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Old 07-29-2006, 07:24 PM
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The first wedding I saw was Alexandra and Joachim, I loved it, so romantic in that beautiful church and in the dark with the snow. What I remember best though was my father who never care about clothes and stuff wondering what birds had been incharge of her hair:p

Then I saw Cristina and Iñaki, which I also loved even if I did not understand what they were saying, but she looked so beautiful and he so handsom and the church was impressive and all looked so grand.

Sophie and Edward in 1999

Haakon and Mette-Marit in 2001. The whole thing was quite surreal, from her interview/confession early in the week, to the emotional wedding on Saturday, watched it with several friends and all needed to get the tissues for the bishops speech And I loved the dress, and the flower and the dance and how beautiful all the guests looked:o I think evening weddings are more fun to watch.

Willem Alexander and Maxima, another very emotional wedding (esp the tango, snieff) and they both looked so happy, but I wish it had been a dance in the end or something like that to finnish it of, after the balconny i wanted more:o

Märtha and Ari, a more fun wedding really, mostly because there were so many young guests (except Margrethe who became some sort of grand old lady with all the young ones around her) and the whole mood were much more relaxed than for Haakons wedding, Märtha and ari so happy and in love and Trondheim is much more beautiful city than Oslo, so that contributed as well.

Frederik and Mary, I loved the whole show, noone does it better than Margrethe, all the parties and guests and dresses but the wedding itself did not touch me much except Frederiks tears, I blame it mostly on the bishop who I thought was bad and the female chatterboxes on DR who commented the whole thing.

Felipe and Letizia. I thought the one incharge of the camera should be fired, he seemed more interested in the roof, the paintings, the choir, the musicians, than the couple and their guests, the filming was so bad it ruined the wedding for a TV watcher. Juan Carlos looked like he was going to the dentist, and the rain did not help, and the whole terrorist attack put another damper on the wedding. And the grumpy bishop acted like he was presiding a funeral not a wedding

The last wedding I watched was the blessing of Charles and Camilla. Even if it was modest, and the bride and groom were not exactly young and beautiful I found it very touching and classy, and i especially liked how they went to greet some people afterwords

But ofcourse now Im eagerly awaiting for Victoria to get married, hopefully its an evening thing.

"Those who do not like you fall into two categories, the stupid and the envious"
-The Libertine
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Old 08-06-2006, 05:38 PM
Serene Highness
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I have watched all 3 Spanish weddings (Elena, Cristina and Felipe) and part of the wedding of Frederik and Mary. All were very beautiful! If I'm honest I only watch them to see the bride's dresses!

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Old 08-06-2006, 07:51 PM
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Location: Somewhere in, United States
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In the States...they have only shown the British Royal I saw Chares/Diana, Andrew/Sarah, Edward/Sophie and Charles/Camilla. I would have loved to see the Danish, Spanish and Dutch weddings.

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Old 08-06-2006, 08:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Smilla
Count me in. The only wedding I ever watched from beginning to end was Charles and Diana. I was five at that time.
Wow smilla since you were a kid you are into royals .. you were a kid with culture that's good!
The only wedding i've seen on TV was Felipe & Letizia's i was 15 by then.. it was the first royal wedding i saw. And like you with Charles and Diana's i watched it from the beginning to end i woke up at 2am.
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Old 08-06-2006, 09:02 PM
jmj21983's Avatar
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I've seen the wedding of Alexia of Greece and the wedding of Felipe of Spain on TV.
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Old 08-07-2006, 01:10 AM
elizabet's Avatar
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Location: Manhatten, United States
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Hi, only one and that was years ago. but i didn't watch the whole thing, as i was busy, but it was an amazingly long vail. i remember being somewhat impressed by that. really i don't think we here paid attention to these types of things until that event. i think most people at that time thought of royals as something which does not really exist except only in the past or in fairy tales. plus, i don't think they really show these events on a broad scale really either? i haven't really noticed any others, their must be some web sites where one could view some of these maybe?
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Old 08-07-2006, 10:26 AM
H.M. Margrethe's Avatar
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[quote=Princess Maxima]Which Royal Wedding have yoiu watched on TV??????????
I sa the wedding of:
CP Pavlos with CP Marie-Chantal
Princess Christina with Don Iñaki
Princess Elena and her husband
Prince Joachim with Princess Alexandra
CP Haakon with CP Mette-Marit
Princess Alexandra of Berleburg with Count Jefferson
Princess Alexia with Don Carlos Morales
CP Frederik with CP Mary
CP Felipe with CP Letezia
Prince Edward with Princess Sophie
CP Willem Alexander with CP Maxima
Princess Märtha with Mr. Ari Behn
CP Frederik with CP Mary
CP Felipe with CP Letizia
CP Charles with Princess Camilla
Long live the royal family in Denmark

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Old 08-07-2006, 03:03 PM
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I saw:
Mette Marit and Haakon
Maxima and WillemAlexander
Märtha Louise and Ari Behn
Claire and Laurent
Mary and Frederik
Felipe and Letizia

On old Videos I saw the wedding of
Beatrix and Claus
Sonja and Harald
Have a look at TRF Rules and FAQ

