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Larzen 08-16-2005 05:46 PM

Mette-Marit and Norwegian designers
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This evening Mette-Marit made a suprise visit to see the show of one of her favourite Norwegian designers, the design duo Arne & Carlos: Two fashion editors was interviewd and they said they were happy she was there and that she enjoyed the show. And also that she wears more norwegian clothes than the main press gives her credit for. Mette-Marit did not talk to the press.

The show was held inside a train at Oslo train station. She wore jeans and a green shirt, she looked visible pregnant. Tomorrow she will be present for the official opening of Oslo fashion week:

Source: TV2 news at 21.00

Picture from VG and dagbladet, here she is pictured with the designers, more picture from the show here

carlota 08-17-2005 09:40 AM

that's a beautiful shirt that one mm is wearing. green really suits her. i'm also really happy she is using clothes by more norwegian designers to promote them around the world... that prada obsession is chic but probably not the most recomended thing to use being a princess.

LaMinka 08-17-2005 09:53 AM

I also like her shirt, beautiful!

Larzen 05-27-2006 07:56 PM

From Valdres to Vogue, fashion exhibition
According to VG paper edition Mette-Marit will open this exhibition, they also had a two page story on it, it is about unknown Norwegian fashion designers that has created for them selves good careers in London and abroad, one of them have worked as an assistant for Alexander McQueen, but in Norway they are hardly known and there is little interest from any part of society to invest in them, and then they compare it with how willing "rich uncles" are to invest in Sports (read soccer:rolleyes: ) In Norway we forinstance produce special clothes for oil workes and theese designers wish to start to cooperate with theese niche producers to launch it on the international market as something typically Norweigan, but they lack the money to get it started. This exhibition is though about fashion, about combining modern fashion with traditional old techniques, its arranged by Norske Form and Norwegian Design Council which Mette-Marit is patron of.


09.06.2006 - 30.07.2006 'From Valdres to Vogue - Contemporary Norwegian Fashion Design'

Norske motedesignere markere seg stadig tydeligere hjemme og i utlandet. Utstillingen er et samarbeid mellom Norsk Form og Norsk Designråd og presenterer et knippe av våre norske designtalenter. Publikum får se det beste innen norsk mote, spennende og utradisjonelt arrangert - i en leken og lærerik utstilling. fra tegnebordet, gjennom inspirasjon og prosess, til spennende kreasjoner som skaper bølger i motemedia.

Larzen 06-04-2006 09:50 AM

Ingrid Alexandras christening is available at NRK web Tv but atleast I need a very good connection to keep it from buffering.

On June 9th kl 15.00 Mette-Marit wil opne the exhibition "From Valdres to Vogue" it feautures 8 Norwegian fashiondesigners, from drawings to finnished product. The curator is Stéphanie Dumot
the designers are:
So Hee
Ann K
Arne & Carlos
Ida Gullhav
Kristian Aadnevik
Peter Løchstøer
Siv Støldal
Norwegian Design Council usually put pictures from all their events here in the archive, in different sizes (stor-large)

Larzen 06-09-2006 07:36 PM

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Mette-Marit opens the exhibition from Valdres to vogue at the norwegian center for design and architecture, I had to resize them since they are huge, but you can see them even bigger here. The 4th pictures shows here with Arne & Carlos (they work from Valdres so I guess they are part of the reason for the name of the exhibition)
HQ Pictures by Johnny Syversen for norsk designråd

