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Old 10-19-2010, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by lyndaW View Post
Very insightful of Joachim........but then he is very articulate. It is a shame that they are still very cool to each other, where in the past they were almost joined at the hip when Alex was the Princess

I sometimes forget that Joachim was with Fred that night at the Slipp Inn so he also got to meet Mary at the same time. And he was also with Fred when they visited Australia at a latter time
No, fortunately they seem to have reconciled. Part of that appears to be that Joachim took the blame for the strain between him and Frederik. Something I think highly of Joachim for doing, as Joachim certainly had enough on his mind during the period.

Only shows that even royals are only humans and sometimes act like humans.

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Old 10-19-2010, 10:54 PM
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I've always thought that Joachim was the oldest brother because of how he spoke. There's such a huge amount of sophistication and poshness with him.

He and Frederik seem very close when they were young and hopefully whatever has happened has been resolved and they're back to being close again. I think Joachim understands Frederik very well, much more than Mary. They're siblings and grew up in a unique situation.

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Old 10-19-2010, 11:04 PM
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Wasn't Joachim still married with Alex at tht time? is the book in english too, I mean beside danish?
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Old 10-20-2010, 03:13 AM
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Originally Posted by ashelen View Post
Wasn't Joachim still married with Alex at tht time? is the book in english too, I mean beside danish?
The book was written in 2008, for Frederik's 40th birthday, Joachim and Alex had been divorced for 3 years.
We Will Remember Them.
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Old 10-20-2010, 04:18 AM
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Originally Posted by 4Pam View Post
I've always thought that Joachim was the oldest brother because of how he spoke. There's such a huge amount of sophistication and poshness with him.

He and Frederik seem very close when they were young and hopefully whatever has happened has been resolved and they're back to being close again. I think Joachim understands Frederik very well, much more than Mary. They're siblings and grew up in a unique situation.
Indeed, there is an aristocratic air about him.

I don't think Joachim understand Frederik better than Mary, not now. They have after all been together for, what is it? Ten years? But I'd say those two are the ones who know and understand Frederik the best. Better than his parents.

It's interesting, I think, to see how the brothers have evolved after they became adults. Different friends, different experiences, different interests and even to some degree different careers.
Frederik appear to have a very wide circle of friends from a wide range of political and social backgrounds. Some of course being very close.
Joachim, in my opinion appear to have fewer, but very close friends. Mainly from the same social and dare I'd say, conservative, background.
He certainly frequents a number of the descreet but very wealthy and influential business families in DK.

The book is unfortunately not in English. The book is portraying Frederik in a positive light but if you read it with a filter on, it provides a very informative source for details and how he and those around him view and reflect on Frederik. Especially as most of the book consists of quotes from (named) persons around Frederik. - Also how he reacts to and deals with those he feels betray his trust.
The book is very recommendable and I have advised other English speakers to contact the publisher and request an edition in English.

Perhaps that will happen when Mary turns 40? I'm in no doubt that a portrait book or two will be written by then.
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Old 10-20-2010, 01:43 PM
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Actually I think children change when they grow up. Different friends, interests, hopes and goals. We should never expect people to just remain the same, something happens in your life, you cope with it (or not) and that changes everything around you.
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Old 10-22-2010, 04:51 AM
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That is such a beautiful extract of the book.
We Will Remember Them.
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Old 10-22-2010, 05:06 AM
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Thank you, Lumutqueen

This translation is not from the book, but from an interview of Mary and Frederik in 2007.
As such it belongs in this thread as a kind of supplement to the book.

Part one:

Chapter two. – We want to be a regent couple in our own personal way.
Written by Karen Margrethe Schelin.
Published in Berlinske Tidende 23rd of December 2007.

