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carlota 06-09-2005 07:41 AM

Crown Princess Mary Scholarship Event: 2005-2018
today she will give out the prizes of "the crown princess mary scholarship"

wittykitty 06-09-2005 10:18 AM

CP Mary Scholarship for modeling :o ?!

Australian 06-09-2005 10:19 AM

modelling? no lol

what is the scholarship for though? Mary is a very well educated woman so it will be something smart i think.

carlota 06-09-2005 10:28 AM

hehehe, who knows? she poses a lot... so probably she can have a fund for models

it's for australian people who want to study in the uni of copenhague... the state gives them 2000 australian pounds (is that the name of the coin?).

what was mary's education before being princess? probably i'm missing something but i find it an average education... having a degree...

Australian 06-09-2005 10:30 AM

Its Australian dollars.

Well she was a real estate agent and a lawyer wasnt she? correct me if im wrong

norwegianne 06-09-2005 10:39 AM

Crown Princess Mary Scholarship Event: 2005-2010

The Crown Princess awards The Crown Princess Mary Scholarship at Copenhagen University.

On Thursday June 9, 2005, HRH Crown Princess Mary award the scholarship The Crown Princess Mary Scholarship to two Australian students.

This year is the first year the scholarship is being awarded, as it was a part of Copenhagen University's wedding present to the Crown Prince and Princess.

The two recepients of the scholarship are Pia Akerman, University of Sydney and Andrew Fleming, University of Adelaide, who both study at Copenhagen University this term.

The Crown Princess Mary Scholarship will be awarded every year to two students from the university's Australian partner universities, and the two scholarships of 10,000 Danish Kr are intended to be an economical help during the stay in Denmark.

The Australian Ambassador to Denmark, Matthew Peek, will also be present at the award ceremony.

Australian 06-09-2005 10:42 AM

i wish it was me, i wouldnt mind studying in Denmark.

carlota 06-09-2005 11:15 AM


Originally Posted by Australian
Its Australian dollars.

thanks, australian! everyday you learn new things...

well... many people are real state agents without a great education...

Australian 06-09-2005 11:32 AM

but also a lawyer as well as real estate, not extraordinary but impressive

galuhcandrakirana 06-09-2005 11:53 AM


Originally Posted by Australian
but also a lawyer as well as real estate, not extraordinary but impressive

As what I understood from other thread that she is not a lawyer nor lawyer graduated, if you want to know more, many had talked about this matter at

Australian 06-09-2005 11:54 AM

ok thanks for that galuhcandrakirana, i didnt know that, so i guess its not that impressive

fromEU 06-09-2005 11:59 AM

She has never been a lawyer or real estate agent. The Australian media has only kept referring to her as ”the former real estate agent” because it was probably easier for them to refer to her as that:D

She has a Bachelor's degree in commerce and law from the university of Tasmania. After that she has worked with marketing and advertising in advertising agencies in Melbourne and Sydney. Her last job in Australia she had the position as sales director and a member of the management team with Belle Property a real estate firm specialising in luxury property.

Australian 06-09-2005 12:00 PM

oh ok thanks for clearing that up fromEU

leon 06-10-2005 03:20 AM

pictures from Face to Face (from Mayflower, crownprincess Maryboard):

pdas1201 06-10-2005 03:46 AM

10 Attachment(s)
June 9, 2005: Princess Mary awarded 'Mary Scholarship' to Australian students at Copenhagen University.

Face to Face has 36 photos from the event. But, in the interest of bandwidth, I am only posting 10. Sorry:(

#10: Mary with scholarship students Pia Akerman and Andrew Flemming

Ariel 06-10-2005 05:37 PM

Mary looks like very secure in her role, she doesn't seem to have any problem doing it. Congratulations.

rchainho 06-13-2005 11:01 AM

Crown princess helps students in need (10. jun 2005) from the copenhagen post.

purple_platinum 02-01-2006 07:19 AM

Scholarship winner looks forward to meeting Princess Mary

A University of Tasmania commerce and law student has been awarded the inaugural Crown Princess Mary Scholarship to study at the University of Copenhagen.

Two scholarships for Australian students were a wedding gift from the University of Copenhagen to the Tasmanian-born Princess Mary, when she married Prince Fredrik.

Danielle Conlan, 22, will spend six months in Copenhagen studying European law.

She will fly to Denmark next week to take up the scholarship and expects to experience a few distinct highlights.

"First of all I actually get to meet the Crown Princess herself so that would probably be the number one thing," she said.

Adry 04-25-2006 10:37 AM

Crown Princess Mary Scholarship Event
Princess Mary today attending "Crown Princess Mary Scholarship"

Princess_Beatrix 04-25-2006 10:59 AM

she looks very pretty!
her hair seems to be darker then before... or is it just the light? ;)

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