Guro Holmene/Side 2
The man in white is Kristian Andevik, he works form Lonodn and has also worked for Alexander McQueen, he said she would like to come see his show in September, he would like to dress her as she is a woman who needs elegant clothes:p (indeed)

rominet09 06-09-2006 08:16 PM

It looks like she is back to business, I'm delighted

purple_platinum 06-11-2006 04:45 AM

7 Attachment(s)
from facetoface

the detail on Mette-Marit's shoes & bracelet

and more of the Crown Princess

Katrianna 06-12-2006 06:17 PM

Thank you as always Larzen for the pictures and info. Thank you Purple Platinum for the pictures, killer heels, I want them!:D

lise 06-13-2006 04:14 AM

Those heels are interesting pity I'd never be able to walk in them

Regina 06-25-2006 05:20 PM


Originally Posted by Larzen

I like Mette-marit here. Her smile is very genuine!
I am also noticing that she is dressing much better, maybe she has a new adviser. Well done!!

carlota 06-25-2006 07:05 PM

i agree regina. mette marit is looking trully beautiful lately and she looks wonderful in that picture. there's something in her smile that gives a great impression of her.

Lakshmi 06-26-2006 12:43 AM

I like MM outfit,colors are very nicely coordinated. But I would prefer her with her hair up.:)

Larzen 02-02-2007 07:11 AM

Mette-Marit during an unoffical meeting at the magazine Henne in january where the nominated for the design award Nåløyet - "the Needle eye" was decided upon, the award goes to the best Norwegian designer in 2006

link to picture

link to article
Mette-Marit blir prisutdeler - : Nåløyet

She is wearing a not-nice-at-all outfit but it seems to go well with the people of the jury who is supposed to be the top of Norwegian fashion:ermm: The man sitting is one of Norways best designers Kjell Torheim, he is head of the jury, he has made many dresses and outfits for Queen Sonja (and I belive Princess Ragnhild and Astrid as well)

Mette-Marit is not part of the jury, but she will hand out the award on the 13.2 at the Norwegian Center for Design and Architecture

The 10 designers nominated for The needle Eye
Nåløyet 2007 - : Nåløyet

BTW Im curious why they removed Haakon from the trip to New York, last week they were both shedueled to go, and now it is just her, and he has nothing else official on his agenda for now that day, or the day before.

Larzen 02-17-2007 01:48 PM

Mette-Marit and 13 Norwegian designers are on the cover of HENNE in a promotion of Norwegian design that is out next week. It is (of course) taken by Morten Krogvoll, he also did solo covers with Märtha and Sonja for HENNE some years ago, there are interviews with all the designers and Mette-Marit as well

I dont much care for royals as cover girls, but here is the picture anyhow

ImageShack - Hosting :: objfb9.jpg

The designers are
Peter Dundas (Ungaro), Peder Børresen (Moods of Norway), Karina Kjenner Titze (Undorn), Arne Nerjordet (Arne & Carlos), Siv Støldal (Siv Støldal), Leila Hafzi (Leila Hafzi), Carlos Zachrison (Arne & Carlos), Tina Steffenakk Hermansen (TSH), Peter Løchstøer (Peter Løchstøer), Christine DiBiagio (Rett og Slett), Ida Gullhav (Ida Gullhav), Synnøve Mo (Synnøve Mo) og Trine Rødli Gjørtz (Rett og Slett).

berry 02-17-2007 02:07 PM

she looks great. i like the dress.

princess gertrude 02-17-2007 04:37 PM

Absolutely beautiful color on her!!! She should really try wearing that shade of green more often! Bravo to the dress designer!

seto 02-17-2007 05:05 PM

She looks really good it is nice she is supporting the fashion industry and bringing more attention to them.

Aurora810 02-17-2007 05:20 PM

Wow! She looks so fashionable! I love the dress. Maybe M-M is really going to change up her style. It seems that she has been searching for her own style in recent years so maybe this support that she's giving to the fashion industry will help her really develop her own fashion sense.

Princess Robijn 02-17-2007 05:46 PM


Originally Posted by Aurora810
Wow! She looks so fashionable! I love the dress. Maybe M-M is really going to change up her style. It seems that she has been searching for her own style in recent years so maybe this support that she's giving to the fashion industry will help her really develop her own fashion sense.

Can't wait to see the galadress of Mette-Marit next week, will it be the 'new MM or the old one'..

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