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Old 04-21-2011, 04:04 PM
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Originally Posted by saphills View Post
Princess Alexandra


This one looks like an ornamental cabbage! Unusual, even if it isn't a cabbage.

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Old 02-24-2012, 03:58 AM
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is it more commen in denmark for royals to be given a Bouquets at events in denmark then i norway, netherlands or sweden

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Old 02-11-2014, 08:55 PM
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Flowers are tres magnifique! Flowers are very magnificent!

Various flowers have been named after Kings and Queens.
Various flowers have been named after Princes and Princesses.

In A list the name of the flower.
In B list the type of flower and/or name of color.
In C list the Royal Person.

A Vanda William Catherine
B an orchid hybrid
C The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
A Queen Elizabeth Rose
B A grandiflora rose with pink blossoms
C Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain

A Diana, Princess of Wales Rose
B A pink blend hybrid tea rose
C Princess Diana

A Queen Beatrix Daffodil
B Yellow trumpet daffodil
C Princess (Queen) Beatrix of The Netherlands
A The Catherine Rose
B a peachy pink rose
C The Duchess of Cambridge

A The Royal William Rose
B Rose of the Year in 1987 vibrant red
C The Duke of Cambridge
A Yorkshire Princess Rose
B A rose with pure white petals and a soft blush centre
C Her Royal Highness, Princess Mary, The Princess Royal,
Viscountess Lascelles, Countess of Harewood
A King Alfred Daffodil
B Trumpet Daffodil
C King Alfred, King of Wessex

A Charlemagne Rose
B Deep pink Hybrid Perpetual rose {France, 1863}
C Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne,
King of the Franks
A Tulipa Tsar Peter
B Greigii Tulip, red and white
C Tsar Peter of Russia

A Amaryllis Josephine
B Amaryllis
C The Empress Josephine of France
A Red King Humbert Canna
B Canna with red-orange blooms
C King Humbert (Umberto) of Italy
A The Napoleon Rose {Chapeau De Napoleon Rose}
B a light pink rose
C Napoleon Bonaparte, Napoleon I,
Emperor of the French

A Kaiser Wilhelm I Rose
B mauve or mauve blend Hybrid Perpetual rose
C Emperor (Kaiser) Wilhelm I of Germany
A Princess Caroline Delphinium
B Larkspur (Delphinium) with deep pink
salmon flowers
C Princess Caroline
A King Edward Achillea
B Dwarf woody yarrow with yellow flowers
C King Edward

A Lobelia cardinalis Queen Victoria
B Lobelia, Cardinal flower {Scarlet (Dark red)}
C Queen Victoria of Great Britain
A Tulipa Princess Alexia
B Tulip
C Princess Alexia of The Netherlands

A Anthurium Princess Alexia Pearl
B Anthurium {a tulip-shaped snow white flower}
C Princess Alexia
A Prince Rupert Variegated Scented Geranium
B Geranium The flowers open pure white and then
turn a soft pink.
C Prince Rupert

A Imperatrice Elisabeth d'Autriche Rose/
Archiduchesse Elisabeth d'Autriche Rose
B Perpetual Hybrid rose with large pink
full and double flowers
{Originated in 1881 France}
C Empress Elisabeth of Austria/
Archduchess Elisabeth of Austia
A Starflower Queen Fabiola
B Triteleia laxa has dark blue to purple flowers
C Queen Fabiola of Belgium

A Duchess of Fife Rose
B Hybrid Perpetual rose with light pink blooms
C Her Royal Highness, Princess Louise,
Duchess of Fife
(Eldest daughter of Edward VII of England)
A Clematis Princess Diana
B Clematis with pink flowers
C Diana, Princess of Wales

A Prince of Orange Scented Geranium
B Geranium It has large lavender and
purple flowers.
C Prince of Orange
{Royal title for the heir apparent to
the crown of The Netherlands}
A Catherine de Wurttemberg Rose
B Moss Rose (Cabbage rose)
C Catherine of Wurttemberg

A Dahlia Prince of Orange
B Semi-Dinnerplate Dahlia with rich shades of orange
C The Dutch Royal Family
The House of Orange-Nassau
A Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Rose
B Hybrid Tea rose with lovely pink flowers
shaded with apricot, peach, and cream
C Queen Elizabeth II of England's Silver
Jubilee as Queen Regnant

A Queen Elizabeth II Royal Jubilee Rose
B English rose with deep pink flowers
C Queen Elizabeth II of England's

Diamond Jubilee as Queen Regnant

A Queen Sophia Marigold
B Marigold with large double blossoms with russet red petals and a delicate rim of gold on the edges
C Queen Sofia of Spain
Queen Sophia of the Hellenes

A Kaiser Wilhelm II Rose
B Hybrid Tea rose with red blooms
C Emperor (Kaiser) Wilhelm II of Germany
A Anthurium Princess Alexia Pearl
B Anthurium {a tulip-shaped snow white flower}
C Princess Alexia

A Duke of Edinburgh Rose
B Hybrid Perpetual rose with dark red flowers
It was introduced in 1868.
C Prince Alfred of Great Britain,
Duke of Edinburgh
A Aloysia citrodora
B Lemon verbena {Aloysia is a genus of flowering plants
in the verbena family, Verbenaceae.}
C The genus is named for Queen Maria Luisa (Maria Luisa), Queen Consort of King Charles IV of Spain.

