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Old 03-24-2005, 01:26 PM
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King Abdullah & Queen Rania Current Events 3: March-July, 2005

Here is the new thread for Abdullah and Rania. The old thread can be found at this link:

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King Congratulates President of the Hellenic Republic

Amman, March 24(Petra)-- His Majesty King Abdullah II sent a cable to President of the Hellenic Republic Karolos Papoulias congratulating him in his name and on behalf of Jordan's people and government on the occasion of the anniversary of his country's Independence Day.

The King wished President Papoulias continued good health and happiness and the people of the Hellenic Republic further progress and prosperity.

King Congratulates President of Bangladesh

Amman, March 24(Petra)-- His Majesty King Abdullah II sent a cable to President of the People's Republic of Bangladesh Iajuddin Ahmed congratulating him in his name and on behalf of Jordan's people and government on the occasion of the anniversary of his country's National Day.The King wished President Ahmed continued good health and happiness and the people of Bangladesh further progress and prosperity.

King Abdullah's Website Wins the Prize of the Best Arab Website

Dubai, March 24(Petra)-- His Majesty King Abdullah II's website won the prize of the best Arab website.

The organizing committee of the competition, which is the first of its kind at the regional level, held a press conferenceon Wednesday in Dubai, during which it announced the websites that won the competition's prizes.

The competition aims at promoting innovation and creativity in web designing field.

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King Interviewed...........

Replying to a question on His Majesty's meeting with President George Bush, the King noted that he reaffirmed the importance of having a contiguous Palestinian state, pointing that Bush showed an understanding towards this issue.

On the Iraqi situation, His Majesty stressed that the future of Iraq should be charted by the Iraqi themselves. '' The Shiite Crescent issue came in a political frame,'' added the King

''Unfortunately, the Shiite Crescent concept was misinterpreted'' said the King , who also expressed belief that Shiite have the right to be essential element in what is going on in Iraq..

'' The best- kept border on Iraq is the Jordanian one,'' King Abdullah said. He also noted that Jordan is providing Iraqi army and security personnel with training.

'' Accusations against Jordan are baseless,'' noted the King, who also stressed the strong Jordanian- Iraqi relations.

On the Jordanian- Saudi ties, the King stressed that foreign minister Hani Mulki did not explain the views clearly to his Saudi counterpart, a fact that caused misunderstanding. '' When I visited Saudi Arabia three or four weeks ago, we agreed on a strategy towards the peace process,'' King Abdullah added.

Replying to a question on His Majesty's activities in Washington, the King stressed that he affirmed during his meeting with the Jewish organizations the importance of unifying efforts to support Mahmoud Abbas and to enable him to be a partner in peace- making.

Replying to a question on the role of Hezbollah in Lebanon,the King noted that we need to understand that Hezbollah has a clear role in the Lebanese political life.

On the Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon, the King pointed that President Bashar Assad will commit to his obligations. '' President Assad exerted intensive efforts to promote the Jordanian- Syrian ties,'' King Abdullah added.

Regarding the Lebanese situation, the King stressed that the Arab world and the international community should support Lebanon to overcome the current difficult circumstances.

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March 27, 2205:
King Abdullah receives US congressial delegation
from Petra
Attached Thumbnails
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Old 03-27-2005, 11:43 PM
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king receives US house of representatives:

photo 1:

photo 2:


for Humera: thanks for that up for me (in reference to post #18)
Old 03-28-2005, 03:22 PM
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At least all the King's near and dear can know what to expect as birthday presents this year !

Rochester-built Rokons being shipped to Jordan for royal gifts


Rochester Times

Motorcycles manufactured in Rochester, similar to the Rokon Trail-breaker in foreground, were shipped to King Abdullah of Jordan recently. Helping to make it happen were, from left: Stewart Cummings of Dover, Paul Parker of Farmington, Bruce Huntress of Berwick, Maine, Dennis Carignan of Rochester, Andrew and Jason Singleton of Acton, Maine, and foreman Mark Johnson of Farmington. (Nolan/Times photo)

GONIC — What are the chances of seeing U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice astride a rugged all-terrain motorcycle manufactured in this Rochester neighborhood? Better than you might think, so keep your eyes on CNN or Fox News.

