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polyesco 01-21-2018 01:12 AM

Two new pictures of Ingrid-Alexandra on the occasion of her 14th birthday. Taken by Haakon.
Prinsesse Ingrid Alexandra 14 år -


wartenberg7 01-21-2018 04:12 AM

Very nice for private use of the RF, but IMO totally unappropriate as official ones. This is nothing comparing the birthday photos in Denmark, especially those taken of Nikolai and Felix, where the other brother has always been included in one or two pics of the series!

ROYAL NORWAY 01-21-2018 11:26 AM

Thanks polyesco! :flowers:

Articles from Royal Central and Norway Today:

Crown Prince Haakon takes 14th birthday photos of daughter Princess Ingrid Alexandra – Royal Central

Her Royal Highness Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway is celebrating her 14th birthday today, and in celebration, the Royal Court of Norway released two new pictures of the teenage princess late last evening.

The images were taken by her proud father, Crown Prince Haakon outside their home at the Skaugum estate this month. The Princess is pictured in deep snow in one image and climbing a tree in another.
Princess Ingrid Alexandra celebrates her 14th birthday - Norway Today

Youth school student, Asker girl and princess, Ingrid Alexandra turns 14 today, Sunday and she is at the threshold of her largest international exposure thus far.

Her birthday will be celebrated privately, NTB is informed by Assistant Communications Manager Sven Gjeruldsen from the Palace.

This has been the case for most of the birthdays of both princess Ingrid Alexandra and her brother, Prince Sverre Magnus. The Crown Prince wants to give his children a sheltered upbringing, balanced with being in the spotlight and the attention through public missions, especially for the princess, who is number two in line to the Norwegian throne after father, Crown Prince Haakon.
NRK article with google translation:
Prinsesse Ingrid Alexandra fyller 14 år - translation

HereditaryPrincess 01-21-2018 11:32 AM

I love the new photos and it was nice that Haakon took them! I can't believe Ingrid Alexandra is fourteen already. It looks very snowy in Norway at the moment.

Countessmeout 01-21-2018 12:28 PM

Great photos. Shows some real personality for the little teenager :flowers:

Not sure why it is inappropriate for them not to include her brother :ermm: It is her birthday photo. Other then Nikolai/Felix, I don't recall other royal children's birthday photos (the Swedish kids, Cambridge kids, Leonor of Spain) including the sibling. Its a birthday photo.

Barbara21 01-22-2018 10:56 AM

Ingrid Alexandra looks very much like her grandmother, Queen Sonia.
I like these new pictures, taken by Haakon. I like especially that images were taken outside.

Tirilschatz 01-22-2018 01:49 PM

She has stunning eyes!

And to be honest - I am happy that she is alone on the picture. Not alone its HER birthday, I doubt that Sverre (or/and his faces) would have been a win on it.

HereditaryPrincess 01-22-2018 05:33 PM


Originally Posted by Tirilschatz (Post 2066291)
She has stunning eyes!

And to be honest - I am happy that she is alone on the picture. Not alone its HER birthday, I doubt that Sverre (or/and his faces) would have been a win on it.

I agree. I don't understand why some people are disappointed at the absence of Sverre Magnus. It's not his birthday after all, and it doesn't seem fair to include siblings in birthday photos when it's meant to be the birthday boy or girl's special day.

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