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Grandson Kings 11-11-2007 09:46 AM

royal greetings!
Hello, everyone!

I am really pleased to join this forum since I have been always fond of Monarchies. I hope it will be a place to exchange information and share our knowledge about the different Royal Houses all around the world. In my case, since I am Spanish, I will be glad to give details and solve doubts about the Spanish Royal Family. Thank you everybody in advance!

marezdote 11-11-2007 09:55 AM

Welcome to The Royal Forums Grandson Kings! I look forward to seeing you in the Spanish forums.

yatsoml 11-12-2007 10:29 AM

Hello to All: I too am fond of royal families & look forward to sharing thoughts/perspectives of their place in world history. It is good to read your comments regularly.

Elspeth 11-12-2007 07:31 PM

Welcome to TRF, Grandson Kings and yatsoml!

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