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PeoplesPrincess 11-09-2007 02:43 PM

Is The Royal Family Uninspiring or Isolated?
Lately, my love for, interest in, and patience with the BRF has been failing. I used to be interested in the activities of HM and her descendants and chatted with my friends about which of us wanted to marry Wills and which preferred Harry etc. (I'm in the Wills camp). I also thought that, despite monarchies being somewhat out-dated, the BRF was worth having around. Now I'm just frustrated with them.

I realize some of them do a lot in terms of charity work but it all seems to be the same - going to galas in pretty outfits and cutting ribbons. I wish they would get more creative. Charles has been doing a lot of talking about global warming - which is great - but why aren't they putting solar panels on BP and switching their cars to hybrids? (I know they are doing organic food at BP). I feel that they could be doing a lot more work to aggressively combat world issues - while still remaining politically neutral. I guess I'm just really disappointed they haven't been using the free publicity that comes with their celebrity to do much. (I know, Harry founded a charity, but they all could be doing a lot more).

As for Will, I feel I never hear from him unless he is complaining about how unfair it is that he gets so much attention and there are so many pressures on him, etc. I get that he didn't choose to be born William Arthur Philip Louis but I think it's time for him to grow up and accept the responsibility. I wish the seniors of the family would be harsher with the boys in terms of discipline and respectable behavior in general. All of those pictures of them drunk and stumbling outside clubs is what really started turning my opinion. I'm also very dissappointed in Kate. As far as I know, she didn't get a job until she was 24 or 25 and that job was given to her by her daddy's friend, and being an accessories purchaser (I think that's what she is) does not sound like a very intellectual job. I'm not saying she has to do something amazing and unique but she doesn't seem to have an interest in the world or charity (yes, I know she did one charity fashion show a while ago). She also only worked 4 days a week to be at darling Wills' beck and call. Again, I'm not expecting her to be saving the world but it would be nice if she did more than vacation with Will all the time on taxpayer money. :bang: If I was British I would be very annoyed with this family. I heard today Kate is getting a new job so I hope that shows a more promising side of her.

If you've made it this far, thanks. This is directed mostly to the BRF but also all constitutional monarchies. They need to start reinventing themselves if they want to remain relevant in this century.

Wow, I didn't mean for my first post to be so long and negative so I'd like to hear other opinions to hopefully re-ignite my interest. :neutral: Also, does anyone know if there is a website like Danish Royal Watchers for the BRF (with regular updates on activities etc.)?

TheTruth 11-09-2007 03:11 PM

I would suggest you to take a break with them. Perhaps if you go look around for celebrities more "popular" like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, etc.(no offense to anyone). You'll realise that what the BRF does is very valuable. I'm not saying that you don't but maybe it would help you to see their efforts to make a better world on the contrary of the other, borring, famous people. Or perhaps you should get interest in a specific part concerning the BRF like their fashion style, their jewels, etc. Anyway, I wish you good luck to keep interest in the Royals and I hope the Royal Forums will help you in this way. :flowers:

BeatrixFan 11-09-2007 03:23 PM

I went through the same thing and ended up a Republican.

Iluvbertie 11-09-2007 03:52 PM


Originally Posted by BeatrixFan (Post 690756)
I went through the same thing and ended up a Republican.

So have I.

Not because I don't see the work but the behaviour of William and Harry just makes me so angry that I don't won't them ever having any role in Australia.

Charles I think does a great job and I would like to see him as King but after that I think that the RF should be abolished as William and Harry are just so unacceptable as royals.

BeatrixFan 11-09-2007 04:25 PM

We're an increasing bunch Chrissy. Worrying for the Windsors.

sesa 11-09-2007 04:36 PM

Well, from an outsider looking in per se, the BRF is very "english". they hold fast to their tradtions and values. Therefore, any kind of change is slow in coming.
Sure Charles has his head screwed on right, but it has taken him time to get it this way. It's seems as if it is going to be the same for his sons.
Being from upper crust, they do not see the need to make any kind of change for the better. They don't see why they should be role models for others of their generation.
They just see what is given to them and what is their due. Sure they know they are lucky to have the things that they have, the chances and the oppoutunities, but they will never know what it's like to "want" or "need something". Right now they just want to be normal and they want the press to leave them alone and not intrude on their life, but in turn they do not put themselves out there to be seen doing things like charity work and helping others, because they probably do not see a need for it. All they see is another greeting, lots of smiles and hand shakes and the press taking their picture. But they do not look on the flip side of things also, That being with all the hand shakes, and smiles, their comes attention to a worthy cause that has previously been neglected. Sure they know their is a need, but other people in the RF can do it.
Until they get older (like Charles). Once they get all this partying and drinking out of thier systems, they will settle into thier roles and start doing things to better man kind. But until then, I guess you must either take them with a grain of salt or just tune them out.
Also, for some reason, and it just could be my observation, with the exception of Pr. Margaret, the females of the family seem to know what their role in life is and take it more seriously. You don;t see to many pics or read too many articles of them falling out of a bar drunk, or going out night after night. (Well, maybe with the exception of Pr. Beatice lately.)

