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Old 07-08-2004, 06:08 PM
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Thank you so much, Grandduchess, for the interview! Good job!
I´ll try to scan the pics tomorrow so we can see them as hq:s....

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Old 07-09-2004, 04:40 AM
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Originally posted by Lena@Jul 8th, 2004 - 4:37 pm
Thanks a million for the translation and the scans, GrandDuchess! Perfect work!

And I´ve to thank Yennie as well, since she also bought the magazine too and wanted to publish it.

Oooohhhh, yes, very often the "p"-word in the article...I need to write this Amelia-girl, that she SHOULDN´T encourage this ponytail-habit...I bet this mag publishes letters to it, right :P
I attach the performance from Lena. Many thanks for translation the long article and publication the pictures (sorry of my bad english).

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Old 07-16-2004, 10:38 AM
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The Annual Little Birthday Interview 2004 with Crown Princess Victoria

In the Solliden Palace Gardens, where the Crown Princess first helps a bird to fly:
Victoria with the bird, 1
Victoria with the bird, 2

Does the Crown Princess lead an independent life?
- More or less, yes, I think so. At the same time I do have my official engagements, and a lot together with mother and father, which means I am at the palace (Stockholm) almost every day – which makes that you have a lot to do with each other anyway.

The dilemma in these situations tend to be that you as a child try to get loose from your parents, and in periods you don’t always find your father to be the king (the man) – but then he is The King. Has the Crown Princess had an opportunity to become an adult person, as you are supposed to be at 27?
- I hope so!

It has been a long year, well not longer than usual, but 365 days since the last birthday. What stays with the Crown Princess of her 26th year?
- When you sit down and think back like this, it’s very hard to just pick some events – but of course you can’t avoid thinking about Anna Lindh and the tragical and incomprehensible that happened.

Did the Crown Princess know her personally?
- Yes, well, I felt very strongly for her. It felt very comfortable to be with Anna, and she was always very happy, well read and knowledgeable. And I always felt that I could ask her about things, I learned a lot. I was very proud to see her as a representative for Sweden.

The Crown Princess travelled to Dalarna and Småland to visit small companies, why?
- Small companies are very important to Sweden, they play a great role. I must say that I became very fascinated and impressed by their enthusiasm – there is a great will and enthusiasm that lies behind running and starting a small company. It was great to see. And also to see that it really showed in their personalities, no matter what bransch or nische.

You think back to many visits and many travels, many fun experiences. And of cource the trip to Saudi Arabia was very different.

When you go on a trip like that, isn’t there a risk that you get to see a beautified reality, that you only get to see what they choose to show?
- That is the case for all the trips you make, which are very organized and where the schedule is tight.

But there has to be time for personal meetings, and some surprising events at times?
- Sure, but you also learn to see things with other eyes, and to look around things. Then you can always come for another trip privately, and see the other side.

They are interrupted when Victoria gets startled by the fountain next to her that suddenly starts.

The Crown Princess has been to three weddings this year, and I imagine that surely many 26-year-olds sat and thought “aw, what if the wedding bells would chime for yourself sometimes soon….”
- I feel no stress, that time will come in its time. But they were great weddings and it was nice to attend them – especially since it was Crown Prince Fredrik and Crown Prince Felipe that were the ones to get married. There were many people who had awaited it too happen, so there were many who were happy.

Then there was a christening for the heir to the throne in Norway, Ingrid Alexandra…
- And another one in Holland, so there where two christenings.

The Crown Princess became godmother to Ingrid Alexandra. When the Crown Princess held this little bundle, was there a motherhood instinct coming out somewhere, or was it like holding a vegetable at a farmer’s fair?
- I love children – children and animals. So of course it is something special. But it’s not like the gossip magazines write that “Now the Crown Princess can’t wait anymore”, that is just to sell papers. It was not like holding a vegetable.

So it was not like a big pumpkin?
- No, no pumpkin. A child is something amazing and I’m ridiculously fond of babies.

We live in a modern age where some people think that monarchies belongs to fairytales. What does the Crown Princess feel is the monarchy’s role today? And what does the Crown Princess see as her task?
- It is a representational role, and the monarchy is a uniting symbol for the country. I also see it as being an ambassador abroad. I believe we can help Sweden.