A Duchess of Connaught Rose
B Hybrid Tea rose with deep silvery pink flowers
It was introduced in 1879.
C Her Royal Highness, Princess Louise Margaret,
The Princess Arthur, Duchess of Connaught
A Lancashire's Red Rose / Red Rose of Lancaster
B Rosa Gallica Officinalis
Possibly the first cultivated rose
Deep pink to carmine-red in color.
C The Red Rose was first adopted as an heraldic device by Edmund, First Earl of Lancaster.

A Rhododendron Loderi King George
B Rhododendron with pale pink flowers
C King George
A Queen of Sweden Rose
B Rosa English Rose
Soft glowing pink with hints of apricot buds,
open out to form wide but shallow cups.
C Queen Regnants of Sweden
Queen Consorts of Sweden
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Old 02-12-2014, 06:06 PM
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Very interesting! There are roses called Princess Alexandra of Kent and Empress Michiko. The latter is a beautiful pink rose with an unusual shaped flower head.
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Old 02-12-2014, 06:07 PM
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A Clematis Prince Charles
B Blue/mauve clematis
C THe Prince of Wales

A Tulipa Princess Irene
B Peachy coloured tulp with mauvish streaks upward from base
C Princess Irene

This precious stone set in the silver sea,......
This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England,
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Old 02-14-2014, 06:12 PM
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Princess Margaret of England Pink Hybrid tea rose, created in 1968 by Meilland, France

Princess Alice, yellow rose bush, 1985 by Harkness, UK

Princesse de Monaco, large pink hybrid tea rose with white edges, 1982, Meilland, France

Queen Fabiola, large orange-red hybrid tea rose, 1981, Hazenberg, Belgium

Queen Margrethe, light pink shrub rose, 1991, Poulsen, Denmark

Princesse de Nassau, old medium climber, light yellow, 1835, Laffay, France

Konigin Beatrix, large orange hybrid tea, 1983, Kordes, Germany

Kronprincessin Viktoria Von Pruessen, old Bourbon white rose, 1887, Volvert, Germany

I LOVE roses! I love most other flowers, too.
"...and we can most truly say that they all lived happily ever after. But for them it was only the beginning of the real story." C.S. Lewis (The Chronicles of Narnia)
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Old 02-16-2014, 05:20 AM
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Princess Marie rose - Poulht007 - introduced 2010[/IMG]

Crown Princess Mary rose - Poulcas018 - introduced 2007[/IMG]

Queen Ingrid rose - Poulgrena - introduced 2001[/IMG]
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Old 02-28-2014, 07:13 PM
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I'd love a rose to be named after me. :)

The Countess of Wessex has a rose and a clematis named after her. The rose was named after her in 2004 after the birth of Lady Louise and was showcased at The Chelsea Flower Show. Edward used one of the roses as a flower for his lapel at the show.
"I am yours, you are mine, of that be sure. You are locked in my heart, the little key is lost and now you must stay there forever."
Written by Princess Alix of Hesse and by Rhine in the diary of her fiance, Tsarevich Nicholas.
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Old 03-04-2014, 07:57 PM
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A White Rose of York
B Rosa alba White or white blend with yellow stamens
C The White Rose of York is a white heraldic rose.
It is the symbol of the House of York.
Edmund of Langley was the First Duke of York.
He was the founder of the House of York.

A Dionaea muscipula King Henry

B Venus Fly Trap Plant
C King Henry VIII of England

A Infante Beatrice Rose
B Hybrid Tea rose The flowers are orange with yellow
shading, red shading, and golden-yellow undertones.
C Infante Beatrice (Beatriz) of Spain
A Calla Royal Majesty Blend
B Calla Lilies
Callas in regal shades of white, rose,
purple, and deep burgundy
C Royal Majesty is a title used when speaking
of a royal sovereign.

