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Warren 02-01-2005 07:40 AM

Prince and Princess Michael of Kent Current Events 4: September 2006-September 2009

Arms of HRH Prince Michael of Kent

Welcome to part 4 of the thread to discuss the activities of

Prince and Princess Michael of Kent

Part 3, March to September 2006, is here.


fandesacs2003 11-29-2005 01:34 PM

Prince and Princess Michael of Kent 4: September 2006-
Prince Michael of Kent reminds me very much the last tzar. And also remember, King George V ( not the Queen's father, the previous) and the tzar were ruling at the same period they were very similar. LŲook at these three portraits, it is amazing

SOURCE OF THE THREE PICS : Genealogy-Leo van de Pas,

King George V, King of Great Britain ...

Tzar Nicholas II of Russia (the last)...

Prince Michael of Kent ...

It's amazing no???

Elspeth 02-28-2006 07:41 PM

Prince and Princess Michael of Kent News and Pictures 4: September 2006 -
Welcome to the part 4 of the thread to discuss the current events of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent and to post new and old photos. Please remember our rules about photo posting and don't post any copyrighted photos directly in the thread unless you have permission from the copyright holder to do so.

Part 3 is here.

iceflower 03-29-2006 07:03 AM

I'm glad you like that pic as well, corazon :)
Here is a wonderful portrait of the Princess Michael of Kent
(Point de Vue)

Duchess 03-30-2006 06:38 PM


Originally Posted by iceflower
Here is a wonderful portrait of the Princess Michael of Kent

i think she's just stunning. thanks for the pic!

iceflower 04-21-2006 03:11 AM

One more portrait of the Princess Michael of Kent:

iceflower 05-22-2006 03:59 AM


Originally Posted by coolgirl
IMO she looks like uma thurman here.

In some way she does :) Here is another portrait of her together with her children:

Jo of Palatine 07-11-2006 05:53 AM


Originally Posted by fandesacs2003
Prince Michael of Kent reminds me very much the last tzar. And also remember, King George V ( not the Queen's father, the previous) and the tzar were ruling at the same period they were very similar. LŲook at these three portraits, it is amazing

It's amazing no???

It is - are these the Danish genes? Via Dagmar/Alexandra of Denmark? Somehow Prince Frederick of Denmark could look a bit like them if he wore a beard...

weinyer 07-17-2006 04:51 AM


weinyer 07-17-2006 04:52 AM

Picturepress, getty

iceflower 07-19-2006 06:46 AM

Thanks for putting all these great pics here, weinyer! Only some (like two of Margaret) have already been posted in this thread :)

Some nice ones of Lady Gabriella and Lord Frederick:

iceflower 07-19-2006 06:49 AM

And the rest:

mtbcm 08-24-2006 06:54 AM

The Princes Of Kent Celebrate Silver Wedding Anniversary
translated from the original Hola! article by mtbcm

I translated the following article and scanned the pictures from this issue of Hola magazine)

Prince and Princess Michael de Kent, cousins of HRH Queen Elizabeth II seem to have a truly happy wedding. She calls him, affectionaly daddy, and jokes with him all the time until he burst into laughter.

The photo session was held at their amazing cottage of Nether Lypiatt, in Gloucestershire.

The couple will celebrate their silver wedding on July the 1st, with a cocktail that will last all day at the gardens of their apartment at Kensington Palace, in London. They hardly believe that it has been 25 years since they got married in Austria and spent their honeymoon in India and Iran. ďTime has gone really fast Ė says the Princess Ė Living with my husband there are no dead moments; weíre always having fun. Humor is the most important in the wedding.Ē

When they heard the last rumors about a crisis in their wedding it didnít surprise them because they have been under the public scrutiny enough to know how the new appeared ďI spent two months in Bahamas finishing my book. After I went to USA for a Conference Cycle between March and April Ė the Princess explains. Our wedding is much stronger that one could think of. We are strong enough as to spend some time separatedĒ.