The CP couple try to find their own personal way to be a regent couple. In this chapter they tell about the demands of them as a future regent couple. About observing and sucking in from/really absorbing from the Queen and the Prince Consort, about having an aim regarding social issues and about frustration about the Crown Princess at some point being practically made synonymous with fashion.
The CP couple has had a bit of a rough night. Princess Isabella has kept her parents awake several times. But like all seasoned parents of small children they quickly shake off the fatigue and not a hint of complaining is heard about it.
Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik even look in surprisingly good form when we sit in front of each other in their private chambers in Kancellihuset.
The interview takes place the day after Crown Princess Mary visited the Heart Association, where she took part in a handing out of funds for the benefit of research in relation to children suffering from heart afflictions. After the official schedule the Crown Princess went for a trip to Tivoli with the “heart-children”.
She also went with a roller coaster with the children.
- “What we do may seem like a small thing. But we get a response that is so much greater and in that way it feels like a present that we can do it (with them). And it must be understood the right way. Not like we are walking around and perform magic or being something special. We get a tremendous lot back, like when for instance learn that you have made a big difference for a small child who met you and sat in the merry go round with you: That she is riding/living high on that (1) and for a short moment has forgotten all about her problems”, says Crown Princess Mary.

The Cp couple is increasingly getting involved in social affairs.
The Crown Princess is among other things patron for a number of associations and organisations with a social aim and lately she has founded the Mary Foundation. The Crown Prince is among other things patron for Save the Children and attached Red Cross, as he recently had been a “forefront” face in a TV-campaign.

Q: Is a new social profile for the DRF emerging?
The Crown Prince:
- “It may be perceived that way. But if you look at my grandmother (mormor), Queen Ingrid, she was very engaged in social issues. She has not least in Southern Jutland (2) left an indelible trace of joy and approval – and not least; love. Actually I think she was very engaged in social issues for her time. She got involved in issues that were relevant back then – for example polio, which was a big issue right after Second World War. I also believe she was involved in Mødrehjælpen. (3) The DRF has always had a tradition for getting involved in social issues, but perhaps it is experienced as something new because male members of the DRF are getting involved too. That includes my father too”.
The Crown Princess:
- “It may also reflect a development in the society that we all have become a little more conscious in regards to contributing to the society and helping. Personally I very strongly feel that all people have a right of belonging and to know that someone cares about them. Through my engagement and work as patron I have often got that impression that social isolation is a particular factor. That social isolation can be both the result and the cause of a problem. You can say that social isolation and illness is a vicious circle that is hard to break. That’s the basis for the foundation of the Mary Foundation, which at the same times give me opportunity to keep all the threads together I already have in my social work. It is yet one more platform to hopefully to be able to help some people to get a better life. That is something I’m really passionate about and as Crown Princess it gives me a unique opportunity to help make a difference”.

Q: How does it affect you to personally meet vulnerable and sick people?
- “It can be hard. But even though I’m often deeply moved I think that they get a better experience if I show a smiling face a little encouraging sympathy. (4) Something that may give them a little hope or perhaps just a good experience they can take with them. It can some times be difficult, be we too get so much in return, when we meet vulnerable and sick people”.
The Crown Prince:
- “Yes, and even though there is a lot of commotion going on when one arrive; many people and spotlights right in the head, we always try to create a space, so we can get genuine contact face to face during the brief minutes that are available. For some people it can be hard to understand that a monarchy like ours have significance in the times we live in. That it can generate an economic surplus. In theory it basically can’t, but we time and time again experience to our great joy that we do make a big difference for people and that is among the most important things for us. That even though it may only last a few minutes, the recipient understands that we mean it from our hearts”.
The Crown Princess:
- “Yes, it is very important for us that it is perceived as something more profound than just us being present. By engaging ourselves in these issues we also hope to create a debate about a problem and to encourage that the conditions for the lives of these people are improved in some way. To help do that. Because we cannot do it just by creating attention”.