Does the monarchy belong in the future?
- I think so.

Does the Crown Princess like to be a Crown Princess?
- It’s a very interesting life. But like with every professions you do get a little tired of it sometimes. But it is absolutely a satisfying role in the way that you have the ability to help people, organizations and companies.

Does it ever happen that the Crown Princess comes home one day and thinks “oh no, today I’ve been a bad Crown Princess”?
- That is for others to ansewer.

But you have to feel if you’re having a bad or good day?
- Sometimes you might wish that you’d done things better than you actually are doing them, maybe you wish that you could have done something in another way, or said more wise things… But I think every person deals with these sort of things, in any kind of life. But of course, sometimes you do wish that you had done something differently.

Earlier the Crown Princess has spoken about putting very high demands on herself. Has this improved over the years, has the Crown Princess found a balance where she also can feel good about the things she has managed to do?
- Yes, I’ve managed to find a much better balance han before. I think you learn it with your age.

Not me, but many others, are very interested in the Crown Princess’ private life. Are there news to expect?
- No. Not of any bigger kind, no. When that day comes, I promise I will personally tell it to the Swedish people. You are not gonna have to read it in the papers – so you can stop buying them…
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Old 09-29-2004, 08:16 PM
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Not an interview, but an old article from PEOPLE (I remember that someone has asked for it some months ago):

Slip of a girl: Princess Victoria, heir to Sweden's throne, falls victim to anorexia.

People Weekly; 1/12/1998; Hubbard, Kim

Fresh-faced, ebullient and unpretentious, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, 20--the oldest of King Carl XVI Gustaf's three children--has always been adored by her countrymen. So when the royal baby fat melted away last summer, leaving the once-plump princess sylphlike, the Swedish press rejoiced. The weekly women's magazine Svensk Dam Tidning (which noted last year that the princess looked as if she had "eaten too many hamburgers") touted "Victoria's Scrumptious New Style" and featured her on the cover nine times between June and November--once wearing a bikini. Outside her homeland the trimmed-down brunette sparked rumors of romance when she and Monaco's Prince Albert (who is just a friend) kept company at the wedding of Spain's Princess Cristina in October.

But like the once-bulimic Princess Diana, to whom she has been likened, Victoria harbored a grim secret beneath her svelte look. On Nov. 29, a week after the 5'6'' heir to the throne appeared at a Stockholm gala in a gown that revealed how skeletal--not just slim--she had become, her family confirmed the press's suspicions. "The crown princess is suffering from an eating disorder," said Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg, director of the Information and Press Department of the royal court. "She is receiving therapeutic help."

To some, the news came as a shock. But to others, Victoria Ingrid Alice Desiree, Crown Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Vastergotland, seemed the type susceptible to eating disorders. (Sweden's incidence of anorexia among girls 14 to 24 is about 1 percent, similar to the incidence in the U.S.) "Victoria is very ambitious," says Monica Wadsted, an editor at Dam Tidning. "She puts her heart into everything she does, which fits the profile for anorexia." Adds Lillimor Johansson, a nurse and therapist at Stockholm's Huddinge Hospital's Eating Disorders Center, where some speculate Victoria may be undergoing outpatient treatment: "If you're in the public eye, it is more likely you can develop a problem. Women in the public eye feel they have to be successful, the best, in everything."

Raised with her brother Carl Philip, 18, and sister Madeleine, 15, at Drottningholm, a baroque-style 17th-century palace outside Stockholm, the outdoorsy and fun-loving Victoria has long excelled at both school and sports. Though she has had few romances ("Boys are intimidated," says a source close to the family), she has a large circle of chums and is particularly close to her father, Carl Gustaf. "They go boating and skiing," says a family friend. "He likes parties, so does she. And they were both brought up as rulers, so they have that understanding."

