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The Late Princess Diana

Here´s the "supposed", no one knows if its true, last interview Diana gave. It´s from the french Magazine "Le Monde"
Le Monde - August 27, 1997
Interview by Annick Cojean

London - This time Princess Diana was the hostess. That role fitted her well. It gave her gestures an extra grace and placed flashes of joy and a bust of boldness in her royal-blue-eyed gaze.

Yes, the princess would see me - at 11 a.m. sharp, the fax specified. And if not for that cab driver who drove me straight to a hotel with the same name as Kensington Palace - the princess's residence - I would have been on time.

But the princess didn't impose the punctuality of a queen who counted her seconds and withdrew her smile as if she were taking off a hat. The princess was at home, relaxed, independent. It was probably the only place where she didn't risk being targeted by camera zooms.

She was wearing a short, sleeveless dress, matching her eyes, unless they were reflecting its color. She wore a necklace of large pearls, high heels and a quite assurance demonstrated by her smile and her friendly way of proffering her hand.

Above all, she seemed free, and her simplicity was a nice surprise coming from someone whom protocol dictates should be addressed as "Ma'am."

But, afterall, she had accepted the idea of an interview focused on a photograph of her. The idea entranced her, she replied upon receipt of the letter of request. She was ready to play the game.

As for the choice of photos, there was an embarrassment of riches. She was certainly the world's most photographed person. Since each shot of her was reprinted a thousand times, we decided to make an exception to the rule and to let her pick from a selection we offered her.

Diana led us to a private reception room on the second floor, a warm, feminine room decorated in pastels and beiges, with a few pieces of antique furniture and comfortable armchairs and, everywhere possible, wood- and silver-framed photos. They were mostly of her two sons, William and Harry; and also of her two sisters and brother, and her late father, Earl Spencer. It seemed that the princess had drawers full of pictures. But it was our selection that interested her immediately - no stolen, private or intimate shots, but known pictures of the public personality that reinforced the legend of the warmhearted princess focusing on a social problem or a humanitarian cause.

Diana looked at them one at a time, giving a spirited account of each: where, when, with whom.

"I pay a great deal of attention to people, and I remember them," she said. "Every meeting, every visit is special."

She passed in review a children's hospital, a shelter for the homeless, a jobless centre, an AIDS research lab, a battered women's hospice, a leprosarium tent in Zimbabwe, a nutrition camp in Nepal.

Then Diana stopped at a photocopy of the picture shown on this page that was taken in 1996 in Pakistan.

"That little boy died," she said, staring fixedly at the image. "I had a foreboding before taking him in my arms. I remember his face, his pain, his voice... This photo is very special to me."

She put it aside on the sofa and continued to look somewhat distractedly through the other pictures. She laughed out loud occasionally over some that caught her being too formal. But she returned to the picture of the child.

"If I have to pick one out, without any hesitation, it's this one," she said.

What was there to explain? It was neither self-flattery nor calculation. The photograph moved her "because it's genuine." That was all.

Surrounded by the relatives of other little patients, the princess felt she was playing her proper role, in harmony, in sympathy, in communion with the group that day of February 1996. Her feelings were not posed. Her contemplativeness was deep. The heartbeats of the little boy were, she said, at that moment, the most important thing.

She would have liked to communicate to him her strength, her good health, her love. How do you depict a princess at work?

The photo showed a human experience, not an official duty.

"It's really a private moment in a public event - a private emotion that a photo turns into public behavior. It's a curious coming together of things. Still, if I had the choice, it's in that kind of surrounding, where I feel perfectly in harmony, that I prefer to be photographed."

Private, public, where's the distinction?

The princess created confusion by shattering the borderline between the two spheres, by introducing privacy into the public space. She put feeling and emotion into her official duties and obligations. There was no defensive outer armor. The commitment was sincere and she put her best into it.

It was also risky. The public had felt it from the start, under the spell of her compassion and her identification with common people. The Establishment, the politicians and princes of appearance were far less appreciative. In a flash, the princess revealed their coldness, their distance, their cynicism.

Look at her gestures with the Bosnian grandmother she took to her bosom, with a young man afflicted with AIDS whose hand she held between hers so long, with the little one-legged Angolan child that sat on her lap. She kissed, caressed, embraced.

"Yes, I do touch. I believe that everyone needs that, whatever their age. when you put your hand on a friendly face, you make contact right away; you communicate warmth, show that you're close by. It's a gesture that comes to me naturally from the heart. It's not premeditated."