Q: As “new instated” Crown Princess you were in the press criticized for being too interested in fashion? Is this an area from which you have retreated a bit?
- “Fashion is an exciting industry and I believe it is almost the third largest export industry of the country. (5) I chose to get involved with fashion because it was a place to start and where I could be present and get some experience. It’s a big and important industry, but because it was about fashion and money and about dressing up it was regarded as shallow. Had it been windmills it may have been a different matter.
It may also have been a convenient/easy way to place me/fit me in. Perhaps it should have been balanced a bit more, but I think it went off balance because fashion attract a lot of attention. It was never so that I was only involved with fashion. But it almost seemed like I wasn’t doing anything else and I experienced that as a bit frustration in the beginning”.
The Crown Prince:
- “Women like to look good and the rest of us like to keep an eye on what is going on in regards to fashion. And here I might think that instead of criticizing the Crown Princess for attending fashion shows, you could say: - Here we have a young woman, who has just arrived to a new country and who has the opportunity to put her mark on a big industry. - That is look a bit deeper instead of focusing on what she is wearing today and whether it is a particular brand of clothing.
The Crown Princess may well dazzle with her dress and presence, but what is behind is hugely important. As far as I know one out of every eight persons in Denmark is one way or another occupied with the fashion industry, and young Danish designers are fighting a hard battle in shark infested waters”.
The Crown Princess:
- “I think it went off balance because there was so much focus on that in the medias. But I also chose to get involved in the field because I really like Danish fashion. It is very international and many times among the very best. The fashion industry has been very appreciative of my effort and I entered at a moment when Danish fashion really started to bloom. But I had also then many social issues besides that and since then I have quietly evolved me more in that direction. It is something I have been giving a lot of thought and spend a lot of time working on figuring out how I best approach it. And like I said before, I believe that every person hopefully will contribute to society and help where you can. And in my capacity as Crown Princess, I have like I said a unique opportunity for creating attention to a number of areas which at the same time interest me”.
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Old 10-22-2010, 05:07 AM
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Part two:

Q: How do you view your future role as regent couple? The demands expected of you are different than those, when your mother became regent?
The Crown Prince:
Yes, absolutely. The demands to the regent couple will constantly change. Every era has its own demands. My mother was only 32 and she was a woman, so back then there were also very big demands made of her, when she woke up one morning and was Queen. You may say that we benefit from the tradition and that we have been able to observe the impressive way my parents – and your parents-in-law, Mary – fill out their role. We observe and absorb as much as we are able to.
Q: But the CP couple belongs to a new generation and you live different from your parents. What will be your passion/particular interest as a regent couple?
The Crown Princess:
- “As Frederik is saying, we are right now trying to figure out where our paths shall go and then we absorb as much as we can. But we cannot prepare ourselves 100 %. We cannot move/teleport ourselves into the future and see how it will be. We will, just as the Queen and the Prince Consort, do it in our own personal way. As Regent Couple they reflect the time they live in and we will to, when we get there. We don’t now yet how things will look at that time. We ready ourselves, so that we are prepared to embark on our journey in the best possible way”.
The Crown Prince:
- “To dare be ourselves has turned out to be a plus for both of us. It may be that some people see it differently. I think I have come farther than I believed possible by being myself. Some may have thought that I was a bit too different, but here I have said to myself: - What you see is what you get.
The Crown Princess:
- “Otherwise it will be an unhappy life”.
The Crown Prince:
- “Yes, you can only smile of yourself. And fortunately it turned out that people in general like to see that you show a human face. Many even praise that you shed a tear”.

Q: That must be a healthy acknowledgment to reach with all the expectations that has always been on your shoulders as Crown Prince?
- “Yes, and I no longer see it as something embarrassing to show my feelings. I may have had ten fifteen tears ago and I do not demand that others must express themselves in the same manner. But that’s how we do it, because we to a large extent are ourselves”.

Q: How do you handle the balance between being royals and style-icons like other celebrities?
The Crown Princess:
- “We don’t consider ourselves style-icons. But we are of conscious of the fact that we must dress neatly and correctly for the events in which we part. I don’t think people would be thrilled if we showed up improperly dressed. We are very conscious about that we represent Denmark and that we do it in the correct manner. And it can really be frustrating if you are out to an event and there is more focus on your clothes than on what happened.
The dress is part of our uniform, but we are not to outshine the event itself – or look like a Christmas tree. So we of course have many considerations in regards to what we engage ourselves in. We think carefully. Other times it’s just: - I want to do that. – Every event we attend has a very strict schedule almost from minute to minute, but there must of course also be room for spontaneity”.

