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Next Star 01-01-2007 05:25 PM

Those stories are too hard to believe espically the one about Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg being pregnant by an 32 yr. old he must have some serious mental problems finding an interest in an 15 yr. old and she is way too young to be a mother she is practially a baby herself. Then prince Felix of Luxembourg being connect to a woman that is not real to me it has not been annouced that any of claims are true until their it is just here-say also know as gossip and rumors.

Tara20052 01-02-2007 09:26 PM

OK that is just hilarious, I have never heard of any rumors funnier then those, the one about Princess Alexandra I think is the funniest. :flowers:

wittykitty 01-02-2007 10:02 PM

Well, with the rumor of one of her brother's being a young dad came true:cool:
but I think they have overstepped thei boundries to start on Princess Alexandra but I guess we're going to be hearing all the time once she has a full time boyfriend or just seen with a boy 2x in a row or holding hands like Princess Madeline of Sweden.

Nitefeatherz 05-09-2008 12:54 AM


Originally Posted by lisamaria (Post 552671)
Quite right! That rumour is the most ridiculous one; a man of 32 should have his head checked if he was in any way interested in a girl of 15 - but I was a couple decades ago a girl of 15 too, and know that sometimes they do harbour some secret fancies of "mature" men :lol: But it still is just wrong.

Maybe it is my age or something but I think I don't idolise this family the way some other mambers just might do :flowers: Too much life behind me. So sad :sad:

I agree...I hit a point in my early 20's where I realized I put a ton more effort into idolizing certain celebrities and not as much effort was put into respecting my friends and family...

I think being a fan of someone or a group of people is a fine thing but not to the point of fanaticism- a healthy respect is good for you. Too much of any thing though and it becomes unhealthy.

pamk 05-09-2008 03:23 AM


Originally Posted by kelly9480 (Post 552677)
The rumors about trouble in the marriage have been around for a while, so it's hard to completely dismiss any new ones that develop. MT could very well be travelling back and forth from Paris, and unless we're privy to security info, we're unlikely to ever know. Even if the marriage is in serious trouble, I don't see a divorce coming -- I just can't see Henri going down that road, and as long as things don't go the way of Charles and Diana, divorce really isn't necessary so long as they can work together when need be.

The Grimaldi family did (maybe still does) own an apartment in Paris and Princess Grace spent a lot of time there with her daughters. I remember photos of Stephanie being hounded by the paparazzi after the car accident .
I wouldn't doubt that GD Henri and family have an apartment there.
When GD Josephine Charlotte was alive, weren't there rumors that Henri was
having an affair with some woman who was a Minister in the Luxembourg government?

indian_royal 05-09-2008 04:37 AM

Princess Alexandra and Aditya Mittal! right. I suppose he found the time to get her pregnant in between running for conferences around the world, working under his father(who I suspect won't be pleased if he got a fifteen year old pregnant) and also being very much married.
I really wanna kiss this person who invented these stories just for making me laugh so much today:lol:

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