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Old 06-20-2005, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by carlota
many people had that sensation, me included. i guess it had to do a bit with all the expresivity she showed, maybe because of being nervous at the moment or because she didnt know as much protocol as she knows now and couldnt tell whether moving a lot as she did or interrupting felipe was good or not.
she's not talking about Letizia....she's talking about MARY!

MARY having her chin up thing....i thought someone mention it b4 that she learned that from the "princess classes" she took before the engagement/ wedding.....

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Old 06-21-2005, 10:56 AM
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I have interested to Royal family when Prince Charles wed Diana they looked as great couple, then shortly after I didn't have much attention to royalty anymore until the wedding of Denmark crown prince Frederik, It was because of my Australian friend speaks a lot about Frederik’s Australian fiancée. I didn't found the crown princess to be as an impressived woman (but she seems to improve quiet well after). When I followed their wedding ceremony another princess from this royal family draw much my attention, she is Princess Alexandra.... I don't know why I interest a lot with this petite woman at the first time I saw her picture, then I start trying to find more about her....more I know about her more she impressed me a lot with her manner and work-prestation as a princess.... Since then I'm trying to have a look if I can find other princess including in other kingdom who can impressed me like what Alex did. Some of princesses have a good manner and work-prestation as a princess but none of them impressed me a lot. When the first time I know about Letizia, she impressed me with her beauty, independent and her successful career before she married her prince. Princess Mathilde impressed me with her elegance and her simplicity for me she is the most regal and classic crown princess in Europe at this time. Mette Marit had a quiet “grey” life in her past but she seems to be honnest with it, apologize for what she has done and trying to be better, I give her a good point for it.

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Old 06-21-2005, 12:15 PM
sm1939's Avatar
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I first saw Mette marit on her wedding day , and I thought you go girl,
I thought why cant she marry into the royal family , ok so she's had a wild past , ( Just like princess Margaret!! )who was a really party girl ( ok Margaret may not of used drugs ) but she did do other things, so I never understood why people got so upset about the whole thing really , so mette marit impressed me from the start and also the Norwegian royal family did too, how they handled it. ( by the way Im not putting princess Margaret in this conversation)
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Old 06-21-2005, 01:50 PM
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when i going store and i saw Princess Diana covers when she died they im still collectors of her for 7 years but i like her she really glamorous Princess.

they later i saw Prince William with Princess Diana together magazine but im still collectors of him but he really handsome Prince

Sara Boyce
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Old 06-21-2005, 04:53 PM
Join Date: May 2005
Location: Vienna, Austria
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[QUOTE=sm1939]I first saw Mette marit on her wedding day , and I thought you go girl,
I thought why cant she marry into the royal family , ok so she's had a wild past , ( Just like princess Margaret!! )who was a really party girl ( ok Margaret may not of used drugs ) but she did do other things, so I never understood why people got so upset about the whole thing really , so mette marit impressed me from the start and also the Norwegian royal family did too, how they handled it.

I absolutely agree!
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Old 10-14-2005, 05:45 AM
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Crown Princess Mary i never thought frederik would merry her i saw her as quite plain but a sweet heart
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Old 10-14-2005, 06:56 AM
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Princess Stephanie : I met her on the beach 15 years ago ( I was 8 years old), she fixed my sandcastle and I shot water on her through my huge watergun . She ran after me and when she caught me she dumped into the water with me

Later the evening my mother told us about who she is and stuff ...
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Old 10-14-2005, 06:58 AM
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When I first saw Mary on the Danish Royal House website I thought she was very unusual looking, but for a future queen that could work. Since then I've seen more pictures of her and she's not quite so unusual looking but was amazed to find the passionate dislike many have for her. She is described as arrogant, I don't see it but even if she were I wouldn't consider that a bad trait for a future queen.

Mette-Marit and Haakon I first saw on their website and was impressed with how expressive and personable their faces seemed. This seemed like a couple who would be fun to get to know. But now after reading about their history, I still think they must be very friendly but also I have to say a bit irresponsible. I feel sorry for her son.

When I first saw Marthe-Louise on the Norwegian Royal website in that awful hat, I thought she was terribly frou-frou. Boy was I wrong. She's turned out to be the most interesting and intelligent royal I've come across lately.
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Old 10-14-2005, 09:12 AM
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Mette-Marit : I thought she looked mean and a little bit lanky. She still seems a little out of place to me but I'm slowly warming to her

Beatrix : Hair and Hats - I just thought she was just a jolly, laughing, happy woman.

Margrethe : She came across as a little severe and not very regal at all, but as I learned more about her, I realised she isn't as severe and is very regal indeed!