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Old 09-21-2006, 04:08 AM
windsorbrides1's Avatar
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Location: Branson, United States
Posts: 87
Royal Weddings Watched

Weddings I've seen on TV:

Prince Rainier and Princess Grace (shown in US around the time of Charles and Diana's)
Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer
Prince Andrew and Miss Sarah Ferguson
Prince Edward and Miss Sophie Rhy-Jones
Prince Charles and Mrs. Camilla Parker-Bowles

I'll be booking my flight to London as soon as Prince William's wedding is announced. They BETTER NOT pull this Windsor Castle stuff either. They better have William's wedding at St Paul's or Westminster Abbey or I'll be angry. I mean really - he's going to be the sovereign!
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Old 10-06-2006, 07:00 PM
lisamaria's Avatar
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Posts: 241
Wow, so many of you have seen all of the weddings during the past few years; here in Finland they have only aired the really big ones like Mary & Frederik and Felipe and Letizia. My first memory of a royal wedding is of Charles & Diana's; I also vaguely remember seeing Joakim and Alexandra's on TV. Philippe and Mathilde's didn't air here, but I was in Brussels at the time and saw it live - somewhere there is a pic we took later on where I stand on the church steps on the red carpet with a friend.

Good times.

There are just three really big ones left now, CP William, CP Victoria and HGD Guillaume, and then decades of no royal weddings of that calibre until the now-babies reach the marrying age. Sort of sad really
"Contrariwise", said Tweedledee, "if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be, but as it isn't, it 'aint. That's logic."
From "Through the Looking Glass" by Lewis Carroll
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Old 10-06-2006, 09:04 PM
Serene Highness
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I´ve seen the Spanish weddings, i think the only ones that have been broadcast here.
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Old 10-08-2006, 05:15 AM
Join Date: Jan 2004
Posts: 187
sophie and edward

i have charles and diana, andrew and fergie, charles and camilla but i don't have sophie and edward do any one no where i can get a copy of there wedding for my collection?
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Old 10-10-2006, 08:57 PM
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BMC BMC is offline
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Let's see:

On TV:

1973 Princess Anne & Mark Phillips
1981 Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer
1986 Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson
1993 Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan & Masako Owada
1999 Prince Edward & Sophie Rhys-Jones


2001 Prince Willem Alexander & Maxima

My mother saw Princess Elizabeth & Prince Philip's 1947 wedding on newsreel at the movies, I'll be she holds the record!
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Old 10-14-2006, 12:14 PM
Piaa's Avatar
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Location: Melbourne, Benin
Posts: 124
I had to borrow the video from the video store to watch Pavlos and Marie-Chantal's wedding....

I saw Frederick and Mary's wedding (I must say it was wedding overload as they showed it twice or three times!!!!)

And when I was little Charles and Diana.....
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Old 10-14-2006, 01:42 PM
Join Date: Oct 2003
Posts: 15
Hi Piaa

Did you remember what is the title of Pavlos & Marie-Chantal's wedding video ?

I really would like to find it.

Thank you
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Old 10-16-2006, 09:23 AM
Piaa's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: Melbourne, Benin
Posts: 124
Hi Gorty,

It didn't have a title as such just "The Wedding of CP Pavlos and was a chance find......

Sorry about that...
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Old 10-16-2006, 10:59 AM
Join Date: Nov 2005
Location: Virgina Beach, United States
Posts: 53
I have seen Andrew and Sarah's, Charles and Diana's on video, Charles and Camilla, Edward and Sophie's, Felipe and Letizia's
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Old 10-31-2006, 12:58 AM
tlklhm's Avatar
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Location: , Singapore
Posts: 412
All of you are so lucky. Not so lucky here in Singapore though...only a short clip are available for the Crown Princes wedding during the evening telecast of the entire wedding. Only remember bits of Charles & Diana wedding (me abt 5 yrs old then). The only wedding i watch is Naruhito and Masako. Not live though, during then, one of the major Japanese dept store held an exhibition in celebration of the wedding and they are showing the video clip. Nothing much except Masako walk behind Naruhito and they went in and out of the Shinto temple for their 'secret' wedding ceremony and the car procession.

Do your know where can I watch or buy the other weddings?
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Old 10-31-2006, 03:46 AM
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Location: Tartu, Estonia
Posts: 209
I have watched on TV following weddings:

Crown Prince Frederik and Mary (Denmark, my favourite so far)
Crown Prince Felipe and Letizia (Spain)
Prince Charles and Mrs. Camilla Parker-Bowles (only partly)

I really enjoy to watch the arrival of (royal) guest and of cource the wedding ceremony too. I really look forward for the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria. I would definitely watch it live on TV.
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Old 10-31-2006, 04:14 AM
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The only royal wedding I saw on TV live was The Earl and Countess of Wessex's wedding. I've seen some other royal weddings on the internet, but just that one on TV.

"The grass was greener / The light was brighter / The taste was sweeter / The nights of wonder / With friends surrounded / The dawn mist glowing / The water flowing / The endless river / Forever and ever......"
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