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Old 08-09-2005, 09:17 PM
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prince Hassan have alot to give Jordan , he is the kind of people who know how to express himself I really admire him .

Old 08-09-2005, 11:08 PM
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thanx for the article GrandDuchess.
Though I must say I agree with some of the other members. The interviewer appears ignorant and almost rude at times. Either the person doesnt know that Sarvath was born a Muslim and her husband, like other men of the JRF, doesn't have multiple wives, or he/she was trying to be condescending on purpose. I hope they dont interview Swedish royalty in that manner
btw..I think the accompanying picture puts to rest all those crazy theories about P.Sarvath having work done on her face or using botox.

Old 08-10-2005, 03:44 PM
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Suria and other Jordanians. I have been told that there was a nice piece in one of the Arabic language papers yesterday, written by Prince Hassan about his vision for the Arab world, and that also it was reported , again in the Arabic press today, that he went to Al Al Bait University, which was of course his creation and which I believe he has not visited in many years. It would be interesting to know what was said.
Old 08-29-2005, 04:43 AM
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There will be interview on MBC with prince Hassan ( saturday , 9.30 pm ) , it seems really intresting , it is about his life
Old 09-03-2005, 05:56 PM
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Part I

-Prince Talal and QZ had actually 6 children,:
Hussein, Asma’a (died very young), Mohammad, Hassan, Muhsen (died young) and Basma.

-Prince Hassan was very close to his nanny (Umsiyat), who was Prince Tala’s Nanny

Back in Al-Hijaz, she was Originally African; He used to miss her a lot during his stay

In London, until one day when he was about 13, he looked for her and never found her, and then he was told that she passed away. That incident made Al-Hassan, who was still a child, lonelier (Back then he was called the sad Prince).

-Who’s the closest person to you from your family?

Prince Hassan: My sister Basma,as I am only 4 years older than her and ALia bint Al-Hussein who’s 9 years younger than I am.

We would always play together.

-Princess Alia bint Al-Hussein: My uncle Hassan (3ammy Hassan), was fun to play with , but he also used to scare us, because he watched over us most of the time. He used to play rough (laughing), but it was great!

HRH Adds, He loves to win, When my aunt Basma or I won, he would underestimate that winning and would be like, “Come on!, It’s nothing” (still laughing)

He even used to tease me if I win him by saying (in a teasing way):”Yea of course you won! We didn’t study English literature like you! “

-Jawad Annani (a former minister and chief of the Royal Court): Prince Hassan doesn’t accept anything wrong; he likes everything to be perfect! He becomes very furious if anything goes wrong.

He was feared, everything has to go just perfect, and everyone had to do his job, the right way, or else….! (Laughing).

- You were so much feared by the senates?

Prince Hassan (laughing out very loud): Oh, They still do fear me! Why did they put me on the shelf then (put me aside)?!! (laish hattouny 3la el raf la3ad?!).

- Monzer Haddadine (a former minister of water): He used to make us work and finish our jobs even if it took all day long. (Details omitted).

- "الملكية الناجحة هي التي تقلل من الرعوية"

(Not sure of the exact translation, but I’ll give it a try): The successful monarchy is the one that reduces the followers!(is the one that relies on institutions rather than personal loyalties)” Prince Hassan Said.

-He used to supervise everything to make sure everything is going the right way.

-He said I was raised the “British way”, I was very strict and disciplined”, and I believe in conversations and methods of convincing others “If u have a brain, let me meet with it (?)”

-Monzer Haddadine: even though he was very tough, he was very kind and compassionate.

-Are you moody your royal Highness?

Prince Hassan: Excuse me? Am I what? Moody? Oh yes I am. Sometimes I think people got me wrong, I am very honest and my honesty got me in trouble. I get upset quickly and easily!

-Do you think some people felt that you mistreated them in a way or another? Has anyone been “evil” to you?

Prince Hassan :Well, I forget the mistreatment and them being evil to me, but they never forget my mistreatment “to them”(which wasn’t intended in purpose of course),and they would all stab me in the back and “return” it back to me!

(أنا أنسى الإساءة و لكنهم لا ينسون و بردولي إياها!)

- The host: I found great sadness in his eyes, those eyes which hide a baby who had suffered a lot from loneliness.

