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Old 07-29-2019, 01:28 PM
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What's new?Nothing,at least not here in NL where only the Monarch and his Spouse as well as the former Monarch receive an apanage,all others have a job and their own income.Also,the children of the Monarch are Princesses or Princess,their children,if not direct in line for the Throne will have titles like Count or Countess of Orange Nassau,or no title at all if the parents so choose!Only the direct family of the Monarch consists of the Royal Family,all others are members of the Royal House but don't have special privileges otherwise.
We don't have Joachims in our RF

Originally Posted by Tatiana Maria View Post
Royal Norway has an interesting explanation above of how this is not necessarily as it appears, as modifications to the options provided in surveys result in differing measurements of support.

The Future of the Danish Monarchy

I agree with you. The treatment of Prince Nikolai and the decisions he has taken over the year and a half since you posted this comment seem to be indicators of a new approach with the Royal House now accepting not only non-traditional career choices (private businesses included) for the members of the House, but even the usage of their royal titles commercially. It will be interesting to see how this approach, and the controversies that will occur in relation to a freer choice of careers, will reflect on the monarchy.

Has he had flag days after all?

If it's indeed the case that the absence of a royal title does little to prevent career-related controversies from occurring, then there is no reason why the royal titles should not be carried on to Prince Joachim's grandchildren, and his great-grandchildren afterwards.

However, I am more inclined towards agreeing with Muhler. The late Princess Elisabeth, and even Count Ingolf and Count Christian, were visible to the public to a much greater extent than the children of former princess Dagmar Castenskiold, in spite of their all being grandchildren of kings.

I am not familiar with the ways in which the monarchies of Asia and Africa have downsized. What modifications did they implement?

Regarding the monarchies of Europe, I am not sure to what extent they have genuinely downsized.

In relation to apanages and official roles: It was quite common even generations back for younger sons of European royal families to have military careers or administer estates in lieu of working full time for the monarchy, as mentioned by Muhler above.

In relation to titles: In Belgium, Sweden, and Liechtenstein as well as in Denmark, all members of the family who have a place in the order of succession are now endowed with royal titles. In Luxembourg, Monaco, and Norway, all legitimate descendants in male line enjoy princely titles at the moment.

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Old 08-15-2019, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Blog Real View Post
The Danish royal family increased its popularity
Denmark is unconditionally the country in Europe where for many years there has been the greatest support for the monarchy.
Oh god! The Lars Hovbakke Sørensen guy again!

Yes, the Danish historian who has made a career of:
1. Never sticking to facts.
2. Saying different things at different times.
3. Saying in this and other articles that ''Denmark is unconditionally the country in Europe where there has been the greatest amount of support for the monarchy over time,'' despite the fact that polls in Norway show that The Norwegian Monarchy has had higher support over time than the Danish one. Yes, most in their 70/80%s since 1945.
4. Saying in 2016 ''that most polls in Norway show around 60% support for the monarchy,'' despite the fact that almost every one of them shows the number to be over 70%, some over 80%. - With the exception of one which always shows 65%.
5. Then changing his mind in 2017, saying to Norwegian media ''that most polls in Norway show over 70%, making it the most popular monarchy in the world.''
6. Before changing his mind yet again, saying ''that The British monarchy is the one with the highest support,'' despite the fact that polls in Norway/Denmark showed equally high support (if not higher) than in the UK.

And now to this article-series of his, which is about European monarchies (although leaving out the smaller ones, i.e. Luxembourg, Monaco, Liechtenstein) - and which BTW is full of factual errors! Yes, surprise, surprise!
Well, in the article about the Danish RF, he writes ''that when QMII acceded to the throne in 1972, there were only about 50% of the people who supported the monarchy. But by 1990, it had increased to just under 80% - and has been at the same high level ever since.''
Hmm, he has said the same thing before, but then he has used the number 70% (sometimes even 90%) instead.
Another thing he seems to not be aware of is that the YouGov poll (as the only one) often has the support for The Danish monarchy below 60%, such as Norwegian TV2 always has the number at around 65% in Norway (way lower than the other polls).

So perhaps we shall be a bit generous (this is also mean to the commentators in Norway, who always say that the Norwegian Monarchy is the one with the highest support) and just say that both monarchies are equally popular! LOL.

The Queen is the most wonderful, forgiving, non judgmental person I know. Sarah Ferguson speaking in 2011.
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