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Old 06-02-2013, 07:16 PM
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Yes Ortiz, I've noticed how tastefully and cute Aiko is dressed. Which is a relief after the jeans and sloppy sweat shirts worn by many "tweens" in the USA. That is the way private school and even public school children dressed in America years ago, much of the time.

I surely agree that Masako needs a style overhaul, but please do not have her skirts above her knees like some of the younger European and UK princesses, which would surely be considered undignified in a traditional culture like Japan. But get rid of shoulder pads and bulky jackets. And the pillbox hat Masako wore to the WA wedding was weird, made her look like a soldier at a sentinel box in a group of toy soldiers. Only her beautiful smile saved it. She could look so great with some better designs. I notice some people don't like Letizia's style but I think it would look good on Masako, and some of Mary or Mathilde's outfits would too. but not skirts above the knees.

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Old 10-25-2018, 12:33 AM
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Jun Ashida, who designed clothes for Imperial Family, celebrities, dies at 88 - The Mainichi
Jun Ashida, one of Japan's most famous fashion designers known for creating elegant clothes for the Imperial Family, including Empress Michiko, and celebrities, passed away on Oct. 20 due to pneumonia. He was 88.


The prominent figure tailored a suit for Emperor Akihito when he was a young Crown Prince and for this reason was appointed as an exclusive designer for Empress Michiko for 10 years from 1966. He also designed an evening dress for Crown Princess Masako for her wedding.

Jun Ashida, former personal designer for Empress Michiko, dies at age 88 | The Japan Times

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Old 05-31-2019, 02:47 AM
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Sankei report on Imperial women's clothes.

robe decollete: New Year's reception, Choken-no-Gi (First Audience)

robe montante: General public greetings, New Year's lectures and poetry, greetings for birthdays of Emperor and Empress

jūnihitoe: weddings, enthronement, court rituals

Imperial ladies will wear jūnihitoe at the October 22 enthronement ceremony. Although translated as "12-layer," the actual number of layers in a jūnihitoe varies. Empress Michiko wore 9 robes at the 1990 enthronement.

Empress Masako's outer layer is expected to be white. Kiko's jūnihitoe will be redesigned to reflect her position as crown princess. Other princesses will reuse the purple outer robes of the Heisei era. There will be differences in purple shades depending on age. Also the Nagabakama (formal version of the Hakama trousers) is different for married vs. unmarried women.

Some photos from Emperor Akihito's 1990 enthronement:

Sayako (unmarried princess)
Notice her Nagabakama is dark purple whereas married women wore red Nagabakama.

Kiko, Hanako and Hisako (married princesses)

Kikuko and Yuriko (older married princesses)
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Old 05-31-2019, 03:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Prisma View Post
OMG Kiko was SO Beautiful.
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Old 05-31-2019, 11:39 AM
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Thanks for posting that information, Prisma. I am looking forward to seeing the junihitoe of all the imperial ladies, but especially Masako's.

Was there a description of the difference between the robe décolleté and the robe montante?

Edited to add: Especially since I don't really think any of the imperial ladies ever wear something that I would call décolleté in the usual sense of exposed chest--a few collar bones is the most we usually see!
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Old 05-31-2019, 09:49 PM
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Yes, these are Japanese interpretations of robe décolleté and robe montante.

robe décolleté: long dress usually with short sleeves, open neckline, and often in white or pale colors. Orders, long gloves, and tiaras for the most formal ceremonies.

Princess Tsuguko and Hisako's necklines are wide or deeper:

Princess Akiko on the far right:

robe montane: long dress with long sleeves, short or high neckline. Hats often accompany "robe montante" for daytime ceremonies.
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Old 06-30-2019, 03:16 PM
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Sankei translated their clothing article!

What Japan's Royal Women Wear | JAPAN Forward

The Grandeur of the Jūnihitoe this October


The Emperor will be clothed in the kourozennogohou, a robe which is also used for rituals at the Imperial Palace. It is only permitted to be worn by the Emperor.

Crown Prince Fumihito is expected to appear in the ouninohou, which is a robe specifically reserved for imperial princes.

The Empress and princesses will be wrapped in the jūnihitoe or, as it is formally known, the itsutsuginu-karaginu–mo. It is assumed that the base color of the Empress’s karaginu, which is the outermost layer, will be white.

While Crown Princess Kiko’s karaginu will be newly ordered, the other imperial princesses will be wearing purple karaginu that were used during the Heisei era. Different shades of purple will be worn based on the women’s seniority.

The nagabakama is the longer version of hakama, a traditional trousers-like clothing worn with the robes. The type of nagabakama to be worn differs based on the royal member’s marital status.

Unmarried royal women, such as Princess Mako, the eldest daughter of Crown Prince Fumihito and Crown Princess Kiko, will be wearing a dark shade of purple. The wives of other imperial family members, on the other hand, will be wearing a special shade of scarlet.
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Old 10-19-2019, 03:56 AM
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Kazu Ito is a designer for the Imperial family. Born 1947, graduated from Sugino Dressmaker Jogakuin in 1970, studied with mother Sumako Ito, and trained in France.

1990: wedding clothes for Princess Kiko, designed with her mother Sumako Ito
1993: wedding clothes for Crown Princess Masako, designed with her mother Sumako Ito (probably one of the evening dresses as Hanae Mori designed Masako's Western wedding dress and Jun Ashida designed another wedding evening dress)
1994: clothes for Crown Princess Masako's visit to the Middle East
1998: garden party clothes for Crown Princess Masako and Princess Kiko
1998: clothes for Crown Princess Masako at Nagano Olympics
1998: clothes for Princess Kiko's visit to Southeast Asia
1999: clothes for Crown Princess Masako's visit to Belgium
2002: clothes for Crown Princess Masako's visit to Australia and New Zealand
2005: clothes for Crown Princess Masako at World Expo in Aichi Prefecture

Sumako Ito designed the ivory dress Masako often wore to balcony appearances and the 2013 Dutch Inauguration. []

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fashion, japanese imperial family, japanese royal family

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