- Princess Alia: People say My uncle Hassan is rough and cold, but the contrary is true, he’s very caring and very emotional , but I think his coldness is a way of “protection”, because he’s very sensitive, warm, and above all he has a “wide” awake conscious.

- Is it true that you rarely smile “Kesher”?

Prince Hassan: Do u see me like that?! (laughing). But I am Serious, I remember once a colleague told me that I never smile and I look too Serious when giving out speeches or when I am in meetings abroad that I need to smile, so I laughed and told him, in such meetings we discuss the “The conditions of the Arab world” and I don’t think that’s something conducive to smiling!!!.
Old 09-03-2005, 06:32 PM
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Part II

-1979 he published a book called “A Study on Jerusalem”.

-Host: There’s a very well known issue between Jordanians and Jordanians from Palestinian origins, It’s said that you are to the side of Jordanians and do care for them more?

Prince Hassan:My father was born in Al-Hijaz, and Palestinians were born in Jerusalem (or in any other place in Palestine),so I am no more a Jordanian than they are! I have been so interested in the Palestinian issue and I was so excited and keen on the Idea of sending 1948 Palestinians (Arab-Israelis) to “al-Hajj” through Jordan, I think there isn’t any need for such talks and there’s no need for bashing too!

- In 1956 his royal highness left to London to study in “summer field school”, students teased him a lot and he felt he was abused, they threw stones at him and called him “The Arabic with the Dark complexion” and the “uncivilized” , which made him become proud of who he really was and where he came from.

- Prince Hassan: I’ve always been the youngest among all students in my class and that’s the reason why I was only 17 when I graduated! I was outstanding as well.

There was sorrow and grief in my family, loosing 3 children (*there was another child between PH and PB but he wasn’t named as he died soon after he was born), My grandfather’s death and my father’s illness, So I felt that my family built high hopes on me , that I have to study and get the best degrees.

-Host: In London faced a new atmosphere, one that is completely different than yours, how did u deal with that?

- Prince Hassan: Well, I wasn’t much of a party person, I didn’t go to nightclubs….(Host cuts in)…But as a teenager , didn’t u feel like doing what all the other teenagers did?

Prince Hassan (laughing): I never was a teenager; I’ve always been a soldier!!

(عمري ما كنت مراهق طول عمري خدمة علم!!!)`

-Prince Hassan Speaks 7 languages, one of them is Hebrew ,he learnt it so that he would know the language of his enemies, he also speaks French,Spanish,Turkish&German next to English and Arabic!.

Prince Hassan: I remember my mother used to speak French with her friends while were abroad.

** I'll be posting part 3 tomorrow which is a very intresting part,he will talk about his relationship with KH and what happend in 1999....He will also talk about his fav.dishes and then there's gonna be a short interview with Rashid too.

Old 09-04-2005, 11:16 AM
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Part III:

In 1999 His majesty the Late King Hussein, Wrote a letter to his brother that shook him so hard.

“ couldn’t translate the letter, but it isn’t the same one he sent in Jan.1999 telling him that he chose Prince Abdullah to be crown prince”…It was a very weird and one that I haven’t heard before!.

-Host: were you shocked?

Prince Hassan: we grow older and forget with the days…

Host: what are the main reasons behind such a decision?

Prince Hassan: there weren’t any convincing reasons , but I think some “evil”people played a vital role in the Decision (wlad el Haram le3bu dor!!)!!

1965 The constitution was Amended in a way that any of King Hussein’s brothers can be appointed as crown prince, this step was met by blessings from QZ and the whole family back then.

Prince Hassan: I was abroad and I returned back home for the spring break, I was named “crown Prince” on April fool’s day (April,1st!!!) (laughing)…

Host: Were you both close?

Prince Hassan: Ah! We were one soul in 2 bodies (sad voice).

Jawad Ananny: He was very loyal, he used to fear KH (MHSRIP).

Prince Hassan: He would sometimes just move his eyebrow to tell me something, I would understand what he wants without hearing what he has to say. (بس إشارة حاجب،و أنا كنت اللبيب الذي من الإشارة يفهم!)

Host:Were you and his late Majesty Different?

Prince Hassan: we were so different, he was very optimistic and I wasn’t, he was fast in everything and I was very slow, I was closer to being a “turtle”!!