Q: Isn’t it a bit odd to go and wait for a job/position you have no idea about when to begin?
The Crown Prince:
- “No matter what new job you are facing there will always be some uncertainty. If you could see it all in at advance (6) you would be over-qualified. The challenge lies in the margin of unpredictability there will always be. Otherwise the job wouldn’t be experienced as an advancement. That’s the way I try to handle it and it has actually been something of a revelation for me when I began to view it in that way. You cannot prepare yourself for everything”.
The Crown Princess:
- “No, it’s just like having a baby. You can read and talk and absorb from all directions, but you cannot know how it will be in reality”.
The Crown Prince:
- “That’s how I felt when I left for Greenland in 2000. (7) Yes, you were physically capable. You trusted your psyche and were well prepared. We trained as much as we could and build most of our things ourselves and so on. However we could never enter a rostrum and say: - We will surely get through at such and such time. – In the case of Greenland it’s the moods of nature that decides whether you will get through at all. Physically you can be unfortunate and get injured then you have to quit before time. It’s the same thing in sports.
The more you train – that applies to our future too – and gain experience of life through practical experiences, the more you diminish the unforeseen things the job as monarch involves. To be well prepared is the most important thing and here experience of life comes in. That is what we will pass on to our little boy, so that he hopefully will be allowed to keep his curiosity and interest for the surroundings. That he himself will travel and live abroad, so that he will have an opportunity to get to know himself. The most important thing is to be able to rest within himself, to obtain a centre of gravity. And you get that through experience of life – And only through time”.
The Crown Princess:
- “We believe it is a very essential part of our work to carry on the traditions and history, which make the monarchy something unique and a rallying point for Denmark. Continuity is very important but there must also be room for development, so we will fill out the role in our personal way. That’s the way every regent couple has done it”.

Q: What thoughts are the CP couple doing in regards to the future of Prince Christian?
The Crown Prince:
- “I thought about that a lot, especially prior to his birth. - Jeez, do stay inside in your mother’s belly. You shouldn’t get out in the big, raging world”!
The Crown Princess:
- “Nooo… (8) We must ensure that he will be so well prepared that he can face all the challenges that will come. That he will become a happy boy and will get the chance to live a life like everybody else, but still with this difference… And that he can carry it with pride. He must be proud of who he is. There will naturally be times in his life where he may not want to be bothered with having the pressure of expectation on his shoulders. Here it will be our job to support him”.
The Crown Prince:
- “He surely must question things along the way. Why the reactions are as they are in regards to him. He will surely do that, and here we will be 100 % present. If you must put it briefly, it’s our hope that he shall live as an ordinary person in an extraordinary world. But there will surely be times where he will find it difficult to be different”.
The Crown Princess:
- “That’s how all children feel it. You would rather be like everybody else. You’d rather not stand out in any way. You want to belong to the community”.

Q: If the Crown Prince were to write a letter to himself as a young man, how would it read?
- “I would write that I was fortunate to be given a lot of freedom. Internally as well as externally. I really was allowed to develop myself and get my own experiences and that has been worth gold. I could not have bought that. It was cool that I got that freedom and those experiences. And I was allowed to keep my curiosity and challenge myself physically as well as mentally.
I the Frogman Corps for example, there were many times when you thought: - It wasn’t you who did that! – You would never have believed it, but you managed it in some mysterious way. By working with the issues and listening to your own thoughts you pulled through. When you faced some measurable demand that had to be honoured, otherwise it was just goodbye and thank you with a good conscious but downcast, right?
That gave a lot of insightfulness in yourself and courage. I became aware that you could actually set some extreme goals for yourself. And honour them. Physical well being gives a good mental balance, so yes, it has also been a help in regards to my future job as regent. It applies to all people that you get cheered up by physical exertion.
In my letter I would write that it’s important to get the freedom to experience. Without wanting to be aloof I will refer to a single sentence by Piet Hein: - Remember to love, while you dare. Remember to live, while you do. – You could say that to yourself, seen in the rear view mirror, because as a teenager you cannot overview your life, but you live much more intense and have a lot of emotions. So yes, you must not forget to love”.

Q: Does the Crown Princess to have an advise to yourself as teenager?
- I think that it is important that you learn a lot from the experiences you gain along the way. I believe you should live in the present and look ahead, even though I don’t always remember it. But I believe in it. I’m certain that I could give myself a lot of advise today with retrospective effect, but I don’t think I would have been able to receive it when I was a teenager or younger, because at that time I didn’t have the experience, I have today. I think I would say to myself: - Good luck on the journey”.

(1) Meaning that it was a really great experience! To be substituted.

(2) A part of the country to which she was very attached.

(3) An organisation dedicated to help mothers who have problems.