A Gladiolus Purple Prince
B Gladiolus flower Dark purple flowers
C 1 (in Britain) A prince is a son of the sovereign.
2 A prince is a nonreigning male member of
a sovereign family.
3 A prince is the monarch of a small territory,
such as Monaco, usually called a principality.
A Alstroemeria Princess Mathilde
B Dwarf Peruvian Lily with peach / apricot / salmon flowers
C Princess Mathilde
A Archiduc Joseph Rose
B Pink blend Tea Rose
It was introduced in 1892.
C Archduke Joseph of Austria

A Empress of India Nasturtiums
B Nasturtium
The five-petaled flowers are scarlet.
C The Empresses of India were
Queen Victoria
Queen Alexandra
Queen Mary
Queen Elizabeth (Consort of George VI)
A Princess Margaret Rose Gladiolus
B Gladiolus A blend of fiery red, hot orange, and warm yellow
C Princess Margaret Rose of Great Britain
A Duke of Connaught Rose
B Red Blend Hybrid Perpetual rose
It has crimson, red shading.
It was introduced in 1875.
C Prince Arthur, The Duke of Connaught
A Anastasia Lilium Oriental Trumpet
B Oriental Trumpet lily
This lovely lily has varying shades of
pink swirl on the white petals.
C Grand Duchess Anastasia
Princess Anastasia
A Narcissus Royal Princess
B Narcissus
The flower has a large pure white perianth around a frilled, bowl-shaped ivory-white cup with crisp mustard-yellow edges and a small green eye.
C Princess Royal is a style customarily (but not automatically) awarded by a British monarch to his or her eldest daughter.

A Aralia cordota Sun King
B Gold form of Japanese Spikenard
C King Louis XIV of France was known as le Roi-Soliel (the Sun King).

A Descripcio Double Delight (Tudor) Rose
B Red and white rose
C The dynasty of the Tudors was symbolized by the Tudor Rose.
The Tudor Rose was the emblem of the Tudors.
It represented the fusion of the House of Lancaster and the House of York.

A Duchess of Fife Fuchsia
B Fuchsia
Single rosy-lilac corolla with sepals of pale scarlet
C Duchess of Fife
A Tulip Orange Emperor
B Fosteriana tulip
Deep orange flowers
C An Emperor is the male sovereign of an empire.

A Adelaide d'Orleans Rose

B Rambler Rose
The small pink buds open to semi-double flowers.
These flowers quickly fade from creamy pink to creamy white.
C Princess Adelaide of Orleans {France}

A Salvia Victoria
B Salvia lovely blue flowers
C Queen Victoria
Princess Victoria

A Dendrobium Memoria Princess Diana
B A beautiful pure white orchid
C Diana, Princess of Wales

A Carex morrowii Silver Scepter {Silver Sceptre}
B Perennial grass with wide leaf margins of creamy white
C A scepter (scepter) is a ceremonial staff held by a monarch.

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Old 03-05-2014, 03:50 PM
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A Crown princess Victoria (1979)
B Tulip, red and white
C Crown princess Victoria of Sweden

A Prince Daniel (2011)
B Tulip, red and cream
C Prince Daniel of Sweden
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Old 03-15-2014, 09:15 PM
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A Coneflower Magnus
B Echinacea
Coneflower Magnus is the Purple Coneflower hybrid bred to not have the drooping petals of the native.
C King Magnus
Prince Magnus

A Hosta Golden Tiara
B Compact perennial hosta with showy lavender flowers
C A tiara is a jeweled, ornamental coronet worn by ladies.

A Aster amellus King George

B an Italian aster that has lovely
large violet/blue-purple daisylike flowers
King George aster is a very popular variety
in the United Kingdom.
The Royal Horticultural Society had given it
the Award of Garden Merit.
C King George

A Zinnia Isabellina
B Zinnia elegans
A zinnia with full double blooms which are
a soft creamy pastel yellow
C Queen Isabella
Queen Isabel
Princess Isabella
Princess Isabel

A White Queen Cleome
B Cleome with elegant, pure white blooms
C Elizabeth Woodville, Queen Consort of
Edward IV of England
A Queen of Denmark Rose
B Old Rose (Alba Rose)
The color is medium pink.
C Queen Regnants of Denmark
Queen Consorts of Denmark

A Antirrhinum Royal Bride

B Snapdragons with spikes of large, pure white flowers
C The Princess on her wedding day

A Lobelia Crystal Palace
B Lobelia with deep blue flowers
C The Crystal Palace was a cast-iron and plate-glass
building erected in Hyde Park in London, England
to house the Great Exhibition of 1851.

A Cleopatra Dwarf Canna

B Canna with exotic yellow and red blooms
C Queen Cleopatra of Egypt

A Daffodil Sovereign
B Narcissus
The color is white and yellow-orange.
C A sovereign is a monarch.
A sovereign is a king or queen.

