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principessa 12-01-2016 05:43 AM

Prince Constantijn attended the slush fair in Finland together with Crown Prince Haakon of Norway.

The Royal House of Norway - Gathered at Slush

iceflower 12-10-2016 06:29 AM


Princess Laurentien is currently in India to attend the "Laureates and Leaders for Children Summit 2016" in New Delhi.

Today, December 10, she attended the opening ceremony. Princess Charlene of Monaco participates as well:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **

** asianlite: Child rights summit kicks off in Delhi **

** prokerala: Laureates and Leaders' Summit for Children - Pranab Mukherjee, Dalai Lama, Princess Charlene, Princess Laurentien **

iceflower 12-12-2016 06:07 AM


Princess Laurentien held a speech at the anniversary conference of the expertise centre "handicap + studie" in Utrecht today, December 12:

** robinutrecht.photoshelter gallery ** ppe gallery **

Lee-Z 01-29-2017 03:00 PM

P.Constantijn voices his concern about the recent developments in the USA with regards to refugees on twitter
Constantijn bezorgd over decreet Trump|Prive|

google translated

Marengo 01-29-2017 03:20 PM

As the prince is a member of the royal house; the government is responsible for the prince's actions and words. Though his distaste will be shared by a vast majority of Dutch people, the government should not allow members of the RF to voice opinions about politics in public.

I suppose the PM will claim that the prince did not voice an opinion but merely expressed concerns, which is of course true.

iceflower 02-24-2017 01:31 AM


Princess Laurentien moderated a discussion about sustainable fishery between pupils and the Marine Stewardship Council and their partners at Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam yesterday, February 23:

** robinutrecht.photoshelter gallery **

** ddp: Princess Laurentien leads dialogue session sustainable fishery **

royalfanvivian 03-05-2017 01:21 PM

Princess Laurentien was a guest this morning in the "WNL on Sunday" program. She was talking about her support to the initiative "Young Impact ', where young people are encouraged to use their talents to society.

Prinses Laurentien bij 'WNL op Zondag' | De Oranjes

royalfanvivian 03-08-2017 10:01 AM

Princess Laurentien was the last days on Bonaire. There they installed officially the Council of Children and took part in the conference "Education as a basis for children.

Prinses Laurentien bezoekt Bonaire | De Oranjes

iceflower 03-13-2017 07:56 AM


Prince Constantijn as special envoy of StartupDelta, the Dutch programme for startups, opened the Dutch pavillion at the South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conference & Festival in Austin, Texas, yesterday, March 12:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **

Lee-Z 03-20-2017 01:59 PM

Prinses Laurentien vindt zichzelf een strenge moeder | NU - Het laatste nieuws het eerst op
"Princess Laurentien considers herself a strict mother"

Some nice quotes in this piece :smile: i bet not all royalfollowers have imagined that there are royals who cook and clear the table themselves :lol:

google translated

iceflower 03-21-2017 05:39 AM


Thanks a lot for sharing that, Lee-Z! :flowers:

Today, March 21, Prince Constantijn presented an initiative against racism and discrimination of the Anne Frank Foundation and Facebook Netherlands on the occasion of the International Day against Racism and Discrimination. The presentation took place in Amsterdam:

** anp gallery **

royalfanvivian 04-02-2017 01:51 PM

Prince Constantijn tonight was again a guest of the TV program The World Keeps Turning to talk about start-ups: Prins Constantijn bij De Wereld Draait Door | De Oranjes

carlota 04-02-2017 08:31 PM

i happened to bump into this video of constantijn at SXSW conference 2017 in austin, texas, earlier on this year. constantijn was there to promote dutch entrepreneurship.

gerry 04-02-2017 10:35 PM

thanks for this fascinating interview: clearly Prince Constantijn has a good grasp of American business/technology jargon!:flowers:

iceflower 04-13-2017 06:44 AM


Yesterday, April 12, Princess Laurentien attended the newest edition of the "Adoption Day" in Den Haag. The initiative "Adopt a Care Home" by the Creative Education Foundation organizes days on which younger people visit elderly people at care homes, this time the nursing home De Schildershoek was visited by a group of pupils.

** robinutrecht.photoshelter gallery ** rex gallery **

iceflower 04-14-2017 10:35 AM


Princess Laurentien attended one more event on April 12: she handed out the "Family Business of the Year 2017" Award at the Nieuwe Kerk in Den Haag:

** Pic ** ** translation **

iceflower 04-20-2017 03:03 AM


Prince Constantijn as Chairman of StartupDelta opened the RoboBusiness Europe fair at the World Forum in Den Haag yesterday, April 19:

** dpp gallery: Prince Constantijn opens RoboBusiness Europe **

And Princess Laurentien opened the new Stadkamer in Zwolle today, April 20. It houses the library and offers cultural education and culture.

** ppe gallery **

iceflower 04-22-2017 03:26 PM


Prince Constantijn, accompanied by Princess Laurentien, awarded the World Press Photo in Amsterdam today, April 22. This year's winner is Associated Press photographer Burhan Ozbilici who photograped the assassination of Russia's ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, at an art gallery last December:

** ppe gallery ** belga/anp gallery ** gettyimages gallery **

iceflower 05-17-2017 05:14 AM


Prince Constantijn as Special Envoy of the Startup Delta attended a accountability debate for members of the Chamber at the House of Representatives in Den Haag today, May 17:

** anp gallery **

eya 05-30-2017 05:45 AM

Prince Constantijn during the opening of the property fair PROVADA in the RAI Amsterdam.

Belga Image

Prince Constantijn with his family visits the George Washington's Mount Vernon

Prince Constantijn attends at the lustrum concert of the Dutch violin concert at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam on October 21

PPE Agency

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