(4) I’m 90% sure she actually meant “velvilje” = sympathy and not “vilje” = here meaning willpower.

(5) Actually more than 20 billion DKK a year and growing.

(6) As in overview.

(7) The Sirius 2000 expedition.

(8) Thoughtful.
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Old 10-22-2010, 05:33 AM
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This interview which took place in 2008 in connection with Frederik turning 40 is also meant as a supplement to the portrait book.

Billed Bladet #26, 2008-06-28.

Mary og børnene er mit livs mirakel – Mary and the children are the miracle of my life.

- This is an excerpt of the interview that lasted more than 30 minutes. Billed Bladet has edited out Frederik’s eeh, bah and qua’s and in some cases made his sentences more clear. I will do the same in a couple of cases.

Crown Prince Frederik has today a very happy life indeed, surrounded by the people he loves and whom he calls the miracle of his life. Mary and the children have turned Frederik into a grown man who rests within himself. To get married and become a father has created a Crown Prince who is fond of the life, he lives and the life that awaits him and his small family.
The Crown Prince Frederik showed clearly when he last Tuesday was interviewed by Jes Dorph-Pedersen on TV2. Crown Prince Frederik was more relaxed than (seen) for a long time and told straightforward and honestly about turning 40 (*), about his greying hair and about how he stays in shape. But first and foremost he talked about his two lovely children and about Mary.
Q: How has the children changed your life? Was Frederik asked and there was no hesitation in his voice when he replied:
- “They have changed it in every possible way. Before Christian arrived we had all sorts of considerations, we almost studied parenthood. But once he was born it was like a miracle. I think I have one and half meter (shelve-space) of child literature. You can read on a lot of it, but once you are in it you take up the challenge”.

Q: How will you describe yourself as a father?
- “Before I became a father I was a bit arrogant, I think and said: That’s how it’s going to be. But now when one stands with two lovely children in the arms, some modifications have happened. But there is one thing to which I have stayed true: To have time for the children”.

Both Prince Christian and Princess Isabella went with the CP couple on the summer cruise last week and even though the schedule was hard Frederik and Mary did find time to be with them. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary do indeed make an effort of being with their children.
- “We have put a lot of emphasis in having them at night with their baby alarms, so that we can hear if they are sad or not. We also have them in the morning and we eat breakfast together”, told Frederik to TV2, who also wanted to know what the CP couple do in order to give the children a normal life.
- “It’s obvious that I can’t help thinking about the little man who will become something great one day after me. For now he is fortunately a child, totally in the play-age and in that he naturally must be supported 100 percent. But the Crown Princess and I are very attentive about being with the children and support them. We can feel already now that we get a lot in return from them too”.

Q: You were ten years old when your mother told you that you one day would become king. Have you considered when and how Christian will be told that he is to become monarch and regent?
- “A little. I think that the more we bring him with us to official engagements the better it is. It will make it so natural for him as possible. When the day comes, when he asks why he has no last name and why people say like that, then we will confront him with it, in the best way”.

Jes Dorph-Pedersen’s next question was:
Q: What’s the funniest thing about having children?
- “Their perception. They take some powerful leaps in regards to learning and developing in the age they are in now. Especially Christian, who is talking away, is pretty impressive. He is very talkative. He has a fantastic memory and can recognise people. It’s delightful to see an innocent enthusiasm from an unspoiled boy”.

Q: Can you already now see what personalities your children have? Are they similar or different?
- “We are so fortunate that we have a boy and a girl and the Crown Princess and I can already see the differences between the genders, which is fantastically funny. We can be happy that they will benefit a lot from each other, they will become the support of each other”.

The differences in age between Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim are almost similar to the difference in age between Prince Christian and Princess Isabella. That’s why TV2 asked whether Frederik could recognise it in having two children who are basically of similar age.
- “I can recognise it on paper (in theory), but she is starting to irritate him and he can’t completely understand that she must have some time too. Seen in light of my own experiences with my brother, the Crown Princess and I will do everything in order for them to follow suit and become each other’s best supports and friends. That’s pretty important”.

