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principessa 09-12-2007 08:36 AM

What to do, when you can't see pictures?
Hallo, perhaps my question sounds stupid, but I am wondering, why I can't see some pictures, when they are linked in threads. May it be possible, that its impossible for me to see the pictures because I am using Opera as standard browser?

bbb 09-12-2007 08:59 AM

sometimes it helps to HOLD DOWN the "CTRL" button on the keyboard (it overrides some blocks) when trying to link.

Elspeth 09-13-2007 02:51 AM

Principessa, could you give us some examples of the pictures you can't see? Just post a link to the thread and identify the post with the problem picture, and some of us will have a look at it. Perhaps we'll be able to figure out the problem if we know who can see the picture and who can't.

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