Determined to give their children "a normal Swedish upbringing," says the friend, Carl Gustaf, 51, and Queen Silvia, 54, have limited the young royals' appearances. But at 18, Victoria--who begins political science studies at Uppsala University, near Stockholm, this month--became deputy head of state, a ceremonial position with a palace office and an onslaught of invitations. (Sweden's monarch has no political role.) "Her duties are what she chooses them to be," says Palace spokeswoman Cecilia Wilmhardt. She has chosen plenty: After studying French at a French university in 1996, she boned up on Sweden's parliament with her country's prime minister, attended UN sessions and greeted dignitaries, including Boris Yeltsin, at state dinners.

Sources say it was while in France that she first began to diet--spurred by her popular mother, a perfectionist who long ago mandated low-fat cuisine at the palace and who, says one acquaintance, "is hysterical about keeping slim." The Queen, says a friend, "wished her daughter to diet. Not to be mean, but for her own good." Adds the friend: "The Queen is very worried. This has always been the perfect family, and the perfect facade has cracked."

How soon the crack can be mended is unclear. The weekend of the disclosure--which the princess had decided on as a way to end speculation--Victoria dined with friends in Paris. "She sat and thought so long about what she should eat," an onlooker told the Swedish magazine Hant Extra, "but when the food came, she ate almost nothing." On Dec. 10 she looked tense and gaunt at Stockholm's Nobel Prize dinner. "One of the hardest things for a person with an eating disturbance is to eat with other people," says therapist Johansson. "And she was with 1,400 others. It must have been terrible."

Yet Victoria, insiders say, elected to stick to a schedule spokeswoman Tarras-Wahlberg calls "daunting." Journalist and royal watcher P.O. Eriksson says "her interests are centered on becoming Queen. She wants the right education and to learn how the society works." Ultimately, her sense of duty may pull her through. "She has great work ahead of her," says Johansson. "She must get on with it by first getting well."

COPYRIGHT 1998 Time, Inc.
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Old 10-01-2004, 07:18 PM
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The birthday-Interview, that GrandDuchess has kindly translated for us, is still online. Well, the whole birhtday-celebration is online, but if you just want to watch the interview go to minute 27 and to one hour and 11 minutes (1:11)

PS: at minute 17 there´s a lovely scene of Victoria talking to a little handicapped boy (last winter she has spent a day with handicapped kids in the snow...Victoria often spends time with handicapped kids, but mostly we don´t get pics, and when, then they are often only of homepages of organisations)

I´ve found a little treasure...the last (at least I guess so) big interview with the King. It´s 6 and a half (!) years old, he talks about scouting, his children, aging...

Maybe we can translate it in the next days...(teamwork) (?)
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Old 10-08-2004, 05:03 AM
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Let’s close with some more general questions. To begin with: Were The King and Queen pre-informed about Princess Madeleine’s thing in Globen this fall, when she performed as the Spice Girls?
- Yes, we were. We didn’t know exactly what she was going to do, but we were informed of that something was going to happen. It was a fun thing, we thought.

Does The King also like the Spice Girls?
- Yes, I do. I heard that they are coming to Sweden to sing.

Will The King be in the audience?
- If I’m not busy, I will.

How is it with Crown Princess Victoria’s interest in the Scouts?
- Unfortunately she never became a Scout, but she does share my interest in animals and nature. She is very good at so-called “survival”, and has been given some education in this. She is actually more knowledgeable than me in this area.

Now Victoria is studying in the U.S.A. Carl Philip is in Värmland. Only Madeleine is still left with The King and Queen at Drottningholm. Does it feel a bit sad that the family has become so shattered in the last year?
- All families have the same problem, if one should call it a “problem”. You only have a few years together, and then everybody goes out to his or her own things. Work and education. It’s totally normal.

At Aftonbladet we were flooded with sympathies for the Royal Family in connection with the announcement of the Crown Princess’ illness before Christmas. Did you at the Palace get the same type of reactions?
- Many more than we suspected have been in the same situation. It’s surprisingly common with these kinds of problems.

Have The King and Queen at anytime regretted the decision to make Victoria’s eating disorders public?
- One should never regret anything. When you have made a decision, one should have thought it through thoroughly before.