Josephine-Charlotte : It was the 'Uncle Goggi' story on 'A Royal Family' and I howled with laughter. Thought she was fabulous and miss her greatly.

Silvia : Someone's had a little nip and tuck

Lilian : How adorable!

Andrea Casiraghi : Come up and see me sometime

Pierre Casiraghi : Wait until you're brother's gone and then come up and see me
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Old 10-14-2005, 04:41 PM
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Maxima: after the first blurry pictures the dutch audience (and me) could finally have a good look at her because she was filmed at a friends wedding, a few years before, and apparently somebody sold that to dutch television. On the footage you saw Maxima doing what people do at weddings: having fun, dancing, drinking..and smoking & she looked a bit tacky. I think the entire coutry was seated with their mouth opened in front of the television and alsmost fell of their chairs that hour, including me. But during her engagement statem,ent and press coinference I got a better look at the real Maxima, stylish, cheerfull, charming and witty.

My first encounter with princess Mabel was her voice on the radio, which caused an immediate dislike. A dislike which has not been altered ever since.

Princess Laurentien I first saw on a picture in the magazine 'Vorsten'when she attended a noble wedding in Germany with Constantijn. My first impression was: those eyebrows!!! Luckily she altered them quickly after her engagement.

Mathilde was a big but pleasant surprise, the engagement came unexpected and she seemed very fresh, but still very elegant and ladylike. I though she was 'perfect' from the start.

The first pictures of Claire I saw was when she accompanied Laurent to Amsterdam for the wedding of the crownprince (just to the hotel, not to the official ceremony), she seemed unaffected and down-to-earth, an opinion I still have.

When I saw Letizia after a pleasanmt saturday I had a big shock as I always thought/ hoped Felipe would marry a noble/royal girl (Marie-Caroline of Parma for example), after the initial shock I liked her instantly, she seems modest and elegant. I also liked that she, like Maxima, had a carreer of her own when she married.

The first impression of Mary was of her engagemment and that she seemed calculating and arrogant, her choise of interests shortly affter her marriage (which is pointed out by other posters here as well) did not alter that impression, but now I am warming up to her as well.

As for Mette-Marit, that was a surprise as well but I remember her honesty at the press conference when they announced the engagement and I thought it took a lot of courage to do that & I liked her because of it (although I still thought her highly unsuitable as future queen at that moment).

As far as Kate Middleton and Chelsey ? go: Kate seems a boring english countrygirl who hasn't seen anything of the world and Chelsey seems utterly vulgar, more suitable for joining a girlband then the royal family.
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Old 10-16-2005, 08:30 AM
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Hmm, the first time I saw Mary was soon after the engagement and I didn't think much of her. My opinion hasn't changed. There's something incredibly artificial about her, she just doesn't come across as genuine alot of the time. Moreover, I've always got the impression that she's more interesting in all the trappings of Royalty and not the poisition itself.

I actually saw Letizia on television when I was on holiday in Spain before the engagement announcement. I thought she was very pretty then and my opinion hasn't changed. Moreover she seems incredibly warm and dedicated to her position as a future Queen. I like the fact that she takes a serious and business-like approach to her role. She doesn't seem to milk it for the perks and to a certain degree that's reflected in the entireSpanish Royal Family.

I knew of Rania before she was Queen, but I really noticed her the day of King Hussein's funeral. I happened to be ill at home so I watched the entire thing on CNN. I was quite interested because I'd read about the whole Noor versus Rania position because of the change in succession. Personally I though she handled the day really well as there was alot of interest in her because she was going to be the future Queen.

I've known about Victoria for a very long time (courtesy of my mother's Hellos') and I really like her. She seems like a very normal individual, a credit to her parents and a woman who will be an excellent future Queen. Her siblings came to my attantion alot later and I think the first I heard of Madeline was on the "Wife for William" programme.

Out of all the British Royals, to a certain degree Camilla is the only one who's made an impact, in that figures like Diana, whilst quite unique, were always there in the limelight so to speak. During Diana's life I was alwyas quite hositle towards Camilla but I think now, my attitude has changed becuase at the end of the day, she's been accpeted byWilliam and Harry, so what business is it of anyone else's?

I only heard of Mette-Marit on her wedding day and that was becuase the press chose to talk about her scandalous past and the fact she already had a child. My initial reaction was, so what? Single mothers are hardly uncommon in this day and age and what right od I have to judge. She and her husband seem incredibly happy and most importantly she seems to have handled alot of the negative press very well. Kudos to her.

