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Old 09-27-2019, 05:01 AM
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Svensk Damtidning tells that Madeleine landed to Sweden this morning.
There could also be a chaos at the Book Fair because there should be climate strikes both at the Fair and outdoors.

Svensk Damtidning tells that there is some problems for Madeleine on her way to the Book Fair. The flight from Stockholm to Gothenburg is late. It takes about 35 minutes to get from Landvetter Airport to the Book Fair.

Madeleine landed to Gothenburg at 10.19, an hour late. Svensk Damtidning's reporter thinks that Madeleine must have had an escort from the airport since she got to the Fair in time. She spoke about the book "Stella och hemligheten" with co-author Marie Oskarsson, publisher Ulrika Caperius, Paula Guillet De Monthoux, Secretary General of Childhood, and Anna Norlén, child psychologist. The moderator was Tara Moshizi, journalist.
After the event in the Fair Madeleine visits a school to talk about the book with pupils.
Madeleines panik-start på Bokmässan 2019 _ Svensk Dam

Gallery at the Book Fair
Belga Image
At Talldungeskolan
Belga Image

Madeleine told to Svensk Damtidning that the family has not yet made a decision to move home - the fact is that they have not even reflected on that matter.
When asked how to plan, the answer was:
- We have not thought about how we should do with it, says Madeleine.
The kids in the classroom bombarded Madeleine with questions, ranging from "Are you a millionaire?" To "What is it like to be a princess?"
Princess Madeleine also told her that she has started reading her book to Princess Leonore, 5.
Madeleine is now flying directly home to Stockholm, and hopefully she will be able to meet the family before returning home to the children in Miami.
Madeleines besked om framtiden för familjen i USA _ Svensk Dam

Book Fair's Facebook

The book was created in collaboration with the World Childhood Foundation and is an attempt to prevent sexual abuse against children.
- We wanted to reach out to the children. They also have the right to bodily integrity. They have the right to say away, said Princess Madeleine at the Book Fair.
The book highlights different situations that a child may experience as an abuse. Everything from being hugged hard by an aunt to a serious sexual assault.
- It's basically about setting boundaries. That the children should find the strength to say, Princess Madeleine said.
Next year, Leonore turns 6 and will start school. Then the question is whether it will be in the US or Sweden. If she chooses to stay in Florida and put her daughter to school in the United States, Leonore, according to the succession order, risks losing her place in order to the throne.
A difficult decision that she has not yet taken a position on.
- We'll see. We don't really know yet, Princess Madeleine told Aftonbladet.
Prinsessan Madeleine_ Pratar om övergrepp med Leonore _ Aftonbladet

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Old 10-01-2019, 12:22 AM
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Queen Silvia attends today World Childhood Foundation's high-level meeting "Children & the digital world: Threats and Opportunities" at UN Headquarters in New York. In the evening queen Silvia and Madeleine attend World Childhood Foundation's Thank You Gala in New York.

On Tuesday, the US section of Queen Silvia's foundation Childhood together with, among other things, the UN Representation of Sweden hosts a meeting in the UN.
Queen Silvia is passionate about children's rights issues and at Tuesday's meeting, she is one of the keynote speakers. At the meeting, a new report on children's safety will also be presented online.
On Monday, when Expressen talks to Margareta Thorgren, Queen Silvia is on her way to New York.
After the UN meeting, Childhood holds a gala to mark that they have been around for 20 years. The gala is held at The Plaza hotel on the exclusive fifth avenue in Manhattan.
But it's not just work for Queen Silvia in the United States.
- In connection with the trip, the Queen plans to stay there for the weekend so she can meet her grandchildren. It is quite natural, after all, when you go on such a long trip.
Silvia på väg mot USA – ska på gala och träffa barnbarn

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Old 10-01-2019, 11:31 AM
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Posts: 29,930
Listening to Queen Silvia of Sweden addressing a large UN gathering on child sexual abuse @UNBBCom @NetClean @tweetinjules #OnlineSafety

“I want to give back children their childhood. I want to prevent abuse before it happens. Children’s wellbeing is everybody's business. That's why we are all here.” - H. M. Queen Silvia of Sweden

Belga Image

The sky-high price - for dinner with Silvia
Queen Silvia is in New York and hosts, among other things, a dinner late on Tuesday Swedish time. But it tastes like it costs - a lot.
If you want to sit best in the vicinity of the Swedish royal, you must be prepared to lose weight - equivalent to just over SEK 1 million.
On Tuesday, the US section of Queen Silvia's Childhood Foundation will host a UN meeting in New York. This together with, among other things, the Swedish UN representation.
As is well known, Silvia is passionate about children's rights issues, and at Tuesday's meeting, she is one of the keynote speakers. At the same time, a report on children's safety is presented online.
After the UN meeting, ie the night of Wednesday Swedish time, Childhood holds a gala to mark the foundation's existence for 20 years. The gala is held at the exclusive Plaza Hotel at Central Park in Manhattan.
The proceeds for the charity dinner will certainly go to Childhood, but it should be said immediately that there are no ordinary pub prices if you want to chop in to the food in the company of the Swedish Queen.
Prices start at the equivalent of just over SEK 10,000 (thousand dollars), and extend to just over one million (USD 100,000).
Åsa Andreasson Åkerström, Communications Manager at Childhood:
- Childhood celebrates 20 years this year. We have noticed this on a few different occasions. Now it's the US's turn to do the same on this gala. It works a little differently in the US. You raise a lot of money for the non-profit sector in this way, which is why the gala is kept.
Åsa Andreasson Åkerström also says that there is an award - Thank you Award. In recent years the award has been awarded by Princess Madeleine.
Drottning Silvias dyra middag i New York – en miljon kronor