Have The King and Queen, like many other parents in the same situation, ever taken any blame for what has happened to Victoria?
- No, I think it’s dangerous to dwell. It’s about finding a solution to a problem, it doesn’t help to walk around and think what faults you can have made. If any at all. For us it’s about moving on, not looking back.

How is Victoria feeling today?
- I spoke to her on the telephone yesterday evening. Everything is just fine with her.

When is she coming to home Sweden again?
- I’m not sure when her spring term is finished. But I hope to see her on the 6th of June, on the National Day.

When it comes to little sister Madeleine, there are rumours that she is going to attend the same school as Carl Philip who attends Lundsberg’s boarding school. Is it so?
- I don’t think it will be on the agenda, but it depends on how some things turns out. She has her interest in horseback riding, and even if there are possibilities for that at Lundsberg, she has her coach and club elsewhere. Besides, there is something called school. It’s hard to combine.

She is good at show jumping, isn’t she?
- There has been a break up time this past year. Madeleine has grown so fast that she has had to move through many different horses, and now she has gotten a new one again. Unfortunately this has been very hard for her.

Are you not worried when she show jumps, it’s a dangerous sport?
- No, it’s just fun. You can walk around and worry for everything. There is enough of dangerous thing in the world as it is.

The King himself looks to be in excellent shape. Do you work out a lot?
- No, not all actually. It’s so nice when you’ve reached the golden middle age. You don’t have to try so hard anymore.
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Old 10-08-2004, 05:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Lena
I´ve found a little treasure...the last (at least I guess so) big interview with the King. It´s 6 and a half (!) years old, he talks about scouting, his children, aging...

Maybe we can translate it in the next days...(teamwork) (?)
Here is my translation, maybe we'll get to perform teamwork another time - but I had time for this today: :)

It’s pleasant to be middle-aged!

King Carl XVI Gustaf in an exclusive interview with Aftonbladet. King Carl XVI Gustaf, soon to be 52 and always ready. He has always liked the Scouts. But on the question if he works out, he says: “No, not all actually. It’s so nice when you’ve reached the golden middle age. You don’t have to try so hard”.

For Aftonbladet’s Olof Brundin and photographer Joachim Lundgren, The King tells about his favourite movement – the Scouts, the contact with Victoria, family life and Spice Girls.

Hello King!
- God afternoon.

How are you?
- Fine, thank you.

The main theme for this interview is The King’s interest for the Scouts. The world is full of Scouts; there is talk about up to 25-30 million. Here in Swede there are 134 601 registered ones. Is The King content with this number?
- It’s a number that one could wish was a bit higher. Considering how many young people we have in Sweden, I think it should be able to grow.

The King himself has been a little “wolf kid” and then made a “career” as a Scout. How many years did it become?
- I was in them until my 14’s. At that time I moved to Sigtuna to study, and unfortunately there was not the same possibilities for scouting there.

I don’t know one single Scout that hasn’t been “forced” there by their parents. Who was it that made The King join the Scouts?
- It was my mother. The explanation is simple: both mother and father worked close to the Scouting movement. When I look in old family albums, I’ve seen that grandfather was very involved in the Scouts. He was often at meetings, both here at home and abroad.

The King became fatherless when father died in 1947. Could one, in this context, say that the Scouts have had a special meaning to The King, that the closeness to manly role models was more important than other youths?
- Maybe not quite like that, but I did have great comradeship during those years.
- And my eyes opened for the nature in a playful way.
- It was during the Scout time that I laid the foundation for the strong involvement for nature- and environmental care that I have today.

A conscience’s question: Has The King ever been successful in lighting a fire without matches?
- I think I have sometimes, but it’s hard. It’s really hard! And definitely not as easy as it seems in the instruction books.

The Scouting is often connected with the respect for animals and nature. But how do you teach kids respect also for other people?
- Scouting is much about being together. These games, which may seem quite childish and simple, are really very pedagogically built. You work in groups and solve the problems together. It’s also a good leadership education.

Scouts and Scouting leaders is a dear subject to Swedish humorists. It’s like “allowed” to make fun of Scouts. Has The King heard Martin Ljungs “Skojten” – the classical sketch from the 50’s?
- Yes, I have heard that one. As long as you don’t harm a third person, you can of course joke about things. We have to take that. If you can’t see things from the humoristic side, well….