King Hussein had a constant smile on his face, I hardly smiled, and his smile captured everyone’s heart!

**( all of us who were watching, burst into tears when he said that, we felt he was so deeply wounded inside!)

Host: A word can affect Al-Hassan and hurt him badly. He was used to the Arabic disappointments and he was an expert , dealing with them!

Princess Alia: people viewed my dad as more open and close to them , while People viewed Hassan as a very cold and serious person.

Host: Did u upset KH?

Prince Hassan: well, one of my friends saw in my library , back in Oxford, books about communism and Marxism , and he went and told the King “Ur brothers has interests in Marxism!” , SO the King sent me a very harsh letter (men ga3 el dest ,as they say Here in Jordan), So I took the letter and went back to Jordan and asked him to read it for me, He asked me why, So I told him because if u believe in what’s written in this letter u will never see my face again!

King Hussein Used to ask me for an opinion when wanting to start a project, but no matter what I told him, once he decided to do something no one could stop him!

When King Hussein went back to London from the states , During his treatment process ,he came and took me by a private jet to his house in London , As for the story about me not seeing him for 6 months, it was because every time I wanted to go see him, he would ask me to stay in Jordan as I was his regent and I must stay in Jordan, ur the head of the Hashemites in Jordan while I am away ( إنت القرم الهاشمي!)

Host: There were Rumors that the Ill king didn’t want to see his brother and that Sarvath was planning to make some drastic changes in the Royal palaces and compounds.

I'm sorry couldn't finish it all,It's longer than I thought,aso I guess there will be part 4 and maybe five,but I promise I am working on it,translation is very hard!

Enjoy Papillon!
Old 09-04-2005, 11:54 AM
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Well done Lil Monkey ! This is an extemely good effort. I have heard that the interview was quite amazing and frank. The interviewer asked blunt questions and got blunt answers, no beating about the bush ! There was a lot about Prince Hassan's early childhood and influences. A lot about the responsibilty that was heaped upon him, the development plans etc. The people who were interviewed said that he was a strict and hard taskmaster, who demanded high standards, but that he was fair and set equally high standards and goals for himself. Interesting questions were about him being more pro 'Jordanian' than 'Palestinian'. He answered that well I am told, and the people being interviewed said that at a certain point he was the most knowledgable person in Jordan on Palestinian matters and did a lot to help them get certain claims accepted. They also asked if it was true that he was an 'Islamist' which he answered well there as well. Princess Sarvath was not interviewed, but Princess Ali and Princess Sumaya were. P. Alia obviously loves him a lot because she talked a lot with a lot of affection. He said that the closest people to him in his family were her and Princess Basma and it was obvious that they had fun together. This is important. P. Alia was asked about the succcession change. She said it was not a question of positions and titles that was the problem but that everyone suffered in the way that the change was carried out. Prince Hassan was frank about his feelings regarding the change and the people around his brother in his last days. One of the men interviewed said that the business about P. Sarvath redecorating the Palace was nonsense. She only ordered some changes made in the kitchens and the guest palace because the German President was coming, and he thinks that the whole thing was misrepresented to the late King. My friend says he should know because he was the Head of the Court at the time of the changes. There were many new and interesting photographs and film footage. Also a lot of film of P. Hassan going about, meeting people, laughing a lot. He told lots of jokes. The interviewer asked him if he had never considered marrying again , he laughed and said that he was too busy for that ! I suppose that is the sign of a good marriage that he can joke like that in front of hundreds of people ! I do wish that somehow we English and French speakers could see this interview, with some sort of sub-titling. is there anyway we can ask the tv channel, does anyone know ? I am sure that there was a lot that many people would want to and should hear, in Europe and the US.
Old 09-04-2005, 12:51 PM
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Final Part:

Jawad Annany: As far as I know, minor issues happened, it wasn’t as serious as people said, there were talks about redecorating the Kitchen and some redecorations in the palace because the German president was suppose to stay there.

Host: Evil people are everywhere?

Prince Hassan: No, not really, but Justice will prevail and nothing will remain hidden.

Princess Alia: The decision of appointing Prince Adullah as CP, didn’t make him sad, the Situation and the timing is what made him sad. It wasn’t a good time at all.

Prince Hassan: I accepted the decision, thank God for the Ability to forget!

