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tbhrc 05-04-2007 05:13 AM

The Princely Family of Monaco from A to Z
Inspired by the December 2006 newsletter Royals A-Z I decided to do something like that for the monegasque family.

Actually this is not an A-Z more an A-T :rolleyes:, so if someone has any suggestions for any more letters, feel free to share your ideas.

So enjoy the little Monaco A-Z. :flowers:


tbhrc 05-04-2007 05:21 AM

The Accession of Albert II (2005): As Rainier III's health worsened in 2005, article 6 of the house laws was invoked and a regency began on March 31. The Secretary of State, René Novella requested a meeting of the Crown Council, which took place on March 31; the Council recognized Rainier's incapacity, based on testimonies of three medical doctors, and Albert became regent immediately. Rainier III died early on April 6, 2005. Albert II immediately succeeded him.

Adans Lopez Peres was born in Portugal in 1975. He is a well-known circus performer but is probably best known as the second husband of Princess Stéphanie of Monaco.They married secretly in Switzerland in 2003 but the couple split after only 10 months of marriage.

Albert I, Prince of Monaco (13 November 1848 – 26 June 1922) was the reigning Prince of Monaco from 10 September 1889 – 26 June 1922). Prince Albert was married to Lady Mary Victoria Hamilton (1850-1922), of Lanarkshire, Scotland, they had one child Louis II.

Albert II, Prince of Monaco (Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre Grimaldi; born 14 March 1958), styled His Serene Highness The Sovereign Prince of Monaco, is the head of the House of Grimaldi and the current ruler of the Principality of Monaco. He has two children born out of wedlock; Jazmin Grace Grimaldi and Alexandre Coste. - March 2005: HSH Prince Albert of Monaco

Princess Alexandra Charlotte Ulrike Maryam Virginia of Hanover (born July 20, 1999) styled Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra of Hanover, is the only child of Ernst August V, Prince of Hanover and his second wife Princess Caroline of Monaco. - Biographies of Princess Caroline's Children

Aleco Noghes entered into a liaison with Princess Antoinette in the mid 1940's and three children were born to the couple: Elisabeth-Anne (born 1947), Christian Louis (born 1949) and Christine-Alix (1951-1989). They were married in a civil ceremony in Genoa on December 4, 1951 and divorced 3 years later.
Following their divorce, he lived for a time on his yacht before settling in the United States with his third wife, Margot.

Alexandre Eric Stéphane Coste (born 24 August 2003 in Paris) is the son of Albert II, Prince of Monaco, and his former lover, Nicole Coste, a native of Togo in west Africa. - Alexandre & Nicole Coste Current Events Part 1

Alice Heine (February 10, 1858 – December 22, 1925), styled HSH the Princess of Monaco and the Duchess of Richelieu, was the American-born second wife of Prince Albert I of Monaco, a great-grandfather of Prince Rainier III of Monaco.

Andrea Albert Pierre Casiraghi (born June 8, 1984) is the eldest child of HRH Princess Caroline of Hanover and her second husband, Stefano Casiraghi. He is currently second in line to the throne after his mother. - Biographies of Princess Caroline's Children

Antoine Grimaldi, le Chevalier [de] Grimaldi, (Paris, October 2, 1697 - Monaco, November 28, 1784) was an illegitimate son of Antonio I of Monaco and the dancer Élisabeth Dufort (named Babé). He was the de facto ruler of Monaco between 1732 and 1784.He was recognized by his father in 1715.The Chevalier de Grimaldi became governor-general of Monaco on May 20, 1732, when his brother-in-law Jacques I, Prince of Monaco and his young nephew Honoré III, Prince of Monaco moved to Hôtel Matignon in Paris and remained there, even after the proclamation in 1734 of Honoré as Prince of Monaco.
This situation remained the same for half a century until Antoine's death in 1784, when Honoré III was already 64 years old.
Antoine Grimaldi was an able regent.
He for instance succeeded in keeping Monaco out of the War of the Austrian Succession (1740-1748).
He died on November 28, 1784 and never married.
His remains were moved in 1966 to the Apse of the Monaco Cathedral.

tbhrc 05-04-2007 05:22 AM

Princess Antoinette of Monaco, Baroness of Massy (Antoinette Louise Alberte Suzanne Grimaldi), born 28 December, 1920, is the elder sister of the late Prince Rainier III. She was married thrice (Alexandre Noghès, Jean-Charles Rey, John Gilpin) and has three children: Elisabeth-Anne de Massy, Christian Louis de Massy, Christine Alix de Massy. - Princess Antoinette and Family

Antonio I (January 25, 1661January 20, 1731) was the Prince of Monaco from 1701 to 1731, and the First Marquis of Beaux.
He was the son of Louis I, Prince of Monaco, Second Duc de Valentinois and Catherine Charlotte de Gramont.

Association Mondiale des Amis de l’enfance (AMADE), Founded in 1963, AMADE is an internationally recognized NGO, under the presidency of HRH the Princess of Hanover, acting through a network of 16 national affiliates in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe...