She didn't play Lady Bountiful, didn't care about protocol, ignored the officials, rejected anything that might have been humiliating for the people she visited.

Her enthusiasm had raised many a Royal Family eyebrow. The Lady-Di style was laid back - especially when it became clear that beyond projecting a more modern image, it reflected a new relationship with people. The young woman had to hold herself back, and she sometimes had doubts about her role.

"From the first day I joined that family, nothing could be done naturally any more."

The public gradually gave her self-confidence. It was the ill, the children, the excluded whom she visited with unprecedented diligence who persuaded her that she had the right approach and a gift for human contact.

And it was from the public that she drew a force and almost a raison d'etre in the difficult moments.

"I feel close to people, whoever they are. We're immediately at the same level on the same wavelength. That's why I upset certain circles. It's because I'm much closer to the people at the bottom than the people at the top, and the latter won't forgive me for it. I have a real feeling of closeness with the most humble people. My father always taught me to treat everyone as an equal. I've always done so, and I'm sure that Harry and William will follow in my footsteps."

There were values over which the mother of the next king would not compromise. She was a determined young woman, a 36-year-old princess who didn't yet know what course her personal life would take but who wanted to maintain her commitment, no matter what.

"Being constantly in the public eye gives me a special responsibility, particularly that of using the impact of photographs to transmit a message, to sensitize the world to an important cause, to defend certain values."

As an ambassador? As a prestigious representative?

"If I must define my role, I'd rather use the word 'messenger.'"

Her official obligations ended with her divorce and her initiatives became the ones she chose herself. There, again, she showed her independence.

"Nobody can dictate my conduct. I work on instinct. It's my best adviser."

Her campaigns against landmines, against AIDS, for cancer research, for lepers were her priorities. The photo showing her holding the hands of lepers did more to demystify the illness than all the press campaigns of the past 20 years.

But at the cost of so much controversy, humiliation and talk!

"Every single time," she sighed.

When she visited a shelter for the homeless, she was accused of endorsing the Tory government. When, in the early '80s, she made a tender gesture to an AIDS patient, certain Conservatives saw it as a culpable indulgence for immorality.

Her spontaneous contacts with Untouchables in India made the Old Empire Loyalists choke with rage. When she visited a hospital founded by Imran Khan, the husband of her friend Jemima, the press took up the scandalized accusations of Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto that Diana was helping a political opponent.

When she attended a heart transplant in an African hospital, she was accused of indecent coquettery. The papers homed in on a closeup of her wearing a surgical mask and - horrors - makeup on her eyes.

"The press is ferocious," she said. "It pardons nothing. It looks only for mistakes. Every intention is twisted, every gesture criticized. I think things are different abroad. I'm greeted with kindness. I'm accepted as I am, without prejudices, without watching for every faux pas. In Britain, it's the other way round. And I think that in my place, any sane person would have left long ago. But I can't. I have my sons to think about."

The most striking incident was probably her trip to Angola earlier this year. The princess had planned for a long time the visit organized by the Red Cross to call attention to the tragedy of the 70,000 landmine victims in the country and support the world campaign to ban them.

She was seen spending hours listening to young people mutilated by mines, to doctors, to mine clearers. She was photographed wearing protective gear to cross mine fields and watch defusing operations.

But it was London that set off the headlines, and the polemics got the spotlight once again. Tory circles went wild, the British Foreign Office lurked in the shadows.

"A loose cannon," shot an aristocratic member of Parliament.

"A totally ill-advised and unrealistic utopian," said another parliamentarian.

"Misinformed," said a news announcer, making a dubious comparison to Brigitte Bardot. The subject is much too complicated for her little bird's brain."

Rarely had the criticisms reached such a pitch. Misogyny had never been expressed with such force.

The government maintained official silence, but its anxiety was clear, given its insistence that certain types of mines are "effective and necessary for our armed services."

Diana was deeply hurt. But the Tory campaign forced the press to focus on Angola.

"The polemics ruined a day's work, but it multiplied the press coverage," she said. So she did not hide her joy over the immediate decision of the new Labor government to join the countries favoring a ban on landmines.

"Its position on the subject was always clear. It's going to do tremendous work. Its predecessor was so hopeless. I hope we manage to persuade the United States to sign the treaty ban in Ottawa this December."