Al_bina 11-09-2007 04:45 PM


Originally Posted by chrissy57 (Post 690770)
So have I.
Charles I think does a great job and I would like to see him as King but after that I think that the RF should be abolished as William and Harry are just so unacceptable as royals.

Let us not forget that Prince Charles is the father for these unacceptable royals. If they are unacceptable, it may imply that Prince Charles has done inadequate job at bringing up his children.
I think that both Princes have a fair chance of becoming as productive members of the British Royal family as their father has become.

PeoplesPrincess 11-09-2007 04:46 PM

Thanks for the response, TheTruth. I don't even put them in the same category as other celebrities but I guess, in some ways, I judge them too harshly. I certainly do enjoy watching the fashion and seeing their tiaras.

I do like Charles and Camilla and I think they have done a pretty good job with their situation but I just can't get over the pictures of Wills drinking and yachting. Kate has nice clothes, but is there any substance? I'm with chrissy57 on the disappointment the younger royals have been (and she said that in a much more concise way than I did!).

BeatrixFan: I'm guessing you mean republican with a small r (as in someone who prefers a republic to a monarchy), not a Republican who is a member of the political party. I'm pretty sure I'm not on the verge of joining the Bush crew! :lol:. But yes, I'm moving (or maybe already in) the republican camp.

BeatrixFan 11-09-2007 04:54 PM

Oh yep! Definately a republican with a small r.

(Go Hillary! Woot!)

COUNTESS 11-09-2007 05:34 PM

Why is Kate at her tender age so unaccpetable, when Camilla never worked at much either most of her life. What she does today, she is "forced" to do. Kate at 60 may do the same. Frankly, what the whole lot do isn't very important. Lots of good people do lots of great charity work. Anyone can cut a ribbon or break a bottle of champagne on a hull of a ship. Charles, also evolved into doing something. Unlike his sons, he was never scutinized at such close range, continually. On the other hand, the boys, do seem somewhat rudderless. It is your nation and you guys have the right to call the shots.

wbenson 11-09-2007 06:03 PM


Originally Posted by PeoplesPrincess (Post 690744)
Charles has been doing a lot of talking about global warming - which is great - but why aren't they putting solar panels on BP and switching their cars to hybrids?

It's not exactly hybrids, but I believe the royal cars were switched from petrol to LPG at some point.

January 2005 > Focus > The Queen and the environment

Roslyn 11-09-2007 06:22 PM


Originally Posted by COUNTESS (Post 690805)
Charles, also evolved into doing something. Unlike his sons, he was never scutinized at such close range, continually.

Have you read Dimbleby's biography of Charles? I'm reading it now, and am up to the part where he's recently joined the Navy.

IMO Charles was definitely scrutinized at close range, from a young age. Throughout his life till he was about William's age he has been scrutinized, if not by the public or the press, then certainly by his schoolmates and his university colleagues and fellow servicemen, and especially the Powers that Be. Every step in his young life was planned and designed for him. I'm only up to his early 20s, so can't comment on what happened later, though from personal recollections I am inclined to say that he came under more scrutiny as time passed and as the press became less deferential and more intrusive.

Charles took his role very, very seriously, from the time he was a child. He was burdened with it from the time he was very small, and was very much aware of what he needed to do because of his position and did his best to do what he should. He didn't have the freedom William had at university, and was whisked off to Wales for a term during a crucial time in his education and was performing Royal duties well before he was 25. (Yes, I know William's only second in line, but his Granny is 81 and he could be first in line sooner than he would like.) The Royal duties interfered with Charles' university exams, but he did everything he had to do and still got a good pass and developed confidence performing public duties. And he made a good fist of learning Welsh.

He buckled down and got through various air force and navy training courses in accelerated time, and did well. He overcame personal fears and reservations and did things to the best of his ability because it was what he had to do and he figured that if he had to do it he was going to give it his best shot and do it as well as he possibly could.

Add me to the list of those who have become republicans. Though I am very fond of Charles and hold him in high regard and would be happy to have him as my King, I have little affection for William, and have no desire to see him as King of Australia.

And as far as Kate is concerned, before starting Dimbleby I read Queen Mary's biography by James Pope-Hennessy. I'm afraid Kate rates very poorly when compared to that great lady. It's time Ms Middleton did something worthwhile. Princess May would never have contemplated being so idle.

Royal Fan 11-09-2007 07:36 PM

Well im a Monarchist soooooo I Think there is and should be some worthwhile Interest in it. Look at The Good Centerpoint , Sentable, The Princes Trust , its all Got to be worthwhile otherwise why is it there I Think I Even like the Idea of a BCA British Commonwealth of America. just my 2 pounds

COUNTESS 11-09-2007 09:04 PM

Sorry, Charles was never scrutinized like William. Outside of England, he was not much of a draw. Perhaps, in the Commonwealth. William is international. He is Diana's son. The torch bearer or the icon. Everything he does of is interest, nonsense or not.

