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norwegianne 08-25-2006 12:45 PM

Knud den Store & Queen Emma of Normandy
Name: Knut den Store

English Name: Canute the Great

Birth: ca. 995

Child of: Sven Tveskæg & Gunhild of Poland

Reign: 1018 - 1035

Marriage: Emma of Normandie

Children: Hardeknud

Death: 1035

Throne passed to: Hardeknud (Harthacanute)


The Danish north sea empire was at its largest during his rule.

norwegianne 09-16-2006 10:07 AM

Name: Emma of Normandie

Birth: ca. 988

Child of: Richard of Normandie and Gunnor

Marriage: 1) Ethelred the Unready (1002) 2) Knut den Store (1017)

Children: from 1st marriage: Alfred and Edward the Confessor. From second marriage: Hardeknud and Gunhild (d. 1038, married to Henrik 3. of Germany)

Death: 1052

Source: Danske dronninger i tusind år red. Steffen Heiberg

eya 02-17-2016 01:15 AM

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