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Registering and participating at The Royal Forums constitutes agreeement to abide by the forum rules and the terms of service of our parent company. The rules exist to create a pleasant and safe environment, so it is important to become familiar with them. Before completing your registration, please read the rules and terms of service; if you would like more details about the rules, please consult the member FAQs.

By agreeing to abide by the rules, you are agreeing to avoid posting any content deemed by us to be obscene, sexually explicit, vulgar, threatening, harassing, or abusive. You are also agreeing not to use the forum for solicitation or other commercial purposes, and you are agreeing to abide by the U.S. copyright law and the forum rules pertaining to it. You are solely responsible for the content of your posts and for any consequences arising from them, legal or otherwise; The Royal Forums does not accept responsibility for posts made by its members, nor do we vouch for the accuracy of the information posted.

Please note that violation of the forum rules will result in a formal warning, suspension, or permanent ban, depending on the frequency and severity of the violations. The Royal Forums owners and administrators reserve the right to delete or edit posts without notice at any time after they are posted.

To continue with your registration after reading the rules, check the "I agree" box and click the "Register" button. If you do not wish to complete your registration, click here to return to the forum index.

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