Last week, 100!!! partially built Rokon bikes, worth around $500,000!!!, were boxed up and trucked to the docks in Boston for shipping to the Middle East kingdom of Jordan, where they are eagerly awaited by a very important customer — none other than King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein.

The king, through the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB), is likely to present some of these bikes to visiting dignitaries, according to Rokon foreman Mark Johnson — thus providing an outside chance of a Rokon being presented to a top American official.

The bikes, when they arrive in Jordan, will be fully assembled by a KADDB workforce under the supervision of a team that recently visited Rochester for a 10-day training course. The group was led by Jordanian Army Maj. Yousef Eaton, who heads the KADDB program and reports directly to the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces King Abdullah.

Both Johnson and Rokon owner Tom Blais have made several trips to Jordan and cemented a cooperative business relationship that gives KADDB the ability to promote, assemble, sell and support Rokon bikes in the Middle East.

The Web site trumpets the virtues of the Desert Ranger, as this exported model of the Rokon is known.

The bike can carry and tow heavy loads (a trailer is available as an accessory), can be equipped with handlebar brackets to carry an M16 rifle, pulls through mud, marsh or sand, fords through water two feet deep, can be floated across deep water thanks to a sealed wheel housing, climbs steep and difficult terrain and, its wide, low-pressure tires perform well in soft sand.

“We hope this leads to future sales,” said Johnson, as he watched a forklift loading a huge box of tires onto a truck backed into the factory loading dock.

Last year, the company, with a workforce of 10 people, produced about 500 Rokons for its customers, who include farmers, hunters, military personnel and people with specific industrial and commercial needs.

Blais describes the bike, which has been around in various forms since the 1970s, as a pack mule rather than a race horse, and it has a cult following in some spheres of the motorcycle world. He purchased the company in 1991, and moved it from Portsmouth to Rochester in 2002.

In 2005, according Johnson, sales could hit the 600-unit mark. This time last year, he had an inventory of 75 bikes in stock. Last week, after the Jordanian order left the parking lot, he had only five, and was preparing to ramp up production to meet the needs of Rokon’s dealer network in the coming months.
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Originally Posted by shelley
At least all the King's near and dear can know what to expect as birthday presents this year !

Rochester-built Rokons being shipped to Jordan for royal gifts

Rochester Times

Last week, 100!!! partially built Rokon bikes, worth around $500,000!!!, were boxed up and trucked to the docks in Boston for shipping to the Middle East kingdom of Jordan, where they are eagerly awaited by a very important customer — none other than King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein.
Does anyone else find this excessive and in bad taste, given how poor Jordan is?!
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it sounds like the kind of stunt the Sultan of Brunei might pull off. Ofcourse for him $500,000 would be little more than pocket change.
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King meets Canadian Minister of Labour


King Meets Canadian Minister

Amman, March 30 (Petra) -- His Majesty King Abdullah II stressed the necessity of fastening procedures concerning signing a free trade agreement with Canada, with a view to enhance the national economy.

The King reiterated, during a meeting with the Canadian Minister of Labor and Housing Joseph Frank Fontana, the necessity of the Canadian businessmen to benefit from the investment climate presented by the Jordanian economy and the privileges of the international agreements Jordan signed with a number of countries to establish investment projects, especially in the IT and housing.

They also discussed the possibility of establishing residential projects for citizens of limited income in the Kingdom, which will contribute to increasing the number of Jordanians who own houses.

On his part, Fontana stressed that his country looks forward to develop the bilateral cooperation relations in the different spheres, pointing that the Canadian private sector is interested in establishing investment projects in the Kingdom.

Present at the meeting were Royal Court Minister Sameer Rifai and Minister of Public Works and Housing Raed Abu Saud and the Canadian Ambassador in Amman John Holmes,

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New York City Students Provide Tech Assistance to Jordan
Mar 30, 2005 By News Staff

Imagine schools saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in technology costs -- all because of students. That is exactly what has happened in New York City. Students there have been trained to run computer help desks at their schools as part of the MOUSE (Making Opportunities for Upgrading Schools & Education), program, consequently saving the NYC Department of Education more than $700,000 in technology support costs in the past four years.

