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Prisma 02-26-2017 03:06 AM

My guess is the shrine or type of visit determines the color but I don’t know for sure. It seems ivory or cream are usually worn for visits to Shimogamo, Meiji, and Ise Shrines. Grey or black to mausoleums and grave sites.

Ise is dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu; Shimogamo and Kasuga Taisha are dedicated to other Shinto deities; Meiji is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken.

Princesses Akiko and Yoko wore lavender to Yasukuni Shrine which commemorates the war dead. Half-mourning?

Princess Akiko wore pale blue to the enshrinement of Prince Katsura’s spirit.
Sankei Imperial Weekly #387

Princess Kako wore a cream suit, instead of a long dress, to Akama Shrine that's dedicated to Emperor Antoku.

CP Masako wore pink to Ise Shrine in 1993 when she and CP Naruhito announced their marriage to the ancestral gods of the Imperial family. Getty Images

Al_bina 02-26-2017 11:11 AM

Thanks for the detailed explanations!:flowers:
Wearing grey colours for mausoleums and grave sites makes sense.

Prisma 03-10-2017 03:21 AM

On March 10th, Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko attended a memorial service for over 100,000 victims of the 1945 Great Tokyo Air Raid.

Photos: Asahi
On March 8th, Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko attended "The 7th Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Awards ceremony and memorial tea party."

iceflower 03-11-2017 09:34 AM


Today, March 11, Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko attended the government-sponsored memorial service in Tokyo on the sixth anniversary of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters in northeastern Japan.

** gettyimages gallery **

Prisma 03-11-2017 11:53 PM

:previous: Thanks! :flowers:

SIX YEARS AFTER: Abe and Prince Fumihito attend event to mark 2011 disaster: The Asahi Shimbun

Many still struggling 6 years after quake, nuclear disaster - The Mainichi

Prince Akishino said his "heart aches deeply" when he thinks about those who are unable to return to their homes due to high levels of radiation.

"It is the hope of us all that each and every one of those who are in a difficult situation will not be forgotten or left behind and the day will come when they will once again live in peace and quiet."

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, who were not present at this year's memorial service having attended since 2012, offered a moment of silence at their residence, according to the Imperial Household Agency.
Full memorial service:

Prisma 03-25-2017 02:12 AM

On March 21st, Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko visited graves of Emperor Showa and Empress Kojun at the Musashi Imperial Graveyard in Hachiōji, Tokyo.

Source: page 2 of Sankei Imperial Weekly #479

Prisma 03-30-2017 02:28 AM

:previous: Photo surfaced of their Musashi Imperial Mausoleum visit at

On March 29th, Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko attended the "Cambodia-Japan Joint Dance Cultural Performance" (sponsored by Asahi Shimbun) at Sumida Triphony Hall in Sumida, Tokyo. One of dance groups has Princess Norodom Boppadevi of Cambodia as its honorary president.
Source: Asahi

Prisma 04-11-2017 01:02 AM

On April 10th, Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko attended "The 26th Global Environment Grand Prize" award ceremony and reception.

Photos: Sankei

iceflower 04-23-2017 03:59 AM


Prince Akihisno and Princess Kiko visited the Maizuru Repatriation Memorial Museum in Maizuru, Kyoto on April 21:

** Pic **

Prisma 04-26-2017 10:22 PM

:previous: They also visited Repatriation Pier in Maizuru, Kyoto, Japan.
Getty Images

On April 26th, Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko attended the "National Urban Greening Festival Heisei 29th" in Naka Ward, Yokohama City. After the ceremony, they planted trees at Yamashita Park.
Photos: Asahi, Sankei

Prisma 04-28-2017 11:39 PM

Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko attended the 8th World Bonsai Convention in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture April 27-28th.

Photos: Sankei, photo 19 at Sankei Imperial Weekly #484

Mirabel 04-28-2017 11:57 PM

Kiko looks so pretty in her green suit.

iceflower 05-02-2017 04:00 AM


Time to close this thread. Thanks for all your contributions. The new thread can be found here.

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