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norwegianne 04-20-2007 04:18 AM

Peacock - a set of china designed by Ari Behn
Ari has designed a set of china for Magnor Glassverk. According to himself this is something he has been wanting to do for ten years. He has been working on this for the past two years, after being approached for the company.

To view a video:

The glasses from the collection:

And a closer look at the china:

Personally I think the design looks very interesting, but I don't know if it is something I would want to eat off - it looks more like something you keep around for decoration.

crisscross1 04-20-2007 04:38 AM

Well done Ari Behn, they certainly are a beautiful china setting. I think they would look wonderful in a modern house. The glasses however are something I would deifinitely love to have. :smile:

Lady Jennifer 04-21-2007 02:29 PM

Ari Behn is a designer now:
Never before has the introduction of some new tableware and glasses attracted so much media attention in Norway. Then again, such items have never been designed by the celebrity husband of a Norwegian princess, either....
Ari Behn turns designer -

Lucidu 04-22-2007 12:48 PM

More pics from polfoto. // Free Image Hosting // Free Image Hosting // Free Image Hosting // Free Image Hosting // Free Image Hosting

Sophus 04-22-2007 01:30 PM

Seems like Ari tries to do something in his own name for oce - in his biography from the homepage of the china-manufacturer nothing is said about his marriage to ML.


Amy 04-24-2007 06:47 AM

Nice glasses but i am not sure i like the china.

capricorninin 04-24-2007 08:29 AM

I like the glassware.

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