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Old 06-28-2011, 03:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Romii View Post
I found a spanish wiki article that says he was born in Portugal, son of Teodoro Correa de Almeida and Fulgencia de Braganza. His titles were: Prince Imperial, Count of Porto Alegre and Commander of Rio Grando do Sul. From what I can see the last two titles were giving to him by his uncle emperor Pedro I when he lived in Brasil.
I am truly puzzled, I cant find any information on his parents anywhere and I dont see any of the siblings of emperor Pedro I named like that.
Theres a whole backstory about the man, making money off slaves and then leaving over 80 million hectares of land to the great grandchildren of his siblings who never got it because some major cities in brazil are built in that land and stuff like that.
So can anyone help me out? at least tell me where to start looking for info?
Well Romii, there are some errors in the Wikipedia article. I will address these in the hope that it will help clarify your search.

Emperor Pedro I of Brazil could not have been Domingo's uncle, because Domingo was born in 1790 (some say 4 July, some say 4 September). The Emperor was not born until eight years later, on 12 October 1798.

Pedro I's only older sibling was his sister Maria Teresa, Princess of Beira, born 29 April 1793.. three years after Domingo. Her only child was Infante Sebastian of Portugal and Spain (1813-1875).

I have looked at the family of Joao VI of Portugal, Pedro's father, but none of his children could have been one of Domingo's parents either.

Domingo could not have been a Prince Imperial, because his neither of his parents were of the House of Braganza. He very well may have been knighted by Pedro I.. but he would not have been created a prince.

His father appears to be Faustino Manoel Correa, son of Manoel Mendonca Correa and Maria Correa Fagunde.

Domingo's mother appears to be Isabel de Brum da Silveira, daughter of Jose de Brum da Silveira and Joana de Conceicao.

He also could not have been the 2nd Conde de Porto Alegre, as there is only one known Conde in Brazil with this title - Manuel Marques de Sousa. De Sousa was created Conde de Porto Alegre on 11 April 1868.. and Domingo was still alive when the creation was made - he (Domingo) died on 23 June 1873 in Rio Grande do Sul.

It is also possible that there is some familial connection between Manuel de Sousa and Domingo Faustino Correa.. because Manuel's mother was Inacia da Silveira. She could have been some sort of relative to Domingo's mother Isabel de Brum da Silveira.

Now, there was a family in Portugal who had the title of Conde de Portalegre, but that line became extinct in 1686 with the death of the 7th Conde de Portalegre (also 2nd Marquesa de Gouveia).

Of course, there is always the possibility that somewhere in the Correa or da Silveira ancestry there is an illegitimate line to the Portugese royal house, but so far I have found no evidence of it.

You may want to check out the following website and perhaps contact the contributor who posted the information on Domingo Faustino Correa's family. This is where I retrieved the names of his parents and grandparents.

Indice da rvore Genealgica de Domingos

The website is in Portugese.

Hope this helps you.. and happy hunting!

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Old 07-07-2011, 09:19 PM
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My mother's grandfather, John A Mayock, came to America in the 1860's from County Mayo in Ireland. The surname Mayock is very unusal, only from County Mayo, and it has been said the everyone who is a Mayock is descended from one person who took that name.

One of the "stories" as related in a book entitled "Black Sheep and Kissing Cousins" is that an English lord fell in love with a lady in waiting, their marriage was forbidden, and they ran away to County Mayo in Ireland and took the name Mayock from the county name and "CK", the Gaelic abbreviation for the county?

Is there anyone from that part of the world who can verify this, or not, as the case may be?

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Old 07-13-2011, 01:03 PM
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A person can be older than their uncle. Happens quite a bit. My daughter is aunt by marriage to someone older than her (she married the youngest of a family whose oldest child is 24 years older than her husband and 31 years older than she is).
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Old 07-24-2011, 09:59 PM
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Della Casa Alberighi Family of Florence

Does anyone know anything about the Della Casa Alberighi family of Florence ? I know that the Alberighi family coat of arms sits along side that of the Medici in the Santa Novella church in Florence, Italy. Would anybody know what the connection was between the families. My grandfather was Antonio Della Casa Alberighi & came from Florence. I have been unable to find out much about the family apart from this. Would be greatful for any advice.
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Old 07-25-2011, 07:27 AM
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Not much,but can help:

Alberighi Family Crest and History
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Old 08-09-2011, 03:25 PM
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There is an old family rumor that my 3rd great grandmother's sister married Kaiser Wilhelm II's son, her name was Molly Kloss born around 1865. We did not come from royalty, but I suspect it was perhaps an illegitimate marriage, or affair? Does anyone know the face in this picture?