No Danes are in doubt that a colossal change took place with Crown Prince Frederik when he met Mary and Frederik was during the interview asked what significance Mary has had in his life.
- “There can be said many good things about it and I’m daily reminded of it. The whole beginning, the coincidence that we during the Olympics. The whole of Sydney was buzzing with joy and enthusiasm. Then suddenly one stands there in the crowd and finds your chosen one. That it develops to where we are today, that is a lovely miracle”.

Q: What have you learned about Mary Donaldson after she came up here and became Crown Princess?
- “I have learned all sorts of things. What it means to be sweethearts, to be man and wife and to work together. It’s lovely to see a person who starts out so hard when she sets a goal for herself. She gets me dragged along to in those moments. She has had some ideas when she came to Denmark for our engagement, about what she could imagine herself, which areas she would be interested in as Crown Princess. She has carefully followed them (those visions) and it’s fantastic to see her engagement in the areas of the society, she is involved with”.

Q: How do you think the Danes have received her?
- “The Danes have received her fantastically well. With joy, curious and warmth. I also think that she has shown trust in the Danes by being interested and curious about the new land she has been given. I think she is doing it absolutely fantastic”.

Q: How is Crown Princess Mary as a mother?
- “She is a huge person with an enormous heart. She comes from a large family with many siblings and a strong (family) bond, that she has brought with her here to our family”.

Q: What picture should people have of you and the Crown Princess?
- “I see it like we are in constant development towards that we must do one day. For me it builds on the life-experience I gained in my younger years. That joy and experience enables that we can go among all in the society. It enables us to relax no matter whether we are on the street, to a rock concert, onboard Dannebrog, in Vollsmose or wherever we are”.

Q: You have said that you will not only want to be figures in a chariot. What do you mean by that?
- “We would like to sit in a chariot, but we can much more than that and we are already doing much more. The Crown Princess has in less than three years created her own foundation and she is very attentive about socially exposed and isolated groups in our society. I myself am a candidate for IOC that I believe is an opportunity for a modern crown prince. I also see the importance of keeping an eye on how our climate changes. That’s something that afflicts the whole society, our entire planet”.

And in a caption: “Mary has a different back ground and different past which is good for me in many ways”, told Crown Prince Frederik.

Edited by Annelise Weimann.

(*) As in getting semi-fossilised! Said by one who has turned forty myself.

It actually makes a lot of sense what Frederik said in the interview. The problem was that his speech pattern was so bad and distracting that the meaning was in many ways garbled.

The interviewer was Jes Dorph Pedersen, who in DK is almost synonymous with Mr. News. He is pro-DRF.
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Thanks a lot for the translations!!!
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Old 12-09-2011, 03:58 PM
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Oh, it's a true story. I can't find it right now, but I've got an anecdote from his time at the Danish embassy in France in the 1990's.
At that time he worked with one of the diplomates, Merete Blide, on issues in African countries. Since France had and have better info on some of these countries, they both went to the Elysee Palais for a meeting with an advisor in African issues.
In the words of Merete Blide:
- It rains heavily when Frederik parks his Renault Clio in front of the Elysee Palais. A security guards greets madame Blide politely and then turns to Frederik: "Monsieur, can you move the car please? Because the Americans will be here shortly". Frederik rush into the car and moves it to another parking space. In the meantime the polite security guard says to Merete Blide: "Madame, for your information I can tell you that the Prince has not arrived yet".
I smile and look at the security guard and say: "But you have, you just spoke to him". The correct security guard blushes and when he leads us along the long corridors of the palace I whisper to Frederik: "He believe you (informal you) are my private chauffeur", which makes Frederik smile broadly.

(Page 137 in the portrait book).
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Mange tak for all your work Muhler! It is lovely to read your words in English about such a very delightful romance between two people. We do have more words in our language for love than you give us credit for, but they are more descriptive than nominal. The moderators will disapprove but here is an example of what I mean from the pen of one of our greatest poets, Elizabeth Barrett Browning:

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height

My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
I love thee to the level of everyday's
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
I love thee with a passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints, --- I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life! --- and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.
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Three Cheers for Muhler!

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

And many, many thanks. You have brightened my days on several occasions with your translations that so aptly give us an eye into the world of the Danish Royal Family -- and which we otherwise would not experience.
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Muhler, thank you so much for all your hard work in translating bits and pieces of the biography. Some of the stories are indeed amusing, but I think my favorite is the part about Frederik's relationship with Mary and his devotion to it from the beginning. Very romantic and sweet.
"My guiding principles in life are to be honest, genuine, thoughtful and caring".
~Prince William~

I'm not obsessed with royalty...I just think intensely about it.
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My pleasure Daria_S.

