AM

Peter IV (5 September 1319, Balaguer – 5 January 1387), called the Ceremonious (el Cerimoniós) or El del Punyalet ("the one of the little dagger"), was the King of Aragon, King of Sardinia and Corsica (as Peter I), King of Valencia (as Peter II), and Count of Barcelona (and the rest of the Principality of Catalonia as Peter III) from 1336 until his death. He deposed James III of Majorca and made himself King of Majorca in 1344. His reign was occupied with attempts to strengthen the crown against the Union of Aragon and other such devices of the nobility, with their near constant revolts, and with foreign wars, in Sardinia, Sicily, the Mezzogiorno, Greece, and the Balearics. His wars in Greece made him Duke of Athens and Neopatria in 1381.

Peter was the eldest son and heir of Alfonso IV, then merely Count of Urgell, and his first wife, Teresa d'Entença. Peter was designated to inherit all of his father's title save that of Urgell, which went to his younger brother James.
Upon succeeding his father he called a cort in Zaragoza for his coronation. He crowned himself, disappointing the Archbishop of Zaragoza and thus rejecting the surrender Peter II had made to the Papacy, in an otherwise traditional ceremony. According to his own later reports, this act caused him some "distress". He did, however, affirm the liberties and privileges of Aragon. Also while he was at Zaragoza an embassy from Castile had met him and asked that he promise to uphold the donations of land his father had made to his step-mother Eleanor, but he refused to give a clear answer as to the legitimacy of the donations.
After the festivities in Zaragoza, Peter began on his way to Valencia to receive coronation there. On route he stopped at Lleida to affirm the Usatges and Constitucions of Catalonia and receive the homage of his Catalan subjects. This offended Barcelona, at which the ceremony had usually been performed, and the citizens of that city complained to the king, who claimed that Lleida was on his way to Valencia. While in Valencia he decided on the case of his step-mother's inheritance, depriving her of income and outlawing her Castilian protector, Pedro de Ejérica. However, Pedro had enough supporters within Peter's domains that Peter was unable to maintain his position and in 1338, through papal mediation, Pedro was reconciled to the king and Eleanor received her land and jurisdictional rights. Peter was largely forced to capitulate by a new invasion from Morocco aimed at Castile and Valencia.
In 1338 he married Maria, second daughter of Philip III and Joan II of Navarre. In May 1339 he allied with Alfonso XI of Castile against Morocco, but his contribution of a fleet had no effect at the pivotal Battle of the Río Salado (October 1340).

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