For her, it was a long-range commitment. She didn't play politics but "humanitarianism." She intended to follow up, regardless of the nettles she might have encountered.

"Over the years, I had to learn to ignore criticism. But the irony is that it gave me strength that I was far from thinking I had. That doesn't mean it didn't hurt me. To the contrary. But that gave me the strength I needed to continue along the path I had chosen."

The coverage of the kiss on a yacht did not make her give up her mid-August trip to Bosnia. Diana proved that she would no longer be intimidated, that the paparazzi didn't govern her life, and that she was staying on course.

It all comes down to sincerity, she said - as in the photo in Lahore. You can't do anything good that you don't feel in your heart, she said.

"Nothing gives me greater happiness than trying to help the weakest in this society. It's a goal and, from now on, an essential part of my life. It's a sort of destiny. I will run to anyone who calls to me in distress, wherever it is."
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Thank you for open the new thread :flower:

Here is the link for the old thread.....

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You´re welcome =) hope you dont mind I created a new thread
Life is like a box of chocolates... you'll never know what you're gonna get
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Diana and Dodi inquests announced

Inquests are to be held into the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales and her lover Dodi Al Fayed in Paris six years ago, it has been announced.

Surrey Coroner Michael Burgess will conduct both inquests, it was confirmed on Friday.

But a Surrey County Council spokesman said it was "premature" to say when the inquests would take place.

Princess Diana, 36, and Mr Al Fayed, 42, were killed in a car crash in Paris in 1997.

The inquests will be the first official public hearings in Britain to examine the circumstances surrounding the Princess's death.

They have been delayed by a lengthy police investigation and other factors.

According to British law, an inquest must happen when a body is returned to Britain following a death abroad.

The inquests will try to establish the facts of their deaths, but will not apportion blame.

A council spokesman said Mr Burgess was conducting the inquest because Mr Fayed was a Surrey resident, not because he is responsible for inquests for the Royal Household.

Conspiracy theory

On the prospect of a date for Diana's inquest, the Mirror newspaper had quoted a Surrey County Council spokesman as saying: "By early next week we should have a date. It is likely to start sooner rather than later.

But on Friday afternoon a council spokesman said: "In time, as the law requires, there will be inquests into the deaths of both the late Dodi Fayed and Diana, Princess of Wales but it is premature to outline any arrangements or suggest any dates or timescale."

A joint inquest is thought to be highly unlikely.

A council spokesman said: "Mr Burgess is responsible for inquests for the Royal Household but there has been no mention of the two being combined at this stage."

A spokesman for Dodi's father, Mohamed Al Fayed, welcomed to the news which they said Mr Al Fayed had been pressing for six years.

The Harrods owner has argued Diana's death was a conspiracy.

The Prince of Wales's office said it would be cooperating fully with the inquest into Dodi's death

Mr Al Fayed's spokesman said: "If it is the coroner's intention to hold a joint inquest with a jury then Mr Al Fayed would welcome that."

It would be the first inquest into a fatal accident involving a member of the Royal Family to be held since 1972, when Prince William of Gloucester was killed in an air crash.

A lengthy investigation into the accident was carried out by a French judge, but the 6,000-page report was never published.
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I wonder if this "inquest" will be another formality like the French investigation which concluded Henri Paul's blood alcohol level was responsible. Funny how the coroner specifically noted NO odor of alcohol which is always noted in the body cavities of someone with a blood alcohol level of 0.17 as measured in Henri Paul's blood samples.

Also the morphology of Henri Paul's liver showed no evidence of a history of heavy drinking.
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The Diana memorial fountain finally breaks ground. The foundation stone was a 1.5 ton piece of granite! and there was a ceremony, but not a single royal attended even though they think laying foundation stones for public places is an important duty. Just watch, to drive the point home all the royals will attend the laying of foundation stones and ribbon cutting ceremony for every new brewery or factory opened in the near future.
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The truth at last? Aug 29 2003


Exclusive By Justine Smith

THE date for an inquest in Britain which could finally solve the mystery of the car crash that killed Princess Diana six years ago will be revealed next week.

Diana, Dodi Fayed and chauffeur Henri Paul died when their Mercedes crashed in Paris on August 31, 1997.

Diana's bodyguard, Trevor Rees Jones, survived but can remember nothing of the tragic accident.

Now, Prince William, 21, and brother Harry may finally find out how, and why, their mother died at the age of 36.

