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Old 04-20-2004, 03:27 AM
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Emma is really petite. Compare her to Madeleine (who isn't really tall herself). Emma can't be more than 1,60 m. But I think she's very pretty and I hope that she and CP will get married soon!

Old 04-20-2004, 07:33 AM
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Here are some more photos from yesterday`s outing to the Racecours. I mean the official one. Not the highway.
Do you have other links for those pics cause they don't work (at least not for me). Thank you.

Two sad days in Dutch History!
Let this never happen again!
Old 04-20-2004, 09:34 AM
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Lena @ Apr 19th, 2004 - 6:46 pm

Schwedischer König sieht sich als Raser am Pranger

Stockholm (AFP) - Der schwedische König Carl XVI. Gustav ist wegen Rasens auf
Now that is an interesting article.

I drove in Sweden in 2000, and they have excellent 4-lane highways - generally the same standard as German highways which are of unlimited speed. The Swedish highways had far less traffic than in Germany, and hence almost beg to be sped on.

My recollection is that on occasion I drove at more than 50 over the speed limit. And I am quite sure that there were others before and after me who committed similar (uncaught) transgressions. So, to put into perspective, it goes to show, that if you're in the "lime-light", you can do no right.

In my experience, the more socialist an area, the lower the speed limits !!! :flower:

Lena @ Apr 19th, 2004 - 6:46 pm

Schwedischer König sieht sich als Raser am Pranger

Stockholm (AFP) - Der schwedische König Carl XVI. Gustav ist wegen Rasens auf der Autobahn in die Kritik geraten. Die Zeitung "Aftonbladet" berichtete unter Berufung auf zwei Autofahrer, der 57-jährige Monarch habe am Sonntagabend in Begleitung von Königin Silvia in seinem gelben Porsche Carrera die zulässige Höchstgeschwindigkeit von 110 Stundenkilometern gleich um 50 km/h überschritten.

Drei BMWs aus der Entourage des Königs hätten Schwierigkeiten gehabt, bei dem von Carl XVI. Gustav vorgelegten Tempo mitzuhalten. In einem der Autos habe sich die 23-jährige Prinzessin Madeleine befunden.

Auf einem anderen Autobahnabschnitt lieferte sich der König der Zeitung zufolge ein Wettrennen mit seinem 24-jährigen Sohn, Prinz Carl Philip, der einen blauen Porsche steuerte. Die königliche Familie habe sich im Anschluss an einen Tag auf der Go-Kart-Bahn von Karlskoga, 250 Kilometer östlich von Stockholm, auf dem Rückweg in die Hauptstadt befunden. Auch Kronprinzessin Victoria sei mit von der Partie gewesen.

Eine Sprecherin des Königspalasts sagte zu dem Bericht, weder sei der König zu schnell gefahren, noch habe es ein Rennen zwischen ihm und seinem Sohn gegeben. Vielmehr seien beide zu verschiedenen Zeiten nach Stockholm zurückgekehrt.

The swedish King Carl XVI Gustav has come under criticism for racing on the highway. The "Aftonbladet" newspaper reports that two drivers claim to have seen the 57 year old King accompanied by Queen Silvia driving at more than 50 kmph over the posted speed of 110 kmph on Sunday evening in his yellow Porsche Carrera.

Three BMW's in the entourage had difficulties maintaining the speed that the King was driving at (now, I find that hard to believe .. I bet the royal bodyguard drivers were just dumbfounded, and having to be careful to weave through traffic). One of the cars carried the 23 year old Princess Madeleine.

The King was racing his 24 year old son, Prince Carl Philip who was driving in the other lane of the highway in a blue Porsche .... Crown Princess Victoria was apparently also seen to be a passenger in this entourage.

A speaker of the Royalf Palace said the King did not speed, nor did he race with his son. More-over, they returned to Stockholm at different times.
"Every decision is right for its time."
Old 04-20-2004, 10:19 AM
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Bad boy Christian :P Well, but you´re probably right... I guess a lot of people (me included ) often drive too fast on motorways...especially when they are almost alone on the motorway. And further I guess, that the truth is to find somewhere in the middle...Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg, spokesman of the court, said the king drove 120 kmph and Aftonbladet claims he drove 160 he probably drove about 140 kmph most of the time...
Old 04-20-2004, 10:52 AM
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"But I think she's very pretty and I hope that she and CP will get married soon!"