The Association Sportive de Monaco Football Club is a Monegasque football club, founded in 1919. They became a professional club after 1948. Although the club is in Monaco, it has always competed in the French football structure. For this reason, it has always been regarded with a certain suspicion by a segment of the French population. It is one of the most successful clubs in French football, with seven league titles and five French Cup titles. It has also had some successful campaigns in Europe, including a run to the final of the UEFA Champions League, in 2004, but it has not won a European competition.

tbhrc 05-04-2007 05:24 AM

Bal de la Rose: This is one of the major charity events in Monaco. Created in 1954, it benefits the Princess Grace Foundation. Each year H.H.R. The Princess of Hanover selects a new theme. There are always ravishing bouquets of over 25,000 roses to decorate the Salle des Etoiles in the Sporting d'Eté complex

Bal de la Croix Rouge : Shows were organized since 1948, when the Monaco Red Cross was founded, to raise founds for its actions. In 1957, the annual ball became the event we now know : it takes place at the beginning of the month of August in the Salle des Etoiles of the Monte-Carlo Sporting Club, with one or two guest stars who are introduced by an other famous artist .

Les Ballets de Monte Carlo is a classical ballet company established in 1985 by Her Royal Highness the Princess of Hanover in accordance with the wishes of her mother, Princess Grace of Monaco. It is the offical, national company of the Principality of Monaco.

tbhrc 05-04-2007 05:26 AM

Camille Marie Kelly Gottlieb (born July 15, 1998) is the third child of HSH Princess Stéphanie of Monaco and Jean Raymond Gottlieb. Her paternity has never been publicly confirmed by the Palace or the Princess nor have they denied that Gottlieb is her father.

Caroline Louise Marguerite, The Princess of Hanover, Hereditary Princess of Monaco, (born 23 January 1957) is the eldest child of Prince Rainier III of Monaco and his wife, the former American film actress Grace Kelly. She was married to Phillipe Junot (divorced in 1980, annulled in 1990) and Stefano Casiraghi (died on 3 October, 1990). Her third and present husband is Ernst August V, Prince of Hanover, the head of the House of Hanover. She has four children: Andrea, Charlotte, Pierre, Alexandra. Biography of Princess Caroline

Cap-d'Ail is a small French town and commune that borders the district of La Colle in the Principality of Monaco. It is located in the Alpes-Maritimes département.

Princess Chantal of Hanover (German: Chantal Prinzessin von Hannover) née Hochuli (b. 2 June 1955) in Zurich, Switzerland is the former wife of Ernst August V, Prince of Hanover. She is the daughter of Johann Hochuli and Rosmarie Lembeck.
They were married on 28 August 1981 and divorced on 23 October 1997. Together they had two children: HRH Prince Ernst August of Hanover (b. 19 July 1983), HRH Prince Christian of Hanover (b. 1 June 1985).

Charlene Lynette Wittstock (born January 25, 1978) is a South African Olympic swimmer and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, who rose to fame because she was accompanying Albert II, Prince of Monaco at the opening ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics. This fueled speculations that she could be the new girlfriend of the Prince, and a potential future Princess of Monaco. They were seen again together at the 2006 Monaco Grand Prix and the Red Cross Ball in August 2006.

Charles I of Monaco (died August 15, 1357), was the first true Lord of Monaco, and is thus widely considered the founder of the dynasty. Charles I married Lucchina, a daughter of Girardo Spinola, Lord of Dertonne. They have eight children: Louis, his succesor, Rainier II, Francis, Gabriel, Charles, Lancelot, Ruffus, Anastasia.

Charles III, Prince of Monaco (8 December 1818 – 10 September 1889) was reigning Prince of Monaco from 20 June 1856 to his death. He was the founder of the famous casino in Monte Carlo.He was son to Florestan I of Monaco and Maria Caroline Gibert de Lametz.Charles was married on 28 September 1846 to Antoinette Ghislaine and was succeeded by his son Albert I of Monaco.

Princess Charlotte, Duchesse de Valentinois, Comtesse de Polignac (Charlotte Louise Juliette Grimaldi, née Louvet) (30 September 1898 – 15 November 1977), styled HSH The Princess Charlotte, was the daughter of Louis II, Prince of Monaco, and the mother of Prince Rainier III and Princess Antoinette. From 1922 until 1944, she was the Hereditary Princess of Monaco.

Charlotte Marie Pomeline Casiraghi (born August 3, 1986) is the daughter of HRH Princess Caroline Hanover and Stefano Casiraghi. She is named after her maternal great-grandmother, Princess Charlotte of Monaco. Biographies of Princess Caroline's Children

Baron Christian de Massy y Grimaldi de Monaco is the son of Jean Rey and Antoinette Louise Alberte Suzanne Grimaldi, Princesse de Monaco. He and Maria Marta Quintana del Carril were divorced. He married, firstly, Maria Marta Quintana del Carril, daughter of Enrique Quintana de Achaval and Marta del Carril Aldao. He married, secondly, Anne Michele Lutken.

tbhrc 05-04-2007 05:27 AM

Prince Christian of Hanover, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (German: Christian Prinz von Hannover, Herzog zu Braunschweig-Lüneburg) was born on 1 June 1985 in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany. He is the second child of Ernest Augustus V, Prince of Hanover and Chantal Hochuli. He has an older brother Ernst August and a half sister Alexandra. He is currently 390th in line for succession to the British throne and second in line to the titular throne of Hanover. His baptismal name is Christian Heinrich Clemens Paul Frank Peter Welf Wilhelm-Ernst Friedrich Franz.

