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lula 10-26-2006 01:34 PM

Spanish Visit to Uruguay and State Visit to Paraguay: November 3-7, 2006

The King and the Queen will travel to Uruguay on the occasion of the XVI Latin-American Summit of Chiefs of State and of Government
Montevideo. Uruguay

Web of the XVI Latin-American Summit

lula 10-26-2006 01:52 PM

On Friday, the 3rd of November, 2006

Arrive of the Official Delegations and Special Guests at Carrasco's International Airport.
Military honors reduced only for the Chiefs of State and of Government.

Move to the Hotel Radisson Victoria Plaza.

18.40 hs
Move in bus of the masters Chiefs of State and of Government, and Chiefs of Delegations and Special Guests to the Theatre Solís.

19.00 hs
Inauguration of XVI the Summit Latin-American in the Theatre Solis

National Himno
- SEGIB General Secretary
- UN General Secretary
- HM the King of Spain
- President of the Republic
Cultural Act
Inform all the Official Delegations for invitation.

20.30 hs
Dinner on in honor of the General Secretary of the UN
Place: Building Independence
They Represent: Chiefs of State / government and couples.

On Saturday, the 4th of November of 2006

08.00 - 09.30 hs
Time for bilateral meetings

09.00 hs
Arrival of the Official Delegations and guests Especiales

09.30 hs
Arrival of the Chiefs of State and Government

09.45 - 12.30 hs
1st Plenary Session of the Summit

13.00 - 14,30 hs
Lunch of Government and Chiefs of State and Heads of Delegation
Place: Restaurant Arcadia, Torres García room

15.00 - 19,0 hs
2nd Plenary Session of the Summit

20.00 hs
Official dinner in honor of the Chiefs of State and Government and Heads of Delegation.
Place: Town hall of Montevideo
They participate: The Chiefs of State/Government, Heads of Delegation, Special Ministers of State and Guests with invitation.

Sunday, 5 of November of 2006

08.00 - 09,00 hs
Time for bilateral encounter.

09.00 - 11,30 hs
3ªrd Plenary Session of the Summit

lula 10-27-2006 02:35 PM

Government decorates the president of Paraguay and his wife before the visit of State of the Kings

Government approved today a Royal decree for which the Catholic one grants the Necklace of Isabel's Order to the president of the Republic of Paraguay, Nicanor Duarte Frutos.

Likewise, the Executive gave green light to a Royal decree for which the Catholic one grants the Great Cross of Isabel's Order to the wife of the Paraguayan agent chief executive, Maria Gloria Penayo de Duarte.

These two decorations take place before the visit of State of the Kings, don Juan Carlos and dona Sofía, to this South American country next on November 6 and 7 after the Summit XVI Latin-American of Montevideo (Uruguay).

lula 11-01-2006 04:32 AM

Dona Sofía will pass her 68 birthdays in a flight towards Uruguay

Dona Sofía will pass her 68 birthdays tomorrow, on Thursday, on board of a plane of the Air Spanish Force in the one that will travel together with the King to Montevideo (Uruguay), where the sixteenth Latin-American Summit will be celebrated from the following day.

Normally the Queen, as other members of the Royal Family, since it happened on October 31 with the Infanta Leonor, celebrates her anniversaries privately. In this occasion, there is not discarded that anybody presents to Dona Sofía a cake of birthday with the corresponding candles, while they overfly the Atlantic Ocean.


Eighteen chiefs of state confirmed assistance to Montevideo

Eighteen presidents or chiefs of State confirmed their participation in the XVI Summit Latin-American that will develop this week in Montevideo, between whom there will be the king of Spain, Juan Carlos I, and to whom there will add a score of representatives of international organisms.

The Latin-American Summit will develop from Wednesday until Sunday in the Uruguayan capital, and the arrival of the first presidents was announced for the last hours of Thursday and the Friday morning.

Sources of the Chancery of Uruguay informed to Télam that up to today confirmed their participation in the Summit the presidents of 18 countries.

There anticipated their absence, for diverse motives, the presidents of Cuba, Fidel Castro, who will send his chancellor, Felipe Perez Roque; of Nicaragua, Enrique Bolaños Geyer; of Panama, Martin Torrijos, and of the Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernandez, who will be represented by their vices.

