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Old 02-03-2004, 01:03 AM
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Yes, too bad about Toytown. Get better. Anyway, I can hear the raucous crowds now in Athens cheering on Zara. Zara! Zara! Zara!

Old 02-03-2004, 01:03 PM
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Athens blow for Phillips

Zara Phillips's hopes of following in her parents' footsteps in Athens in August, have suffered a setback with the news that her horse, Toytown, has suffered a injury to the leg.

They ended last season by narrowly failing to win the Burghley three-day event in their first attempt at a four-star competition and had hoped to underline their Olympic claim at Badminton, which starts on April 29. However, they will now have to miss what is traditionally the main Olympic trial.

Yogi Breisner, the British team manager, said yesterday: "Toytown has missed some work and will not be ready in time. And he is too good a horse to risk."

Jenny Hall, the team veterinary surgeon, will monitor the 11-year-old Toytown's progress, as she does all prospective team horses, during the coming weeks.

"This injury does not completely rule them out of the Olympics if he proves his fitness later in the spring, even if he does not do a three-day event," Breisner said.

"Of course a lot now depends on what happens at Badminton and Lexington [the US Open event in Kentucky a week earlier]. If our riders fill the top six places at Badminton the Olympic selection will practically have made itself."

Phillips's father Mark was in the last British team to win Olympic gold, in Munich in 1972, as well as a silver in Seoul in 1988 and her mother, the Princess Royal, rode in the Montreal team in 1976.

Zara Phillips, 22, and Toytown took the individual silver medal at the 2002 European Young Riders Championship but it was their Burghley performance that earned them a place on the Athens long list of 14 riders when it was announced in December.

Phillips was the youngest on the list and although none of her other horses would be experienced enough to take her to Athens, she has time to further her Olympic career.
Zara Phillips to miss Badminton

Zara Phillips’ Olympic hopes have been put on hold for the time being as her ride, Toytown, has sustained a leg injury, which will rule him out of Badminton.

The Cantor Index-owned 11-year-old injured himself in the field and although British team vet Jenny Hall will be monitoring his progress carefully, there is no question of him being fit in time for the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials in May.

This comes as a major blow to the young royal, who has no alternative ride of equal experience. Not only will she miss her Badminton debut, but inevitably, a question mark now appears over her Olympic hopes.

British Eventing team manager, Yogi Breisnern added: "Obviously it is disappointing for Zara to miss her Badminton debut. We will watch Toytown’s progress closely and in consultation with all parties concerned, make a decision on his competitive programme when he returns to full fitness."

Zara Phillips and Toytown ended last season on a high, narrowly missing first place at Burghley three-day event, when she was just edged out into second place after a remarkable performance on her four-star debut.

Zara is the youngest rider on the British Olympic eventing team long-list.

Old 02-10-2004, 01:28 AM
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11:00 - 09 February 2004

She might be 11th in line to the throne - but there are limits to her influence.

And a Bath nightclub owner decided that when his venue was full, that was that - even if it was the Queen's grand-daughter who wanted to get in.

So 22-year-old Zara Phillips was left kicking her heels with city rugby star Mike Tindall when they were squeezed out of a party on Saturday night.

The daughter of Princess Anne has been romantically linked to world cup-winning squad member Tindall, although he has insisted they are simply good friends.

Bachelor Tindall has found his life transformed by the national side's success down under, with invitations to events from royal receptions to star-studded parties.

But neither Zara's blue blood nor 26-year-old Tindall's success could get them into Delfter Krug, Saw Close, which was already overflowing with rugby players.

A group of around 50 players, friends and girlfriends were inside the venue to celebrate the 21st birthday of Tindall's Bath team-mate Spencer Davey.

Daniel Faivre, the general manager of the club's parent company Freedom Bars, said that the party included most of the Bath Rugby team and a couple of players from Wasps, who had beaten Bath 10-6 at the Rec that day.

Many Bath players are regulars at Delfter Krug and Davey had contacted the club two months ago to warn staff of an influx on Saturday to celebrate his birthday, which was on Tuesday.

Most of the party were in by 10pm, which meant that the normally busy club soon reached its capacity of 250 people. Mr Faivre said staff had no choice but to turn Zara and Tindall away.

He said: "We only have a small capacity - 250 is very small for a nightclub.

"I would have loved to have let them in, but we were at capacity and that would be breaking the law.

"I would love to always let royalty into the club, but the law is the law.

"I am not prepared to lose my licence. It doesn't matter if it's the Queen‘s granddaughter." Mr Faivre said that the club was often visited by celebrities, though it tried to be discreet.

"We keep a low profile and make sure they feel welcome. Unfortunately Zara came at a bad time. I wasn't told she was coming. If people ring up in advance, I can make sure they can get in."