Monegasque Coat of Arms: Comprises a silver shield decorated with red diamonds surrounded by the Order of St. Charles collar. It is placed on a red coat lined with ermine, topped by the royal crown. Standing at each side of the shield are two monks brandishing raised swords. Below them is a banderole with the royal motto Deo Juvante (with God's Help).

La Colle is a district of the Principality of Monaco, referred to as part of the greater district of La Condamine

La Condamineis the second oldest district in Monaco. The name comes from the Middle Ages and means the cultivable land at the foot of a village or castle. Today the port of Monaco and a thriving business district are located in La Condamine. The yacht belonging to the Prince of Monaco is usually berthed in La Condamine harbour. La Condamine is also part of a larger subdivision known as La Condamine quartier. The La Condamine quartier includes, in addition to La Condamine proper, the districts of Moneghetti, Les Revoires, and La Colle.

tbhrc 05-04-2007 05:29 AM

Daniel Ducruet (born November 27, 1964) was the husband of Princess Stéphanie from 1995 until 1996. They have two children: Louis and Pauline. Daniel Ducruet

Duke of Valentinois (French: Duc de Valentinois; Italian: Duca Valentino), formerly Count of Valentinois, is an extinct title in the French peerage, and is currently one of the many hereditary titles of the Prince of Monaco. Though it originally indicated administrative control of the Duchy of Valentinois, the duchy has since become part of France, making the title simply one of nobility.

tbhrc 05-04-2007 05:30 AM

Baroness Elisabeth-Anne de Massy was born on 13th January 1947 to Princess Antoinette of Monaco and her lover Alexandre-Athenase Noghès. Baroness Elisabeth-Anne was married twice: First to Bernard Taubert-Natta with one child - Jean-Léonard Taubert-Natta de Massy (b. 1974); Second to Nicolai de Lusignan with one child: Mélanie de Lusignan (b. 1985)

Ernst August, Prince of Hanover (born 26 February 1954 in Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany) is the eldest son of Ernest Augustus IV, Prince of Hanover (1914–1987) and his first wife, Princess Ortrud of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg (1925–1980). He first married Chantal, heiress to a Swiss chocolate fortune. They had two children, Ernst August (b. 1983) and Christian (b. 1985), and divorced on 23 October 1997. He married secondly HSH Princess Caroline of Monaco, with whom he has one daughter, Alexandra Charlotte Ulrike Maryam Virginia (b. 1999). Biography of Prince Ernst-August

Prince Ernst August of Hanover, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (Ernst August Andreas Philipp Constantin Maximilian Rolf Stephan Ludwig Rudolph) was born on 19 July 1983 in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany. He is the eldest son of Ernst August, Prince of Hanover and Chantal Hochuli.
He has a younger brother Christian and a half sister Alexandra.
He is currently 389th in line for succession to the British throne.

tbhrc 05-04-2007 05:33 AM

Fight Aids Monaco is an outgrowth of two previous Associations:
- Monaco Sida, founded in 1996 by Miranda Viale-Douala and subsequently presided over by Dr. Michel SIONIAC, Mrs. Renée FORCHINO and Dr. Bruno TAILLAN.
- Femmes face au Sida, created in 2003 by H.S.H. Princess Stephanie
Fight Aids Monaco was launched in July 2004, with the following goals:
- information
- prevention
- support

Florestan I, Prince of Monaco (Paris, 10 October 1785 – 20 June 1856) was Prince of Monaco from 2 October 1841 until his death. He was the second son of Prince Honoré IV, and succeeded to the throne on the death of his brother, Honoré V. He was married to Caroline Gilbert of Lametz. They have two children: Prince Charles III (1818-1889) and Princess Florestine Gabrielle Antoinette de Monaco (1833-1897).

The Franco-Monegasque Treaty of 1861 granted sovereignty to Monaco. Previously, under the Treaty of Vienna it had been a protectorate of Sardinia.

François Grimaldi (François Malizia "the Cunning") was the leader of the Guelphs who captured the Rock of Monaco on the night of January 8, 1297. He was the son of Guglielmo Grimaldi by his wife Giacoba. Married in 1295 with Aurelia del Carretto, the marriage was childless. After his death, in 1309, he was succeeded by his cousin (and stepson), Rainier I, Lord of Cagnes.

Fontvieille is a quarter (district) in the principality of Monaco. It is a newly constructed area reclaimed from the Mediterranean Sea, and has a population of 3,300 in an area of 0.33 km².

