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sm1939 09-14-2006 04:06 AM

Mette-Marit at London Fashion Week '06
Iv also read , that Metta merit is to vist the uk on the 20th September is that true ???

kwanfan 09-18-2006 10:14 PM

It looks like Mette-Marit will be attending some of London Fashion Week tomorrow as part of her trip to the UK.
From the royal website:
H.K.H. Kronprinsessen besøker London Fashion week og Snøhetta-utstilling, London (Besøket varer til 20.09)

Larzen 09-19-2006 03:12 AM

I would guess she is going to see the Norwegian designers who work from London who is part of the 100%Norway2006 design and architecture exhibition she is opening tomorrow, atleast I hope that is what she is doing and that she is not going to see brittish design and put it on the official calendar:rolleyes: Kristian Aadnevik who is part of the exhibiton shows his collection tomorrow at 12.30

What is more interesting is that Haakon seems to finally ackowledge that he is infact also a farmer, and one of the biggest farmers in Asker, a suit and tie farmer that is going to be King, but a farmer none the less. This week he has several events related to agriculture and ecological farming. A bit overdue IMO, he never seems to have taken any interest what so ever in that before and there are many farmers that struggle in Norway. He will eb quite busy this week with 6 events.

sm1939 09-19-2006 04:07 AM

oow ! its great that MM is going to be in london , shame I cant work out when she will be at her fashion show etc , could of try to hang out and see if I of spotted her !!

Larzen 09-19-2006 04:31 AM

Probably the best chance if you want to see her, is tomorrow at the exhibition at Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane

Im sure if you call the embassy they can tell you when the opening is


The Crown Prince opens the International week - Kristiansand

sm1939 09-19-2006 09:22 AM

Thanks for that larzen

royalist 09-20-2006 06:33 PM

You can see a few photos of CP MM at the 100%Norway2006 exhibition in London in the following address:

She looks charming!!

rominet09 09-20-2006 07:46 PM

Great thanks !
Lovely and well dressed plus a super bag !
I hope there will be more pix !

Princess BellyFlop 09-21-2006 01:32 AM

She looks lovely but she should let go of the dark socks/nylons or at the very least go for sheerer ones.

Larzen 09-21-2006 05:31 AM

Why does she always wear such frumpy clothes for design events, and the hair is terrible. She looks more stylish at AIDS events than design events:wacko:

From Kristian Aadneviks show "One of" Scanpix pictures at the bottom
klick on the pictures to see them bigger

Giving the opening speech at the 100%Norway2006 exhibition
scanpix pictures

rominet09 09-21-2006 11:05 AM

Glad to see her back on business after the long stop for Sverre Magnus !

carlota 09-21-2006 11:20 AM

i think mette marit is looking great lately. although the clothes are not "dazzling", they give a professional and modern look that is perfect for a princess and shows a lot of 'down to earth-ness'.

is there any video of the speech she gave for 100% norway 2006? thanks in advance!

Princess BellyFlop 09-25-2006 06:05 PM


Originally Posted by Larzen
Why does she always wear such frumpy clothes for design events, and the hair is terrible. She looks more stylish at AIDS events than design events:wacko:

You can do like me and dream that she will learn something from her fashion-oriented sponsorships.

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