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Alexandria 09-08-2003 07:57 PM

Prince Haakon's Current Events Part 1: September 2003 - October 2013
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Polfoto 07-09-2003 Jacobs Church, Oslo, 7. 9.2003: Crown Prince Haakon, who is very interested in music, was a very welcome guest at the Oslo International Gypsy festival Sunday 7. September. -It has been great.Very colourful and a lot of energy. Now I am looking forward to part two of the show, Crown Prince Haakon said when Dagbladet talket to him during the break at the last day of the Oslo International Gypsyfestival at Jacobs church. Here: Crown Prince Haakon with Natasja Bielenberg. Foto: Andrea Gjestvang / Dagbladet/All Over Press Norway (code: 516647c)

Picture 2: Here: Crown Prince Haakon together with Raya Bielenbergs grandson Niklak (left), her daughter Natasja and her grandson Aleco Bielenberg. Raya Bielenberg is to the right of Crown Prince Haakon. Foto: Andrea Gjestvang / Dagbladet/All Over Press Norway (code: 516647b)

Princess_Elizaveta 09-10-2003 12:22 AM

Haakon & Mette-Marit are by far the most regal and beautiful couple in any royal family! (A whiff of nostaglia is bringing back the Camelot days)!!! Haakon & Mette-Marit take the crown (excuse the pun) from JFK Jr and Carolyn Bessette as the most glamourous couple of the 21st century!!!!

Alexandria 12-03-2003 09:48 PM

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Polfoto 02-12-2003: Crown Prince Haakon attended an editorial meeting at Dinamo publishing company. He has agreed to write the preface of a new book about Norway. The book will be released in 5 languages and will be sold in Norway and abroad. The book will be divided into different chapters which will deal with different parts of society. The book will be released autumn 2004.

Fireweaver 05-08-2004 01:38 AM

So what has Haakon been up to lately? Is he on his paternity leave now that the king is back? (Mette-Marit goes off her maternity leave, and Haakon starts his leave?)

hrhcp 05-13-2004 10:30 PM

BTW ... who looks after Princess Ingrid in MM's absence?

norwegianne 05-14-2004 06:36 AM

Well, probably grandmother Tjessem, although Marius & Ingrid does have at least one nanny.

hrhcp 05-17-2004 02:44 AM

In looking at the pictures of CP Fred's wedding ..... it strikes me (strongly) that CP Haakon is a very lucky guy.

bua 05-23-2004 07:46 PM


Originally posted by King Christian@May 17th, 2004 - 2:44 am
In looking at the pictures of CP Fred's wedding ..... it strikes me (strongly) that CP Haakon is a very lucky guy.
Are You kidding me?

Her outfits, her posture (or lack thereof), and her bored look on her face all scream 'I don't wanna be here!'.

She could at least try to make an effort, or at least make it look as if she did. She is just so "giddalaus".

hrhcp 07-19-2004 12:08 AM

With Crown Prince Haakon's 31-st birthday just around the corner (July 20), is there a photo-op planned?

Does any-one know what Mette-Merit is planning for her dearly beloved on this date ..... heh, heh .... besides the usual hanky-panky ?

Sancia 07-19-2004 04:15 AM


Originally posted by King Christian@Jul 18th, 2004 - 11:08 pm
With Crown Prince Haakon's 31-st birthday just around the corner (July 20), is there a photo-op planned?

Does any-one know what Mette-Merit is planning for her dearly beloved on this date ..... heh, heh .... besides the usual hanky-panky ?

I hope so! A photo with little Ingrid Alexandra would be marvellous! She's so cute!

hrhcp 07-20-2004 08:44 PM

On why imho Haakon is the very best among the Crown Princes in Europe ...

He's got courage. Ok, so Frederik crossed the top of Greenland .... even if he had a few weak moments, who would know? And fine, like Haakon, some of the other's might have threatened to resign (ieg. Felipe, Willem), but it takes extra moxie to take up with a divorcee with child, fathered by drug pusher dad.

He's got leadership. Every country has single-mom's but only in Norway does one member of the Royal Family have the gumption to endorse (and thereby legalize?) that position.

He's got charisma. Its taken a child for MM to regain her panache, but to look at them interact, he dotes on her, and she adores him.

He's got individualism and independence. When he married MM, what's he do? ... offs to London for a taxpayer paid 'vacation' to get a degree from the prestigious and very expensive London School of Economics. He knows the difference between short-term gripes and long-term gains.

He's alive. As much as I like and empathsize with Prince Philippe of Belgium, the latter is almost a dullard in public.

He's got country. Sometimes it helps to be from one of the coldest er ... best kept secrets of Europe.

Karena 07-20-2004 10:19 PM


Originally posted by King Christian@Jul 20th, 2004 - 7:44 pm
He's got charisma. Its taken a child for MM to regain her panache, but to look at them interact, he dotes on her, and she adores him.

That's an excellent observation. I think it is wonderful that they have found each other and have such a loving relationship!

liliawodna 08-12-2004 09:56 AM

Crown prince in boat trouble again
Norway's Crown Prince Haakon is patron of the Norwegian Life Saving Association, but he's not setting the best example. Now he's being criticized for mounting a motor on an open boat that's too powerful for the boat's size.