The Fondation Prince Pierre was established by His Serene Highness Prince Rainier III in February 1966, in tribute to his father,Pierre de Polignac a great patron of the arts. The purpose of the foundation is to promote culture and the arts through the creation and the awarding of the following prizes.
The Prince Pierre of Monaco Literary Prize, of 15,000 euros, which gives recognition to a French writer or any well-known author who writes in French.
The Prince Pierre of Monaco Music Composition Prize, of 15,000 euros, award to a contemporary music work created in the preceding year.
The International Contemporary Art Prize open to juried artists who submit three works of any artistic format as part of an annual contemporary art exhibition to be held in Monaco.
In addition to the Prince Rainier III Grand Prize of 15,000 euros, the Artistic Committee also gives the Princess Grace Foundation Prize of 8,000 euros to an artist under the age of 40.

tbhrc 05-04-2007 05:35 AM

Ghislaine Marie Francoise Dommanget (13 October 1900 - 30 April 1991) held the title of Her Serene Highness Princess of Monaco from 1946 to 1949. Daughter of Colonel Robert Dommanget and Marie Mfunier, she was born at Reims. She was a French comedy actress, she divorced her first husband, André Brulé, and married the reigning Prince of Monaco, Louis II on 24 July 1946 - the first Grimaldi bride without a dowry. Following his death on 9 May 1949, and the accession of Rainier III, she became known as Ghislaine, Dowager Princess of Monaco, a title she held until her death.

Gisèle Pascal (17 September 1923 - 2 February 2007) was a French actress and a former lover of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco.
She was born Gisèle Marie Madeleine Tallone at Cannes in France. Her first movie role was in 1942's L'Arlésienne.
For six years, she was involved in a relationship with Prince Rainier, but a contemplated marriage was called off when a medical examination reported that she was infertile. It is widely believed that this was publicized by Rainier's sister, Princess Antoinette of Monaco, who had plans to oust her brother from power and replace him with her own son, Christian de Massy.
Pascal subsequently married actor Raymond Pellegrin on 8 October 1955 and bore him a daughter, Pascale Pellegrin, on 12 September 1962.

Princess Grace Foundation: Princess Grace of Monaco was deeply committed to the performing arts and believed the right training and encouragement of young talent to be essential for sustaining excellence in the arts. During her lifetime, She helped many young and aspiring artists realize their dreams of a performing arts career. Following Her passing in 1982, HSH Prince Rainier of Monaco and His Family established the Princess Grace Foundation-USA as a tribute to Princess Grace and as a way to carry out Her legacy. Each year, the tradition continues to honor the Award winners at a Gala celebration of artistry.

Grace, Princess of Monaco (Grace Patricia Kelly) (November 12, 1929 – September 14, 1982) was an Academy Award-winning American film actress who, upon marriage to Rainier III, Prince of Monaco on April 19, 1956, became Her Serene Highness The Princess of Monaco. She was the mother of Caroline, Albert and Stephanie. Biography of Princess Grace

Grimaldo Canella was a son of Otto Canella and Consul of Genoa in 1162, 1170, and 1184. He is an ancestor and the namesake of the House of Grimaldi, the ruling family of Monaco. Since Grimaldo was an Italian, the House of Grimaldi is Italian Royal House. They, being Genoese weathly statesmen, came to own land that is current day Monaco, though Genoa is not too close to Monaco. Thus becoming Princes of Monaco.

tbhrc 05-04-2007 05:37 AM

The Hereditary Prince(ss) of Monaco is the title given to the heir apparent or heir presumptive to the reigning Prince of Monaco. Traditionally, the Hereditary Prince is also given the title Marquis of Baux. Like the Reigning Prince and all other members of the Princely Family, the Hereditary Prince is styled His (Her) Serene Highness.

Honoré II (24 December 1597-10 January 1662) was Sovereign Prince of Monaco. He was the first to be called Prince, but started his reign as Lord of Monaco. The title of Duke of Valentinois was created for Honoré by King Louis XIII of France. In 1616 he married Ippolita Trivulzio. He was interred in the Cathedral of St. Nicholas (it stood on the location of the current Cathedral) in Monaco.

Honoré III, Prince of Monaco (November 10, 1720 – March 21, 1795) ruled the Principality of Monaco for almost sixty years from 1733 to 1793. He was the son of Jacques François Leonor Grimaldi, Prince de Monaco, Duc de Valentinois and Louise Hippolyte de Monaco, Princesse de Monaco, Duchesse de Valentinois.

Honoré IV, Prince of Monaco (17 May 1758 – 16 February 1819) was Sovereign Prince of Monaco. He was succeeded by his eldest son, Prince Honoré and Maria Caterina Brignole. He regained control of the principality from outside forces and passed on his titles to Honoré V of Monaco.

Honoré V, Prince of Monaco (May 14, 1778 in Paris, France -October 2, 1841) was Sovereign Prince of Monaco. He was the son of Honoré IV of Monaco and Louise Felicite Victoire d'Aumont, Duchesse de Mazarin et de La Meilleraye. He was succeeded by his younger brother, Prince Florestan.

The House of Grimaldi is associated with the history of the Republic of Genoa and of the Principality of Monaco. The Grimaldi family descends from Grimaldo, a Genovese statesman at the time of the first Crusades. He was the son of Otto Canella, a Consul of Genoa in 1133, and in turn Grimaldo became a Consul in 1160, 1170 and again in 1184. His numerous grand-sons and their children led maritime expeditions throughout the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and soon the North Sea, and quickly became one of the most powerful families of Genoa. For more information click here

tbhrc 05-04-2007 05:42 AM

Jacques François Léonor Goyon de Matignon (November 21, 1689April 23, 1751) was count of Thorigny and as Jacques I , Prince of Monaco from 1731 until 1733. He was son of Jacques III Goyon de Matignon, count of Thorigny and Charlotte Goyon de Matigny.
Jacques came from an ancient Norman family.
His uncle was Marshal of France Charles-Auguste de Goyon-Matignon.
When Antonio I of Monaco was looking for a wedding partner for his daughter and heir Louise Hippolyte, the family proposed him as a candidate.
The prospect of his own Principality was very attractive and his candidacy was supported by King Louis XIV, who wanted to consolidate the French influence in Monaco.
Jacques and Louise Hippolyte married on october 20 1715 and had eight children.