(A scene of al-Hassan and a few other players playing Polo, Prince Hassan had number 4 (in English) on his polo shirt and Rashed has number 4 (in Arabic).)

(Another scene after the game, of people drinking tea and talking)

Abdullah Kareem (HRH escort ):he was very tough and strong!

Prince Hassan: I was naughty, I think I got broken Bones more than 16 times (laughing).

When I was a Student in UK, they asked me to play boxing with another student, It was more like a match, but the guy hit me and broke my nose, so I pushed him on the floor and kept punching him all over, they took me off him and I remember the coach saying, Ur mood isn’t appropriate for a game like this!! (Laughing)

Host: (Laughing): Ur not allowed hitting anyone?

Prince Hassan cuts in: huh? What do u mean?

Host: Ur not allowed because I heard ur punch is a killer (laughing)

(ضربتك قاتولية )

Host: It is known as well, that prince Hassan enjoys food, Mansaf, Chinese, Japanese and even “galayet bandoora” (which is a local dish, usually made by poor people).

(A scene of Prince Hassan and the Host entering a local restaurant called” Al-Shareef Al-reefy) , then another scene of them sitting on the table and having hubbly bubbly (argeeleh).

Prince Hassan: Mainly, I like Turkish and Persian (Iranian) Dishes.

Host: in 1958 Prince Hassan was called the “sad Prince” after the fall of the Hashemite monarchy in Iraq, the Pakistani ambassador to London, managed to help the young prince get out of his grief , that’s when he met “Sarvath”.

Prince Hassan: Sarvath and I, Played Tennis always.

Host: Did u have the courage to open up the subject of marriage with her?

Prince Hassan: we both had courage, I Invited her and her family to visit Jordan, Sarvath and I became very close , we didn’t feel how fast time went by and that was when the Idea of Marriage “popped-up”. Well, I also have to admit that by marrying me she had to give up studying in Cambridge University, she got a marriage certificate instead of a degree!!(laughing).

Host: Do u love her?

Prince Hassan: well, Love has another synonym , Affection and care, but by getting married to Sarvath I got rid of the circle of talks that were dominating back then “will the prince get married to a girl from family “x” or family “y”?!…etc.”!!

Host: Are u a perfect husband?

Prince Hassan: not At all!

Sumaya bint Al- Hassan: I remember when dad took us to school , he would play some brain storming games with us, they were more like quizzes and we had to know the answer, it was very easy going and we had lots of fun when being with him.

When he came late at night, he would tuck us in our bed’s and read bedtime stories for us

**Princess Sumaya’s accent is Jordanian as well.

Jawad Annany: I remember Prince Hassan’s children were easy going and joked a lot with their father, they called him “Abu-Rashid”.

Host: who’s the closest to you from ur children and who’s so much like you?

Prince Hassan: there are two classes (A and B),Rahma and Badiya are so much alike In everything, Rashed is (روسية )with Badiya, they argue a lot and keep teasing each other, Sumaya is so much like me , the way she moves and the way she manages things, she’s also very close to her mother.

In the family, we have 2 Taurus and 4 Lions!! I am surrounded by Lions! (Laughing).

(A scene of Prince Hassan and Rashed Sitting on the stairs (in the garden).)

Host (to Prince Rashed): When did your dad find out u smoke?

Prince Rahed (laughing): it was a few years ago, my mum prevented us from smoking, smoking was not allowed at all, but one day while I was out in the Garden smoking, sidi Hassan came out to the garden and was smoking as well, we saw each other so he said “you didn’t see me and I didn’t see you!” and we walked away… (laughing).

كان قبل كذا سنة،كانت الوالدة تمنع التدخين....))

** Rashed’s accent is 100% Jordanian , It was amazing listening to him, I loved the way he talked, even though the letters “R” and “L” were a bit heavy, but I couldn’t believe my ears, I never heard him speaking, I didn’t even think he knew Arabic!

Host: it known that Arab leaders tend to re-marry more than once, do u consider that?

Prince Hassan: I am very Lazy ! (laughing),I don’t have the time nor the will to do so!

Thank God what I have is a great gift from God!
Old 09-06-2005, 01:55 AM
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A new thread has been opened for Princess Sarvath and Prince Hassan:

Prince Hassan & Princess Sarvath Current Events 2: September 2005-

Closed Thread

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