Yes, I hope so too! This is all much too dangerous. Driving this fast. It is not good.
Old 04-20-2004, 06:25 PM
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is there anyone who knows if the royal family saw the musikal Kristina från Duvemåla as a royla family not privite
Old 04-20-2004, 06:31 PM
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Originally posted by Josefine@Apr 20th, 2004 - 11:25 pm
is there anyone who knows if the royal family saw the musikal Kristina från Duvemåla as a royla family not privite
When was the premiere of this musical? I´ve checked the calender at Royal in the last 2-3 years every week...and I don´t think, that I can remember, that they went there offically...but of course I can be wrong...
Old 04-30-2004, 01:31 AM
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Kungen ger miljoner till sina barn
"Det kan vara en form av skatteplanering" :o
Kungen är generös mot sina barn.
På 15 år har Victoria, Carl Philip och Madeleine fått nära 1,5 miljoner kronor av pappa.
Men kungen har råd. I fjol hade han en förmögenhet på 173 359 121 kronor. Kungens gåvor består av aktier, livförsäkringar och andra försäkringar, skriver tidningen Metro.
- Det kan vara en form av skatteplanering, säger Christer Larsson vid Skatteverkets arvs- och gåvoenhet till tidningen.

Alla får lika
Kungen gör inte skillnad på barnen. Alla tre har fått lika mycket. 1989 fick barnen aktier för 319 589 kronor. Året därpå fick de 106 129 kronor i försäkringskapital och för tre år sedan fick kungabarnen livförsäkringar för 72 836 kronor.
Många skatteplanerare väljer att dela upp gåvorna över flera år för att komma undan med lägre skatt. Nu kommer kungabarnen undan med en gåvoskatt på tillsammans 651 240 kronor

Bascially, the king is generous towards his kids. He gives them 1.5 million kronor every year. That is about $196,000 US dollars. The article says that it can be done in the form of tax avoidance. But we know better. The king is a generous guy and wants to give them money.
Old 05-07-2004, 08:10 AM
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Two articles, translated by me, from today's Expressen: :flower:

Article 1:

The Royal House on birthday celebrations!

MAINAU. The excitement is high – soon the Royal House of Sweden arrives. Germany doesn’t have their own Royal House, so closest in hand is King Carl Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Carl Philip when royal glitter is spread.

The King’s relative Lennart Bernadotte turns 95 on Saturday. Today his wife, Countess Sonja Bernadotte turns 60. On top of that, the couple celebrates their 32nd wedding anniversary on the castle of Mainau in the Bodensee, close the border to Switzerland. Their celebrations will last for two days, and it all started this morning when a choir sang “Viva, Viva, La Sonja”. She was congratulated with several big cakes.

Mission: Tree planting
A large group of press from all over Germany has gathered at Mainau, and they are mainly targeted at Silvia and Victoria who seem insatiable popular in the country. At the moment, tributes are paid to the Countly couple Bernadotte in Vita Salen (the White Room), and this afternoon The King is to plant a tree. Tomorrow he makes his debut as a painter, as he is to paint a stone that is to crown the Count Bernadotte’s magnificent stone collection.

Article 2:

… But Madeleine remains at home to study
The whole Royal House is at the birthday celebrations this weekend. Except Madeleine. She has to stay at home to struggle with the essay in the History of Art.

Today the royal celebrations starts at the “flower castle” of Mainau, situated at the beautiful Bodensee in Germany. It is the residence of Lennart Bernadotte, The King’s uncle. During two days, Lennart Bernadotte’s 95th and Sonja Bernadotte’s 60th birthdays as well as their 32nd wedding anniversary are celebrated. Among the guests are King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Carl Philip. But Princess Madeleine has to stay at home to study.
- Yes, she is very busy with the studies at the moment, says the Princess’ mentor Lena Ramel.

Charging for a new top exam
Madeleine has managed this term’s exams on the continuing course in the History of Art gallantly – just like before. During 1,5 years of studies, the “study Princess” has received the highest grades on almost all exams. Now it’s the C-essay that takes up all of her time. According to Elsie Dickson, guidance councillor at Stockholm University, most students are done with their essays around 15 May. If Madeleine is one of them remains to see.
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Old 05-07-2004, 05:44 PM
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An article about the celebrations of Count Lennart & Countess Sonja of Wisborg from Svensk Damtidning (society magazine, covers quite a lot of royals), translated by me, featured in this weeks edition.

