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Marengo 06-04-2007 07:06 AM

Future of the Dutch Monarchy
As a simular thread has been introduced in other forums we might as well start it here.

What are your thougts on the future of the Dutch monarchy? What changes do you expect in the future or what traditions do you want to keep?

Henri M. 06-04-2007 07:58 AM

Since the monarchy in the Netherlands is strong and can met widely approval, I expect almost no changes.

When The Prince of Orange assumes the kingship, he can use the 'brand new' (restored) Royal Palace Amsterdam, he can use an almost completley restored carriage collection, inclusive the Golden State Carriage and the Royal Hearse, he can live and work in two excellent royal palaces (Huis ten Bosch and Noordeinde) and use the fabulous Royal Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn.

The Court Organization is modernized and updated. All processes are precizely described in blueprints and is certified with an ISO90002 certificate.

The future King has a strong, well-educated and experienced spouse, who will probably bring Latin flavour in the proceedings at the Court. Where the Oranges have a bit of restrained attitude towards glanz und gloria, I expect the spouse of the future King to upgrade or re-instate the old glitz back at Court.


With other words: the future is sunny and bright.

lucien 06-04-2007 10:50 AM

As the Monarchy,or better The House of Orange,is a deep rooted institution here in the Netherlands I don't expect any changes at all in respect of the form of State for the future,not near,and not the distant under Queen Catharina-Amalia.

Besides that,imho,Alexander and Máxima are second to none in the field of education,experience and involvement with modern global issues,their intellectual approach of tackling issues combined with charm,passion and humour,elevates them to another level then many of their collegues,however nice,or older,they may be.

Duc_et_Pair 12-10-2014 02:16 PM

After last general elections, the Second Chamber (House of Representatives) choose to appoint a so-called "informateur" by itself, to look for possibilities to form a new Government which can count on a majority in Parliament. This has always been a royal prerogative, vested in tradition (nowhere in the Constitution is stated that it is the King who has the lead in the formation of a new Cabinet).

Today the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant had a report about an evaluation of this constutional novum, see article.

In essence the Commission (the Professores Paul Bovend'Eert, Carla van Baalen and Alexander van Kessel) advised to give more attention and 'body' to the King's right to be informed. As head of state ánd member of the Government (in the Dutch Constitution the Goverment comprises of the King and the ministers) the King should be "more regularly and more precizely" informed about the proceedings. The End Report of the Formateur should be offered to the King as well.

The King should not be used for "last help" when the formation of a new Cabinet fails. When such an attempt fails, it is the Chamber itself to solve the deadlock and it should not to mix the old procedure (the King has the lead) with the new procedure (the Chamber has the lead).

One of the fraction leaders commented: "Courtesy towards the King is fine, but the right to be informed is about the Government. This is a procedure of the Chamber, not of the Government." By the way: the Commission pointed that the staff of Queen Beatrix was updated all the time by the Chamber's Clerk Office.

Another member of the Chamber: "I still see a danger (of again involving the King): the last elections gave a clear direction. When there are four possible combinations to form a majority, I still have to see who is the one to give the final go-ahead."


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