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Old 11-23-2011, 10:23 AM
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Why don't you just contact the US State Department? They can answer your question immediately re: citizenship. You can't lose your citizenship by inquiring. If you were to prevail in your claims, your titles wouldn't be formally recognized in the U.S.
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Old 11-23-2011, 10:44 AM
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Thank you for your reply, the problem is I may go ahead and accept titles as well as move from the U.S. anyway. Coming from a very active Republican family under a Democratic President, I would prefer not to tip my hand before I am ready. I realize I may be overstating the problem, but having come from the military with high security clearances, as well as having lost my tax exempt status for my ministry for writing about America in prophesies of the bible, I trust my government less than I used to.
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Old 11-23-2011, 11:25 AM
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I believe you are overstating the problem. But, of course, you know best how to handle this. There is a geneology thread on this forum that you might want to visit. Someone else may have had the same problem.
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Old 12-09-2011, 07:15 AM
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Where can I find informations about an Austrian (or Bohemian) family of French descent?

The family's name is Duval de Dampierre, they are barons and probably descended from Henri Duval, Count de Dampierre who came to Austria to serve in the emperor's army in the 1600s.

Here's a bit of biographoc information from Dampierre, Henri Duval Graf von
Dampierre, Count Henri Duval von, b. near Metz (France), 1580, d. in battle near Bratislava, Slovakia (then Preßburg), Oct. 8, 1620. General. 1604-1605 served as imperial officer in Hungary and Siebenbürgen; 1616-1617 commander in war against Venice and 1619 against "Bohemian Rebels"; fell in battle against Hungarian rival king Bethlen Gábor. On June 5, 1619, D.'s cuirassiers saved Ferdinand II during difficult negotiations with the Protestant Estates in the Hofburg Imperial Court Palace; commanders of this regiment were thus granted access to the emperor and his regiment was allowed to enter the Hofburg at all times.
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Old 12-23-2011, 07:26 AM
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Haus of Hannover


I'm wondering if anyone knows how it is possible to trace one's geneology in Germany. I am from Canada. My Great-Grandfather immigrated to Canada after World War 1. My grandmother showed me black and white photographs of a hotel he supposedly owned in Germany. Apparently, he came from a family of money, but like many Germans, lost everything in the inflationary period following World War I. My Grandmother also often said that my great grandfather was a distant cousin of Prince Albert, a German prince in his own right. Our last name is "Schulte", a fairly common German name. However, we don't have any "von" as in von Schulte. There is a Schulte "coat of Arms" that we have in our family however. Also, I my Great grandfather was apparently "born in the House of Hannover". (I don't know what that means exactly - born in a literal house, born with a noble title of a family of aristocats?)

I don't have any noble title. But, I often wonder if I am entitled to one. It wouldn't change anything if I were. I am Canadian. But, it might be something interesting to pass on. My Grandfather was my Great grandfather's eldest son. My father was my grandfather's eldest son and I am the eldest son of my father. I have three daughters, but my eldest son is in the womb as I write this. It would be interesting to find out if I am entitled to any noble title. I wouldn't be traumatized to find out I am not, but it would be nice to know either way.

Any thoughts?
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Old 12-23-2011, 07:40 AM
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I'm not a specialist but I think that "born in the house of Hannover" means that he was born from the noble family of Hannover. I think you are entitled to have a noble title if your great-grandfather had a title by himself as it is possible to be born from a house of noble family without having any title. But I don't know how works the "transmission" of title in Germany.
Edit: I also want to add that the last name of the Hannover family is Von Hannover and the title of prince of Hannover does not have a legal standing anymore (it is a title by curtosy). The only country who recognises the title is Monaco because of the Prince Erns-august of Hannover who married the Princess Caroline of Monaco.
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Old 12-23-2011, 09:42 AM
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There are no more legal titles in Germany - they are names only.

If his name was Schulte ... - (abbreviation from Schulthess = Head of a Village) he was no nobel - but of course he could have been ritch

Das Haus Hannover = Welfen (Guelfen) nothing to do with any Schulte.
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Old 01-22-2012, 12:20 AM
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Ramon Garcia/ Spainish royal family

Hi all, I am looking for any information about Ramon Garcia and his family from Spain. The birth of Ramon is shrouded in mystery. It was believed in Trinidad that he was the natural son of a member of the Spanish Royal family. According to family tradition, in order to avoid scandal, he was sent as a young boy from Spain to Caracas in the care of his chaplain, in his own ship, amply provided for with money and valuables. It is said that he took the name of his chaplain, Garcia. In Trinidad, Ramon, his son George and grandson George Lewis all displayed the Castle of Castille on gold watches, silver,china and stationary. At the University of Caracas "he received the degree of LLD, only conferred at that time in the Spanish Colonies on the descendants of noble families". At an early age he was appointed Governor and Commander-in-chief of Guyana, where his conduct, under difficult circumstances received the approbation of the King of Spain who granted him a pension for life which, however, he never claimed. All these circumstances said to be pointing to some connection with the Spanish Royal family. Ramon married his wife, Vicenta, in Caracas on 24th October 1801. Ramon was born in Spain 1778, and died in Port Of Spain, Trinidad, 1869. Would appreciate anything on Ramon.
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Old 02-07-2012, 12:52 PM
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Anyone know who this is?