Princess Mary was just that "Princess Mary". Kate is just a young woman whose every move is photgraphed. Mary was basically unseen. She even changed fiancees, when one died and another candidate was proffered. And, please tell me, what Camilla did that was so worthwhile in her days, before being elevated to her present status that would make her worthy to be queen. Same sorry record.

{off-topic personal comment deleted - Elspeth}

Madame Royale 11-09-2007 11:29 PM

Though I continue to participate within the forum on a regular basis, I must confess that my interest isn't what it used to be. I still look around and reply when something catches my eye but on whole I think it's more out of habbit now.

My political view has changed also, oddly enough. I feel more likely to vote republic at any future referendum. Why that is exactly I'm not entirely sure.. over exposure perhaps? A better understanding of the institution, how it works and the 'relevance' (or lack of) it has to play within society.

In Australia I dare say the monarchy has no role to play and over the past year (moreso the past 6 months) I've come to acknowledge that.

I don't doubt it's worth, I just think any sense of colonial attatchment once held in Australia has since left (give or take a few hundred thousand elderly citizens who continue to adorn at least one portrait of the Queen in their home).

Roslyn 11-10-2007 12:21 AM

The same thing has happened to me over the last six months or so, too.

When I first joined this forum I was a staunch monarchist and would not have dreamt of voting in favour of a republic. However the more I have read and learned about the RF, and the political forces that essentially dictate what they do, the more I have come to realise that the Queen is not "our" Queen, but "their" Queen. She therefore should not be our Head of State, and for me that is all being a republic means.

I am still very interested in the history of the RF though, and the individual personalities involved, because, regardless of my brand new republican views, my blood is still English, and English history is my history. Because of my blood ties I have right of abode in Britain and if were to live there for five years I could apply for a British passport. So I am still interested in what goes on there, but am more interested in what went on than in what will happen in future. I do not feel for William or Harry any of the loyalty and affection I feel for her Majesty or for her children, or the same level of interest, and I am not entirely sure why.

Madame Royale 11-10-2007 01:22 AM

I understand entirely what you mean, Roslyn.

Especially when one believes they are of a particular mind, only to realise that they perhaps held a more romanticised acuity of what it all really means.

I believe in the relevance of the British institution for the British nation, and being a citizen of the UK, it's likely I always shall.

However, I'm an Australian first and foremost and as an Australian I accept that we are entirely indapendant of Britain. To associate more within our region and establish stronger ties with the oriental powers is certainly something which needs a greater focus.

Like you, The Queen and her children are what keeps me interested. Phillip's as boring as a Seinfeld marathon and his grandchildren, nothing more than socialites with titles (Eugenie, Zara and Peter being the more respectable - or socially conscious - of the bunch and Louise being so precious that butter wouldn't melt in her mouth).

Claire 11-10-2007 06:29 AM

About three weeks ago Prince Edward gave a speech at the University of Prince Edward Island. It is probably the best speech I have heard in the last ten years. I have asked Buckingham Palace to supply me with the transcipt but they haven't answered. UPEI cann't give me one either as they say it was mostly ad lib.
The speech was about how the youth of today must not be obsessed with their rights but be mindful of fulling their responsiblities as people, citizens and as member of a family. It was a all covering speech which I made everone think about how they can do more regardless of who they are. A muslim student left telling me he needs to do more for his religion and Canada, but first he needs to be responsible for himself. Every person in that auditorium was undoubtfully moved judging by the ovation. But it was never received any notice elsewhere. If it was by the Queen, Prince Charles or the Pope or Pres. Bush it would have been on every channel.
So to answer your question to does the royal family inspire? I know that the DofE Awards are more than happy to sent Edward to places as they know that they will have over a fifty per cent increase in applicants the next time.

CasiraghiTrio 11-10-2007 06:33 AM


Originally Posted by COUNTESS (Post 690842)
And, please tell me, what Camilla did that was so worthwhile in her days, before being elevated to her present status that would make her worthy to be queen.

Well, ok.... here's a few things Camilla has done in her life....

1) She has been a wife, twice
2) she is a mother to two apparently happy and successful people, both making her a grandmother now within close range of each other

Why is spending your adult life being a wife and mother considered worthless nowadays? It's not relevant anymore? It makes you weak or something, because you are out there busting your hump in some high-powered city job?
What made Diana more worthy to be Queen? Because she was a wife and mother too.... Diana did charity work, as does Camilla. Where is the difference?

Is the difference in the mistakes? The extramarital affairs? Because both Diana and Camilla did that.... And yet they were/are both in the position of being married to the Heir Apparent and being future Queen Consort.

I think both of them were/are worthy and their mistakes makes me like them more because I can relate to people who make mistakes. I can't stand people who come across perfectly polished. It intimidates the hell out of me. It scares me. I have to figure, if someone comes across so perfect, there must be something perfectly wrong! :lol:

TheTruth 11-10-2007 08:53 AM

I think the boredom created by the monotony of their behaviour renforces the people's desire to get some good gossips and scandals. IMO, it's why the BRF sells so much tabloids.

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