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amina1 11-24-2006 11:42 PM

I noticed that too, it looks good on her though, but a bit tight and short:neutral:

dazzling 11-25-2006 04:01 AM


Originally Posted by amina1
I noticed that too, it looks good on her though, but a bit tight and short:neutral:

yes, it looks tight too. Will there be/was a dinner?

salma 11-25-2006 06:48 AM

King, Queen Return Home</STRONG>
Amman, Nov. 25 (Petra)—Their Majesties King Abdullah II and Queen Rania Al Abdullah returned home following a three-day visit to the State of Kuwait.

asturiana 11-26-2006 07:21 AM


INJAZ programme launched in Kuwait

Little_star 11-26-2006 12:24 PM


Originally Posted by Salomé
Yes she's cute,but I have the same impression,she always looks grumpy and bored.I think salma is a difficult kid,that's why Rania tends to take her a lot with her,I have also the impression that Hashem is the most easy and joyful of Rania and Abdalla's kids.

I've never seen/read/heard anything to sggest Salma is a difficult child, she's often happy and smiling. I just think she's a bit bored on a trip where she's surrounded by adults without her siblings to keep her company.

I love Rania's dress at the Injaz event, she looks lovely and incredubly pleased to be there.
Moreover the skirt doesn't seem short, all the Jordanian princesses wear knee length skirts.

chelsea 11-27-2006 09:01 AM

If they were there for three days, why are there only publicized events and photos for their first day? What did they do on the second day, did they have a private day off?

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