Surrey coroner Michael Burgess, who is also responsible for investigating suspicious royal deaths, will oversee the £1million inquiry.

He is waiting to see if he can conduct a joint inquest on Diana and Dodi, who is buried in Surrey. Either way, he will lead the first official inquiry on British soil into the crash.

Surrey County Council said: "By next week we should have a date. It is likely to start sooner rather than later."

It is not yet known whether Buckingham Palace or the Government will appeal for a secret hearing.

William and Harry are known to be eager for an inquest and Dodi's father, Harrods boss Mohamed al Fayed, has campaigned for a public inquiry, claiming it was no accident. Despite huge interest, the only probe so far has been by a French judge. His report was never published. But he concluded Paul, on a cocktail of drink and prescription drugs, lost control as he speeded.

But the report left dozens of crucial questions unanswered. Paul, said to have been an informer for MI6, reached almost 100 mph in an unlit tunnel beneath the Point D'Alma, pursued by photographers on motorbikes.

The Mercedes swerved, possibly after hitting a white Fiat Uno, and hit a pillar. The Uno was never found.

Key witnesses who will be re-interviewed include those who claimed to have seen a blinding light flashed at Henri Paul by the driver of a powerful motorbike, who was never traced.


WHY did French police fail to protect evidence at the scene? They cleared the road and opened the tunnel hours after the accident.

WHAT caused abnormally high levels of carbon monoxide - 20 per cent - in Henri Paul''s blood even though he died instantaneously?

WHY was Diana allowed to get in the car if Paul really was as drunk as his blood readings showed?

WERE Paul and one unnamed member of the chasing paparazzi employed by MI6, as alleged by ex-spy Richard Tomlinson?

WERE two senior MI6 officers in the British Embassy in Paris at the time?

WHY were the 17 government radar cameras situated between the Ritz and the tunnel switched off and out of film?

WHY were lights turned out in the tunnel minutes before, disabling the cameras?

IF Henri Paul was driving at 80-100mph, why was there no speed camera photo, even though other drivers were fined for speeding with camera technology on the road?

WHERE are the paparazzi photos seized by police at the scene showing a bright dazzling light, according to claims from Mohamed al Fayed?
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Stylist makes comment about Diana's fashion
By Jessica Callan

BITCHY style "expert" Susannah Constantine caused fury yesterday by attacking Princess Diana's fashion sense.

What Not to Wear star Susannah said she was never a fan of Diana's famous taste, adding: "She wore such awful shift dresses. I wouldn't say she was someone with innate style."

Chubby Susannah, who once dated Viscount Linley, and skinny TV partner Trinny Woodall found fame by being cruel about people's dress sense.

The new low - in an interview with People magazine to publicise their book What Not To Wear in America - comes days after the sixth anniversary of Diana's death. Designer Ulrich Engler defended the princess.

German born Engler, former assistant to Victor Edelstein - one of Diana's favourite couturiers - said: "The princess went through a journey. Perhaps in her younger years she was not so stylish but she became the epitome of style.

"She had amazing style. She looked good in almost everything. She was graceful and charming and was a wonderful advertisement for British fashion."

Simone Simmons, one of the princess's closest friends, said: "Diana was a trendsetter. She led style.

"She could carry off any outfit and look amazing. All the designers wanted Diana to wear their clothes.

"Someone should ask these girls to take a good look in the mirror."

Only last month Trinny and Susannah were praising Diana. In a jibe at pregnant Sophie Wessex they said: "She's the one girl in the Royal Family who could take on the mantle of the Princess of Wales - but she has this tendency to look frumpy."

Other victims include Mirror columnist Carol Vorderman, who hit back this year after they said she "feels the need to show off as much as possible".

Carol described Trinny, 38, as "an anorexic transvestite" and Susannah, 40, as being "like a carthorse in a badly fitting bin liner".

The duo, both pregnant, might find Susannah's latest comments do not help their careers in the US. Three years ago fashion experts voted Diana the best dressed person of all time.
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I guess she must be the most beautiful woman in the world.......
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Jaschaly ^_^
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I found out that makes me surprises&#33;

She been bridesmaid to Princess Diana in 1981 when she was 5 year old that why Diana was her favorite pupil&#33;

Sara Boyce

p.s. if you would mind to makes pictures thread ?
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(The Scotsman)

PRINCESS Diana&#39;s mother is suffering from an incurable wasting disease which causes her speech to be slurred, it emerged last night.

