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Marengo 02-07-2008 11:48 AM

King Martin I of Aragon and Wives (Queen Maria de Luna and Queen Maragarita)
Martin I,King of Aragon, Valencia, Mallorca, Sardinia, Corsica,, Duke of Athens and Neopatria, Count of Barcelona, Roussillon and Cerdanya (Gerona or Perpignan 1356 – 31 May 1410); married 1stly in Barcelona on 13 June 1372 Countess Maria of Luna, Countess of Empúries(Zaragoza or Segorbe, 1358 – Vila Real, 29 December 1406); married 2ndly in ? on ?, 1409 Dona Margarita of Prades (1395 - 1422)

Reign Aragon: 1396 – 1410

Reign Sicily: 1409 - 1410


Predecessor Aragon: King Juan I of Aragon

Predecessor Sicily: King Martin I of Sicily

Successor: King Fernando I of Aragon

Children Martin & Maria: King Martin I of Sicily; Prince Jaime, Prince Juan and Princess Margarita of Aragon

Children Martin & Margarita: None

Parents Fernando: King Pedro IV of Aragon and Princess Leonora of Sicily

Parents Maria: Count Lope of Luna and Princess Violante of Aragon

Parents Margarita:Pedro de Prades, baron of Entenza and Juana of Cabrera

Siblings Martin: King Juan I of Aragon, Queen Leonor of Castile and Prince Alfonso of Aragon

Half Siblings Martin: Queen Constanca of Sicily; Princess Juana of Aragón-Ampurias, Princess Maria and Prince Pedro of Aragon; Prince Alfonso and Prince Pedro of Aragon and Countess Isabel of Urgell

Siblings Maria:None

Siblings Margarita: ?

Marengo 02-22-2008 05:24 AM

Martin I (135631 May 1410), "the Elder", "the Humane", "the Ecclesiastic", King of Aragon (1396 - 1410) and King of Sicily (1409 - 1410), was the last direct descendant in legitimate male line of Wilfred "the Hairy", Count of Barcelona to rule Aragon.

Martin was born in 1356, either in Girona or in Perpignan. He was the second son of King Peter IV of Aragon and Eleanor of Sicily (Leonora of Trinacria), princess of the Sicilian branch of the House of Aragon.
As a cadet prince of the Aragonese royal family, Martin was given the Duchy of Monblanch (Montblanc). In 1380 his father appointed him lord and regent of the island of Sicily, then known also as Trinacria, since its queen Mary of Sicily, who was Martin's cousin, was underage (Mary's father, Frederick III of Trinacria, died in 1377). As a son of Eleanor of Sicily Martin was himself an heir to the island, should Mary's family die out.
Martin's son Martin the Younger was later married to the young heiress. The island of Sicily was thus intended to be a fief of Martin's descendants. Martin the Younger became King Martin I of Sicily in his father's lifetime.

In 1396, Martin succeeded his elder brother John I, who had died sonless, on the throne of Aragon. However, Sicilian nobles were causing unrest and Martin was kept in Sicily. In the meanwhile, Martin's wife Maria de Luna claimed the throne on behalf of Martin and acted as his representative until he arrived in 1397. Still, the delay opened the way for more problems and quarrels to surface in Aragon. His right to the throne was contested, first by Count Matthew of Foix on behalf of his wife Joanna, elder daughter of John I. However, Martin succeeded in quashing the invasion by the troops of the count.
After the death of the childless Joanna, John's second daughter, Yolande of Aragon, married the Angevin King Louis II of Naples and continued the claim, as did her sons.
Martin launched crusades against the Moors in North Africa in 1398 and 1399.
Aragon had been trying to subjugate Sardinia since the reign of James II, and gradually the Aragonese had conquered most of the island. However, in the 1380s, in the reign of Martin's father Peter IV, the remaining independent principality of Arborea became a fortress of rebellion and the Aragonese were rapidly driven back by Eleanor of Arborea, so that practically the whole of Sardinia was lost. King Martin sent his son Martin the Younger, King of Sicily, to reconquer Sardinia. Just before his own death, the son won the Battle of Sanluri (San Luis, San Luigi) in 1409, drove away the Genoese allies of the Sardinians, and subjugated a vast number of Sardinian nobles. This soon caused Arborea's total loss of independence.

Read the entire wikipedia article here.

Marengo 02-22-2008 05:27 AM

Margarita of Aragon-Prades (1395 – 1422) was the second Queen consort of Martin I of Aragon.

On 17 September 1409, Margarita married Martin I of Aragon, a second cousin of her father. The bride was about fourteen years old and the groom fifty-three. Martin had survived all his legitimate children from his first marriage with Maria de Luna and was in need of a legitimate heir of his own.
On 31 March 1410, Martin I died after six months of marriage. They had no children. His death led to a two-year interregnum, which was ended by the Pact of Caspe, in which Ferdinand I of Aragon, infante of Castile's House of Trastámara, younger son of his sister Eleanor of Aragon, was chosen as the next king from among at least five contenders.
Margarita remained a widow for about four years. She married her second husband Juan of Vilaragut in 1414. Again there were no children. Juan died in 1422. Margarita entered the monastery of Monrepes. She is not considered to have outlived him for long.

Read the entire wikipedia article here.

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