Three-day celebrations on the flower island Mainau!
This coming weekend there will be great celebrations on the flower castle Mainau at the Bodensee. Count Lennart turns 95, wife Sonja turns 60 and on top of that they will celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary. It is being prepared for a huge party – to which our Royal House is going as honorary guests!

Mainau is charging for a big party! The activities are running high on the flower island at the moment – tables are set, the silver is polished, menus are tried, guest lists are checked, the fax is running high. The steamboat “Hohentwiel” is getting its final polish before the see trip this Sunday, and the church benches in St. Mary’s chapel have been dusted.

This Friday it’s happening! That is the start of the three-day celebrations on Mainau, celebrations that will not be forgotten easily. The Countly couple Lennart and Sonja Bernadotte are celebrating their respective birthdays – 155 years all together!

King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia are of course coming, and it’s assumed that the children are also going to attend. The Countly couple Carl Johan and Gunilla Bernadotte has also accepted their invitation. The Countly couple Bertil and Jill Bernadotte arrives from England, branches of the Romanoff family is also expected to attend – a lot of prominent guests!

Gala banquets and walks
The programme is filled with highlights: gala banquet, boat trips, dinners, lunches, outings, present-peeking and walks along a field of Easter lilies. First is Sonja’s 60th birthday. It takes place this Friday 7 May, the banquet day. The day after, Count Lennart turns 95, although he “pre-celebrates” together with Sonja already on Friday while they’re at it.

- We celebrate this great happening with deep gratitude and joy, they say in a statement.
They have also been married for 32 years – the wedding took place on 6 May 1972 – and the oldest daughter Bettina has just turned 30 and received her official Countess title.

Then there’s little Paulina’s birth, Sonja’s first grandchild, Diana’s and her husband Berndt Grawe’s little daughter who was born this February. Lennart has several grandchildren through his adult children from previous marriages, but for Sonja it’s the first time. And worth a toast!

Count Lennart is phenomenal. Always the kindness himself, creative and funny.
- It’s very nice to have a father like that, Bettina says.
Sonja is described as more “direct”.
- There can be explosions if something is not working out at work. There is more movement in her, more energy.

Lennart and Sonja has had a good life together: raised five children – Bettina, 30, Björn, 28, Catherina, 26, Christian, 24, and Diana, 24 - travelled, nurtured both friendships and plants, worked together and seen their beloved Mainau turned from shack to pearl. So, of course they have things to celebrate.

Nothing has been left to coincidences. Everything is in top shape – food, drinks and the arrangements. Of course there will be a clothes fest to! The ladies are, it is being reported, turning to pastel dreams from Pucci, Nucci, Dior and Chanel. Queen Silvia’s favourite Natan, who drew Princess Máxima’s wedding dress and also said to have contributed to one or two Nobel dresses, is also said to occur. And Swedish Thalia.

To the programme!
Friday: Up early for an outing to the fairy tale island Reichenau, listed as an UNESCO World Heritage, situated at the Konstanz Lake. Here, vine, spices and salad are growing, thousands of birds sings, and there’s a lavish museum to walk around in, an old church and many walking paths to walk. Dress code: optional.

5 pm. The gala banquet begins. Secret menu, but spring chicken and early spring produce are said to be included. Top vines, champagne and surprises. Dress code: Smoking. Classic closing of the party at 11 pm, but the party will most likely continue longer because we’re talking about party people used to partying. Some will most likely continue until after midnight!

Time for presents
Saturday 8 May. Gift-peeking! At 10:30 am there will be a stroll along the gift-walk and everyone can see what everyone has given as gifts. Then lunch. At 6 pm it’s time to ware out the church benches! Evening service in St Mary’s chapel. Then dinner.