He said that some of his normal customers left early, possibly because they were overwhelmed by the presence of the players.

He said: "It was Spencer Davey's birthday, so obviously he had a lot of mates down from everywhere.

"There were so many rugby lads, it was more like a private party than a night- club with regular punters.

"It was a lot of fun, but it was a bit intimidating for the regulars. I'm not quite sure if they left because of that."

Originally from Australia, Mr Faivre, 27, used to be a football fan.

But coming to Bath three years ago sparked a passion for rugby and he now plays for the Stothert and Pitt team.
Old 02-11-2004, 04:50 PM
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'Naff off' forroyal Zara

ROYAL stunner Zara Phillips was told to “naff off” when she tried to get into a nightclub with rugby hunk Mike Tindall.

The World Cup winning star, 25,had planned to take Zara, 23, to a team-mate’s 21st bash in Bath, Somerset.

But when they arrived after 10pm they were told the club was full.

And a friend who arrived with the couple was told he was banned.

Club boss Daniel Faivre said: “I would love to let royalty in any time but we were at capacity and I’d have been breaking the law.

“It wouldn’t have mattered even if it had been the Queen.”
Old 02-11-2004, 09:56 PM
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"WARESLEY (Reuters) - The granddaughter of the Queen insists she comes from an ordinary family, but admits she wouldn't wish the harsh glare of publicity on anyone.

Zara Phillips, daughter of Princess Anne, told Reuters on Wednesday her best friends were her horses and rejected the media portrayal of her as the wild child of the House of Windsor.

"My family is probably just like your family, but everyone else makes it into something different. They have a dream of what we are," Zara, 22, said in an interview.

She is a top horsewoman and in the running to be picked for the Olympic three-day eventing team, but is best known for boyfriends, high fashion and having her tongue pierced.

The piercing is now gone, but the woman widely seen as the most down-to-earth royal still hits the headlines.

"Yes, right, I just put that act on for everyone," she said sarcastically, when asked about her rebel image. "I don't do it deliberately to entertain the British public."

She said she took advice from her divorced parents, Anne and Captain Mark Phillips, on how to handle being in the public eye.

"I have been exposed to it. It has helped that my parents are used to it. But I wouldn't wish it on anyone," said Zara, relaxing in her horse trailer in the rolling countryside of Cambridgeshire after training with the eventing team.

Three of the queen's four children, Anne, heir-to-the-throne Charles and their bother Andrew have all divorced, leading to media accusations of a dysfunction royal family. Zara and heart-throb cousins Prince William and Prince Harry are seen as the modern face of the monarchy.

"I love my horses, they get spoilt. They are my best mates," she said, adding she would rather be riding and competing than going to nightclubs. Both Zara's parents were champion horse riders and Olympians themselves.

Many commentators say the royals love their animals more than people. Anne hit the headlines last year when one of her dogs savaged one of the queen's corgis.

But while the family have a passion for horses, Zara said they did not all ride out together every weekend.

"I play polo and most people in my family ride, but is not like 'Right, let's all go out for a hack then, gang," she said.

Although Zara was born into a life of country estates and palaces, she ends up practically living in her horse trailer during the summer while she's competing and training.

But rather than looking down her nose at roughing it, she said sometimes the trailer can be better than home."

Zara! Zara! Zara!
Old 02-12-2004, 03:25 AM
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meouch! I think someone is trying to grow up here... maybe the press will give her a break for a while
Old 02-12-2004, 12:50 PM
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I think Zara has been growing up for quite a while...she's a beautiful young women with an amazing talent, but the press only cares when she is out on the town...which it doesn't seem happens all that often....
Have you ever wished on a star? It's a magic everyone should experience.

Be a good person.
Old 02-16-2004, 08:52 PM
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Feb 16 2004
By Tom Parry

RACING royal Zara Phillips whipped up rumours when she was seen carrying a memento from her former boyfriend Richard Johnson.

Princess Anne's 22-year-old daughter used jockey Johnson's whip to urge on her horse, Mrs Philip, during a Valentine's Day charity race at Newbury, Berkshire - but to little effect since it came in fifth.

Zara's three-year on-off relationship with Johnson finally ended last year when she moved her belongings - and horses - from his home and went back to live with her mum Princess Anne at Gatcombe Park.

But Zara and Johnson are clearly still good friends.

Horseriding appears to have helped the princess overcome her heartbreak following the break-up. She said recently: "I love my horses, they get spoilt. They are my best mates."

The great-granddaughter of The Queen Mum was riding to raise cash for the Queen Mother's Memorial Fund for the Red Cross.
Old 02-16-2004, 11:42 PM
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Any photos of Zara from the royal funerals of Princess Diana and Princess Margaret?
Old 02-17-2004, 10:35 PM
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WARESLEY (Reuters) - Royal rebel Zara Phillips is swapping parties for weekends in a horse-trailer to seal a place at the Olympics.

