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Marengo 02-02-2008 11:13 AM

D. Henrique of Burgundy and D.ª Teresa of Leon, Counts of Portugal
Henrique of Burgundy, Count of Portugal (Barcelona, ?, 1066 - Astorga, 24 April 1112 ); married in ? on ?, 1093 Teresa of Leon, Countess of Portugal (1080-Monastairy of Monterredamo, 11 November 1130)

Reign Henrique: 1093 - 1109

Reign Teresa: 1112 - 1128 (de facto)

Predecessor: None

Successor: King Alfonso I of Portugal

Children: Count Alfonso of Portugal, Countess Urraca of Trava, Sancha, Lady of Braganca; Count Henrique of Portugal and King Alfonso I of Portugal

Parents Henrique: Duke Henry of Burgundy and ? (unknown, might be related to the Counts of Barcelona)

Parents Teresa: King Alfonso VI of Leon and Castille and Ximena Moniz

Siblings Henrique: Duke Hugo I and Duke Eudes III of Burgundy, Duke Robert of Burgundy, Bissshop of Langes, Duchess Helie of Burgundy, Viscountess Beatrice of Vignory and Duke Reginald of Burgundy, abbot of St.Pierre

Sister Teresa: Countess Elvire of Toulouse

Half Siblings Teresa: Queen Urraca of Castille Queen Elvira of Sicily Prince Sancho of Leon and Castille and Countess Sancha of Liebana

Marengo 02-07-2008 07:20 AM

Henry of Burgundy, Count of Portugal (1066–1112) was Count of Portugal from 1093 to his death. He was the son of Henry of Burgundy, heir of Robert I, Duke of Burgundy, and brother of Hugh I, Duke of Burgundy and Eudes , Duke of Burgundy. His name is Henri in modern French, Henricus in Latin, Enrique in modern Spanish and Henrique in modern Portuguese. He was a distant cousin of Raymond of Burgundy and Pope Callistus II.

As a younger son, Henry had little chances of acquiring fortune and titles by inheritance, thus he joined the Reconquista against the Moors in the Iberian Peninsula. He helped king Alfonso VI of Castile and León conquer modern Galicia and the north of Portugal and in reward he married Alfonso's daughter Theresa, Countess of Portugal in 1093, receiving the County of Portugal, then a fiefdom of the Kingdom of León, as a dowry.

Read the entire wikipedia article here.

Marengo 02-07-2008 07:26 AM

Queen Theresa of Portugal, Countess of Portugal, (Portuguese Rainha Dona Teresa, Condessa de Portugal) (sometimes a.k.a. to non Portuguese people as Infanta Teresa of León) (1080 – November 11, 1130), is generally said to have been an illegitimate daughter of King León and Castile and Ximena Moniz. It is more probable, nevertheless, that she was what was called afterwards a natural daughter, the child of the King with his most beloved wife, a very noble galician Lady, when he was a widow in the eyes of the Church.
In 1094, her father married her to a French prince, the nephew of his wife and Queen, Henry of Burgundy, grandson to the Duke of Burgundy and the kings of France in the male line, the son of a catalan princess, he was born in Barcelone. Prince Henry was helping military his father in law ruling and making war in the Portuguese mark against muslims. The County of Portugal, the southern part of the realm of the assassinated brother of the the leonese King, King Garcia II of Galicia and Portugal, was her dowry, establishing Henry as Regent in the County of Portugal, her personal fief, till her coming of age.
At first, Henry was a vassal of his father-in-law, but when Alfonso VI died in 1109, leaving everything to his daughter Urraca of Castile, Henry invaded León, hoping to add it to his lands. When he died in 1112, Teresa was a very young widow, maybe aged eighteen years, and left to deal with the military and political situation. The Queen took on the responsibility of government, and occupied herself at first mainly with her southern lands, that had only recently been reconquered from the Moors and only as far as the Mondego River.
In 1116, in an effort to expand the land that would descend to her son (who later became the first King of Portugal), Queen Teresa fought her half-sister and Queen, Urraca. They fought again in 1120. In fact, as the canonic law at the time of Theresa did not established yet different rights to the children born in catholic marriages, presided by priests, and none to those born to public life in common, she considered herself as having the same rights to inherite her father's different realms along with her only sister Queen Urraca: as it was the custom then to consider realms as personal propertys, and to divide them in almost equal parts between all children of the deceased Kings. Furthermore, then the legal german custom inherited from the Goths for all children to retain her father and mother titles was still in use, and that is what explain to us why se signed herself Queen Theresa of Portugal, and not Theresa Countess of Portugal.
She thus prosecuted her dead first husband politics to take their share in the leonese inheritance, and allied herself as a widow to the most powerful galician nobleman for that effect, the Count of Trava that she considered her second husband, even if he had rejected his first wife to openly married her and serve her in the southern border of the Mondego. In 1121, she was besieged and captured at Lanhoso, her northern border with Galicia, fighting her sister Queen Urraca. A negotiated peace was coordinated with aid from the Archbishops of Santiago de Compostela and Braga. The terms included that Queen Theresa would go free and hold the county of Portugal as a fief of León, as she received it at first.

Read the entire wikipedia article here.

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