I need some help.
Does anyone know who Amelie Bürggräffin zu Dohna is?
Tried google translate German->English and got Amelie Castle grevinnan Dohna...

Best Regards
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Old 02-09-2012, 01:55 PM
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Could be this one: RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Family of Legends (and The Unknown)
But the name Amalie seems to be quite common as a third or fourth name in the Dohna family.
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Old 04-09-2012, 12:19 PM
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Sir William de Tracy!

Forgive me if this question has been asked here previously!

I am somewhat non-plussed by dissenting views regarding the parentage of Sir William de Tracy, circa 1140. This knight is better known as one of the four who murdered the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket in 1170.

One view is that he is the son of John de Sudeley of Toddington, Gloucestershire and Grace de Traci. It is suggested that their second son William inherited his mother's surname and estates and thus became a de Tracy.

Another equally held view is that he was the grandson of Henry 1 'Beauclerc' by mistress Gieva de Tracy, his father being their son, William de Tracy.

Is the truth of this mystery knowable at this juncture in history?

Any clarifications?
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Old 04-10-2012, 12:59 PM
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Von Flotow of Mecklenburg


I am searching for information regarding the Von Flotow family of Mecklenburg. From what I am able to find online they are listed as an Adelsgeschlecht or "German Noble Family" beginning in 1277 when Prince Henry and Prince John (duel princes for a time before splitting their father's herrschaft into two parts) of Werle.

Does this family still exist? Do they play any prominate roles in Mecklenburg government or social life? Do they still hold any lands or property? What role did they play in the area? What lands/titles did they hold? Who is currently head of the family/who would hold the title today?

Also, I do not speak German, and thus I do not know the exact meaning of
Adelsgeschlecht, could anyone expand? Clearly they were never "royal" in the sense of a grand ducal house, but they were made aristocrats. What rank were they? I am very familiar with the English Peerage system than I am with German ranks and titles. From what I can tell there is the Uradel and the Briefadel, and the Von Flotow family would be Briefadel since they were made such in 1277. However, I do not know if they were Hochadel or Niederer Adel. Any help would be greater appreciated.
hier Titel des Artikels
Werle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Old 04-10-2012, 04:35 PM
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Hi HRHEBF! All I found was this page: Beiträge zur Geschichte der Familie von Flotow : mit einer Stammtafel der sämmtlichen dermalen lebenden Familienmitglieder :: Family Histories 15 It is a 67 page family history of the Flotows. But is is in German. An "Adelsgeschlecht" is just a noble family. The Flotows are one of the oldest noble families of Mecklenburg. They are that old, that is is unclear if they are a slavic family from Mecklenburg or came later into the country with King Heinrich dem Löwen, the Danes or the Swedes. In Mecklenburg they are first mentioned with Hinricus dictus de Vlotowe or Flotowe in 1230. Later they spread too towards Brandenburg, Franken, Bavaria, Silesia, Saxonia and Poland. And today? As you might know Mecklenburg became after World War 2 a part of the communist empire. Many nobles were killed, even more fled. Here you can see, where von Flotows live today in Germany: Verteilung des Namens "von Flotow" in Deutschland -

That last link doesn't work anymore. Please just follow the link, type the name von Flotow in the field and you will see that they live now in Berlin, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. Greetings
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Old 04-10-2012, 06:11 PM
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Hi Victor 1319!

Thank you for the information and for responding so quickly. Are there different levels/titles of Adelsgeschlecht? If so, do you know what title the Von Flotows carried?

I noticed on another wikipedia site that Friedrich von Flotow listed his full name as Friedrich Adolf Ferdinand, Freiherr von Flotow. This would indicate that he carried the title Freiherr. Would this make Freiherr the highest title of the von Flotow family or do you know if different parts of the family acheived different ranks?

Also, in reading the wikipedia site dedicated to the title of Freiherr it states that in Germany, titles of Freiherr do not pass according to the low of primogeniture, do you know if this is correct?

If it is correct, would that mean that a man, his 3 sons, and all their sons, etc. could all use the title Freiherr?

Thank you for the help!

Here are the links from which I took the information:

Friedrich von Flotow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Freiherr - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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