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salma 11-13-2003 04:53 AM

Queen Alia Al Hussein (1948-1977): Information and Pictures
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I think that Queen alia was very beautiful.

beautiful portrait

the Queen


nicole 11-13-2003 01:14 PM

She looks so sad in her photo--the one before the dancing photo. I heard that she was very sad before she died. Some people said it was because the king was seeing other women. I wonder if that was true.

Laura Lovec 11-13-2003 02:25 PM

Indeed Salma ! , Queen Alia was a beautiful queen.It's a true tragedy that she died. :( I think that king Hussein and queen Alia were very happy together.He did cheat while he was married to queen Muna,but I don't know if he cheat to Alia,when they were married.Princess Haya looks like her mother,the same smile and the same expression. Queen Noor was a good queen, but I think that if Alia didn't die that she would be the best queen that Jordan ever had.

Banadoora 11-13-2003 02:47 PM

Thank you Salma for posting this! I'm not sure how true this is but I've heard that King Hussein was very much in love with Queen Alia and that he built a castle where he put her to rest after she passed on. Maybe we could try and find a good biography of hers to put in here :)

syima 11-13-2003 05:45 PM


Originally posted by salma@Nov 13th, 2003 - 4:53 am
I think that Queen alia was very beautiful.
Hi Salma,

Wow! you have alot and lot of pictures of Jordanian Royals. Very interesting to see all of those pictures..... I agree that Queen Alia was very beautiful. Her daughter Princess Haya just look alot like her mum and she is very beautiful too.

Wisnu 11-13-2003 09:11 PM

Anybody can tell me, who did take care the children after Queen Alia die ?


Humera 11-13-2003 11:10 PM

I had no idea King Hussein cheated on his wife. Did he cheat on all four of them?
Were these just rumours or was there substantial proof that he was unfaithful?
I suppose thats why the first two of his marriages ended in divorce

salma 11-14-2003 04:27 AM

It was in Cairo on the 25th of December 1948 that Alia Baha Uddin Toukan was born, her father being the Jordanian Ambassador to Egypt. Alia was one year old when King Hussein first saw her. The King was thirteen years old and was on his way to attend Victoria College in Egypt. He used to spend the school holidays and most of the weekends at the Ambassador’s residence where, as he told me later, he used to play with my mother and help my Grandmother Hanan Toukan babysitting her!

Alia moved with her family from one country to another as her father changed his Diplomatic appointments throughout her childhood. She attended different schools and consequently learned several languages and made many friends. As the Toukan family settled in Rome for five years, she attended the University of Loyola in Rome where she studied Political Science and graduated with a degree before moving back to Jordan. There, at a wedding of the “Maadi” family, my Father saw my Mother again after many years. She and her family arrived late at the wedding. My Father was already seated, next to His Royal Highness Sharif Zeid Bin Shaker. As she came in, he turned to ask him who she was. Sharif Zeid answered him, “That’s Alia Toukan! Baha’s daughter.” He went over to her and told her that just the thought he was, not long ago, playing with her when she was only one year old at the Jordanian Embassy in Cairo made him feel so old! As they were chatting, he was asked to open the buffet. He asked her, in turn, if she would join him. She agreed and they opened the buffet together. That incident was the start of their re-aquaintence. They kept in touch and their friendship developed throughout her father’s next appointment to New York. In NY, she attended Hunter College and graduated with a Masters Degree in Business and Public Relations, and a minor degree in Psychology. Her dream at that time was to be a diplomat like her father.

That was a dream that would come true in a way, but perhaps not the way she thought it would. After the return of the Toukan family from New York to Amman, Alia started work in “Alia Airlines” in the Public Relations Department. She had worked there for two months, when King Hussein requested her to organise the Water Ski Championships in Aqaba, which was sponsored by “Alia Airlines” (note Alia Airlines is named after King Hussein’s eldest daughter HRH Princess Alia Bint Al Hussein.) Alia, my mother, took control and organized the whole event, together with Simon Khoury,the Lebanese World Champion in Water Skiing. He was a good friend of my father, and was based in Aqaba. Six months later, King Hussein was engaged to Alia Baha Uddin Toukan. After a four-month engagement period they were married, on the 24th of December 1971,one day before my mother’s birthday. December would be our lucky month especially that HRH Prince Ali was also born in December (1975). So we have three consecutive days of celebrations in December: the 23rd, Ali’s birthday; the 24th, my parents wedding anniversary and the 25th, my mother’s birthday. It was an on going joke in our house that it was lucky my father, Abir, and I had birthdays in other months just to find a reason for celebration at a different time of the year.

mahawi 11-14-2003 08:38 AM

Hi everybody I just wanted to add something that will show you how queen alia felt when she was a queen.