Jazmin Grace Rotolo Grimaldi was born on March 4, 1992 in Palm Springs, California, United States). She is known for being the elder child of Albert II, Prince of Monaco.

Baron Jean-Léonard Taubert-Natta de Massy (3 June 1974) is a member of the extended Princely Family of Monaco.His mother, Elisabeth-Anne de Massy, is a daughter of Alexandre Noghès and HSH Princess Antoinette, Baroness de Massy. His father is Bernard Taubert-Natta.

Jean Raymond Gottlieb (b. 1967) is a former Paris gendarme and Palace Guard at the Palais Princier in Monaco.He was the Head of Security to Princess Stéphanie when they became lovers but resigned as bodyguard when the romance started. He is allegedly the father of her third child Camille who was born in 1998.

John B. Kelly, Jr. (May 24, 1927, PhiladelphiaMay 2, 1985, Philadelphia), also known as Kell Kelly or Jack Kelly, was an accomplished oarsman, a four-time Olympian, and an Olympic medal winner. He was also the son of triple Olympic gold medal winner John B. Kelly, Sr. In 1947, Kelly was awarded the James E. Sullivan Award as the top amateur athlete in the United States.
Kelly's sister was the famous movie-star-turned-princess, Grace Kelly (HSH Princess Grace of Monaco), which makes him the maternal uncle of Monaco's current monarch Albert II of Monaco. Kelly gave his Olympic Bronze medal to her as a wedding present. Kelly's uncle George Kelly was a Pulitzer Prize winning playwright.
Kelly became active in politics and was a strong supporter of athletics and in 1985 was appointed President of the United States Olympic Committee.

John B. Kelly, Sr., also known as Jack Kelly, (October 4, 1889-June 20, 1960) was one of the most accomplished oarsman in the history of the sport rowing. He was a triple Olympic Gold Medal winner, the first to do so in the sport of rowing. He won 126 straight races in the single scull (1x). He was the father of Grace Kelly, actress and Princess of Monaco (thus grandfather of Albert II, Prince of Monaco), and of John B. Kelly, Jr., an accomplished oarsman in his own right.

John Gilpin was born in 1930. He married Antoinette Louise Alberte Suzanne Grimaldi, Princesse de Monaco, daughter of Pierre de Polignac, Prince of Valentinois and Charlotte Grimaldi, Duchess of Valentinois, in 1983. He died in 1983.

tbhrc 05-04-2007 05:46 AM

Laetizia de Massy y Quintana is the daughter of Baron Christian de Massy y Grimaldi de Monaco and Maria Marta Quintana del Carril.

Lamberto Grimaldi (March 16, 1458 – March 1494) was a Lord of Monaco he was married to his cousin Claudia Grimaldi in 1465 in order to secure the Grimaldi inheritance of Monaco which by the small state's constitution could only pass to male heirs. Lamberto was of the branch of the Grimaldi family which had settled in Antibes while Claudia was of the more powerful Monaco branch. Thus their union legitimately kept her branch of the family in control of Monaco. At this period in Monaco's history the family had not yet attained the princely status that was to come later.
Lamberto assumed the reins of power in Monaco at a difficult time in its often vulnerable history. Lamberto fought to preserve Monaco's independence, and is said to have "handled diplomacy and the sword with equal talent". He also established the Grimaldi motto "With God's help"

The Larvotto (or Larvotto Terano) is the name of the main public beach in Monaco and also the name of the area in which it is located. It is part of the quartier of Monte Carlo.

Les Révoires is a district of the Principality of Monaco, referred to as part of the greater district of La Condamine.
A point on the pathway known as the Chemin des Révoires is, at 161 metres, the highest point in the Principality.

Line to throne (Monegasque): Princess Caroline, Andrea Casiraghi, Pierre Casiraghi, Charlotte Casiraghi, Princess Alexandra, Princess Stephanie, Louis Ducruet, Pauline Ducruet

Louis I, Prince of Monaco (Monaco July 25, 1642Rome January 3, 1701) was Prince of Monaco from 1662 until 1701.
He was a son of prince Hercule of Monaco and Aurelia Spinola.
He succeeded his grandfather Honoré II as Prince of Monaco in 1662.
Louis married March 30, 1660 in Pau Catherine-Charlotte de Gramont (1639Paris June 4, 1678), daughter of Marshal Antoine III de Gramont.
They had six children :Antoine (1661-1731), his successor, Anna Hippolyte (1667-1700); married (1696) Jacques de Crussol (Paris, December 29, 1675Uzès castle (July 19, 1739), Duc d'Uzès, François Honoré (December 21, 1669 – Paris february 1748), Archbishop of Besançon, Theresia († 1738), Johanna, Aurelia

Louis II, Prince of Monaco (12 July 1870 – 9 May 1949) was the Sovereign Prince of Monaco from 26 June 1922 until 9 May 1949. It has been asserted that Louis has married Juliette in 1897: there is, however, no evidence for this allegation. They have an illegitimate daughter Charlotte Louise Juliette, born on 30 September 1898 in Constantine, Algeria. In 1946 he married Ghislaine Dommanget (1900 - 1991), a French film actress

Louis Robert Paul Ducruet was born in Monaco on 26 November 1992, the son of Princess Stéphanie of Monaco and Daniel Ducruet, a former Palace bodyguard.