An ocean away, King Abdullah of Jordan recently launched an ambitious national initiative to bring computer equipment and basic technology training to the country's schools. Yet Jordan's educational system, much like its U.S. counterpart, has discovered that providing technical support for its new computer systems is an entirely separate challenge.

Enter iEARN, the International Education and Resource Network. A pioneer in online learning and cultural exchange, iEARN has worked in Jordan since 1992. Partnering with MOUSE and U.S. State-Department-accredited exchange program AYUSA, iEARN is bringing the benefits of MOUSE to Jordan this school year through the new Linking Individuals, Knowledge, & Culture (LINC) Program

Funded by the State Department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, this new program will bring much needed technical help to schools in Jordan while building cross-cultural friendships along the way.

Many schools struggle to keep their students up-to-date on the latest technology. Money for computers is hard enough to find, let alone funds for technical support training.

Jordan's King Abdullah, who recently launched an impressive initiative to provide all of its schools with computers and basic technology training, was running into this very problem. A unique solution was to be found -- in far-off New York City.

There, financially strapped schools use MOUSE an innovative program that trains elementary, middle, and high school students to establish and run computer help desks and provides job shadowing opportunities to participants.

Since its inception nearly four years ago, 315 MOUSE members have provided technical support to 52,217 students and 3,675 teachers in 49 New York City and 8 regional schools. The subsequent cost benefits have been enormous: as of June 2004, MOUSE has saved the city's Department of Education an estimated $708,936 in technology support costs.

With a problem and a solution both apparent, all that was needed was a catalyst to bring Jordan and MOUSE together.

That catalyst was iEARN, the International Education and Resource Network. iEARN pioneered the use of technology to facilitate communication and cultural exchange back in 1988 with schools in New York City and Moscow, and has been working in Jordan since 1992.

Together with MOUSE, State Department-accredited exchange program AYUSA, and funding from the State Department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, iEARN has established the U.S.-Jordan Youth Technology Leaders Program to bring the benefits of MOUSE to Jordanian schools.

Dr. Edwin Gragert, executive director of iEARN-USA, says the program enhances Jordan's efforts by empowering students to contribute solutions. "This [program] is basically a way in which students can play a role in this national initiative that the king and the minister of education see as so vital for their own country."

NYC and Jordanian Youth Tech Leaders to host each other

The LINC Program begins in April with the arrival of the Jordanian students for their 3-week visit to New York City and will run through the summer of 2005, when the New York City students will travel to Jordan. As part of their stay in New York City, the Jordanian students and their American host teens will participate in the YouthCaN event at the American Museum of Natural History on April 11th. The LINC program will establish two pilot MOUSE squads in Jordan and use iEARN's expertise in facilitating online learning communities to coordinate a virtual exchange between Jordan's new squads and two in New York City during the school year.

MOUSE's executive director, Carole Wacey, is pleased about the partnership and what it could mean to students on both sides. "[To have] students from New York and students from Jordan coming together around...this common area of technology to support their really exciting."

Building on iEARN's mission - to build international trust and understanding through shared online classroom projects - participants also will host each other for three-week stays in the spring and summer of 2005 in a physical exchange administered by AYUSA.

Baccalaureate School for Global Education and Freedom School have been chosen for the pilot phase. For New York City participants, the exchange experience will be a first for most. "A lot of these kids we work with have never even been into Manhattan," Wacey explained. The prospect of these same students going to Jordan is a thrilling one for her. "You just know at the outset that these will be life-altering experiences for [them]."

more links:

Local Government New York City Students Provide Tech Assistance to J...
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Correct me if I am wrong, but there have not yet been any 'State' visits made by European Royals to Jordan despite King Abdullah and Queen Rania having visited almost every major and minor monarchy in the past six years. Also, I cannot think of proper full scale Presidental visits of note either; much more a case of being in the region, and coming to Jordan for a night or so ? ( of course I exclude the Pope from this list as he came on a regional Millenium tour ).
Old 03-31-2005, 07:57 PM
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King Congratulates President of Iran

Amman, March 31 (Petra)-- His Majesty King Abdullah II on Thursday sent a cable to President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Muhammad Khatami congratulating him in his name and on behalf of the Jordanian people and government on the Anniversary of the Establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The King wished the President continued good health and happiness and the Iranian people further progress and prosperity.