She was divorced and Catholic

Maybe the reason for the survival of their wedding itís on the obstacles they faced since the beginning. When Prince Michael announced his compromise, at the Royal House several brows rise: Marie-Christine von Riebnitz (daughter of an Austrian noble and Hungarian countess) was not only divorced (her brief wedding with a banker from Eton become null after he refused to have children) but also a catholic, thing that due to the Throne Succession Law of 1701 meant that the Prince would loose automatically his position in the Line to the Throne. Given his remote change of reaching the throne the sacrifice was symbolic only but the denial of the princess in changing religion provoked resentments that last until today.

Last year it was commented that the couple had to leave their apartment at Kensington PalaceÖ it was decided that The Kents cost much money to the taxpayers and had no official duty to the Crown so they shouldnít live there without paying rent.

But the situation is much more complex than it looks. Being the second child (his older brother is The Duke of Kent) the Prince of Kent never received money from the Royal House, and as his functions arenít rewarded and arenít considered official duties he canít be included at the Royal Activities Agenda, with which some consider he doesnít have any duties.

(Source: Hola magazine)

mtbcm 08-24-2006 07:10 AM

Grand Nephew of Tsar Nicholas II

In fact the Prince attended approximately 650 official compromises in the last 4 years. He spends most of his time dedicating to beneficence institutions and non-profitable organizations like Battersea Dogs Home and the Family Association of Air, Land and Sea Militaries. His aides say that he spends 68% of his time doing non-rewarded work and the rest dedicates himself to his business Cantium, Ltd. At the same time he is Grand Nephew of Tsar Nicholas II (after whom he looks so much) speaks fluently Russian and heís the patron of Chamber of Commerce Russian-British, and his presence has been indispensable for the good relation between the two countries.

Queen Elizabeth II allowed the couple to live at Kensington after their wedding with the promise that would be for live. All the members of Royal Family live there as a favor from the Queen. Nevertheless, some months ago Buckingham Palace acknowledges that they could only stay there for more 7 years or could stay and pay a rent ďin recognition for all the work done to the CrownĒ.

ďTo me it was a decision easy to makeĒ says the Prince

How did your wedding changed throughout the years?

Princess: Naturally those engagement days when the heart is in your throat donít last forever. Love becomes understanding, patience, tenderness and appreciation. That wonderful feeling of being in love, that marks the beginning of adult life, transforms into a wonderful and tender full acceptation of the person with whom you want to share your life with. On the past divorce was much more difficult, because there were no options. But now it seems that people call it off at the first disagreement. Today there are options and people look for the perfect and unconditional love that I donít believe exists. I believe in compatible persons who wish to be together because, in first place, they share a family besides the same ambitions and values.

Was the fact of the Princess being a catholic a difficulty in your decision to get married?

Prince: For me it was an easy decision, but at that time there were some technical and legal problems. With my wife being catholic I was denied to remain in the line to The Throne, but having a such remote position in that line the problem was purely theoretic. No pressure was made to my wife to change religion: at first the idea was put to her, but no pressure was made and besides I admire her to stick to her religion after our wedding. Our both sons are Anglican. Usually at a mix wedding the catholic member has to assure the Catholic Church that the sons will be raised as Catholics.

Princess: Some pressure was made for me to change religion. Lord Mountbatten said that my life would be easier if I changed, but that is not something that happens in my family and in my country. Iím not a fanatic. I donít want to convert anyone. I was born catholic and thatís what I am. I believe the anti-Catholicism that exists has historical routes. The Succession Law from 1701 it is a very old law, but the fact that hasnít been changed must mean something, donít you think? My mote is ďlive and let liveĒ. My husband has been incredibly tolerant. We share our Sundays. I escort him to Anglican service and he escorts me to the Catholic Mass on alternated Sundays and at Christmas I have the Communion at Midnight Mass and all the family goes to the Christmas Anglican Service. My husband is profoundly religious. His religion means a lot to him but not to the point that mine hurts him. My sons had access to both religions.