Louise d'Aumont Mazarin (22 October 1759 - 13 December 1826) was the daughter of Louis Marie d'Aumont, Duc d'Aumont, de Mazarin et de La Meilleraye and Louise Jeanne de Durfort, Duchesse de Mazarin et de La Meilleraye.
She married Honoré IV, Prince of Monaco, on 15 July 1777. The couple had two children both of whom in turn ruled Monaco: Prince Honoré V and Prince Florestan. Following their incarceration during the French Revolution the marriage of Honoré IV and Louise d'Aumont Mazarin ended in divorce in 1798. She married as her second husband Rene Francois Tirnand-D'Arcis on 6 February 1801, this marriage too ended in divorce in 1803.

Louise-Hippolyte, Princess of Monaco (1697-1731) is the ancestress of the current reigning royal family of Monaco. At the age of 18 she married James d'Estouville and went on to have five children. She acceded the throne of Monaco in 1731 and died the same year.

tbhrc 05-04-2007 05:49 AM

Maria Caroline Gibert de Lametz, Princess consort of Monaco (1793 - 1879) was the wife of Florestan I, Prince of Monaco and the daughter of Charles Thomas Gibert de Lametz.
The Prince and Princess of Monaco had two children Prince Charles born in 1818, later Prince Charles III of Monaco and Princess Florestine born in 1833.

Marie Juliette Louvet (May 9, 1867 – September 24, 1930) was partner of Prince Louis II of Monaco and was the mother of his only child, Princess Charlotte of Monaco. Juliette Louvet became an entertainer of sorts, reportedly a cabaret singer (other sources identify her as a laundress and a dressmaker), then was Prince Louis' lover. She gave birth to their daughter, Charlotte, in Algeria on September 30, 1898.

Marquis of Baux (French: Marquis des Baux) is one of the Prince of Monaco's many hereditary titles, and one which is usually also given to the reigning Prince's eldest son. It was originally associated with the town of Les Baux de Provence, but later lost its administrative authority when control of the town reverted to France.

Lady Mary Victoria Hamilton (Hamilton Palace, December 11, 1850Budapest, May 14, 1922) was the Lanarkshire-born, Scottish-German-French great-grandmother of Prince Rainier III of Monaco, the fashion designer Egon von Fürstenberg, and the socialite and actress Ira von Fürstenberg. She was the daughter of William Alexander Anthony Archibald Hamilton, 11th Duke of Hamilton and of his wife, Princess Marie Amelie Elizabeth Caroline of Baden. Through her maternal grandmother, she was a cousin of Emperor Napoléon III of the French.
Her first marriage, on 21 September 1869, was to Prince Albert, only child and heir of Charles III, Prince of Monaco. They were divorced on 28 July 1880. Mary Victoria bore Prince Albert a single son, Louis who would take the throne of Monaco upon his father's death.
Her second marriage, on 2 June 1880, was to Count Tassilo Festetics von Tolna. It is through this marriage that the Fürstenbergs are descended.

Mélanie de Lusignan was born in Monaco on January 18, 1985 and is the daughter of Baroness Elisabeth-Anne de Massy and her second husband Nicolai de Lusignan. She lost her place in the line of succession to the Monegasque Throne on the death of Prince Rainier.

Monaco: The Principality of Monaco , more commonly known as Monaco, is a constitutional monarchy and city-state in Western Europe located along the French Riviera between the Mediterranean Sea and France. It is one of six microstates located in Europe.
Monaco is the world's most densely populated country and second-smallest independent nation; with a population of just 32,410 and an area of 1.96 square kilometers (485 acres), Monaco also boasts more millionaires per capita than any other country, and is the world's smallest French-speaking sovereignty.

The Monaco Grand Prix (Grand Prix de Monaco) is a Formula One race held each year on the Circuit de Monaco. Run since 1929, it is widely considered to be one of the most important and prestigious automobile races in the world alongside the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race, the Daytona 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Its history, the spectacle of the event, and the glamour associated with it result in the race being considered "the jewel of the Formula One crown".

Monaco-Ville is the original fortified town of Monaco. The Palais Princier (Prince's Palace), Saint Nicholas Cathedral, and the Oceanographic Museum are located in this quarter. Its population is estimated at 1,151 residents.

Monte Carlo is the wealthiest of Monaco's 4 quarters, sometimes erroneously believed to be the country's capital, even though there formally is none. Monte Carlo is known for its casinos, gambling, glamour, and for sightings of famous people. The permanent population is 30,000 (1990 estimate). Monte Carlo quarter includes, not only Monte Carlo proper where the casino is located, but also the neighborhoods of Saint Michel, Saint Roman/Tenao, and the beach community of Larvotto. It borders the French town of Beausoleil (formerly known as Haut-Monte-Carlo).

