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Old 12-27-2018, 07:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Muhler View Post
BTW Congratulations, JR76. I see you have rounded your first 2.000 posts.
Thanks for noticing! :) I had no idea myself since things like that don't show on the mobile app.

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Old 12-28-2018, 03:30 PM
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Thank you Muhler for the interesting detail. A beautiful church, but quite plain in comparison to our churches here in England (though most lutheran churches are plainer in decoration).

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone". Audrey Hepburn

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy". Anne Frank
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Old 12-30-2018, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by HereditaryPrincess View Post
Thank you Muhler for the interesting detail. A beautiful church, but quite plain in comparison to our churches here in England (though most lutheran churches are plainer in decoration).
From what I gather, Lutheran churches in Scandinavia are not as plain as those in Germany etc In fact, some are quiet elaborate.
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Old 12-30-2018, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Muhler View Post
I'm in no doubt that was exactly the intention!
Very much in contrast to the nearby earlier, smaller and I dare say more feminine cathedral Vor Frue Kirke (The Church of Our Lady).

This church, which QMII is very familiar with vis a vis her keen interest in archeology, was completed in its present form around 1250. But it's actually much older. In the basement is the oldest surviving stone-church in Scandinavia, from 1060.
From the days when Aarhus was young, only a couple of hundred years.

The church, named Sankt Nikolai Kirke, (but only known as Vor Frue Kirke = The Church of Our Lady) was the first cathedral in Aarhus, until the present one took over in the 1200s.

Later on in 1227, the church was a part of a Dominican abbey.
They eventually left after the Reformation in 1536.
In DK cloisters and abbeys were not torn down or subjected to plunder like in other countries. (There were after all way too many unmarried sons and daughters of those in power living in these places for that to be acceptable.)
So while a number of cloisters and abbeys were shut down or amalgamated, those monks and nuns who chose to remain in Denmark and chose to remain Catholic were allowed to stay until they died. The last one dying a few decades later.
A very civilized religious revolution I think.

Today most of the abbey is gone, but the church remains.
The church ship looks to me like a model of the school ship Danmark. A contemporary with the royal yacht Dannebrog (they were build at the same yard) she is still around:
Presumably the model was made and donated by a former crew member. Of which there have been many thousands, a couple of thousands of which were Americans training for the US Coast Guard during WWII.
Dear Muhler, I add my thanks to the many already offered for your thoughtful insights on Danish churches. I am curious however about the 'church ship'. No doubt you have explained this before, but is the 'church ship' a standard item in Danish churches?
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Old 01-02-2019, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by gerry View Post
Dear Muhler, I add my thanks to the many already offered for your thoughtful insights on Danish churches. I am curious however about the 'church ship'. No doubt you have explained this before, but is the 'church ship' a standard item in Danish churches?
You are most welcome.

Pretty much! About half of the some 1.200 Danish churches have one or several church ships.
Such ships are always donated to the church, it's never acquired.

The thing about church ships is known all over Europe in places that is connected to the sea from the 1400s, but in DK it's known with certainty from the 1500s. - But while known elsewhere in Europe, there is no other country where church ships are so common as in DK.
There are also quite a few church ships in present day northern Germany, and as most of them fly Dannebrog this is a Danish custom that has been maintained there.

The church ship is hand made and donated to a church by a someone who has gone through and survived a serious crisis. be that a shipwreck or an illness. It's a kind of offering to God and the church.

The main structure of any church in DK, from the entrance to the alter is in DK also called a church ship, and keep in mind that ships were often used for burial in th Viking age and for thousands of years before that, so ships, at least in DK, is closely linked to faith - apparently regardless of the religion.

There are various theories to what these ships symbolize.
It may be an indirect talisman for the locals so to speak. I.e. the church ships would help protect their relatives on sea.
It may likely be a symbol of life. I.e. with Christ at the helm the congregation will steer safely through life.
Or the journey from Earth to Heaven.
For port towns ships were a source of pride, so it may be only natural to also have church ships in the local churches.
It may simply be that Danish seamen saw church ships in Catholic countries and brought the custom with them home, where it developed a symbolic meaning that may differ from the original meaning.

- I think the truth is a mix of all of the above, and more. It depends on your view I guess.
So the symbolism you (or anyone else) see in a church ship, is IMO just as good as any other.

Here are some more church ships:
This is believed to be the oldest church ship in the world. It's from Rotterdam and dates from the 1400s:
And this is positively wonderful!

Presenting a new ship:
They are fortunately still made.
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Old 01-05-2019, 12:01 PM
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BB has finally caught up with the DRF events around Christmas.

Summary of article in Billed Bladet #01, 2019.
Written by Ken Richter.

In contrast to the other BB reporters Ken Richter writes about what he observes himself or is told himself and keep speculation and the sugary fill to a minimum.
So you can rely on that what he writes is what he has seen himself. (*)
Here covering the Christmas services on the 24th 25th and 26th.

The DRF arrived en masse in the afternoon on the 24th to Aarhus Cathedral where the 1.200 seat were all occupied. Except for a small screened off area near the baptismal font, reserved for the DRF.
That area consisted of three rows of chairs.
QMII sat in the middle in the front row with the smallest of her grandchildren. Henrik, Vincent, Athena and Josephine flanking to both sides.
On the second row sat Christian, Frederik, Mary, our Marie, Nikolai and Isabella.
On the third row sat Joachim with Felix.

During the service Vincent was observed making a spyglass from the booklet with psalms. There was a good deal of cheerful chatting between the children and their parents and farmor Margrethe.
Margrethe and Mary sang along to the psalms.

The DRF arrived as the last and left as the first. (**) On both occasions the congregation stood up as a sign of respect.

Felix and Henrik were seen arriving in the same car as their farmor. The rest of the family presumably arrived in the van.

On the 25th the adults of the DRF arrived for the high-mass. (Not sure how to translate the correctly. But it's a long service.) Which may be why the children were left behind.
On this occasion it was royal confessionarius, Henrik Wigh-Poulsen, who was in charge of the mass.
Just as PH always did, Frederik as the only one left before communion.

On the 26th QMII was the only one to attend service.

(*) However, it happens he gets distracted. I clearly remember him using half an article to write about a vintage car.
I'm not sure that was of particular interest to the majority of regular readers of BB.

(**) Just like in the navy. The highest ranking enter the boat as the last, but leave the boat as the first.

- This weeks scans will eventually be posted in the general DRF thread along with an account of how QMII celebrated her New Years Eve.

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