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bbb 10-13-2005 10:59 AM

Crown Princess Mary as Patron of The Alannah & Madeline Foundation (Anti-Bullying),00.html

This is in the Victoria Herald Sun
CP Mary will be named the international patron of a childrens charity The Alannah and Madeline Foundation. It was formed after a tragedy in Port Arthur in Tasmania where she spent her childhood.

The foundation chairman John Betrand and Prime Minister John Howard helped to secure her involvement after she expressed a strong interest in making a difference in children's issues and the environment.

It sounds like a very worthwhile program that was successful in Australia and hopefully will transfer well to Danish schools.

Margrethe II 10-13-2005 11:02 AM

Thank you BBB,

After reading the Herald Sun today, I must say I am very happy that Her Royal Highness has agreed to become international patron of this most worthwhile foundation. I am more than confident that the Crown Princess shall execute her position within the foundation wonderfully.


dazzling 02-01-2007 10:10 AM

01-02-2007 Denmark Princess Mary has launched a program in Denmark in a bid to eradicate bullying in Danish schools and kindergartens - Pictures from ppe

she looks tired but also looks lovely,the red jacket is beautiful, like the hairstyle at the back, its really simple.

MissSaga 02-01-2007 10:19 AM

I don't like her on the PPE pictures, but she looks lovely on topfoto's pictures. Adore the outfit, and she is very beautiful, but looks a little tired, but her hair looks so damn short when it's up like this :cool: Well, I hope it grows to the shoulders soon :) - All Pictures_

But what a great work she does - that speach looks really long. She's very involved with this, and I love the fact that she brang the Better Buddies thing to Denmark ! She's truly doing a great job ..

Her_Majesty 02-01-2007 10:21 AM

The red coat is wonderful! I love this bright colour! :smile:
She indeed looks very tired, but also happy and glowing.
I would like to see Frederik supporting his wife a bit...
Btw, I'm not a big fan of her hairdo today.. it looked much better the last 2 times...

marilla 02-01-2007 12:06 PM

This hairdo and coat is very Jackie Kennedy or Audrey Hepburn (even the colour of coat), very 60-es, very Givenchy.

I like her hair more. Hairdo from today would be perfect with tiara.

A lot beautiful photos (46) are on

Buggs 02-01-2007 12:11 PM

The haircut suits her really well....looks really fresh.

lilytornado 02-01-2007 12:45 PM

I love how she put her hair back, very pretty and new, her face looks different again I think, a new "angle".
I am happy that appearently she will do different styles with her new hair, too.

Aurora810 02-01-2007 04:18 PM

Mary looked great today. Her hair looks really nice too. It looks more manageable and still stylish. Hey did anyone happen to notice how high her heels are? Wow! Again another great pair of very high heels.

patty 02-01-2007 04:22 PM

Mary looks beautiful !!! She looks very nice in red!!!!

ap3 02-01-2007 05:30 PM

I think she looked great today! Love the coat - cut, color, fit, everything! I also really like her hair like this. There's a little lift to it which makes it more flattering I think than when it was hanging loose.

JessRulz 02-01-2007 11:53 PM

I love Mary's coat! :flowers: She has a great amount of beautiful coats, and this one is just another one from the collection

Eliza 02-02-2007 12:38 AM

I adore the coat!!! 90% of the time I spen in sunny Spore and winter coats are not needed so i'm very envious of those living in cooler countries where you have 4 seasons and opportunities to wear winter coats!!!

Princess Mary's new hairdo is lovely too!

flcty 02-02-2007 12:44 AM

I absolutely love Mary's coat. I wasn't to fond of her short, white/cream coat and pants/hair chop outfit earlier on in the week but...Mary seems to have redemmed herself with the red coat and how her hair was done today. Go Princess Mary! :flowers:

JessRulz 02-02-2007 02:38 AM

Some unwatermarked pictures from Louise Dyring from Red

Mary's speech
Mary talking to the children

Pictures from Polfoto - there are a total of 46 at the Polfoto site, just type "Humlebien" into the "Søg" box

Mary #2
Mary #3
Mary talking to the children
Mary #4
The bump
Mary #5
Mary #6
Mary's speech
Mary #7
Mary #8

Sister Morphine 02-02-2007 02:43 AM

I watched a small clip of her speech, and I love listening to her speak in Danish. It's truly amazing how utterly proficient in the language she is. I know she has to be obviously, but she speaks it so fast and with so much ease.....she makes ME want to learn it!

biboquinhas 02-02-2007 04:18 AM

I think is very difficult to have always a perfect hair when is so small has Mary's new hair cut! When the hair is long is easier to put it the way we want! So I think this was not a very good decision to cut it this way, sometimes it may look like is not so perfect and even that we do not cumb our hair!!!
This time, I don't like her coat either, not modern at all, very oldfashion!

sm1939 02-02-2007 04:37 AM

i think mary is looking well , love the coat ! the colour really suits her.

Australian 02-02-2007 07:31 AM

Royal ban on bullying

Drawing on a programme from her home country, Crown Princess Mary is hoping a purple bear will teach kids a lesson about tolerance Official website - Denmark - General News

Princess Mary takes on bullies

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark has thrown her support behind an Australian program to stamp out childhood bullying.
The former Tasmanian will launch a similar program in Denmark tomorrow in a bid to eradicate bullying in Danish schools and kindergartens.

The Age: national, world, business, entertainment, sport and technology news from Melbourne's leading newspaper.

biboquinhas 02-02-2007 09:34 AM

I think she should wear something below the jacket, I really don't like to see a jacket with nothing inside it!

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