(Source: Hola magazine)

mtbcm 08-24-2006 07:14 AM

I had to think it over very much

Was the idea of marrying a member of British Royal Family attractive?

I wasnít attracted just for the intimacy issue. I didnít want my life to be in everyoneís eyes: Iím a reserved person and to live my life in an aquarium is very difficult. It helped that I was a grown-up adult but I had to think it over and over. Iím catholic and that means, for me, an all life compromise. I was a little reticent in getting married because I had a professional career and I was thinking to move to Paris. I came England to study Interior Design. I worked very much and I had good success. My husband assured that we could continue with our lives the same way, but I never thought it would change the way it did in the way I never thought I would have to leave my job.

Donít forget that we didnít look for a public life: my husband wasnít at the Royal House List so I assumed that I could go one with my professional career, but after returning from honeymoon I realized that it wasnít suitable for a member of Royal Family to be Interior Designer. My ambition wasnít to get married to a position. And I never thought to marry someone outside my environment. My goal was not marriage. My goal was my professional achievements. Marriage was something that would inevitably occur because I was so sure I wanted to have a family.

Did you feel like breaking a rule marrying a Catholic?

I donít know if we break some rule. I wasnít oriented in those themes I was left to apprehend them for myself. Being under public scrutiny the priority was to give an example with my attitude.

Weíve always done what we wanted

How do you answer to those who say that you have too independent lives?

It is true, we do live lots of time separated, but the fact has a very simple explanation: when youíre writing a book you need time to be alone, and my wife was two months working ten hours per day, which is impressive. Her Conference Cycles force her to be away several weeks and I also travel a lot due to work compromises. When one reaches a certain stage of life has absolute confidence on the other. I donít believe physical separation is so important. It is also a good test. Makes you think and feel thankful, also I believe the relation could improve and, in a certain way, refresh the environment.

As always been that way Ė the princess says. Weíve always done what we wanted. I lived alone before marrying. I like to have time for me: I like to read, write, and paintÖ the solitary tasks. I believe it is better for a wedding not to be together all the time. It might sound controversial to say that but that way enrich our moments together. I donít feel the need for the physical presence. Our wedding is stronger than many could believe. We are enough strong to spend some time apart. We talk every day. Our wedding will last forever. I love my husband.

You seem to have very different temperaments. How do you handle it?

I believe Ė answers the Prince Ė that different personalities and different interests is something very good because it means that we both have different things to enrich the relation. We always have something to tell each other. We share a beautiful friendship.

Iím volatile and Hungarian Ė says the princess Ė but my husband is the leader. I was educated to think that the Family Head is the Husband. I donít ask for unreasonable things and we share responsibilities.

(Source: Hola magazine)

mtbcm 08-24-2006 07:16 AM

She’s in charge of domestic duties – the prince says – she is a wonderful cook, loves the garden but when there is an old tree to take care I move forward with the mechanical sew.

To send my son to Internal School was a terrible moment

Was there a truly difficult moment in your wedding?

I must say – answer the princess – to send my son to an internal school at the young age of 7 and half years-old was a terrible moment for me. I couldn’t stand the idea that a nanny would replace the mother. It was a shock until my husband said “I’ll respect your decision if you prove to me that you can give him a better life outside the school”. I feared that Internal School and I saw through its windows in several moments. I wanted to see how life was there truly. But I must admit boys really have a good time there. They spend all their time laughing. Many kids love it. But for the mothers if is very hard.

In some moment it was said you planned to abandon your husband after 10 years of wedding

It was even said I bought an apartment in New York and I was going to send my kids to a college there. During three months we were daily questioned about the divorce. We were even followed during a stay in Rome because the press said we were there to meet the Pope and talk about our wedding. It was very difficult because we loved each other. One day I received a postcard from a niece, Princess Michael of Greece, informing us that she moved to Greenwich Village. That’s how we disclosed the issue. They had mistaken the Princess Michael. It shows how easy is to spread rumors.

We’re happy and healthy

Don’t you think that some people think you have so many privileges without returning?