Moneghetti is a subdivision of La Condamine quarter (district) in the principality of Monaco. Moneghetti lies on the north central border of the country and neighbors another Monaco quarter, Fontvieille.
The district is noted for its steep inclines, since it is situated in an area where the Alps drop directly down to the Mediterranean.

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The Napoleon Museum in Monte Carlo, Monaco is a museum of artefacts which once belonged to the French Emperor Napoleon I.
The museum which is attached to the Prince of Monaco's palace contains a collection assembled by Prince Louis II the grandfather of the present Prince of Monaco. The collection contains numerous possessions of the Emperor including letters and documents pertaining to his reign and conquest of Europe and relics from his exile and imprisonment on Saint Helena. Also included in the collection is clothing which belonged to Napoleon's son the King of Rome.
On a mezzanine floor in the museum are displayed items of historical importance relating to the principality of Monaco, including the the Charter of Independence of Monaco given Royal assent by King Louis XII of France.

National Day – Monaco: On November 19th, Monaco celebrates its National Holiday with spectacular fireworks over the harbor the evening before and a mass in the Cathedral the next morning. An excellent opportunity to see the pomp and circumstance of the Principality, visitors can see the Knights of Malta, distinguished ambassadors, consuls and state officials decked out in medal-laden uniforms as they congregate in the Place St. Nicholas after the mass. Then it is off to the Prince’s Palace where onlookers can see the Princely family wave to the crowd from the windows of the palace.

Albert: Albie or Bébert
Caroline: Caro, Grimmy or Max
Stephanie: (heavens she has a lot) Steph or Stephie (by everyone) , Lilly (by her classmates), Little fish ( by Caroline and Albert), Tama ( by her nieces and nephews), Galinette ( by her ex brother-in-law)
Andrea: Andy or Bébert
Charlotte: Charlie or PommePomme
Pierre: Pierrot or Clowny
Louis: Loulou or Bomber
Pauline: Linie
Camille: Mimine
Alexandra: Alex
Ernst jr.: Ernstie
Ernst- August: Ernie ( by Stephanie)
Christian: Chris

Nicole Valérie Coste, (born December 6, 1971) is a former Air France flight attendant from Togo. From 1997 until late 2002 or early 2003, she had a relationship with Albert II, Prince of Monaco, which produced a child, Alexandre Coste who was born in August 2003. She also has two sons from a previous marriage. She formerly was called Nicole Valérie Tossoukpé, but on November 10, 2004, she changed her surname to Coste.

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The Oceanographic Museum was inaugurated in 1910 by Monaco's biggest reformator, Prince Albert I. This monumental architecural work of art has an impressive façade towering above the sea. The structure towers over the sea at a height of 279 feet (85.04 meters). It took 11 years to build, using 100,000 tons of stone from La Turbie.

The Order of Grimaldi is an Order (decoration) established in Monaco on 18 November 1954. This Order rewards personal service to the Sovereign Prince of Monaco; as such it is awarded on the sole discretion of the Prince, currently Albert II, Prince of Monaco.

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Pauline Grace Maguy Ducruet is the daughter of HSH Princess Stéphanie of Monaco and Daniel Ducruet and was born on 4 May 1994.

Philippe Junot was born in Paris on April 19, 1940. He is an investment banker and property developer with business interests in Paris, Montreal and Detroit.
In 1978 he married Princess Caroline, eldest daughter of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco and former Hollywood icon Grace Kelly. The couple were divorced in October 1980 after his wife accused him of infidelity. Mr. Junot, however, contends that it was in fact Caroline's affairs and the contstant interfering of her parents which led to the break-up.
The Vatican finally annulled their marriage in 1992. He married again to a model and had three children: Victoria, Isabelle and Alexis.

Prince Pierre of Monaco, Duke of Valentinois, Count of Polignac (24 October 1895 – 10 November 1964) is best known for having been the father of Rainier III of Monaco, and thus the paternal grandfather of Albert II of Monaco.Born Count Pierre Marie Xavier Raphael Antoine Melchior de Polignac, he was a son of Count Maxence de Polignac (1857-1936) and his Mexican-born Spanish wife, Susana de la Torre y Mier (1858-1913).He married Princess Charlotte of Monaco (née Charlotte Louise Juliette Louvet), the illegitimate and later adopted daughter of Louis II of Monaco and Marie Juliette Louvet.

Pierre Rainier Stefano Casiraghi (born September 5, 1987) is the youngest child of HRH Princess Caroline of Hanover and her second husband, Stefano Casiraghi. He is named for his maternal great-grandfather, Prince Pierre of Monaco, his maternal grandfather, Prince Rainier III of Monaco, and his father. Biographies of Princess Caroline's Children

The Reigning Prince (or Princess) of Monaco is the sovereign monarch and head of state of the Principality of Monaco. All Princes or Princesses thus far have taken the name of the House of Grimaldi, but have belonged to various other houses in male line; the current Prince is Albert II.