Sunday 9 May. Breakfast. Then off to a day-tour of Lindau for the opening of the “Count Lennart Bernadotte Street”. The steamboat “Hohentwiel” is in service and food and drinks will be served onboard. A stone mosaic is also to be laid down. Lennart and Sonja has wished for nothing for the big day – apart from contributions to “Gardening for All” (a charity foundation who is starting a centre for gardening education later this year). The guests are asked to paint one stone each – maximum 10 cm in diameters – and bring to Mainau as a symbol for given contributions. The stones will later be placed in front of the new centre when it is started.

Count Lennart as a movie star
Lennart has been a movie start, did you know that? Once upon a time he starred as a singing prince against Alf Kjellin in the movie “Unga Hjärtan” (translates to “Young Hearts”). Clowning and laughing is his way. As a child he loved to dress as a clown. Because of this, Mainau’s staff is expected to surprise the celebrations with some fun happenings.

When the guests have kissed goodbye and everything turns back to normal, next part of their lives await. On 19 May, Lennart and Sonja will be in Sweden at Grönsöö Castle outside Enköping. They will open his exhibition “Optiska Drömmar – växtporträtt sedda genom kameralinsen” (translates to “Optic Dreams – portraits of plants seen through the camera lens”).

- I have gotten the interest for photographing from my grandmother Victoria, Lennart says.

Lennart, Prince Wilhelm’s and Princess Maria’s son, has lived – and lives – a rich life. Mainau was in bad shape and the garden was a mess when Lennart bought the island from his father, in 1952. “At his own risk” as it was said.

- It was a jungle, he remembers. And now – a dream. Filled with orchids, tulips, exotic trees and cute animals. A tourist magnet by the grace of God, but relieving free from all the usual tourist trash. Elegance is the trademark of the Bernadotte’s.
He loved his mother Maria. But he cannot stand pearl necklaces. It comes from his childhood. Every time his mother bent down to kiss him goodbye – before jetting of to her duties – her pearls smattered on his face. Pearls mean goodbyes, those he doesn’t like.

Sonja is now the President (C.E.O.) of Mainau, and Bettina is her assistant who will later on take over the whole business. Björn is studying special pedagogic and will take care of the “Lennart Bernadotte Foundation” later on. Catherina is a landscape designer, Diana a hat-maker, Christian a student. They all love Mainau, and will probably always be there in different functions.

- My children continue my work, says Lennart with faith.
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Great article. Thanks for posting it. Bravo to Lennart, Sonja and the rest of the clan for making Mainau so nice! And congratulations on the birthdays and anniversary. Can´t wait to see the photos!
Old 05-07-2004, 10:07 PM
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By the way, here is the link to Lennart´s movie.

I think I saw it listed some time ago but I forgot about it. Anyway, he also wrote a movie at the same time and you can see it there as well. By the way, the movie that he was in also had a young Mai Zetterling, a great actress who starred in many films, mostly in the 40s and 50s including that classic film by Ingmar Bergman, "Hets" or "Torment" in it. Anyway, most people nowadays might remember her from her role in that bone-chilling movie on the English coast, The Witches. Scary film. She played the grandmother. Anyway, I knew that "Prince" Sigvard was a technical advisor to "The Prisoner of Zenda" That was quite a shock to me when I found out a while back, I must say. Great film with Madeleine Carroll and Ronald Colman. Here is a link to a film that with Princess Martha and King Olav V who were the parents of Harald V. The king himself makes an appearance in the film at age 2! It would be great to see that one.
Old 05-08-2004, 08:21 AM
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Translation of the article in Aftonbladet today.

Lennart & Sonja
Victoria & one of Lennart's children

It was about time!
Victoria was late when Lennart Bernadotte was royally celebrated.

MAINAU. Here Lennart Bernadotte gets his birthday kiss. But Victoria missed it. She was 40 minutes late to the royal party. And what a party it was. Lennart turns 95, wife Sonja turns 60 and on top of that they celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary. Father of nine Lennart Bernadotte, the Swedish King’s grandfather’s nephew, is still young is his senses.
- I don’t turn 95 until tomorrow (today) so this far I feel young, says the birthday boy.

He has earlier said that it’s because of his young wife, Sonja Bernadotte – who turned 60 yesterday. Sonja Bernadotte says:
- But I didn’t get strawberry cake like in Sweden, just tea.

The King, Silvia and Carl Philip came to the castle surrounded by solid security guards. A couple of hour later it was time for a musical congratulatory call on the castle stairs.

