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Old 09-17-2010, 05:05 PM
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Back in Copenhagen!

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik ended the Summer's Cruise of the Royal
Yacht Dannebrog by landing at the Toldboden in Copenhagen, greeted by
salution from the Sixtus Cannon Battery on September 17, 2010.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **

**** Welcome aboard! ****
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Old 09-17-2010, 06:28 PM
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Regent Couple in Slagelse on Semptember 16:
Royalt besøg i Slagelse - Følg dagen her | Nyheder fra TV2 ØST

"It's very special, as Kate is very special. It's my way of making sure my mother didn't miss out on today and the excitement." Prince William, November 16 2010
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Old 09-24-2010, 01:13 PM
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Thank you, Marika86

Summary of article in Billed Bladet #38, 2010.
Mælkedronningen - The milk-Queen.
Written by Annelise Weimann.

The summer cruises with Dannebrog has ended for this year (*) and last stop was the town of Slagelse, located on Zealand. This is where parts of the Guards Hussars Regiment, including the horse squadron, is now located.

It was pretty much a standard programme, with Dannebrog arriving at 10.00 sharp, regardsless of what your clock tells you. The Queen is always right on time! Meeting the local dignitaries on the quay, reception at the townhall, carrigde ride through the town escorted by the guards hussars.
This time it was QMII who dealt with the industry-part of the visit. She visited Arla, a large dairy plant. And here she was presented with the myriads of milk products produced. A neat little details is that all wore coats and hairnets, however QMII was wearing a hat, so she didn't require a hairnet...
She must have been thirsty, because while she was being told about the milk products that are a part of the milk-arrangement in schools (**), she pointed at one of the 0.25 litre cartons and said: "I'd like to taste that one". It happened to be kærnemælk = buttermilk and as this apparantly was outside the programme, there was no glass at hand, but QMII just drank straight from the carton, as any schoolchild. (***)
She said: "Yum, that tastes good. It sure is a long time since I last drank buttermilk. - I had schoolmilk myself as well". (****)

There is always something in connection with art on such a visit. In this case QMII visited gallery St. Galla and she hardly needed any encoragment when she was to decorate a sheet of glass that was later to be shaped into a bowl. The glass artist in charge of that was Branka Lugonja, a refugee from Ex-jugolslavia, who came to DK seventeen years ago. She said: "I've never had pupils before and - imagine, the first I'm going to help is the Queen. I'm very proud".

Right outside Slagelse is the Viking castle, or rather stronghold Trelleborg from the 980's (*****) and to here QMII was wheeled in a golf-car, driven by mayor Lis Tribler. The mayor wasn't good at driving, because the car almost overturned and QMII had to hang on tightly in order not to fall out. On the way back a PET officer prudently held on to the golf-car.
Outside Trelleborg castle the Regent Couple wittnessed a bloody Viking battle and were afterwards presented with six bottles of beer. Three of them authentically brewed Viking beers. (Mjød I presume). To which Prince Henrik exclaimed: "Lovely, we'll drink them tonight".

(*) The yacht will then sail to the naval base at Frederikshavn, where most of the crew, (the conscripts) will disembark. Over the winter the ship will go through repairs and get some new paint here and there.
Next year a new crew of conscripts will get to know her before the summer cruise of 2011.

(**) Also knows as Schoolmilk. That has been around since the pharaos here in DK! We got a carton with 0.25 L of milk each in my time in school as well. The differnce between now and then is that we had four products to choose from, schoolchildren nowadays have many more and the cartons that are supplied by Arla, use bottlelids.

(***) Other journalists noticed a peculiar look on QMII's face after the first gulp and concluded she wasn't used to drinking buttermilk.

(****) She was homeschooled. But 0.25 L of milk a day also applied to pupils being homeschooled.

(*****) This is one of a number of circle castles from that period dotted all over what was then the Danish realm. They are of dirrent sizes and each had what must have been a permanent garrison. Interesting for an age where the Danish kings had personal "housecarls" and the most senior nobles also had a handful of professional soldiers. And that was the standing military forces.
However, up until the Reformation in the 1530's the concept of "mand af hus" applied. The term is still used today. Back then it meant general mobilization. I.e every free man was obliged to muster in defence of the country with his personal arms and armour.
The concept was however abandoned after the Reformation. Partly because it was outdated and partly because of a vicious civil war in the 1530's. The latest and probably most serious of armed uprising since the Viking Age.
Up until then free men would pick up their arms at the drop of a hat and there were constant (the majority practically bloodless) uprisings all over the country for the first 700 years of Danish history, which the king then had to deal with. Usually using diplomacy and rarely force, as the free men was the powerbase of the kings against the influence of nobillity.

And now something for those interested in jewelry.

In Billed Bladet #38, at note informs us that the brooch QMII was wearing during her visit to Slagelse was presented to her as a birthday present from the Guards Hussars regiment when she turned 70.

It's made by goldsmith Michael Hansen.