Has The King maybe also seen “Lorry” on TV, where Johan Ulveson plays a quite pervert Scout leader with bizarre ideas?
- I think I have seen that. And I agree that it’s sometimes hard to see things from the humoristic side. When you are jumped on too much. But you have to be allowed to joke.

My kids think that Scouting is corny. How is this stamp going to be washed off?
- Sure there is a “corny stamp” on Scouts, but we are working to find new ways to wash it off. It’s not easy, but it’s about living up to today’s needs with the kids. At the same time one has to accept that Scouting is not for everyone.

Maybe it would be a good time to “hot up” the image, take an advertising agency to help, and make scouting a popular thing among today’s youth?
- It’s not something one does from one day to another. Work to renew is constantly occurring, but there are no given solutions. In the 60’s, for example, one shouldn’t even wear the Scout shirt. But it turned out that the kids themselves w a n t e d to wear them. They think it’s fun to feel the connection, the Scouting identity, and to get marks for the assignments you’ve passed.

But this military thing with a uniform, what is it really good for?
- The kids think it’s fun. If someone doesn’t want to wear it, they don’t have to, they don’t force people to do all sorts of strange things. In Sweden we have, compared to many other countries, a very soft image. In many other countries, the Scouts have a much more militant style, something that I personally take a step back on.

The uniforms are a way to create authority with the leaders, right?
- Some kids do need some controlling and guidance and some authority. Everyone hasn’t gotten that from home. Someone might not like the authority right there on the spot, but afterwards they feel that it gives strength, a security.

This sounds like the debate on “troublemakers” a few years ago.
- Many young people today enter the world of adults feeling lost. They don’t know how to behave towards others. How to simply behave. Far to many discover too late that “if I only would have had a bit more thoroughness and strength, and some more ground rules to relate too when I was younger, then it might have helped me now, later in life”.

Did The King feel like this himself?
- Yes, definitely. I remember the feeling of responsibility. To always be ready to help when it was needed. I felt it very much.

A good Scout wears knife. What does The King feel about the Swedish ban on knives?
- It’s about learning this from the beginning. In the Scouts, the kids learn to respect the knife and what it’s supposed to be used for. They learn that these are dangerous things, but that the knife is a very practical tool that you have a lot of use for in life.

Has The King tried to persuade Prince Carl Philip to return to the Scouts now when he has left them?
- I’m not very good at persuading people. He left because of the same reason I once did. It was hard to keep it up when one moves like he has.

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Old 10-12-2004, 01:22 PM
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Radio interview with Crown Princess Victoria, 8 October

This is my free translation of the little radio interview of Crown Princess Victoria - done by Daniel (!) Klaar for Swedish Radio Östergötland Friday 8 October:

(the first question is cut off in the interview clip)
- Generally it’s very important. But I have a special relation to children’s diabetes, and have been the protector of the Children’s Diabetes Fund for 15 years.
Why children’s diabetes?
- Children’s diabetes is a much larges disease that we think; it’s the biggest un-curable chronic disease that struck children.
How important is it with a research centre?
- Of course it’s very important. And it’s great that there’s finally come to be one in Linköping, a lot of expertise is concentrated here. I think it will work great, and of course it might generate a little extra interest and understanding etc. And hopefully that in it’s turn will lead to more support.
Many of Swedish Radio Östergötland’s listeners are interested in what goes on in the Royal Family. How is it to, as a Crown Princess, travel around the country and take part in different things?
- Very nice, it’s great to be able to visit so many places in Sweden. And to make a whole day like here is even more fun, to concentrate and to get to see as much as possible here in Linköping.
Are there other impressions that the Crown Princess has gotten from here before?
- Yes, of course. It’s a very beautiful country that’s full of culture and history that is important to preserve – like it’s done very nicely here.
We let three of our listeners ask a question:
Listener 1: Hi, my name is Henrik. For how long will the Crown Princess work with issues concerning handicap?
- It’s something that’s very important, and also something I feel should get more attention. It’s an area that needs support and help; it’s not always to get the means to last. As long as it’s welcomes, I’m glad to help.
Listener 2: Hi, my name is Esbjörn Sundin and I wonder how it feels for the Crown Princess that she will one day be regent over Sweden?
- It’s a big responsibility, and I look forward to it with joy – but I don’t think of that day in any special way, but try to do my job as well as possible in the role that I have today.
Listener 3: Barbro Johansson. Yesterday afternoon I was hiking in Ockelbo and I wonder which is the Crown Princess’ favourite spot there?
- Ockelbo is a very beautiful place, very nice in that way that it’s a small and friendly place, and is situated beautifully near a lake. But I have to say that Öland and our Solliden is very warm to my heart.
And where it Östergötland on the Crown Princess’ list?
- It’s also a very beautiful place, but I think I’ll keep to the top position that Öland and Solliden holds.
How does the Crown Princess see the fact of having such a planned life, the Crown Princess travels around and takes part in different things, and also studies this fall. Doesn’t the Crown Princess long for a free life, to be able to go to Konsum and buy your own milk?
- Both yes and no. I feel that it’s a safety to have structured life. It’s a bit complicated to squeeze in studies since I’m so slow at reading and need a lot of time for that, and it’s hard to plan. I feel that the studies comes a bit in-between, but it’s also important to have a balance between the official and then studies, which comes a bit in second hand.
What will the Crown Princess study this fall?
- Like it is now, it will be conflict solving and international relations. But I already feel that it’s a struggle with time, so we’ll see.
Let’s end with some quick questions, and see what the Crown Princess says when I say:
- History, Saint Birgitta.
The King?
- Father.
Gossip magazines?
- What I think…. Should I get into that now? I’ll be here for a long while if I do… But... injustice.
The name Daniel?
- I’m thinking of you right now… No, just kidding! I can’t help to say that I think of my Daniel.
Thank you very much, Crown Princess!
- Thank you.
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Old 10-12-2004, 05:07 PM
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Thank you so much for finding and translating it, GrandDuchess! Cheeky Barbro Johansson gave me and obviously also Victoria a good laugh

The name Daniel?
I can’t help to say that I think of my Daniel.
And of course this comment has caused thoughts in me, which can be described with these two little comrades->
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Old 10-12-2004, 05:29 PM
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I can’t help to say that I think of my Daniel.
I think she said "I can’t help to say that I think of my friend Daniel"
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Old 10-12-2004, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Yennie
I think she said "I can’t help to say that I think of my friend Daniel"
I think she said "I can´t help to say that I think of my fiance Daniel" :p

No...of course, the Swedes surely know it better...Without the translation I´ve only understood 50-80%.
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Old 10-13-2004, 04:38 AM
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I think she said "I can´t help to say that I think of my fiance Daniel" :p
Now THAT would be good news!
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Old 10-13-2004, 06:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Yennie
I think she said "I can’t help to say that I think of my friend Daniel"
I listened to it again - and as far as I can hear, she says "my Daniel"...

Maybe not a bomb - but none the less quite interesting to hear...
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Old 10-20-2004, 05:31 PM
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On the video of Victoria's birthday celebration, just before they sing happy birthday to her, they sing another song. Does anyone know what it is?
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Old 10-20-2004, 05:50 PM
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Dont know what video you´re talking about, but it could be "vi gratulerar". Thats like the swedish version of the "happy birthday" song :)
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Old 10-20-2004, 05:55 PM
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It was "ja må hon leva" wich is like Yennie said a swedish version of happy birthday.
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Old 01-10-2005, 08:07 AM
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Interview with the King from Dagens Nyheter today - PART 2:

The King talks about that the help cannot stay in Sweden, that we have an international responsibility, that there cannot be a fixation to Thailand, one has to look ahead, one has to learn – technically, environmentally not the least – by the catastrophe – and that the Swedish effort has to be evaluated. He has not himself been in the area by foot, only by boat, but he has tried to contact the Thai Royal Family, where the King’s grandchild is among the missing. They are hard to reach.

- One is almost surprised by how many Christmas celebrating Swedes there are abroad, in an exotic country.