Ceremony almost over
Victoria didn’t show up on the castle stairs until 4:50 pm before the gathered public and press – 40 minutes later. By then the ceremony was almost over.

Why was she late?
- I honestly don’t know, said The King’s Aid-de-Camp, Per Nilsson.

But according to the Director of the Royal Information and Press Office, Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg, Victoria has been there already two hours before the celebrations started.

The whole Royal House – except Madeleine – is present at the celebrations. She has been forced to stay at home because of an essay in the History of Art. The celebrations for Lennart Bernadotte continue today.

FACTS: Lennart Bernadotte – father of nine

* Born 8 May 1909 at the Royal Palace of Stockholm
* Son of Prince Wilhelm and Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna of Russia (who
escaped from the family when Lennart was four)
* Lost his succession rights in 1932 when he married a commoner – Karin
* Titled Count of Wisborg and Duke of Småland
* Since 1932 he runs the exclusive estate Mainau on an island in the Bodensee in
Germany where he has founded an international conference centre
* He has nine children:
- with the now diseased former wife Karin Nissvandt: Birgitta Bernadotte (1933),
Marie-Louise Bernadotte (1935-1988), Carl Johan Jan Gustav Bernadotte
(1941), Karin Celcilia Bernadotte (1944)
- with his present wife Sonja Bernadotte, 60: Bettina Bernadotte (1974), Björn
Wilhelm Bernadotte (1975) Catharina Bernadotte (1977), Christian Wolfgang
Bernadotte (1979) and Diana Bernadotte (1982).
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Old 05-08-2004, 08:25 AM
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Translation of the article in Expressen today.


Choose another to marry

MAINAU. The King’s relative Lennart Bernadotte, 95 years today, knows exactly how it is. He was put to the same hard press that The King is right now putting on Crown Princess Victoria, 26: choose another to marry.

The Royal House celebrates Lennart Bernadotte and his wife Sonja, who yesterday turned 60, in two days at the castle Mainau in the Bodensee. King Carl Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Carl Philip arrived yesterday afternoon and the celebrations started with music, three salutes and a dinner at the castle. Silvia in a Dala blue tender dress and Victoria in a red dress without a “top” that showed well worked out shoulders, which in its turn shows how often she visits her boyfriend Daniel’s gym. Later, Victoria got to congratulate Lennart Bernadotte, when he, dressed in white smoking, sat in a wheelchair because his legs has grown older than his mind.

Same bitter experiences
They have quite a few bitter experiences in common. Lennart Bernadotte, son of Maria Pavlovna, the last Tsar’s cousin and Prince Wilhelm whom she was forced to marry and then escaped from home, fell in love with Karin Nissvandt who was a commoner. They married 1932 and Lennart Bernadotte lost his succession rights. He was the first in the Royal House to revolt and dared to follow his feelings instead of Court rules.

In his memoirs, he tells about the terrible pressure that the Royal House put on him and how Karin Nissvandt’s family was slandered. Lennart was pushed away by the family and the wedding could not take place in Sweden but in London. Gustaf VI Adolf, who was then Crown Prince and who later became King, caused a big argument.
- At official occasions, we were as a rule excluded. For every human being it hurts to be excluded. Your self self-esteem is hurt. You remember that from your childhood playing. You carry it with you throughout life.
King Carl Gustaf now puts Crown Princess Victoria to the same hard pressure.

Not good enough as a husband
The reason is that The King feels that Daniel, 30, is not good enough as a husband to a future Queen, according to Expressen’s Court source.
- Lately The King has started to think that is has gone to far and that it’s time for the relationship to end so that Victoria will have a chance to meet another, the source says to Expressen.

Lennart Bernadotte divorced Karin in 1972 when he could not take her severe mental illness anymore, she among other things, suffered from persecution mania. The year after, he caused a stir when he married the gardener’s daughter Sonja Haunz, then 28. Their youngest daughter Diana, 22, has married and has a child with chimney sweeper master Berndt Grawe.
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Originally posted by GrandDuchess@May 8th, 2004 - 7:25 am
Translation of the article in Expressen today.