King Congratulates President of Senegal

Amman, March 31 (Petra)-- His Majesty King Abdullah II on Thursday sent a cable to President of the Republic of Senegal Abdoulaye Wade congratulating him in his name and on behalf of the Jordanian people and government on the occasion of his country's National Day.
The King wished the President continued good health and happiness and the friendly people of Senegal further progress and prosperity.

Exhibition on Petra in Michigan City

Washington, April 1(Petra)-- Calvin College and Grand Rapids in Michigan City, U.S will host the most comprehensive exhibition ever presented on the ancient city of Petra.

The Exhibition, which has been shown in five US cities, will be organized between April 4- 15 to express cultural and scientific exchange between Jordan and U.S.

Earlier in 2004, Queen Rania Al Abdullah had opened Petra '' Lost City of Stone'' Exhibition in New York City.

"This is truly an extraordinary exhibition, a testimony to the special friendship Jordan shares with the United States,'' Jordan's ambassador to the U.S Karim Kawar said.

He also added that the Exhibition will not only brings our two cultures together, but also strengthens the bond between the peoples of Jordan and the United States.

Christian sects in Jordan express thanks to King Abdallah

King visits army headquarters:
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King Accepts Resignation of Fayez Government
Amman, April 5 (Petra)--His Majesty King Abdullah II accepted the resignation of the government of Faisal Fayez as of today.


King Condoles King Fahad

Amman, April 5 (Petra) -- His Majesty King Abdullah II sent a cable to Fahad Ben Abdul Aziz, King of Saudi Arabia condoling him over the passing away of Prince Msaed Ben Ahmad Sudeiri.

King Abdullah extended his most sincere condolences and sympathies to King Fahad and over the passing away of Prince Sudeiri.

Royal Decree Issued Accepting Resignation of Fayez Government

Amman, April 5 (Petra)-- A Royal Decree was issued Monday accepting the resignation of the Government of Faisal Al Fayez. His Majesty King Abdullah II expressed appreciation for Al Fayez and his government over their efforts which were exerted in the various fields.
In a message which was sent to Al Fayez, The King affirmed that the resigned government worked faithfully to achieve the noble objectivesthat were designed within the Royal comprehensive plans which aim at creating a modern Jordan.

Royal Decree Issued Appointing Faisal Fayez Chief of Royal Court

Amman, April 5 (Petra)-- Royal Decrees have been issued appointing Former Prime Minister Faisal Fayez a Chief of the Royal Court, Dr. Marwan Muasher a Minister of the Royal Court and Sameer Zeid Rifai an Advisor to His Majesty the King as of April 5, 2005.

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King names Badran PM

By Amy Henderson

AMMAN — Weeks-long anticipation of a government reshuffle on Monday turned into speculation on the constitution of a new government under the premiership of Adnan Badran, who was instructed by His Majesty King Abdullah to accelerate the pace of reform and institutionalise the reform process. Badran, 69, is a biologist by training and a pedagogue by profession. Before becoming president of Philadelphia University in 1998, he served as UNESCO deputy director general in Paris.

He held several prestigious posts at the University of Jordan before his appointment as president of Yarmouk University, a position that he held from 1976-1986.

The government change was made amidst popular frustration with the former government's reluctance to pursue political reform and development and with its diplomatic gaffes that disturbed Jordan's inter-Arab relations.

The government of former Prime Minister Faisal Fayez, formed in October 2003, was assigned with advancing a political development plan that would revamp Jordan's highly iniquitous and controversial electoral law and produce an “advanced” political parties law in collaboration with civil society.

A new electoral law remains outstanding, while a new political parties law surfaced only two weeks ago.

It was distributed to civil society organisations for discussion and comment just weeks after the government introduced to Parliament a unilaterally drafted law on the professional associations that would curb their influence as a political force in the country.

Meanwhile, the government's decision to withdraw Jordan's envoy to Iraq escalated tensions with the neighbouring country over its claims that a Jordanian was responsible for a suicide bombing in the Iraqi city of Hilla. Shortly after, the government's indelicate revival of the Arab Peace Initiative at the Algiers summit invited accusations from key Arab states that Jordan was pushing for “normalisation” with Israel.