Queen Silvia talked with Expressen
How does it feel that Childhood celebrates 20 years?
- It feels incredibly nice I must say. Then it was very difficult to talk about these issues, as I said in my speech as well. Then I wished there was a meto campaign for children. But there wasn't, no one wanted to listen and no one wanted to see these children who were so vulnerable. And also not see what happens to the Internet and the dangers of the Internet but also child pornographic material, no one wanted to react.
- Now we are here at the UN and this is the fifth time together with Childhood. I think this is wonderful and shows that it is important that we can get more and more groups and organizations but also the private sphere to work together. That is what is so important that we cooperate.
During the Queen's visit to the United States, a stop is also made in Miami, Florida, where Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill live with their three children. The queen says that there is no time for more than an intensive meeting with the grandchildren.
- Far too little time. It is clear that I have tried to squeeze it. The princess could not come to the UN today, unfortunately it was not possible. But she's here tonight at the gala dinner. Then we go together and hope for some nice moments with the grandchildren. Then I have to go home again. It will be very short but dear.
Drottning Silvia om Childhood_ Jag hade velat lägga ner
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Old 10-02-2019, 12:29 AM
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Queen Silvia and Madeleine attended at World Childhood Foundation USA's Thank You Gala at the Plaza Hotel in New York yesterday evening.
Amina J. Mohammed, the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, attended at the gala:
Queen Silvia's friend Lena Biörck Kaplan, the Vice-Chair of Childhood USA
Karini Gustafson-Teixeira and Pedro Teixeira
Charlotte Ramel (right), the jewellery designer of Ebba Brahe Jewellery
The Mistress of the Robes, baroness Kirstine von Blixen-Finecke

Belga Image
Getty Images
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Old 10-02-2019, 02:53 AM
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Here are some more photos from last night:

** rex gallery ** gettyimages/zimbio gallery ** gettyimages 2 **
**** Welcome aboard! ****
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Old 10-02-2019, 03:35 AM
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Originally Posted by LadyFinn View Post
Charlotte Ramel (right), the jewellery designer of Ebba Brahe Jewellery
The Mistress of the Robes, baroness Kirstine von Blixen-Finecke
Since you wrote out the title of Baroness von Blixen-Finecke I'd like to point out that Charlotte Ramel is also a baroness by both birth and marriage. She named her jewellery company after her ancestor Ebba Brahe who was married to Count Jakob De la Gardie.
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Old 10-02-2019, 11:31 AM
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Court website
On Tuesday, October 1, the Queen attended a high-level UN meeting in New York on child safety online.
The World Childhood Foundation USA and Sweden's UN representation hosted the conference Children & the Digital World: Threats and Opportunities. During the day, a new report on child safety was launched online, prepared by the Telecommunication Union and UNESCO's Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development.
The report summarizes available material on the risks of children online and suggests how their online safety can be promoted.
The Queen was one of three keynote speakers at the conference and in her speech, the Queen said:
”20 years ago, Childhood was founded. My hope then was that I could close the foundation after a few years. However, the sexual abuse and exploitation of children remains a major universal problem and Childhood continues to pioneer solutions addressing it."
During the evening, a charity gala was held on the occasion of the World Childhood Foundation's 20th anniversary in which the Queen and Princess Madeleine participated.
Drottningen vid konferens i FN om barns säkerhet på nätet - Sveriges Kungahus

Queen Silvia's speech
H.M. Drottningens tal i FN, New York den 1 oktober 2019 - Sveriges Kungahus

Photos at court Facebook by World Childhood Foundation USA

ROYAL: Silvia beim Meeting der World Childhood Foundation zum Thema "Children & the digital world: Threats and Opportunities" in New York

Madeleine och Silvia i New York –*exklusiv abilder _ Svensk Dam
Madeleine och Silvia i New York på Childhood-gala _ Svensk Dam
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Old 11-14-2019, 05:32 PM
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There will be a dinner at the Royal Palace on the occasion of Childhood's 20th anniversary, on Thursday 21 November.

The King, Queen, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia will attend.
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Old Today, 04:45 AM
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King Carl Gustaf, queen Silvia, Victoria, Daniel and Sofia attend on 20th November at an expert roundtable organized by the World Childhood Foundation and Global Child Forum, on the potential and limits of artificial intelligence (AI) to help combat online child sexual abuse. There will be a photo pool only at the beginning of the meeting
Kalender - Sveriges Kungahus

The king and queen invite an expert meeting on how AI can prevent sexual abuse of children
A software that can detect and stop grooming of children in real time.
A program that can analyze and categorize millions of images in minutes, including finding child sexual abuse material.
A tool that from incomprehensible noise in a video file can extract audio conversations and transcribe the text so that one can identify and rescue the children in the movies.
All of this is possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), but there is still much to do before the potential AI offers can be fully exploited to prevent sexual abuse of children. To explore this in more detail, Childhood and the Global Child Forum jointly organize a roundtable meeting on AI and children's safety online on November 20 at the Royal Palace. The hosts of the meeting are King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia.
Kungaparet bjuder in till expertmöte om hur AI kan förebygga sexuella övergrepp mot barn - World Childhood Foundation
The AI Roundtable 2019 _ Global Child Forum

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