- But we have old relations to this country, the friendship is deep and they are very warm, soft and helping people, like everyone gives witness of.

I wonder what he things of the new Christmas tradition, to fly away from old aunts and everything else?

- Well, it’s something that happens. I will stay at home. I promise.

But he emphasizes that the world is coming closer and that there is a new and bigger fellowship.

The Swedes have donated half a milliard Swedish crowns. The Royal Family and the Court have also donated, how much is not clear yet, the collection is still going on.

When it comes to crisis preparedness, the King believes in a new role for the Defence.
- There is soon a conference with the Society and Defence Association, and this time I’m sure there will be another focus, says the King who will take part in the conference.

Like the course of events developed in the first days, with interns in the switchboard in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and an obvious lack of communication within the Government and responsible employees, general lack of action and a sad follow-up, many are wondering, including the King, how it could happen.

The Italians were fast, with a preparedness that cut through the hierarchies in all of the Government Authorities.

- Well, says the King. We are northerners and Scandinavians. The Italians are Latin and react in a different way. And maybe it’s often this way in Sweden, that we react slowly – but when we get going we are immensely effective and organise and things happen methodically and calmly. It is always easier to handle a crisis situation in the own community than on the other side of the world. Here there are psychologists, crisis groups, police and church. Everyone was on place at Arlanda Airport for the returns, it was very well arranged. Clothes just kept coming to those who didn’t have clothes when they returned to cold Sweden. And there were lots of sandwiches and even snus to homecoming Swedes.

But a little more action doesn’t hurt, he thinks.
- In some situations, it’s better to act than to do nothing at all. It’s better to call an ambulance and then send it home if it’s not needed. But in Sweden, it’s often so that no one dares to take responsibility. You are afraid to get things started, which can means financial costs, and then have to answer to it. And who is paying?

- I think that it’s important to dare to take responsibility. Afterwards you might be hanged in the media, but it’s better than to stand passive.

When the King was little he lost his father, and it took a long time before he knew that children usually have fathers. Back then; there were no crisis groups, no psychologists?
- No, there was no one who talked to me about this. It was taboo. A child was to be protected from the scary truth. My mother had lost two of her brothers in the war, and after four sisters – I was the only male heir. So there was a rather large pressure on her, and the family lived under very special circumstances.

You siblings didn’t talk about your father?
- Not that I can remember. I had a feeling that there was something, but it had gone to far then – and I was to scared or to shy to ask the question.

Was there a father figure that could replace that later in life?
- No, not fully.

Someone who came to mean a lot?
- Maybe not as you might think there was. You socialised with your playmates and it went as fare as me calling their fathers father. It was very natural to me, we played together. But I really wished that there hadn’t been this fright to talk about things like this. It is still a family after all, and it is important that you get to know your family – to understand what kind of family you have had, and to always keep it in your memory.

The question is how he has worked on the loss.
- It was very late if at all. I learned more and more in connection with an exhibition about my father that I did on Öland, in our little pavilion ten years ago. Then I got quite a few new contacts, and old friends who knew my father came. It meant a lot to get to know him in that way.

Has this characterized the King’s relationship to his own children? Does it feel essential to talk about difficult things and feelings?
- Maybe it became so, that because I didn’t talk about it then, I might not be very good at talking about it now either.

- But this catastrophe has affected me deeply. I feel that we have already experienced so much these past days, and seen a whole new brotherliness in the society. Maybe we dare to help each other a little bit more than before.

Today it is Monday. The consequences of the tsunamis will be very visible in Sweden; empty benches in classrooms, in kindergarten groups and at work places.

- I think that you have to stop, have a minute of silence, and then talk about the persons that are missing. Bring out the positive about them, perhaps about other things as well, tell each other episodes, peculiarities, events. Work on it. Pas it along to that the memory is kept alive. Do not shovel it under the carpet.
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Interview with the King from Dagens Nyheter today (my translation) - PART 1:

More than one day passed before the King was informed

King Carl Gustaf believes in a new role for the Defence in the crisis preparedness. He tells to DN’s Maria Schottenius how it is to be King in a major crisis, and how he himself was to afraid and to shy to ask about what happened to his father.