“There's strong resentment on the street,” said a political analyst. “There have been a lot of initiatives — administrative reform, political development, Jordan First, decentralisation. Nothing moved, and things stopped making sense. Public opinion was also dismayed by the [criticism] of Jordan from the region and beyond.”

It has also become increasingly obvious that Cabinet members were also having difficulty maintaining cohesion among themselves and with personalities within the Royal Court on key issues, most dramatically illustrated by the resignation of Bassem Awadallah, who resigned as planning minister in February.

In the Letter of Designation, King Abdullah urged Badran to select a “homogenous” team of efficient ministers to accelerate and institutionalise the political reform process. And in an unusual Royal Decree that followed the Designation Letter, the Monarch instructed secretaries general of all government ministries to assume ministerial duties until a new Cabinet is formed, indicating that the King expects the new prime minister to weigh his options carefully as he selects his team.

The tone and the brevity of the letter were also departures from the norm, which indicates that the King feels “we have no more time to waste,” said a senior official. “He believes we must accelerate the pace of reform and move forward on the National Agenda.”

Although the announcement of the Cabinet is expected to take longer than usual, informed sources have indicated that some ministers of the Fayez government — notably Minister of Water Hazem Nasser and Minister of Education Khaled Touqan — will retain their posts, while Awadallah is tipped to return as finance minister and possibly assume duties as deputy prime minister. Badran is said to be considering Farouq Kassrawi, an experienced diplomat and head of the Institute for Diplomacy, for the post of foreign minister.

The announcement of the government change was accompanied by a reorganisation within the Royal Court as well. The court announced yesterday that Fayez will return to the familiar territory of the Royal Court, where he served as chief of protocol and Royal Court minister. Marwan Muasher, former deputy prime minister, has been appointed as Royal Court minister, replacing Samir Rifai. Additionally, Rania Atallah, former director of Her Majesty Queen Rania's office, has been appointed as head of the court's media and information department, replacing Sima Bahous.

Wednesday, April 6, 2005


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Speed up reform, King tells prime minister-designate

Following is the official translation of the Letter of Designation: In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Your Excellency Dr. Adnan Badran, May Allah bless you,

Now that time is due, and governments are successive, we seize the opportunity to reaffirm that change in government is only a journey of accumulative achievement. Each stage has its prerequisites and we have achieved a lot with the previous government as well as with former governments.

Our vision is reinforced in the evident development that our country is witnessing. Yet, aspirations exceed achievements. It is imperative to continue the journey and learn from past experiences. We live in a turbulent region and surrounded by global challenges. However, we are confident in the strength of our will and we are determined to move forward, motivated by a brighter future for all Jordanians.

We pride ourselves for being the first to adopt reform and to assume a pioneering role in the region. Reform is a comprehensive and a long-term process. Although we are certain that the fruits of reform will take time before they ripen.

The reform process demands the participation and effective contribution of all segments of society to face its political, economic and social challenges.

Moreover, reform cannot be realised without constructive communication with Parliament. Equally important is the active role of Parliament in meeting the challenges of reform.

We are determined in the coming phase to accelerate the pace of reform, and to institutionalise the reform process through the National Agenda, the elements of which are becoming more evident.

All the phases of the National Agenda, with no exception, demand the conviction and participation of all Jordanians particularly that citizenship is not an entitlement to personal gains at the expense of the state and the nation, but rather a productive partnership, and a shared destiny. Therefore, success can only be guaranteed through the efforts of all and the accumulation of achievements.

Although the core of the National Agenda appears to be purely economic reform, it is in fact a comprehensive reform process which includes eradicating poverty and unemployment, improving living standards, and raising income. Achieving these objectives necessitate creating jobs and enhancing productivity to attain well-being and prosperity.

It should also be stressed that reform also includes political, judicial and media reform as well as freedom of speech and investment in the human capital which is our most valuable asset.

Reform also includes equal opportunities, education, training, knowledge-oriented education, technology and market demands. Guided by these imperatives, we reiterate our call for the private sector to enhance its partnership with the public sector. The private sector has made achievements, yet a lot remains to be done and we call on the private sector, which is the main engine for reform, to rise to the challenge.