I read once a book called 'the first lady' by a famous Arabic writer named Anis mansour.
Any way, the book was about famous first ladies all over the world .in the chapter of the wife of prime minister of Canada in the seventies Margaret Trudeau He mentioned queen alia in it because she was her friend ,in a letter she sent to queen alia which expressed how depressed she was and how her husband is so far away ,queen alia replied..

I've read your letter and I felt as if I was talking to my self. It's the same misery, lonesome inside of me and lies surrounding me, and it's hard to have our own friends, but u are much better than me.. Your husband well leave politics and come back to you but my husband is busy with forever politics.....till he dies

She later say an advice…. when your husband is way..Shout ….break …scream. ..cry ..cry…. because in that you will feel comfort .I've tried it, I felted better and made others feel that too ..

Of course everybody knows that in the seventies Jordan been through many crises and king Hussein was saved from many assassination plans.

thats very sad isn't it :(

Josefine 11-14-2003 04:35 PM

what year was she boen and what year did she die?

salma 11-14-2003 04:46 PM

she born in 1948 and died in 1976.

mahawi 11-15-2003 12:47 PM

hi banadoora ''i like your name'',well to send pictures u have two ways ,u can press on the img button and then write down the url which u can cut and past ,or u can can attach a file from your computer in the small box down there, in my arabic computer they called it 'استعراض' ,i hope iam right ,any way good luck :P

pegassuss2525 01-12-2004 07:51 PM

You had mentioned that Ali was Palestinean. I haven't read anything that stated Queen Alia was a Palestinean. Can you let me know were you found that out at? The only information I have found on Queen Alia states that she was Arab. I would like to find out more about her. Thanks.

Sean.~ 01-12-2004 08:10 PM


Originally posted by pegassuss2525@Jan 12th, 2004 - 7:51 pm
You had mentioned that Ali was Palestinean. I haven't read anything that stated Queen Alia was a Palestinean. Can you let me know were you found that out at? The only information I have found on Queen Alia states that she was Arab. I would like to find out more about her. Thanks.

Well, it is a widely known fact that Alia Toukan was Palestinian. I guess it's one of those things that I've always known. You can do a Google Search using the words Queen Alia or Alia Toukon.

Btw, have you seen the Queen Alia memorial?

pegassuss2525 01-12-2004 08:18 PM


Well, it is a widely known fact that Alia Toukan was Palestinian.

Thanks! A few of the sources probably did state she was Palestinean but the majority simply state that she was Arab. I definately need to update my sources since most of them are from my college days. I just haven't had the time lately. Thanks for the link to the memorial. I haven't seen it yet.

shannen26 01-12-2004 11:50 PM

Q Alia's ancestors came from Nablus, every1 knows that- she has been studying around the world , as her dad was a J Ambassador, her mum and 1 of her brother, a doctor ,still live in Rome, we have a pic of Hayah and her grandma in Rome, Q Alia, who met KH as a child, in Egypt, studied at St. Ignazio di Loyola, in Rome.

poes 01-18-2004 02:12 PM

Q Alia was Circassian to be more precise, so not originally palestinian if you can say so.

bluetortuga 01-18-2004 11:11 PM


Q Alia was Circassian to be more precise, so not originally palestinian if you can say so.
That is true. Q Alia was from the Tawqan clan, a Circassian clan but the family name was arabized to Touqan as a result of her family's migration Palestine then Egypt. Prince Ali is fluent in Circassian. Therefore the only full Arab child of K. Hussein is P. Alia, his first child. None of his sons are full Arabs.

alia_musallam 01-19-2004 05:21 AM

Circassians are not Arabs! They do not consider themselves as Arabs, in fact the huge Circassian population in Jordan don't even seem to consider themsleves Jordanian particularly, though of course they are, especially because they are the ones who first inhabited and built Amman, Salt and Jerash since the old cities fell into ruin and before King Abdullah I arrived from the Hijaz. In fact before he had a palace built he used to live with Circassian families in Salt and Amman. But Ali is not fully Arab, he represents the current ethnic mix that is Jordan.

Laila 01-20-2004 10:59 AM

princess alia is jordanian from salt, her fathers house still there ,it is an old and now a museum of jordanian heritage,
it is true that touqan clan is originally palastinian clan but queen alia belongs to the jordanian branch of this family who lived in jordan before 1948 .

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