Charles neither loved Diana nor felt it necessary to tell the truth

Frances Shand Kydd said the condition, which she has never revealed before, had led to unfair accusations of drunkenness.

Shand Kydd, who lives on the Isle of Seil near Oban, has also revealed her continuing bitterness towards the Royal Family and Diana&#39;s outspoken butler, Paul Burrell.

And she said she keeps satirical cartoons of Prince Charles and his companion Camilla Parker Bowles "to giggle over with friends".

Tests three years ago revealed Shand Kydd, who was divorced from Diana&#39;s father Earl Spencer, had a progressive and incurable muscle-wasting disease which has reduced her mobility and affects her speech.

She is said to have been hurt by suggestions that she was drunk: they included one from Burrell, who accused her of making abusive phone calls to Diana which caused a rift between mother and daughter.

According to a new biography, Shand Kydd does admit to drinking alcohol at difficult moments in her life, however.

The book, Frances: The Remarkable Story of Princess Diana?s Mother, claims Shand Kydd was "appalled" when Prince Charles was publicly asked if he was in love with his new fiancée and replied: "Whatever in love means."

She is said to have feared before the couple&#39;s marriage that Charles "neither loved her nor felt it necessary to tell the truth". She was also "unable to contain her fury" that Charles? aides failed to invite her to Paris to retrieve Diana&#39;s body after she died in a car crash in 1997.

She was also not consulted about Diana?s funeral arrangements, and did not get the chance to see or touch her daughter after her death "because she was in a coffin, nailed down".

The biography says Shand Kydd felt it was "ridiculous" of Burrell to claim he was Diana?s "rock", since her daughter used the term for anyone who had helped her.

Burrell later claimed that, at the time of her death, Diana had fallen out with her mother. He spoke of a phone conversation in which he alleged that Shand Kydd lambasted Diana for preferring Muslim men - a reference to Dodi Fayed and Hasnat Khan, a Pakistani doctor she had chased.

Burrell said it was a "hate-filled, personal attack" which left Diana "crumpled on the floor and vowing never to speak to her mother again".

Shand Kydd has told a friend: "That really upset me. I would never, ever say that."

Shand Kydd also claims the Queen has never spoken to her to offer condolences for Diana?s death.
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that true&#33;

that makes me heartbreak&#33; because Diana did chat her mom over phone then had attack at her mom before she died she got hung-up Paul Burrell told Royalty Magazine about Princess Diana. She aint trust at her mom lots for whole month&#33; I read Royalty magazine that Diana did hung-up phone at her mom but she refuse to speak anymore but i never knew about it why Diana ingore at her mom since her parents got divorces since she was 6 year old but Diana been visit her dad lots till her dad died in 1992. Because she makes meant to get another new love with Dodi because he is muslim&#33; but her mom said why Diana get date with Dodi after divorce from Prince Charles&#33; but Diana wanted to marry him&#33;

her mom never see Diana&#39;s body after she died in Paris, France but they got nail down&#33; i dont think so Diana got drunk&#33; she got victim from accident&#33; before she died in March 1992 when her dad the 8th Earl Charles Spencer died but she wanted see his body opened coffin they later her family cant see Diana&#39;s body they got nail down&#33;

I really totally agree with Paul Burrell&#39;s story last year because what he said about Princess Diana&#39;s employer&#33; he knew about Prince William and Harry also&#33; im really proud of him why he did interview about Princess Diana&#33;

I knew Prince William and Harry never spoke his mom for month before his mom&#39;s death but Princess Diana always talking over William every day not as Harry, Charles because she wanted to talk to first son like as mom-son phone conversation&#33;

Sara Boyce
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Baby joy for Earl Spencer

Earl Spencer, the brother of Diana, Princess of Wales, has announced the birth of a son with his second wife.

Edmund Charles Spencer was born in the early hours of Monday morning at an unnamed London hospital.

He and his mother, former school teacher Caroline Freud, are both said to be doing well.

The Earl has three daughters and a son from his previous marriage to Victoria Lockwood.

His new wife, who he married in December 2001, has two children from her previous marriage.

The baby was born at 1.28am on Monday after Countess Spencer was admitted to hospital on Sunday night, a family spokesman said.

"Everyone&#39;s very happy and fine," he added.

