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Alexandria 08-12-2003 08:38 PM

Ari Behn as an author
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(archive) Ari Behn will most likely release his new novel this fall (2003). The book will according to VG be published by Kolon publishing company, and will be released four years after Ari's latest book, the short-story collection "Sad as hell", which was released in 1999. Behn's new novel, which was ment to be finished last fall, will most likely be about the two large continents of Africa and America. Ari has lived in Ghana for two years and has travelled several times in Afrika and America. He has earlier stated Africa will be important in his new book. EXCLUSIVE: Princess Märtha Louise's husband Ari Behn. Photo: Per Heimly/ Se og Hör / ALL OVER PRESS Norway (Code: 260583n)

USCtrojan 08-17-2003 09:25 PM

what is that?

Catharine 08-20-2003 08:23 AM

Ari Behn novel in October

Ari Behn's first novel, Bakgård (Backyard), will be published by Kolon in mid-October this year. Behn, who is married to Princess Martha Louise, made his literary debut in 1999 with a collection of short stories that won critical acclaim.

Recently Ari Behn has been better known for his new life with the royal family, here with his wife, Princess Martha Louise, and their newborn daughter, Maud Angelica.

THEME: The Royals

"This will be exciting. The book is now being printed," said publisher Torleiv Grue at Gyldendal-owned Kolon.

The novel will be the main choice of one of Norway's major book clubs, guaranteeing it a high profile and many readers.

The publishers said the book, which weighs in at 320 pages and will cost about NOK 300, has much of its action set in Las Vegas and Africa.

Behn's first work, "Trist som faen" (Sad as Hell) had a first print run of 1,800 but ended up selling 80,000 copies and bringing the small press success.

(Aftenposten English Web Desk/NTB)

Alexandria 08-21-2003 08:42 PM

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Polfoto 20-08-2003 Oslo, 20.8.03. Ari Behn launched his new book "Backyard" at the Hotel Bristol in Oslo yesterday August 20. Foto: Robert Sverre Eik/Dagbladet / ALL OVER PRESS Norway (Code: 507842a)

Josefine 09-11-2003 05:00 PM

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Polfoto 10-09-2003 Ari Behn met his readers in Bergen - promoting his new book "back yard" (Bakgard) Over 100 people were gathered in the bookshop at the shoppingcenter Galleriet in Bergen when Ari Behn turned up to read from his coming book "Back yard" yesterday afternoon. The book is to be released in October 2003. Behn describes "Back yard" as a travel novel, where a 20-year-old man travels around the world - on the journey of his life. The main character, Andreas Aakerlied, lives by the slogan: "To travel is to dream with your eyes open".

Polfoto 10-09-2003

Polfoto 10-09-2003

HRH Kerry 06-02-2007 12:21 AM

Ari as an author
Does Ari come from a prominent family? I've read from TRF that he is an author but is he a successful?

norwegianne 08-15-2007 04:44 AM

I suppose that depends on which criteria you use to define successfulness as an author :flowers: He manages to get it published anyhow.

A list of Ari's books with a short summary:

Trist som faen, 1999. 15 short stories about young people who're trying to find their place in a complicated world.

Fra hjerte til hjerte, 2003. Märtha Louise and Ari telling the story of their pilgrimage to Trondheim before their wedding.

Bakgård, 2003. A novel about Andreas Aakerlied, 20 year old, going to journey through Sahara to meet his girlfriend in Burkina Faso.

Entusiasme og raseri, 2006. Novel about Kryx, who is meeting Vera Sara, with the same character faults as himself. A novel about success, and disaster - Norway & Las Vegas.

Her_Majesty 03-26-2008 06:58 AM

Ari Behn is writing his third novel:

carlota 08-06-2016 10:07 PM

Fra hjerte til hjerte: book by Ari Behn on the royal wedding
i now found out that ari behn, with the collaboration of martha louise, wrote a book about their wedding called Fra hjerte til hjerte. has anyone read this book? i am curious as to what it says. from my knowledge, there are no other books written by one of the protagonists of a royal wedding, so i am sure it would be an interesting read for some of us. unfortunately the book is only in norwegian, so not that accessible to non-norwegian speakers...

Blog Real 08-07-2016 09:34 AM

Should translate that book into other languages. I wanted to read. It's not for sale outside of Norway?

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