In Montevideo they will be given mentions the presidents of the Argentina, Néstor Kirchner; of Bolivia, Evo Morales; of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva; of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe; of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias Sanchez; of Chile, Michelle Bachelet; of Ecuador, Alfredo Palacio, of El Salvador, Elías Antonio Saca.
Also there will add the chief of the Spanish government, Jose Luis Rodríguez Zapatero; the presidents of Guatemala, Oscar Berger; of Honduras, Jose Manuel Zelaya; of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quesada; of Paraguay, Nicanor Duarte; of Peru, Alan García, and of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez Frías.

Besides, there will represent for Portugal the chief of State, Aníbal Cavaco Silva, and the chief of Government, Jose Sócrates; the chief of government of the Principality of Andorra, Albert Pintat, and the host president of Uruguay, Tabaré Vázquez.

The XVI Summit will possess, besides, the participation of the king of Spain, the only one that was present in all the summits from the first one that carried out in the Mexican city Guadalajara in 1991.

Together with the agents chief executive, there will form a part of this process a score of international organisms, between which is outlined the secretary general of the Organization of United Nations, the Ghanaian Kofi Annan, who will be honoured to a few weeks of leaving his position.

lula 11-01-2006 06:54 AM

Kings travel to Uruguay, for Latin-American Summit, and Paraguay

The Kings will travel tomorrow to Uruguay to be present from Friday until Sunday in Montevideo at the XVI Summit Latin-American, which this year will discuss migrations and development, after which they will initiate on Monday a visit of State to Paraguay of two days of duration.

Don Juan Carlos is the only chief of State or of Latin-American Government who has been present at all the Summits celebrated up to the moment, in two of which - in Madrid in 1992 and last year in Salamanca - he has been a host.

From the first one, in Guadalajara (Mexico) in 1991, it corresponds to the King to inaugurate this annual meeting of the first agents chief executive of a Community of Nations pawned in reinforcing its role and its presence in the world and that advances on the common base of a language and of five centuries of history.

By virtue of this tradition, don Juan Carlos will declare opened the Summit XVI Latin-American on Friday evening during a solemn act that will take as a scene the Theatre Solís of the Uruguayan capital, to where the Kings will come this morning, immediately later that the prime minister, Jose Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

' Migrations and development ' it is the motto of a Summit that takes place to a few days of which the American president, George W. Bush, was signing the construction of a wall of more than thousand kilometres of length with that administration wants to stop the migratory pressure in the border with Mexico, where the measure has caused deep discomfort.

The Summit, according to diplomatic Spanish sources, will work in order that the final declaration includes an agreed by consensus and clear position on the immigration, sensitive question for all the countries, and not only a reference, since it has happened in previous editions.

In Montevideo, the Spanish delegation will ask for the support of the Latin-American Community to the initiative of Spain and Turkey, assumed by United Nations, for an Alliance of Civilizations, they added the same sources.
While the King, who will celebrate several bilateral meetings, as the already traditional one with the president of Mexico, and the rest of chiefs of State or of Government attend the plenary ones of the Summit, the Queen and other first ladies will develop a parallel program of activities.

Concluded the Latin-American Summit XVI on Sunday to the midday, the Kings will wait to Monday morning to travel to Paraguay, in that it will be their second visit of State - the first one was in 1990-
To this priority country for the Spanish Cooperation and that grows far below of their neighbors and associates in Mercosur: Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Uruguay.

The young Paraguayan democracy receives the Kings in a moment of economic uncertainty and with the hope, according to the Spanish diplomacy, of reducing a few bilateral relations that in the economic thing throw a few slightly significant numbers.

In 2005, Spain imported Paraguayan products, especially agricultural, for matter closely of twelve million Euros, whereas the exports to this country of scarcely six millions of inhabitants did not reach eighteen millions.
Between January and May, 2006, according to information of the Spanish Department of Exteriors, the imports added more than 21 million Euros, whereas the exports fell to little more than five.

The president of the Republic, Nicanor Duarte, in whose capture of possession in 2003 the Prince of Asturias was, representing his father, will receive the Kings in Asunción's airport on Monday morning, and he will offer them a dinner of gala at the end of the day in the Palace of Government.

Between one and other one acts, the Kings will realize a floral offering in the National Pantheon of the Heroes and will offer a receipt to the Spanish colony, approximately three thousand persons.
Don Juan Carlos will celebrate a meeting work with the president Duarte while the Queen and the first Paraguayan lady be in Tablada's Community Center, dedicated to the social attention.

Before returning to Spain on Tuesday, the 7th evening, they will inaugurate the remodeling of the Plaza of Asunción's Spain, works realized together between the Municipality of the Paraguayan capital and Spanish Cooperation, and will visit the Cultural Center of Spain 'Juan de Salazar', where they will see a painters' exhibition of the islands Balearics.
In this bilingual country, where Spanish and Guarani speaks, the Kings will know the Program of Basic Bilingual Education for young and adults (Prodepa).