There are a number of interesting chapters in this book.
I think the next chapter I'll look at when I get the time and I'm in the mood is Frederik's childhood or Frederik talking about being a father. Or perhaps his faith, which is considered a very private thing in DK.

I so hope there will be a similar biography of Mary soon.

On another note, I didn't know the board had a function that automatically turns certain words into ****.
Not that it matters in this case, you probably get the meaning....

One more thing. I would be very grateful if an English speaker would go through the translations and correct misspellings, grammattical mistakes (outside the quotes). I'm a fast reader as it is and after a while my mind simply overlook that sort of things. - Yeah, I know, senile, or perhaps mad cow...

Originally Posted by Daria_S View Post
Muhler, thank you so much for all your hard work in translating bits and pieces of the biography. Some of the stories are indeed amusing, but I think my favorite is the part about Frederik's relationship with Mary and his devotion to it from the beginning. Very romantic and sweet.
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I'd be happy to do that for you Muhler, I always make sure to read your posts, so it'd be my pleasure
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Originally Posted by American Dane View Post
I'd be happy to do that for you Muhler, I always make sure to read your posts, so it'd be my pleasure
Thank you, American Dane.
That's very kind of you.
I'm not sure which way is most practical from a technical point of view. Perhaps the moderators can advise?
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This translated article is a supplement to the chapter about Frederik and Mary pre-engagement period. And as such it fills out a couple of holes.
I suggest this post is moved next to the love-chapter.

Billed Bladet #13, 2007-03-29.
Part one.

Mary og Frederiks hemmelige paradis – Mary and Frederik’s secret paradise.

- “Your Crown Prince and his girlfriend were here before they were officially engaged”, says Buddy.
He is sitting under the sign with “Buddy’s rest”, wearing dark blue jeans, pink and newly-ironed shirt and a light cowboy-hat. The big square-built man is half aborigini (?) and an institution here – some would use the expression an attraction. Buddy Tyson was a rodeo-champion at El Questro in the 60’s, until the unlucky combination of accidents and too far to the hospital ended the fun. Later he worked as a cowboy and bull-catcher at El Questro, but he has also done his bit of turning the old cattle-station into a dazzling holiday hotel in the super-luxury-class.
We hang out at the end of the day each with a can of beer outside the store and bar The Swinging Arm at El Questro Station Township – a small blessed place in the vast outback of Western Australia.
- “Yep”, says the park-ranger Pete Brown.
- “I drove Fred and Mary from our little landing-strip out to the Homestead. None of us had any idea who they were – that happened only months later, when one saw a picture of them in a magazine. He signed himself in as Fred Jensen”, grins Buddy.

- “We were aware they were something special, because they constantly dragged two expressionless men around. The men clearly were uncomfortable the day Frederik and Mary went for a helicopter-ride and they couldn’t be in the same helicopter. They demanded a helicopter more at the disposal of the bodyguards, but we couldn’t get that….”.
- “That was in the last week of October 2002 and we were starting to shut down for the season…. On one of the days Fred and Mary were here, a thunderstorm swept across, a lightning ignited some shrubbery nearby and started a minor bushfire, which kept an eye on. Normally that sort of fires extinguish themselves, but after a couple of days it got closer to Homestead and we called them and warned them. When we got there ourselves the staff was in full swing – even the Crown Prince walked around with a garden-hose, from which only a measly squirt of water came out. But we managed to extinguish the fire….”.
The seed to El Questro was laid when a couple of men back in 1903 made a shed of boards and called it Spurling’s Pocket. Just three years later the handed over the humble cattle-station to others who again after three years couldn’t pay the mortgages. To breed cattle in the arid and sparsely vegetation of the wasteland was a tough and uncertain business and the cattle-station changed owners many times throughout the years. Neighbouring areas as Wild Dog and Moonlight Valley was added to Spurling’s Pocket.
Only in 1958 did the estate get the name El Questro. The Spanish-sounding name makes no sense, but it’s said that the owner – inspired by western-magazines – invented the name in a state of intoxication.
El Questro kept changing owners until a young enthusiastic married couple in 1991 took over the derelict buildings and began the creation of a dream of offering paying guests a comfortable oasis in the middle of the nature sceneries of the wilderness.
El Questro’s derelict main-building Homestead was located not near the cattle-station but three kilometres at the end of the dirt-road – on the outermost cliff-edge of Chamberlain Gorge with a picturesque view over the gorge where the rivers Pentecost and Chamberlain meet.
The new owners drew and build a new Homestead and a new wing was added with six suites, where excessive spoiling was part of the package for the guests.
Last but not least they made roads to the spectacular sceneries of nature. Tourists began to hear about El Questro Wilderness Park at one million acres. Some drove there, others flew.
In the spring of 2005 the sold their beloved El Questro to one of Australia’s largest tour and hotel-operators, Voyages, who specialises in remote luxurious holiday resorts.
Homestead is today the pearl of El Questro. On three sides surrounded by well-cared green lawns with exotic trees – the fourth lined by the gorge where Chamberlain River throughout millions of years have sanded it’s way down to the bedrock.
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Part two.