The Prince's Palace of Monaco was originally founded in 1191 as a Genoese fortress. During its long and often dramatic history it has been bombarded and besieged by many attacking foreign powers. Since the end of the 13th century it has been the stronghold and home of the Grimaldi family who first captured it in 1297. The Grimaldi ruled the area first as Lords, and from the 17th century as sovereign princes, but their power was often derived from fragile agreements with their larger and stronger neighbours. For more information click here

The Printemps des Arts, which was created in response to the wishes of the late Princess Grace and which is today under the patronage of SAR the Princess Caroline of Hanover, proposes, at a time of the year where festivals are scarce, a selection of musical events of international quality, with an emphasis on music and dance.
The quality of the ensembles and artists, the will to create quality musical events through the creation and commissioning of new pieces, quickly attracted numerous radio stations and television to the Principality, and gave place to numerous record productions, which have enabled the Printemps des Arts to acquire its international reputation.

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Rainier I of Monaco (born 1267 - died 1314) was, in fact, the first sovereign Grimaldi ruler of the area now known as Monaco. He also holder the title of Lord of Cagnes. First, married Salvatica, daughter of Giacomo del Carretto, Margrave of Final. They have four children: Charles I, his successor, Vinciguerra, Salvaggia, Luca, Lord of Villefranche. Secondly, Rainier I married Andriola Grillo. This marriage was childless.

Rainier II, Lord of Monaco ruled Monaco from June 29, 1352 to August 15, 1357. He ruled jointly with Antonio, Lord of Monaco.

Rainier III, Prince of Monaco (Rainier Louis Henri Maxence Bertrand Grimaldi; 31 May 1923 – 6 April 2005), styled HSH The Sovereign Prince of Monaco, ruled the Principality of Monaco for almost fifty-six years, making him one of the longest ruling monarchs of the 20th Century. He was married to Grace Kelly, their children are: Caroline, Albert and Stephanie. The late Prince Rainier III

The Rock of Monaco has always been a coveted possession, from the beginning of the Massilian colony of Monoïkos, named for the Ligurian tribes who occupied the area and vied for control of it; before that, it was a shelter for primitive populations. The Rock of Monaco was also the first conquest of the Grimaldi dynasty, the rulers of the country for more than 700 years, founded when the Guelf François Grimaldi disguised himself as a Franciscan monk in order to gain entry to the city and open the gates for his soldiers.

Royal Highness (abbreviation HRH) is a style (His Royal Highness or Her Royal Highness). It appears in front of the names of some members of some royal families other than the King or Queen.

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Saint Devota (Sainte Dévote) (d. ca. 303 AD) is the patron saint of Corsica and Monaco. She was killed during the persecutions of Diocletian and Maximian. She is sometimes identified with another Corsican saint named Julia, who was described in Latin as Deo devota ("devoted to God"). The description was misinterpreted as a proper name.

Saint-Michel is a ward of the district of Monte-Carlo, in the Principality of Monaco.

Saint Nicholas Cathedral, known also as Monaco Cathedral (French: Cathédrale de Monaco), is the cathedral in Monaco-Ville, Monaco, where many of the Grimaldis were buried, including the most beloved Princess, Grace Kelly and more recently, Rainier III.
The cathedral was consecrated in 1875, and is on the site of the first parish church in Monaco built in 1252 and dedicated to St. Nicholas. Of note are the retable (circa 1500) to the right of the transept, the Great Altar and the Episcopal throne in white Carrara marble.
Pontifical services take place on the major religious festivals such as the Feast of Sainte Dévote (27th January) and the National holiday (19th November). On feast days and during religious music concerts, one can hear the magnificent four-keyboard organ, inaugurated in 1976.

Saint Roman is the smallest and northernmost community in the Principality of Monaco. It neighbours the community of Larvotto. Saint Roman is a subdivision of the quartier of Monte Carlo.

The Stade Louis II is a stadium located in the Fontvieille district of Monaco. It serves as a venue for both football, being the home of AS Monaco as well as the location of the annual UEFA Super Cup match, and athletics, where it plays host to the IAAF World Athletics Final (though certain events, such as the hammer, have to be held elsewhere, due to the stadium not being big enough).

Serene Highness (acronym HSH) – His Serene Highness or Her Serene Highness. The style of HSH appeared at the front of the princely titles of members of German ruling families. The style is also used today by the ruling families of Monaco and Liechtenstein.
The reigning Prince of Monaco, Prince Albert II of Monaco, is styled His Serene Highness and his sisters Stéphanie and Caroline are also styled as Her Serene Highness, although Caroline is now styled Royal Highness through marriage. In French, both male and female versions are Son Altesse Sérénissime (S.A.S.), which translates literally to "His/Her Most Serene Highness".

Princess Stéphanie (Stéphanie Marie Elisabeth Grimaldi, born 1 February) is the youngest child of Grace Kelly and Rainier III of Monaco. She was married to Daniel Ducruet (1995-1996) and Adans Lopez Peres (2003-2004). She has three children: Louis, Pauline and Camille. Biography of Princess Stephanie

Stefano Casiraghi (September 8, 1960 – October 3, 1990) was a sportsman and Italian businessman. He was a son of Fernanda and Giancarlo Casiraghi and the second husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco.

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Tamara Jean Rotolo is the mother of Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, the daughter of Prince Albert II of Monaco.

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