Choose another to marry

So The King and his crown princess were the next to bash?
Wanna see a real good movie, just download it:
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An article, translated by me, from today's Expressen:

The Queen digging

A digging Queen on the Count’s land

MAINAU. Queen Silvia, 60, has now qualified for the exclusive group of digging royalty. It happened around lunchtime on Saturday. She grabbed the spade, gave it a hard press with her fancy shoes and in a swish the plant had got a spade full of soil.

Tree planting was the theme during Count Lennart Bernadotte’s 95-years birthday celebrations on the castle Mainau in the Bodensee on Saturday morning. First he and his wife Sonja, 60, yesterday planted a tree in front of the castle to replace and old one who has been taken by a storm several years ago. Then it was Queen Silvia’s turn. To manifest a cultural exchange she got to plant an “oxel” (in Swedish, don’t know the English name, Sorbus Intermedia in Latin). A blackbird looked up from a bush and wiggled his body, probably wondering:
- What spectacle is this then? (in German of course, this is close to the Switz border)

95 chimneysweepers in the congratulatory line
The Queen was dressed in a light-blue-green suit. To be sure not to get soil on the beautiful silk material, she borrowed an apron when she started digging with full powers. Crown Princess Victoria dressed in a beige pantsuit and matching bag, had to watch. As did Prince Carl Philip and King Carl Gustaf.

But first Lennart Bernadotte – The King’s grandfather’s nephew – was congratulated by a long line of chimneysweepers from Freiburg.
- I have never seen so many chimneysweepers in my life. Can you believe they where as many as I am years, Lennart Bernadotte, who was in a great mood, said while going around on his four wheel moped, joking with the guests.
- Without a sense of humour you won’t get to be very old.

Here the Count is King
The biggest surprise was a group or seniors from Gotland who has been travelling around Europe for ten days. Lead by the chauffeur Per-Axel Karlsson, Gotland, and the guide Anne Löllke, Storfors in Värmland, they stormed up and sang “Ja må du leva, jag må du leva” (happy birthday). And that’s exactly what he does, Lennart Bernadotte, who married away his prince title, but year later got back his count title. But on Mainau, he is King.
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Thanks for posting the photos and the article. I love the flags. It was great seeing Lennart having so much fun. According to the dictionary I have, the "oxel" in English is the Whitebeam.

Sorbus intermedia - Swedish whitebeam

The best known species is Common Whitebeam Sorbus aria, but several other species from Europe and Asia in particular are widely cultivated as ornamental trees.

The berries are a favourite of birds, though less palatable (less juicy) than rowan berries.

Sorbus aria - Common whitebeam
Sorbus devoniensis - Devon whitebeam
Sorbus intermedia - Swedish whitebeam
Sorbus mougeotii - Vosges whitebeam
Sorbus thibetica - Tibetan whitebeam
Sorbus vestita - Himalayan whitebeam
Sorbus americana - American rowan or 'mountain-ash'
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Carl Gustaf and Silvia
Silvia looks really beautiful in this picture!
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yes pictures.... I'll post them...

Originally posted by loving silvia and carl gustaf@May 13th, 2004 - 10:13 am
there must be some pictures that are able for stupid me to post....there are some on but I can't figure out how to post them....I'll try
there must be some pictures that are able for stupid me to post....there are some on but I can't figure out how to post them....I'll try
Old 05-17-2004, 05:34 PM
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Ok, let´s speculate girls (of course the boys are also invited to participate :P )...who will do best next Friday and on the main event on Saturday in Spain??
I would say Silvia will be classy and elgant as always. But the colour could be a problem. And I think that Victoria will do better than Madeleine on Saturday. Madeleine is more a "gala-girl" and less a "costume/suit-girl". She soon starts to look frumpish in a costume and a hat. I guess her young age is the reason.
And most of all I hope that nobody of them does- the in the swedish Royal house so liked-"dress-recycling"! Felipe won´t marry a second time (hope so&#33. This is an special event and an special event asks for a new and special dress/outfit!

Closed Thread

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Swedish Royal Family, Current Events Part 4: October 2006 - February 2008 Zonk Current Events Archive 112 02-18-2008 11:18 AM
Swedish Royal Family, Current Events Part 3: December 2005 - October 2006 GrandDuchess Current Events Archive 280 10-11-2006 04:16 PM
Swedish Royal Family, Current Events Part 2: December 2004 - December 2005 GrandDuchess Current Events Archive 290 12-05-2005 01:02 PM

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