The prominent guests fly here – from Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin and Perth. Here they are received by the host-couple Laurie and Al, who with the help from eight employees nurse and spoil the guests.

The main-building is a big square communal-building without interior walls and with a network of visible rafts holding the roof. The huge room with panorama-windows have been divided into bar, library, dining, TV and rest-sections and with a lowered couch-area in front of the open fireplace. Giant terracotta-jars and Indonesian antiqueties divide and adorn the loveliness, from where there is access to a shady veranda.
The building-materials are primarily local nature, just as the earth-colours ochre, ginger and henna seems to make the surrounding landscape continue indoors.
The largest suite is with its roofed veranda built over the edge of the cliff. From the bathroom there is access to the veranda where a white enamel bathtub wit lions-feet offer a rare opportunity for an outdoor bath with a refined view over passing crocodiles in the river, deep down.
Alternatively there is, as an oasis in the oasis, a swimming pool circled by palms and jacuzzi in a corner of the park towards the cliffs edge – the perfect place to have your sparkling champagne served after a tennis-match.
All activities and guided tours on El Questro (minus the helicopter-based) are part of the basic price, and you can at dinner opt to dine with the other guests at Homestead or look your sweetheart in the eyes over a romantic dinner for two on the ledge of the cliff. The gorge is in the evening lit by spotlights and the park is lit by torches, while the sky is a hanging sea of stars. This is typically a place where men propose to their sweethearts. Was it here Frederik proposed to his Mary?

El Questro Wilderness Park measures 60 by 80 kilometres – that is nearly the size of Funen. Out here where size matters, there are more than one hundred kilometres to Kununurra, which is the nearest small town.
There is nothing more erroneous to believe that there is nothing to do in the vast outback. You can walk, drive, sail, ride and fly just for fun or for being transported to the many sceneries of the park.
Most at Station Township arrive here in their own off-roaders and can drive to the spectacular gorges – all have waterfalls or warm springs and a fantastic vegetation. Other routes that require off-road-experience goes to Cockburn Range, Pigeon Hole and Saddleback Ridge with breathless views and unforgettable sunsets.
“Must sees” are Champagne and Zebedee Springs – a series of natural, 32 degrees C warm springs of rainwater, which decades ago seeped down into the subterranean caves, where the heat of the ground now heats the water and under pressure send it back to the surface of the ground, The hot and mineral-rich water is basic of life for a lush tropical vegetation of palms, bamboo and ferns – a true Garden of Eden and the most beautiful bathroom in the world.
- “Miss Donaldson wasn’t very keen on jumping into the water, but I said she would regret it if she didn’t do it”, smiles the park-ranger, who was tasked to show the couple around.
- “She indeed looked like she enjoyed it, but the boyfriend didn’t want to – and no, I have no pictures”, ends Pete Brown with a big smile.
When saying goodbye he tells that the superstar Kylie Minoque is the next famous guest coming.

Very well written by Anders Nielsen, who I believe is freelance and perhaps a travel-writer.

To me Western Australia of which I must confess I know next to nothing, is just as romantic, strange, exciting and adventurous as Greenland must be to many Australians.

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