The Earl was understood to have been present for the birth.[COLOR=blue][COLOR=blue]
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Diana, A Celebration

North American premiere engagement of Diana, A Celebration to open December 19 at Toronto&#39;s Design Exchange

Toronto, Ont. The North American premiere engagement of Diana, A
, the award-winning exhibition on the life and work of the
Princess of Wales, will open at Toront&#39;s Design Exchange on December 19,
2003 and run until April 11, 2004.

Diana, A Celebration, comes directly from the Althrop Estate in Engalnd, the
Spencer Family&#39;s ancestral home, where it has been on display since 1998 and
has attracted over 700,000 visitors, although open for only three months of
the year. The exhibition showases the life and work of one of the most
remarkable women of her time - certainly one of the most photographed, with
over one billion television viewers who watched the 1981 Royal Wedding. Her
charm, beauty and easy grace touched people worldwide during her short and
complex life.

The exhibition is being produced by Arts and Exhibitions International. All
profits generated to the Althorp Estate from the Toronto Exhibition will
support the ongoing work of the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund to
benefit communities living with the legacy of landmines, cluster bombs and
other explosive remnants of war.

A series of 150 stunning objects chronicle her life and invite the visitor
to share the milestones of her many roles: as a youngster, schoolgirl and
athlete; as the shy kindergarten tacher who captured the heart of the Prince
and the public; as the young, ravishing royal bride; as the devoted mother,
sister and daughter; and as the tireless charity advocate and spokeswoman.
The strength of the Spencer women and their roots in the bucolic
500-year-old Althorp Estate form the backdrop for Diana&#39;s formative years.

Also featured in the exhibition are portraits of her ancestors, family
jewels, heirlooms, paintings, artifacts and photos, which provide the
historical context. Film footage and scenes from her childhood, her
engagement to Prince Charles and the events leading up to the Royal Wedding
are remembered and animated with video clips, personal possessions, photos,
displays and letters. The glorious Royal Wedding features her resplendent
gown, diamond tiara, veil and 25 ft. train, shoes and parasol, her
bridesmaid¹s dress among other items.

One entire section is devoted to her energetic and multi-faceted public life
and the myriad of charities and causes, including her pioneering efforts in
AIDS, the homeless and landmines. A three-screened video presentation
highlights the hundreds of associations that continue to benefit from her
patronage and energetic dedication. The world&#39;s grief at her untimely death
is dealt with sensitively, in a display of books of condolence and space for
reflection and remembrance.

A few of the many dazzling items on display include:

* 28 dresses, suits and evening gowns worn by the Princess during her public
life, accompanied by photos from the event at which the outfit was seen and
designer details
* Two diamond tiaras and other priceless family jewels
* The original text of the Earl Spencer&#39;soving tribute to his sister at the funeral in Westminister Abbey
* The score and lyrics of the Elton John/Bernie Taupin composition, adapted from "andle in the Wind."
* Original heritage family paintings by John Singer Sargent and Sir Thomas
* Her magnificent Royal Wedding gown, as described above.

In announcing the Toronto engagement, producer John Norman, President of
Arts and Exhibitions International stated, "Earl Spencer and I are
especially pleased that the North American debut of Diana, A Celebration
will be held in Toronto, as Canadians demonstrated their affection and
respect for the Princess during ther three Canadian trips, including one
Toronto visit. This exhibition will allow us to pay dignified respect to the
memory of this extraordinary woman."

Design Exchange, 234 Bay Street, Toronto-Dominion Centre, Toronto, Ontario,
M5K 1B2

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thanks for websites!

I would wanted go see Althorp myself i never been there before!

Sara Boyce
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The princess predicted: “This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous.” She said "XXXXXXXXXXX is planning ‘an accident’ in my car, brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for Charles to marry”.
Old 10-20-2003, 09:46 PM
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I copied this article from MSN News ( i also read about this on BBC and CNN)

LONDON, Oct. 20 — Princess Diana made a chilling prediction of her own death in a car crash just 10 months before she died in Paris road tunnel, according to a secret letter revealed by her former butler on Monday. The former wife of heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles wrote the letter in October 1996 claiming there was a plot to kill her in a car crash and gave it to her butler Paul Burrell, asking him to keep it for for the future.