Last year the crown prince was criticized for failing to wear a life vest while boating, and recent photos have showed him without one this summer, too.

Now he's also been caught with a 50-horse-power motor mounted on a 14-foot open boat that's only supposed to have a maximum 35-horsepower motor.

Norwegian classification society Det Norske Veritas (DNV) has put the 35hp limit on the 14-foot boat.

"The crown prince must answer for himself, but it's not without reason that Veritas has set such a limit," Jan Syvertsen of the Royal Norwegian Boating Association told newspaper VG. "Our position is clear that no one should mount a motor more powerful than that for which the boat is designed."

The crown prince is, ironically, an honorary member of the association, along with being royal patron for the Life Saving Association (Norges Livredningsselskap).

If the crown prince is involved in an accident with his boat, he could be held liable if it's determined that the accident was the result of the motor being too strong.

"We believe that exceeding the approved motor size is quite serious," said Jack Frostad at insurance company If, noting that it can mean cancellation of the insurance and compensation claims.

liliawodna 08-27-2004 04:50 PM

Haakon og Tutu hyllet Fredskorpset
Kronprins Haakon og nobelprisvinner Desmond Tutu hyllet fredskorpsets innsats for solidaritet mellom mennesker i nord og sør under et stjernespekket seminar i Oslo Rådhus fredag.

Mer enn 1100 mennesker deltok i åpningen av Fredskorpset rådsmøte, blant dem kronprinsen, Sør-Afrikas erkebiskop Tutu, Zambias første president Kenneth Kaunda og utviklingsminister Hilde Frafjord Johnson. Også andre kjente fjes fra norsk samfunnsliv var invitert, blant dem Celina Midelfart, Anne Enger Lahnstein, Are Kalvø, Kjartan Fløgstad og Morten Krogvold.

- Fredskorpset bringer mennesker fra ulike kulturer sammen på en kraftfull måte. Folk føres sammen for arbeid og levedyktig utvikling. Av dette kan alle lære noe av, sa kronprinsen.

Desmond Tutu, som fikk Nobel fredspris for sin kamp mot apartheidregimet i 1984, hyllet Norge som sitt «annet hjemland». Han takket for at Norge har beholdt oppmerksomheten på Sør-Afrika etter raseskilleregimets fall.

Over 1100 personer fra alle samfunnssektorer tar del i nord-sør-arrangementet The Oslo North-South Forum som åpnet fredag.

Fredskorpsets idé er å bidra på en helt konkret måte til kulturell forståelse og engasjement for en mer rettferdig fordeling mellom nord og sør.

Gjennom Fredskorpset kan norske virksomheter utveksle ansatte på mellom 22 og 35 år med land i sør.

Tanken er at utveksling av unge mennesker på tvers av landegrensene skal bidra til større grad av likeverd, gjensidighet, åpenhet og solidaritet mellom mennesker i nord og sør.

I perioden fra 2001 til 2002 er 671 unge nordmenn sendt til de fleste kanter av verden, de fleste i Afrika, Sør-Amerika og det sørlige Asia.

Alisa 09-09-2004 09:41 PM

It's funny the Crown Prince once spoke out against the use of such technology regarding the privacy.

But alas this is a public function, it's free game.;)

pdas1201 03-17-2005 03:22 AM

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March 9, 2005: Prince Haakon opened the exhibition by famous Norwegian painter Edvard Munch at the Vittoriano Museum in Rome, Italy.

ETA: Pictures from Van Parys Media

Larzen 04-18-2005 01:17 PM

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Haakon was present for the opening of international week in drammen, Mette-Marit was feeling sick and did not attend, the spokeswoman said it was nothing serious or long lasting (However Im sure some mags will read more into her missing an engagement in the morning:p )

I have attached the smal vertions of the pictures, here are the link to the big ones

norwegianne 05-13-2005 03:43 PM

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Haakon at the memorial for Fritjof Nansen today, Friday.

Picture from

Larzen 05-24-2005 09:08 AM

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Haakon has given an interivew to the sports magazine Fri Flyt - "Free Flow"

The magazine went with Haakon and his friends on a ski trip to North of Norway, and then met him for an interview at the Palace. To the reporter he talks about why he likes windsurfing, river rafting, paragliding and surfing. He says, roughly translated, that it is a good experience for him to see that after some practice he could master things that seemd scary to begin with and that this was experiences he could bring into his own life and work.

He also says that his attitude to his own safty has been more influenced by the fact that he now has a family than by the fact that he is a heir to the throne. He also says that he has never liked ball sports and that he likes cross country skiing when he is with his family.

And on another note his best friend Morten Andreassen and his wife Anita Sjong is expecting a baby at the same time as Haakon and Mette-Marit is. (I just read the headline in Se og Hør in the store so I dont know if they have confirmed it...)

GrandDuchess 05-25-2005 08:59 AM

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Crown Prince Haakon yesterday awarded the Abel Prize to a Hungarian born New York University professsor for his contributions to the theory and use of theories nonlinear equations that have proved useful in predicting complex behaviors in aerodynamics and meteorology. The picture is from Fotomarktplatz, but the caption was hopeless so I hope I have put it together correctly.

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