We want and aspire for the government to establish parallel relations with political forces including the parties and civil society institutions. To achieve this, there should be transparency and accountability and civil society should be committed to participation and guided by the same objectives.

We also reassert the importance of reconsidering administrative divisions in order to achieve decentralisation through the participation of all in determining the priorities and taking part in the decision making process and implementation, not only through the government's strategy of accountability, but rather through legislation, which is a major driver of comprehensive achievement.

Jordan will always be committed to its deep Arab roots. Therefore, we are keen to maintain constructive and equal relations with all Arab brethren countries.

We shall always remain supportive of our dear Iraq. We shall continue to support its dear people in their pursuit to solidify their unity and sovereignty within their independent choices and through democracy.

As for dear Palestine, we shall continue as always to be supportive of the Palestinian people. We shall continue to support them in their yearning to achieve their rights and to establish their independent state through the peace process. We assert our belief in the roadmap and the Arab Peace Initiative as both are the most practical and objective means to achieve the aspired objectives, without concessions in regard to the state or the future of the brethren Palestinian people.

Our journey will not be completed without the strong support of our Army and security agencies which are our homeland's impregnable shield, and the guarantor of its security, independence and stability. Therefore, its support is on the top of our priorities.

We call upon you today, to hold the honour of public service, by entrusting you with the formation of the Jordanian government, with the continuation of the vision and commitment.

We have selected you on account of your wisdom and maturity, experience and knowledge, and particularly due to your sincere belief in reform and your readiness to sacrifice and perform.

I wish you all the success in selecting a homogenous working team of efficient ministers, who believe in institutional work and are ready to give and offer without restraint, never despairing from obstacles and difficulties, to live up to Jordan's level of aspirations, and the ambitions of our courageous, worthy and capable people.

In Allah we trust

Peace be upon you, Allah's mercy and His blessings

Abdullah II Ibn al Hussein

Amman, March 5, 2005

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

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Rania Atallah appointed head of Royal Court Information and Media Division

AMMAN (Petra) — Director of Her Majesty Queen Rania's Office Rania Atallah was appointed on Tuesday as head of the Information and Media Division at the Royal Court. Atallah, who headed the Queen's office since 1999, obtained a bachelors degree in political science from Georgetown University in Washington in 1986 and a masters from the same institution in 1991. She worked as a reporter for The Jordan Times between 1987 and 1989. She also served as director of the Jordan Information Bureau in Washington for five years.

Also Tuesday, a Royal Decree was issued promoting director of Arabic media at the division, Amjad Adaileh, to the top level of the higher category-group two on the Royal Court's personnel scale.

Adaileh resumed his work at the division on Tuesday after completing a six-month study course in Britain.

Adaileh obtained a bachelors degree in media from Yarmouk University in 1984. He worked at the Information Ministry from 1987 to 1992, when he joined the media team at the Royal Court.

Another Royal Decree appointed former director of the division Sima Bahous as an adviser to His Majesty King Abdullah.

Wednesday, April 6, 2005


King to Take Part in the Pope's Funeral

Amman, April 6 (Petra)--His Majesty King Abdullah II will take part, along with world leaders, in the funeral of Pope John Paul II, which will be held at the Vatican on Friday.
The King's participation comes in appreciation of the Pope's support to peace and humanitarian issues, and his role in bringing followers of the three monotheistic religions in the world closer together.

King Receives Fayez and his Resigned Government

Amman, April 6 (Petra) -- His Majesty King Abdullah II expressed his thanks and appreciation for Fayez and ministers who worked with him over their distinguished efforts and achievements accomplished during the last period.

During a meeting on Wednesday with Faisal Fayez and his resigned government, the King added that the ministerial team, headed by Fayez, played a constructive role in developing Jordan and enhancing its developmental march, noting that the ministerial team shouldered huge responsibilities in hard times and worked for the sake of Jordan and its citizens.

For his part, Fayez expressed, in his name and on behalf of the ministerial team which worked with him, his most gratitude for the Royal trust of His Majesty the King, reiterating that the goal was always serving Jordan and that the true citizenship is based on the truth that the Jordanian citizen serves his country whether he was in or out of a responsible position.