It's in the shape of a circle, symobolising the Viking stonghold of Trelleborg and in the middle is a figure depicting H.C. Andersen.
The brooch is made of white-gold, red-gold and 18 carats of light gold.
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Old 10-18-2011, 05:10 PM
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This is a charming little story about the Regent Couple on the day, the summer cruises for 2011 officially ended. That happened on 19. september.
And this is the Navy Homeguard perspective: Hjemmeværnet - Sejlads med regentparret
Now, what goes on behind the scenes really interest me, because that's where we get a better view of both the royals themselves but also what they are doing. I love trivia!
As such, I'll translate this article.

Article by the Navy Homeguard.
Sejlads med Regentparret - Sailing with the Regent couple.
Written by Søren Pedersen.

Monday the 19. September Flotilla 363 Skovshoved (*) had the honor of sailing HM The Queen and HRH The Prince Consort from Skovshoved harbour (**) to Holmen (the navy yard) in Copenhagen.

The cause for the grand visit was that the Regent Couple were to board the Royal Yacht Dannebrog, for the Regent Couple's official disembarkation from the Royal Yacht.
HM the Queen and HRH the Prince Consort arrived at Skovshoved harbour, where they boarded MHV 809 Antares at 14.45. The flotilla had lined up the crew on the foredeck in the honor of HM the Queen (***) and commander of the flotilla, lieutenant commander Søren Pedersen recieved HM the Queen with phalarope (i.e. she was pibed onboard). After the flotilla commander had recieved the permission of HM the Queen, the royal standard (**** )was raised onboard MHV 809 Antares as a sign that the Queen was onboard.

Together with the flotilla commander, the second in command of the flotilla, first lieutenant Axel Miethe and operations officer, lieutenant Erik Jørgensen (the captain of the day of the vessel) stood and bid HM the Queen and HRH the Prince Consort welcome onboard.
After the welcoming HM the Queen and HRH the Prince Consort inspected the lined up honor guard on the foredeck. Then the flotilla commander followed HM the Queen and HRH the Prince Consort up to the open bridge (*****), so that the Regent Couple could watch the manouvering in the harbour. During the sailing HM the Queen was taken for a tour of the ship and offered coffee in the ship's mess.

When sailing into Copenhagen Harbour the Regent Couple again stood on the open bridge, so that they could recieve the salute from the Royal Yacht Dannebrog.
For the crew it was a very special occasion to recieve the greeting from Dannebrog, since it's normally Antares' crew who greet Dannebrog.

When HM the Queen had recieved the greeting from Dannebrog, the Antares moored at Holmen. Then the royal barge with Jagtkaptajn (******), captain of the Royal Yacht Dannebrog commander Lars Rosendahl Christophersen, sailed up to the larboard (left) (*******) side of Antares in order to recieved HM the Queen and HRH the Prince Consort.

The flotilla commander thanked HM the Queen and HRH the Prince Consort for the visit and phalarope was pibed, while the Queen entered the royal barge.

(*) In reality it's more a navy squadron. There are incidentally three words for squadron in Danish:
Eskadre = Navy squadron.
Eskadrille = Squadron of planes.
Eskadron = A cavalry squadron.

(**) Skovshoved is located a little north of Copenhagen, while Amalienborg is very close to Holmen in Copenhagen Harbour. My guess is that is was little salute to the Navy Homeguard.

(***) In official military articles it's unthinkable not to mention the title or at least the abbreviation of the title of the royals, - no matter how many times.

(****) You'll see the standard in the upper right corner of the article and again flying from the barge in the bottom. All other Danish warships are obliged to salute any ship or vessel flying that standard. It's comparable to nominating a plane with the US President, Air Force One.

(*****) QMII is the higest ranking and PH is on top of that full admiral a la suite, as such they will walk up the stairs first, followed by the flotilla commander.
The same thing when entering a barge. The higest ranking, QMII, enters the barge as the last, but she leaves the barge as the first.
ADDED: Except that QMII this time entered the barge as the very first. Oh well... If she can't break the rules, who can? And she usually do enter the barge as the last person.

There is an excellent 56 images gallery here: Hjemmeværnet - Billedarkiv

(******) Being captain of Dannebrog is the most prestigious command a naval officer can hold. He is the Monarch's personal captain, and at the same time the first among her adjutants, no matter the other adjutants ranks or seniority.

(*******) Also known as portside. Simple because the port, where you entered ships-of-the-line, was always placed to larboard.

Some trivia about Dannebrog herself:
She is 76.60 meters long, 10.40 meters wide and has a depth of 3.65 meters.
Her crew consists of 58 including a number of conscripts.
Apart from that there is room for 27 staff members and 14 passengers.
Dannebrog is the only sailing purpose build royal yacht in the world. (She was officially to double as a hospital ship, but that has never been taken serious).
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Old 10-19-2011, 02:53 PM
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Thank you for this Muhler! I think it must always be a bittersweet moment for HM and the Prince Consort when the Dannebrog season ends. Does she remain moored in front of Amalienborg throughout the winter?
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Old 10-19-2011, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by gerry View Post
Thank you for this Muhler! I think it must always be a bittersweet moment for HM and the Prince Consort when the Dannebrog season ends. Does she remain moored in front of Amalienborg throughout the winter?
You are welcome.

No, Dannebrog returns to naval station Frederikshavn, in northern Jutland, for refitting, a bit of paint and so on, before training with the new conscripts begin next spring, so they are ready for the summer cruise next year.

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