Last year – says the Princess – was hurtful to see so many pressures for us to leave Kensington Palace, saying we had no right to live there, we had no official duties and we lived at taxpayers expenses. We don’t live at taxpayers expenses. As the palace is of category one who lives there must pay for its maintenance, even the personal ones. We don’t pay rent but no member of Royal Family pays it: it is an offer from the Queen. On the other side, look at us, we’re happy and healthy. It is to envy and we are envied. I have two wonderful and honest kids, an extraordinary husband who still wants me. Not bad!

How do you feel with the perspective of leaving the Castle in 7 years?

When we received the apartment – says the Prince, we thought it was forever, but things change. It will be a sorrow to move because we have been tremendously happy there. It is our family home and the place where we saw our kids growing. But we are lucky because we still have another six or seven years to enjoy.

(Source: Hola magazine)

mtbcm 08-24-2006 07:25 AM

Iíd be delighted to present Historical Documentaries

What plans do you have after leaving it?

In seven years Ė says the Princess, I suppose our kids will be married and probably weíll be grandparents. I will be seventy five and my husband seventy seven. It was mentioned the plan of a residency for senior royals but it is too inaccurate and besides I donít think we would go there. I have several professional ideas: Iíd love to present historical documentaries which is basically what I do at my Conferences. Iíve been doing it for 13 years. Iím also thinking to return to interior design and Iíll keep writing: Iím now thinking in a book about Diana de Poitiers

Some say that youíre more important than other members of Royalty. Do you think it is fair to say that?

I donít believe I have ever been important. Nevertheless I am not the next door neighbor. But I am totally normal. I donít make excesses. Here I am the cook: people who like to eat know to cook. When I was getting married my mother forced me to enter the kitchen and told me to learn cooking. She gave me the basic knowledge and told me in case of doubt to add cream or brandy.

How does it look to your eyes the Bossy Princess label that some have appointed you?

The sensationalist press in this country dedicates more time to gossip than to real news. It is said that people see me that way. Iím ambitious. Iíve always been. I want to do my best in everything I dedicate myself, whether is writing or decorating, gardening or my sonsí education. But it seems that in England the term ďambitionĒ has a bad meaning although I believe it is good to be ambitious because if one doesnít have ambition canít reach perfection and thatís what I aim for.

I have to earn my living

Maybe you donít look modest enough?!

Not everything suits me and thatís what this is about. Iím not the best horse rider in the world or the best cook or the best gardener. I donít think there is one thing that I do wonderfully well. But I try to give my best. Maybe people donít like it. But I never step in anyoneís toes. For example I never give Conferences in England because I donít want anyone to say that Iím taking the other earnings.

Do you feel trapped at a Vicious Circle?

Completely. I have to earn my life but I am criticized for using the Royal Family name. So what name should I use? Iíve asked that question for my first book and from the Buckingham Palace I was told that every member of the Royal Family that had written books used their own title and that would look odd if I didnít.

If one has a title Ė adds the Prince, canít avoid it, so whatever you do we have to carry it. You canít get away from that mark.

What advices you gave to your sons while growing?

We told them they had a privileged position Ė says the Prince - and they would be under everyoneís scrutiny and could never be distracted, because it is very easy to let the family down. We also teach them to assume their responsibilities and what means to assume their obligations and they should be thoughtful and aware of otherís feelings.

Weíve educated them Ė says the Princess, to be normal persons. My mother has always taught me that the main factors for a kid upbringing is, first, education; second good manners and last, and most important, unconditional love.

Nether Lypiatt, June 2003

(Source: Hola magazine)

BeatrixFan 08-24-2006 10:33 AM

That was wonderful! Thankyou so much for posting it.

pollyemma 08-24-2006 10:36 AM

is this their wedding photo at the top of post #2?

If not, could someone please post one? i dont think i've ever seen a wedding photo of the kents.

btw, the prince looks SO much better with his beard. its amazing.

BeatrixFan 08-24-2006 10:48 AM

I agree PollyEmma. Michael looks rather handsome with his beard but very odd without it.

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