I only heard of Maxima and Mathilde when I joined a royal forum. I've always been in mixed minds about Maxima, partly becuase of her father's reputation (but then that's not exactly her fault). Yet on the toher hand she does someties seem to only care about the superficial aspects of Royalty, a complaint often spoken of by my Dutch firends.
I'm not really interested in Mathilde, I find her quite artificial and fake and I can't quite put my finger on the reason. I know she's well-liked on this forum but something about her just grates. Sorry to her fans.

I've alwyas liked Alexandra of Denmark, she seems incredibly down to earth and I was incredibly shocked when her and Joachim split. However, she's handled it all in such a dignified manner and really seems to maintain a close relationship with her in-laws and Denmark itself.

As for the Moroccan Royals I can remember seeing the pictures of Lalla Salma's wedding. She seemed a pleasant individual and I did have high hopes for her as she seems an intelligent woman. But I'm pretty disappointed in her, she hasn't achieved anything substantial and just seems to make appearances when it's prudent to do so. I really do admire her sister-in-laws more in that aspect, especially Lalla Meryem.
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Old 10-16-2005, 09:51 AM
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The First time I saw Mathilde was the engagement pictures, I thought she looked sweet and shy but the I think I noticed most was her extremely long legs (very superficial )

The first picture I saw of Mette-Marit was this which was the first picture ever published of her in the papers
I remember thinking it would never last since it was known she had a child, and Haakon was still quite young, so I did not pay much attention to her in the beginning and thought her one in the row of Haakons various blond girlfriends.

First picture I saw of Maxima she looke dishelved, was holding a sigarette in one hand and drinking with the other, accompanied with the story of her father so that was pretty much also a "never gonna happen in a million years" kind of thing.

First picture of Mary was the same as Lena posted, i fond her cold and stiff and still do (but no so much as then). But I had a feeling from the beginning that she would be the one considering she was not from Denmark.

Alexandra I first saw when the engagement to Joachim was anounced, she appeared so comfident with the most over the top 80s hairdo and a very short skirt

I was away when it was anounced Felipe got engaged so I first saw and heared about Letizia the day of the official engagement in a short segment at the Norwegian news, after the initial shock (good bye Queen Eva ), I though she was very beautiful, comfident and extrovert, something that has been scraped of her a little now unfortunatly.
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Old 10-16-2005, 11:22 AM
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Mathilde : First time I saw her was at the engagement on tv. She came across as a very beautiful, modest but self assured woman, very much in love with Philippe. I immediately liked her.

Mary: the first picture I saw of her was at th olympics in Syney, she looked very plain and common to me. I thought it woudn't last. When the engagement was anounced I wasn't pleased, but this changed completely when I saw photos and tv images of the engagement. I like her since then.

Máxima: first pictures of her that I saw, she was in bathing suit on a boat with WA. I saw her as vulgar and actually I still do.

Laurentien: at her engagement. I was a bit surprised by the way she looked but I liked her caracter and the things she said very much. A nice woman.

Mabel: at the engagement. I immediately disliked her because of her arrogance. It doesn't really help that she's a M. Thatcher lookalike either.

Letizia: First images I saw were posted here on the forum, of her reading the news. It was disappointing for me because of her job and divorce. I haven't got anything against her now, but she just doesn't interest me. And I still don't see what's she's got that's better than Eva Sannum.

Mette-Marit: First photos I saw in Point de Vue of her walking in Oslo in the streets in that striped jersey :) I liked her, liked the jersey too :) Don't know why, she has the worst past of all (except for Mabel), but maybe because of her honesty and vulnerability at the time.

Alexandra: Discovered her when I started reading point de vue (in 1998), on photos of her and Joachim in Ireland. I was really charmed by the way she looked and her backgroud, I liked her imediately. And it's a great shame that marriage didn't last, it had something fairytale like (but that was far from the truth...).

Victoria: the first picture I saw of her was in the newspaper, a photo of her when she was a bit chubby and another one when she had anorexia. I remember thinking she looked better thinner - I suppose I had no idea what was going on. I'm very glad she was able to surmount her problems and feel good and healthy again.

Claire: I saw her on tv, in a royalty program. She was with Laurent at a gala event. I thought it was just another one of his girlfriends and that it surely woudn't last. I was wrong!
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Old 10-16-2005, 01:05 PM
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Stephanie: She was first royal which I ever saw on my life:) It was many years ago - early 90s or end of 80s. My father call me to come and see on TV a real princess. Stephanie was singing. She haven't got any crown or long dress and she've got cut hair I was really surprise aboud her and becouse I don't know that the princesses still exist.:) I was a young girl bout 8 or 10 and I thought that princesses must look like it's wrote in fairy tales.