The King illustrates with his hands. Time flows together. It is hard to remember what is before and after Boxing Day’s morning. It is one big stretched out presence.

- You ask yourself, what has happened? What have we done? What have I done?

When he woke up in the morning, the wave was there in a news broadcast. But in the same way as for most Sweden, the King’s apprehension about the catastrophe in Asia grew slowly.

- And still does, it just grows and grows.

- We were at my sister Christina’s on the night of Boxing Day, just as every year. And we all stood there together in front of the TV and watched.

- Then we tried to get information from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister’s Office, and we know now afterwards that the information didn’t reach them, and after many attempts we got hold of Secretary of State Lars Danielsson on the evening of the 27th.

The day after, Cabinet Secretary Hans Dahlgren came to the Royal Palace of Stockholm to inform the King.

- Everyone examines himself or herself. We all will. A lot was surely caused by the fact that we were in a Christmas holiday, and that it is like in a different sphere then. You cut off the outside world a little, and spend time in the circle of the family. That was pretty much what we did too.

- On the morning of the 27th, I went in to the office and tried to inform myself of the extent. Since then, we have been engaged. I have a feeling that we have been busy all the time, but at the same time it’s hard to see that we have done anything. It is very strange.

Just this day, Drottningholm has no sharp contours. The yellow palace floats in a haze. The gravel crunches under the feet and we are greeted by the guards who want to see ID’s. A big blue curve is drawn in the gravel. It looks funny. “Stop!”.

Even if the Christmas was abruptly interrupted, there are little signs of a lingering Christmas at the palace. Bunches of spruce at the doors, wreaths, red ribbons, red tablecloths and candles in the staff dining room that smells of coffee. The King’s dog Sila from Slovakia, brown like the ginger snaps in the tin, comes in and says hello. A bunch of bags from Storlien lies crowding together in the corridor, they are to be unpacked.

We walk a few stone stairs, over a slippery, waxed stone floor to Gustav III’s playroom. Heavy vanished oak parquet flooring, tapestries on the wall, Asian china and an Asian inspired flower arrangement. Asia is present. In the ladies room, the tile is ornamented with pink flower creepers up and down, everywhere, towels with flower motifs hangs heavily starched, and there is a humour book about dogs.

The schedule for the King is tight. The week and the weekend have been busy. He is going to the National Grieving Service in the Uppsala Cathedral immediately after our meeting on Saturday afternoon. The family has spread out to cathedrals in the country while a storm is moving in over Sweden; in southern Sweden even a hurricane. The King and Princess Madeleine is going to Uppsala, the Queen to Lund, but the plane will turn around because of the storm and Queen Silvia will also end up in Uppsala. The Crown Princess is on her way to Skara Cathedral, and Prince Carl Philip to Karlstad; it is the royal children’s dukedoms that decides cathedral.

It is peculiar with a collective grief. A Prime Minister that calls for national gathering, after which the opposition goes silent. A Head of State who is King and has a whole family as a symbol family for the national mourning.

I ask the King is it feels special to be King right now? Does the monarchy become weaker or stronger by this catastrophe? Does he get a clear role?

- I hope I can make contribution. I do want to try and be a gathering symbol for the nation and for those Swedes affected. Help, and support, and be there when there is a chance. We visited the crisis centre at Arlanda Airport, Astrid Lindgren’s Children’s Hospital and the Karolinska Hospital, were present when the first people returned in the middle of the night. Those are acts of symbolism more than anything else, and you want the people to take it in the right way. For them to see that there is a commitment.

The yellow labrador Jambo is present during the interview. With no warning, he barks. He keeps an order to what is going on outside the closed door.

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Thank you so much for translating the long article from DN. When I saw it today on the hopmepage of DN, I´ve thought "this is too long to be translated". And now you have done it! Great! You deserve a lot of (virtual) kisses on the cheeks for that
I´m sure it´s also highly appreciated of the other members, who have read it. The king shows his emotional side and proves all (me included) wrong, who have far more often seen an grumpy old guy in him, than the caring head of Sweden.
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what I understand this was the first time the king talked about his father so openly
and how things was handled when i died

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