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Her_Majesty 10-28-2007 05:29 AM

Poll is closed
The informal Poll is closed.

Here are the results:

Favorite Informal Picture : Spain!:flowers:

1) Spain - 49 votes

2) The Netherlands - 22 votes

3) Denmark and Belgium - both 16 votes

Thanks for your votes!
Feel free to discuss who you voted for now. :flowers:

Who won the Official Poll?
You can find the results of the Official-Picture-of-the-month-Poll here:

Little_star 10-28-2007 09:43 AM

A worthy winner, Leonor looked so excited!

royalgibraltar29 10-30-2007 03:01 PM

All the pics perfect very nice i really enjoyed them.

Drottning 10-31-2007 08:32 PM


Originally Posted by Little_star (Post 685775)
A worthy winner, Leonor looked so excited!

She looks like a bundle of energy! And those golden curls....just precious!

dazzling 11-02-2007 12:46 PM

I thought that Netherlands would be the winner. Spain's picture of little Leonor is cute so is Denmarks picture. Thank you everyone for voting

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