King Receives Finnish Foreign Minister

Amman, April 6 (Petra) -- His Majesty King Abdullah II received Wednesday Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja who is visiting Jordan within his country's efforts to support the peace process in the Middle East.

His Majesty expressed, during the meeting which was attended by Minister of the Royal Court Marwan Muasher, his appreciation for Finland's stand which calls to achieve just and comprehensive peace in the region.

The king affirmed that achieving peace is based on committing to implement the international legitimacy resolutions and the roadmap that guarantees the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

King Attends Military Exercise

Amman, April 6 (Petra) -- His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Supreme Commander of the Jordan Armed Forces, attended Wednesday a military exercise that was performed by one of the units at the northern military zone.

His Majesty the King was briefed, in the presence of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Khaled Jamil Sarayreh, by the commander of the one of the formations of the special forces on the exercise and its stages.

The exercise was also attended by a number of senior army officials.

Former gov't played constructive role — King

AMMAN (Petra) — His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday thanked former Premier Faisal Fayez and his Cabinet for their distinguished efforts and achievements. King Abdullah told Fayez and the former ministers at a Royal Court meeting that they “played a constructive role in development and shouldered great responsibilities under difficult circumstances.”

Fayez on Tuesday was named Royal Court chief and chairman of the Board of Trustees of the King Abdullah Fund for Development. Fayez expressed gratitude for the confidence the King had in him and his team, stressing that they will always be in the service of the country.

King Abdullah on Tuesday asked Adnan Badran, 60, a biologist by training and a pedagogue by profession, to form a new government.

Also Wednesday, King Abdullah, the supreme commander of the Jordan Armed Forces, observed a military exercise by a unit of the northern military area. Accompanied by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff General Khalid Sarayreh and other high-ranking army officers, King Abdullah was briefed on the troops' training programmes and field drills.

The King also met yesterday with visiting Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja at the Royal Court for talks on regional issues and bilateral ties.

The King, meanwhile, is to attend the funeral of the late Pope John Paul II at the Vatican on Friday.

Thursday, April 7, 2005


Anan: Jordan Made Contributions to the UN Work

Beirut, April 7 (Petra)--UN Secretary General Kofi Anan said that Jordan, which won The Franklin Delano Roosevelt International Disability Award for its exemplary work on improving the lives of its disabled citizens, made important contributions to the UN's work in protecting and enhancing the rights and dignity of people with disabilities.
A press release issued by the Media Department of the ESCWA, said that the award is given to local institutes concerned with disabled persons from the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, in appreciation for efforts exerted to support the International Action Program for the Disabled Persons, which was approved by the UN General Assembly in 1982.
The report highlighted remarks made by His Majesty King Abdullah II during a ceremony to received the award. The King said that the Law for the Welfare of the Disabled , Persons, which was issued by Jordan in 1993, affirmed the rights of disabled citizens in the society and established the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons, which implemented a number of programs.

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King visits army headquarters:



King Visits Army Headquarters

Amman, April 7 (Petra) -- His Majesty King Abdullah II visited Thursday the Army headquarters.

The King issued royal directives on a number of issues concerning the armed forces, during a meeting with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Khaled Jamil Sarayreh.

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Royal Decree Approving Formation of New Government</FONT></STRONG>

