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LadyFinn 06-23-2007 04:53 AM

Hello, everyone!
My name is LadyFinn and Im a new member here. Im from Finland and as you all probably know, Finland is a republic and we dont have royals here. However, I have always been interested in royal people and monarchies, and I have been reading this forum almost for a year now.
My favourite royals are the Prince and Princess of Asturias, Felipe and Letizia, and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.
Looking forward to discuss with you all.
Best wishes to you all!:flowers:


Warren 06-23-2007 06:01 AM

Hello LadyFinn, welcome to the Forums. :flowers:

Skydragon 06-24-2007 05:09 PM


Originally Posted by LadyFinn (Post 629990)
My name is LadyFinn and Im a new member here.

Hello Lady Finn :welcome:

marine2109 06-24-2007 05:36 PM

Hello LadyFinn;you're welcome to the forum and have fun:flowers:

Lady Jennifer 06-24-2007 06:16 PM


Hi LadyFinn. I hope you have fun here. :flowers:

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