THE MIRROR NEWSPAPER, which is serializing Burrell’s book ”A Royal Duty,” said the letter includes an allegation by Diana that someone was planning her death, but that the plotter’s name could not be published for legal reasons.
“This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous,” it quoted the letter as saying. “(DELETED WORD/S) is planning ’an accident’ in my car, brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for Charles to marry.”
The name was blacked out by the newspaper for legal reasons, BBC reported.
Burrell claims in his book that before sealing the letter in an envelope marked “Paul,” Diana told him: “I am going to date this and I want you to keep it... just in case.”
A spokesman for the royal household declined to answer any questions. “We are not making any comment,” he told Reuters.

Burrell was Diana’s servant, friend and confidante for more than a decade during some of the most turbulent times in her marriage to Charles. The couple’s divorce became official in October 1996 after both Charles and Diana had admitted to having adulterous affairs during their rocky 15-year marriage.
Burrell stood trial last year accused of stealing hundreds of the Princess’ belongings including jewelry and clothes, but the case collapsed dramatically after Queen Elizabeth told prosecutors she remembered Burrell telling her after Diana’s death that he would look after some of her possessions.
Diana died at the age of 36, alongside her lover Dodi al Fayed and chauffeur Henri Paul when their car crashed in Paris on August 31, 1997.
Burrell told the Mirror: “With the benefit of hindsight, the content of that letter has bothered me since her death.”

Robert Lacey, a royal biographer, said the letter was an ”extraordinary revelation and prophecy” which was bound to add to the raft of conspiracy theories on how and why Diana died.
“There is something magic about this,” Lacey told Reuters. ”People will say forever now that Diana foretold her death. And that will add to the magical aura — the supernatural and the prophetic — that surrounds Diana.”
He also said it would add to growing pressure for a British inquest into Diana’s death. The coroner charged with investigating the death has promised there will be an inquest, but has so far declined to set a date.
An inquiry by French authorities in 1999 ruled the crash was a accident caused by Paul being drunk and driving too fast. But Dodi’s father, the multi-millionaire owner of the exclusive Harrods London store, Mohamed Al Fayed, has repeatedly called for a British inquiry, insisting that Diana and his son were murdered by the British secret services.
Piers Morgan, editor of the Mirror, which has exclusive coverage of Burrell’s book, said he had no reason to doubt the authenticity of the letter. “Paul Burrell is about as reputable as it comes...when it comes to the testimony and legacy of Princess Diana,” he told BBC radio.
Lacey too said the writing looked exactly like Diana’s hand.
Old 10-20-2003, 10:41 PM
Heir Apparent
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Thank you for posting this article sandee. I heard about this on the news this morning and read several different articles on it. This latest news certainly fuels the conspiracy theories that circulated after Princess Diana&#39;s death about the car accident not being such an accident.

I hope that this isn&#39;t true for William and Harry&#39;s sakes, in that they might be led to believe that people who work closely with their grandmother, the Queen, and/or their father, the future King, put a bounty on their mother&#39;s head and had her killed so she wouldn&#39;t be a "nuissance."

I don&#39;t doubt that Diana&#39;s fears were legitimate, but I hope, too, that she was wrong about the plot to get rid of her.

How horrible for her sons and her family to be re-hashing this situation again.
Old 10-20-2003, 11:03 PM
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how shame to makes air over Prince William and Harry over his mom&#39;s death and i been filed in Diana&#39;s news but i did makes myself shames also&#33;

i watch news today makes me freak for sakes&#33; its would be ONE DAY&#33; if more for later days its would makes me worse for me&#33; and i would makes me heartbroken over news on the computer&#33;

if William will fist over report and tv crews and leave him alone and also Harry too over his mom&#39;s death i wishes it&#33; because William is future King of England.

what you think?

Sara Boyce
Old 10-20-2003, 11:04 PM
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I&#39;ve read quite a bit about Princess Diana & her death, & I&#39;ve always kinda thought that there was something kinda odd about it. I truly hope that there was no foulplay by the Queen or RF, especially for Prince William & Prince Harry&#39;s sake. But if there was, I wouldn&#39;t be surprised. I will point out thou that Camilla&#39;s ex-husband would have to die before her & Prince Charles could marry, considering the current rules. Or course, he wasn&#39;t a big issue to the RF like Princess Diana was, but still.

If the Princess was killed on purpose, can you imagine what it would do to the monarchy. Can you say, revolution? That is why I don&#39;t think that if she really was killed by the RF that it will ever come out, the RF will make sure of that. Of course it would be extremely interest if it did come out.

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