Paraguay has contracted with Spain a debt near to 28 million Euros - number of 2005-, though the governments of both countries are employed at an agreement to exchange part of the above mentioned debt for education, and that there would sign the president Duarte during a visit to Spain, probably next year.

lula 11-01-2006 04:21 PM

Activities of the First Ladies in the Summit of Uruguay

On Saturday, the 4th of November

10:50 hs. - Activity of the First Ladies in the Museum Juan Manuel Blanes

13:00 hs. - Family photo of the First Ladies (Hotel of the Meadow).

fanletizia 11-02-2006 12:05 PM

Queen Sofía suffers acute viral process

Queen Sofía of Spain cancelled her trip to Uruguay today and to Paraguay due to an acute viral process that would not allow him to fulfill its commitments of agenda, a spokesman informed into the House of the King. Kings Juan Carlos and Sofía had predicted to travel today towards Uruguay to attend Friday, Saturday and Sunday to XVI the Latin American Summit and, next, to make a visit from State to Paraguay.
Due to the state of health of the queen, King Juan Carlos will travel alone and fulfill the acquired commitments, whereas the queen, who today turns 68 years, remains in her residence of the Palace of the Zarzuela

LaChicaMadrilena 11-02-2006 12:13 PM

:ohmy::sad:Oh my God, I hope everything turns out to be good and soon she feels better...

monica 11-02-2006 12:36 PM

go hurts,I hope that one recovers in a moment :sad:

lula 11-02-2006 03:16 PM

Let's hope that she recovers soon, it is very strange that the Queen suspends her activity, so she must feel badly enough.:wacko:

Juanita 11-02-2006 04:54 PM

:sad: :sad: I hope also she recovers soon! It's one of the few times she cancelled her acts... :sad:

pretoriana18 11-02-2006 07:10 PM

The Kings will travel to my country in monday... I´m so exited!!!... I would like see them... I hope to have photos to the forum of the the kings´s visit to my country… the Prince Ahi****o of Japan is in Paraguay now too, and I have photos...

lula 11-03-2006 09:17 AM

The king Juan Carlos came to Montevideo to be present at the Latin-American Summit

The king Juan Carlos came today to Montevideo to be present at the XVI Summit Latin-American that is celebrated in this city until the next Sunday.
The plane of the Air Spanish Force with the monarch landed in the military base placed together with Carrasco's civil airport at 10:40 (12:40 GMT).

The king Juan Carlos was got by the chief of the Spanish Executive, Jose Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (the one who had come ten minutes before in another plane), as well as for the ambassador of Spain in Uruguay, Fernando Valderrama, and for the chief of the air base, colonel Pablo Tarabal.

The King did not travel accompanied from the queen Sofía, who suffers a viral affection.

Before being present this evening at the inauguration of the Summit, the monarch and the Spanish prime minister will support a meeting with the secretary general of the UN, Kofi Annan, and a luncheon of work with the president of Mexico, Vicente Fox.

The king Juan Carlos will intervene in the ceremony of inauguration of the XVI Summit Latin-American and, in the night, will be present at the dinner offered by the Uruguayan president, Tabaré Vázquez, the chiefs of State and of Government present in the appointment of Montevideo.

Photos from Casa Real

From terra


lula 11-03-2006 10:37 AM

Meeting of King of Spain Juan Carlos with the secretary general of the UN, Kofi Annan

Kin Juan Carlos with Vicente Fox, the President of Mexico

lula 11-03-2006 01:47 PM

Video of the arrival of the King to Montevideo

lula 11-04-2006 03:41 AM

Inauguration of XVI the Summit Latin-American in the Theatre Solis

Photos from terra

Photos form getty

lula 11-04-2006 10:47 AM

Breakfast of work with the Central American Countries

The first plenary session

Meeting with the President of Argentina Nestor Kirchner

lula 11-04-2006 03:10 PM

The King Juan Carlos walks with the President of Portugal, Anibal Cavaco Silva, along the Plaza de la Independencia of Montevideo.

*SofiaM* 11-04-2006 04:10 PM

Thanks a lot lula for all of your hard work (as usual)! :clap:I like the photos of JC and the President of Portugal.

I hope The Queen feels better soon because i'm annoyed as I don't have her suits to admire :lol:

monica 11-04-2006 04:50 PM

Thanks a lot lula for the photos.

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