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Blueice 12-21-2003 08:26 PM

Such an adorable little thing...:)...The best of luck for baby Amalia...:)

Beate 12-21-2003 08:59 PM

I also think that Amalia is a little cutie. A good combination of her parents! I can't wait to see more photos!! it would be nice to see her with her cousin, Countess Eloise ;)

xxPatrickxx 12-22-2003 08:08 AM

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I think that Amalia and Eloïse like each other in the future, maybe they gonna be best friends, i hope so! :blush:

Beate 12-22-2003 11:39 AM

Thanks for posting the pic od Eloise! Very sweet. I sure hope to see a recent one of the little Countess soon! Since Amalia and Eloise are so close in age I am sure they will be great pals. Plus there will be a new cousin to play with in April..:)

samitude 12-22-2003 12:31 PM


It looks as though she never went through a pregnancy! Oh, how lucky ~ I sure do envy her. It took months to lose my "preggy pounds". She looks great!
She does look like she's lost weight, but you can still tell she has a little bit of weight in her face that she didn't have before. People that can lose weight easily are extremely fortunate. I hope if I ever have children that I will be able to lose the weight fast. My sister did. After her baby was delivered she said she felt her stomach shrinking.

Blueice 12-23-2003 11:21 AM

What a happy photo of two adorable babies! :) How cute they can get? :):):)

Alexandria 12-23-2003 03:51 PM

Maxima is a very stylish mom!

Looks like little Catharina-Amalia is getting the shopping bug from a very young age!

Asma2 12-24-2003 01:08 PM

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Bonita imagen de Máxima de Holanda de paseo con su hija, la princesa Catharina-Amalia, por el centro de La Haya. Es la primera aparición de la esposa de Guillermo de Holanda después de haber dado a luz a su primera hija el pasado 7 de diciembre.

sara1981 12-24-2003 02:28 PM

mostly mother in American bring baby to store and mall must bring baby all the times! like Princess Maxima with newly baby!

i like pictures with Maxima&baby! in shopping

Sara Boyce

Alexandria 12-26-2003 01:59 PM

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Polfoto - 23 December 2003

Alexandria 12-26-2003 01:59 PM

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Polfoto - 23 December 2003

Alexandria 12-26-2003 03:04 PM

Out of curiosity, how does the baby's family refer to her? I noticed that in Queen Beatrix's Christmas speech she referred to the baby as Amalia, instead of Catharina-Amalia.

Is she referred Amalia by family and Catharina-Amalia publicly?

kelly9480 12-26-2003 06:20 PM

Yes. The same way her father's name is Willem-Alexander formally and Alexander in private.

xxPatrickxx 12-28-2003 08:03 AM

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this is the report of the NOS JOURNAAL.

Laura Lovec 12-28-2003 11:38 AM

The baby will be called Amalia, and when she is a queen she will be called Catharina-Amalia. :rolleyes:

The Watcher 12-28-2003 11:43 AM

The RVD(Government Information Service) call her everytime Princess Catharina-Amalia
And the queen said Amalia in her X-mas speech.

So I think it is Catharina-Amalia official and Amalia unofficial (for family and friends).... :unsure:

xxPatrickxx 12-28-2003 02:55 PM

That's right watcher, her official name is Princess Catharina-Amalia and in the future Queen Catharina-Amalia but her family and friends call her Amalia.

Alexandria 12-28-2003 03:14 PM

Thank you The Watcher, Patje and Laura Lovec for clarifying this up for me.

xxPatrickxx 12-30-2003 09:54 AM

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Maxima and the baby

Alexandria 12-30-2003 10:55 AM

Thank you so much patje for the latest picture of Maxima and Amalia out and about. You are so on top of things with the Dutch royals!

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