Pet0353 4 0456

Royal Decree Approving Formation of New Government
Amman, April 7 (Petra)-- A Royal Decree has been issued
approving the formation of the new government under the leadership
of Adnan Badran.
Following are members of the new government :
1- Dr. Adnan Badran, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense
2- Hesham Al Tal, Deputy Prime Minister for Parliamentary Affairs,
Minister of Political Development.
3- Dr. Basem Awadallah, Minister of Finance
4- Dr. Abdullah Owiadat, Minister of Social Development
5- Dr. Abdul Salam Al Abadi, Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs
6- Tawfiq Krishan, Minister for Municipal Affairs
7- Dr. Khalid Touqan, Minister of Education, Minister of Higher
Education and Scientific Research.
8- Dr. Abed Al Shakhanbeh, Minister of State for Judicial Affairs
9- Dr. Salah Din Al Bashir, Minister of State for Government
10- Dr. Alia Hatough Bouran, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities.
11- Azmi Khrisat, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources.
12- Raed Abul So'oud, Minister of Water and Irrigation.
13- Asma Khader, Minister of Culture.
14- Saeed Darwazah, Minister of Health.
15- Yousef Al Shureiqi, Minister of Agriculture.
16- Nadia Helmi Al Saeed, Minister of Telecommunications and
Information Technology.
17- Soud Nsairat, Minister of Transportation.
18- Dr. Taiseer Al Smadi, Minister of State for Developing Public
19- Muhammad Ali Al Alawneh, minister of Justice.
20- Awni Yerfas, Minister of Interior.
21- Farouq Al Qasrawi, Foreign Minister.
22- Yousef Hyasat, Minister of Public Works and Housing.
23- Sharif Al Zu'bi, Minister of Industry and Trade.
24- Suhair Al Ali, Minister of Planning and International
25- Khalid Al Irani, Minister of Environment.
26- Basem Al Salem, Minister of Labor.


071711 Local APR 2005



Smadi sworn in before King:

Saeed sworn in before King:

Nsairat sworn in before King:

Qasrawi sworn in before King:

Darwazah sworn in before King:

Hyasat sworn in before King:

Shureiqi sworn in before King:

Zu'bu sworn in before King:

Yarfas sworn in before King:

Abadi sworn in before King:

Al-Ali sworn in before King:

Abu Sauod sworn in before King:


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Royal Decree..........1st add</FONT></STRONG>

Pet0542 4 0372

Royal Decree..........1st add
Prime Minister Adnan Badran and his ministerial team
were sworn in before his Majesty King Abdullah II, President of the
Royal Court Faisal Fayez, and Minister of the Royal Court Marwan

The Premier sent a reply letter to His Majesty's
letter of designation, which stressed the main dimensions that will
be attached great attention in the upcoming phase.

Badran affirmed that his government will build on
successes and accomplishments which were achieved, noting that the
government will work in line with the national agenda. '' Moving
towards better is achieved through participation of all spectra
of the community, coordination with the parliament, and effective
participation of the civil society institutions,'' the Premier
noted in the letter.

Badran also pointed that relations with Arab brethren
will be based on cooperation, coordination, and
consultation, stressing that the government will work on supporting
the Palestinian and Iraqi peoples.

He also noted that the national agenda will be the
guideline of the policies and programs of the government in all

'' The freedom of opinion, the responsible freedom of
expression, and respecting the political and human rights of
citizens are the main elements in achieving progress and promoting
creativity in work, knowledge, economy and performance.


071932 Local APR 2005





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Royal Decree..........2nd add</FONT></STRONG>

Pet0548 4 0515

Royal Decree..........2nd add
Badran added that the government views the economic aspect
as the cornerstone to achieve progress, improve the living
standards of citizens and secure the future of generations.

'' Me and my colleagues will exert every possible efforts to
develop the investment climate and encourage national, Arab and
international investment in the new productive projects, which
create job opportunities,'' Badran said in the reply letter.

The Premier pointed that prosperity, progress, success,
and reform could not be achieved without a comprehensive security
for the state and citizens, a fact that entails supporting the Armed
forces and security apparatuses.

'' Our ties with all Arab brethren will be based on
cooperation, coordination, and consultation in the political,
economic, cultural, educational, and tourism fields,'' noted the
Premier, who also stressed that the government will work on
institutionalizing such ties not only at the official level, but
also at the level of institutions, business, and individuals.

He also affirmed that the government will exert every
possible efforts to assist and support the Palestinian and Iraqi
peoples, who are passing through difficult circumstances.

'' The government will fully support the Palestinians to
achieve their aspirations and establish their state,''
said Badran, who also stressed that the government will build on His
Majesty's distinguished efforts, which are being successfully
exerted at the Arab and international levels, to regain rights of
Palestinian people and achieve regional peace.

On the Iraqi issue, Badran pointed in the reply letter
that his government will fully support the establishment of
security, stability and prosperity in Iraq. '' We will work on
affirming Jordan's stance on fighting terrorism and violence and
rejecting interference in the Iraqi internal affairs,'' Badran said.






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