A Clematis Bourbon

B Clematis plant with a brilliant shade of deep red flowers
C The House of Bourbon is a European royal house.

A Queen Anne's Lace
B Daucus carota
Also called "Wild Carrot"
The flowers are tiny and white.
They bloom in lacy, flat-topped clusters.
C Queen Anne
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Old 03-21-2014, 08:50 PM
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A Princess Diana Alstroemeria
B Princess lily, dwarf Peruvian lily
Golden yellow flowers with rosy stripes
C Princess Diana, Princess of Wales

A Passiflora Grand Duchess
B Passion Flower
A very showy hybrid with lovely pink flowers
C The wife of a grand duke
A lady who governs a grand duchy in her own right

A Crinum White Emperor
B A lily with tall spikes of white flowers
C An Emperor is the male sovereign of an empire.

A Clematis Black Prince
B A viticella-type clematis with maroon flowers
C Edward of Woodstock was the Prince of Wales and the son of King Edward III of England.
Prince Edward was called the Black Prince.
A Iris Eleanor's Pride
B Tall Bearded Iris
Powder blue self with pale yellow beard
C Queen Eleanor
Princess Eleanor

A Gomonia Friedrich Ludwig
B An orchid
C Friedrich and Ludwig were the names of various German sovereigns.

A Mountbatten Rose
B Floribunda rose
medium yellow flowers
C Louis Francis Mountbatten, The Earl Mountbatten of Burma
Princess Diana included Mountbatten roses in her wedding bouquet.
Rosa 'Mountbatten' - Plants -

A Loddon Royalist Anchusa
B Anchusa azurea
Italian Alkanet
A perennial with spikes of deep blue flowers.
The flowers resemble forget-me-nots.
C A Royalist is a supporter of a King.

A Hosta King James
B A hosta with large gray green leaves
Near white flowers are borne in late June to mid-July
C King James

A Petunia Tumbelina Joanna

B A double flowering petunia
Flowers are slightly tinted white with a lovely pink ruffle in the center
C Queen Joanna
Princess Joanna

A Anemone Queen Charlotte
B Anemone with light pink flowers
C Queen Charlotte

A Tulipa Purple Prince
B A Triumph Tulip that has a beautiful lilac purple color
C The color purple is associated with royalty.
A prince is a nonreigning male member of a royal family.

A Agapanthus Castle of Mey
B South African plants with showy flowers that are deep blue
C The Castle of Mey is a castle in Scotland.

A Iris Elizabeth of England
B A Tall Bearded Iris with a delicate shade of blue and a light yellow beard
C Queen Elizabeth of England
Princess Elizabeth of England

A Fuchsia Empress of Prussia
B Fuchsia that has single red-purple and pink corolla with sepals of red
C Empress Augusta of Prussia
Empress Victoria (Viktoria) of Prussia
Empress Augusta Viktoria of Prussia

A Peony Yellow Crown
B A yellow peony with fully double flowers which open to reveal a red center
C A Yellow Crown is a head covering made of gold and worn by the sovereign.

A Sweet William Duchess of Fife
B Dianthus
C Duchess of Fife

A Iris ensata Royal Banner
B Large flowering Japanese iris that is purple
C The oriflamme was Medieval France's royal banner.

A Gladiolus Oscar
B Gladiolus that are dark red
C King Oscar
Prince Oscar

A Cleome Royal Queen Mix
B A pretty mix that includes cherry, pink, violet, and
white cleome flowers
C A Royal Queen is the spouse of the King.

A Chrysanthemum Anna Marie
B A white mum that is of the semi-pompon variety

C Queen Anna, Princess Anna
, Queen Marie, Princess Marie
A Clematis Duchess of Edinburgh
B A flowering vine with white blossoms
C Duchess of Edinburgh

A Pandora jasminoides Lady Di
B Lady Di Bower Plant
An evergreen vine with white flowers
C Lady Diana Frances Spencer {Princess Diana}

A Hosta King Michael
B A giant hosta with white flowers
C King Michael

A Iris Queen's Tiara
B An iris with white flowers with a tinge of purple.
The standards are purple.
C The Queen's Tiara is a jeweled, ornamental coronet worn by the Queen.
A Georgie Boy Daffodil
B The pretty daffodil had white, overlapping petals surrounding its bright yellow corona.
C Prince George of Cambridge, the son of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

A Doritaenopsis Elizabeth II
B A lovely pink orchid
C Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain
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Old 08-08-2014, 11:59 PM
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While a bit divergent, I thought I'd bring this up...

The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor: Tiara Thursday: The Imperial Chrysanthemum Tiara
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Old 10-27-2018, 10:25 PM
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Princess Charlene of Monaco Rose

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