Victoria: I saw her first time on some newspaper of her 15th birthday (they wrote that one of her birthday gifts was a horse-saddle and there was a photo of her and family). I was impressed that this smily-girl will be a queen some day.:)
Silvia: (first time like above, but I forget about that). On some newspaper in 1993 - article about her birthday. There were her and her family photos, more clarity than year before becouse in colour. She was in blue long dress with white lace and with a tiara - from some Noble Prize gala. I like her for this time until today and her family too. Article talk about the other European royal courts (which I saw many years later) and I was really in shock that they are still exist - kings, queens, princes and princesses.

Mathilde: really nice girl, so young and beautiful with her prince - engged on TV.

Mary: on TV when there were rumours that she could marry Fred, about maybe 2002 or 2003. She goes with Fred on some boat. I don't like her than but now I really like. She is beautiful.

Spanish RF very first time on Elena's wedding on TV and newspapers. I remambered only them. Felipe was so biiiiig; king and queen so great; Cristina it's shame - I thought that she is not beautiful maybe becouse photos which I watched were not good? but I've change my opinion whe I saw her on her own wedding, so nice girl. On Cristina's wedding I saw many other royals first time.

British: I really don't remamber, which is really strange
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Old 10-16-2005, 08:34 PM
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My first impression of the royals...

Victoria: sweet, funny, caring, would make a great queen

Madeleine: fun, pretty, and enjoys life

Mary: didn't understand why people bashed her in the beginning so much, she seems kind and dedicated, the whole "does she love him" debate seems kind of pointless because they're already married with a baby prince! :p

Letizia: pretty, outgoing, and a modern woman

Maxima: nice blonde hair, big smile, sweet

Harry: cute, fun, and caring

Carl Philip: so handsome and a good brother

Mathilde: dedicated, caring, and a good mother/wife

William: what's up with his hair , shy, and caring
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Old 10-17-2005, 01:02 AM
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when i was in England for my trips and i saw CP Victoria of Sweden in HOLA cover how she was beautiful!

Sara Boyce
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Old 10-17-2005, 04:19 AM
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I tend to pay the most attention to HGD Guilluame of Luxembourg. I remember the first picture I ever saw of him was of him with Felix when they were really young standing on the balcony waving to the people. Both had their hair slicked back and hadn't grown into their decent size ears yet. And I remember thinking which one is who? They almost looked like they could be twins in the picture. I can't say my opinion of him has changed much from the first pic I saw. But luckily the year have been very giving to both Guillaume and Felix and they both look different but are equally attractively hott.
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Old 10-17-2005, 06:29 AM
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Thumbs up encounter

My first encounter with royalty was when we ( my twinsister and I ) where playing at oure grandparents house. There were some boys who wanted to see the little baby rabbits who were born. Oke we said and my grandparents took those boys in and gave them candy. My grandfather looked out of the window and saw a big black car ( maybe a mercedes ) and said to my grandmother " what is that big black car doing in front of oure house. Well, said my grandmother, those boys we have here are the childeren of Princess margriet and mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven. Butt those boys also like candy just like any other "normal" child. My grandparents lived 36 years near the royal family and we met Princess Margriet regulary when the Royal pond was open in the winter and the neighbourhood was aloud to skate on it.:p :p
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Old 10-17-2005, 09:29 AM
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Mathilde: she seemed a bit bland to me, with impeccable manners and a lot of kindness, but still not very exciting.

Mary: I saw her first at her wedding. I thought she was the perfect fairy princess, so beautiful in that wonderful dress.

Mette-Marit: They showed bits of the press conference on TV, she seemed quite shy and insecure. When I heard about her days as a party girl, I thought, there's more than meets the eye!
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Old 10-18-2005, 09:59 PM
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h'mm lets sart:

CP Mary: the first picture I saw was in the newspaper a picture of her in the Royal carriage riding from the church to the palace her chin up, seeming to say" Iv'e got it all now" I continued to see her as an ambitious girl untill recently, when I must admit she and Fred really look happy!

CP Mette Marit: I didn't understand what Haakon saw in her, but after following her in the royal forums I can see that she is so natrual, w/o airs and graces, and warm, never pushing her first son on the side, even if it would have been easier, and she seems to have a really stable relationship with the CP, and seems to be doing a good job.

CP Maxima:At first she seemed very vulgar, and ambitious to me, untill recently I can see what the CP saw in her, it's her vivacity and bubblyness which attracted him.

CP Mathilde: At first I thought she was the plainest of the Crown princesses of Europe, and now I see that she is probably the most natrually beautiful.

thats it for now folks.

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