At 22 the queen's granddaughter, sighted regularly on London's celebrity circuit, is the youngest member of Britain's three-day eventing squad.

She is up against tough competition -- the 13-strong squad includes world number one Pippa Funnell and Leslie Law, like Funnell a member of the silver medal-winning team in Sydney.

Only five riders will be selected for Athens and Phillips is focusing completely on her training, sacrificing nights on the dance floor for hours in the saddle.

"If you put so much hard work into it, you don't want to spoil it," she said at the squad's first training session in Bedfordshire.

Phillips has chosen a dangerous sport where women compete equally with men in dressage, show-jumping and cross country.

Coming from a horse-mad family and being the daughter of two parents who represented Britain at the Olympics, Phillips was singled out as an exceptional horsewoman in her teens.

She burst into the limelight in September when she led after the second day of the Burghley horse trials on her horse Toytown, the first time she had ridden in an elite event.

Funnell kept her nerve, jumping a clear round to win the title, but Phillips had made an indelible mark.


"She did something quite fantastic there," said former world champion and Olympic selector Lucinda Green. "Her talent was bobbing above all the rest and you have to take notice of that."

Green said Phillips's "get up and go" attitude made up for her youthful inexperience.

"She's at the beginning of the scale there, but she's got a terrific grit and a great sense of fun, which you can't teach."

"Physically she looks like her mum on a horse."

Her mother, Princess Anne, rode in the 1976 Olympics and was European champion in 1971. Her father, Mark Phillips, won an Olympic team gold in eventing in 1972.

Her parents, now divorced, taught her to ride on a Shetland pony, Smokey, but never forced her to follow their path.

"We do talk about other stuff than horses, but of course horses are in the family," she said, taking a break from training in her trailer.

"I play polo and most people in my family ride but it's not like 'Right, let's all go out for a hack then, gang'."

"I train with my dad and sometimes go riding with my mum. It's just what I've always done."

Slouching on the sofa while her groom, Catherine, tidied the trailer, and rolling her eyes at questions about the royal family, Phillips says she has learned to ignore the paparazzi and tabloid stories.

"It's helped that my parents are used to it but I wouldn't wish it on anyone -- most of it is made up anyway," she said.


"They (her parents) have always been in the public eye so they give advice.

"My family is probably just like your family but everyone else makes it into something different. They have a dream of what we are."

Funnell says she is full of admiration for Phillips and the young royal has fitted in well with the squad. "She's a good laugh and very, very talented," said Funnell, 35.

"She's just another team member," the team's Swedish coach Yogi Breisner said. "Of course, her royal connection has brought greater interest and that's a great benefit to the sport, it's a wonderful opportunity."

From being completely horse-mad to clinging to superstitious rituals such as always wearing the same socks for cross-country, Phillips is like most top riders.

"I love my horses, they get spoilt, they are my best mates," she said. Her affection for Toytown, who suffered a leg strain three weeks ago, does not depend on his sporting success.

"It's completely like a relationship with a person or a dog -- just because your dog poos in your house doesn't mean you stop loving it," she said.

Toytown's injury could spoil Phillips's hopes for Athens since none of her other horses is Olympic material.

She has three months for Toytown to get fit and to prove she is worth a place on the team. And, as she says, if Athens proves too much, too soon, there is always Beijing in 2008.
Old 02-17-2004, 10:40 PM
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hopefully TT will be fit and bring Zara and Britain the gold later this year.
Old 02-20-2004, 08:16 AM
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Originally posted by cn2455@Feb 16th, 2004 - 10:42 pm
Any photos of Zara from the royal funerals of Princess Diana and Princess Margaret?
I've only ever seen pics of Zara at the funeral of The late Queen Mother. She was at Princess Margaret's funeral, but in the photo I have she is stood behind Princess Anne & the Countess of Wessex so all you can see of her are her boots!
Old 02-21-2004, 09:10 AM
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ENGLAND World Cup rugby star Mike Tindall yesterday laughed off fresh speculation he is romancing Zara Phillips, the granddaughter of The Queen - despite being photographed with her on numerous occasions.

Rumours resurfaced after he and the royal beauty were seen leaving a London nightclub together at 4am after attending a sporting dinner.

The night out came just weeks after the player first denied they were an item - and despite the 22-year-old daughter of Princess Anne being linked to All Blacks player Caleb Ralph since then.

Zara quickly ended the relationship with Ralph, who is facing a paternity battle with an ex.

Palace sources say Zara was infuriated after he confirmed spending the holidays with the Royal Family, and called off visits to Australia and New Zealand after the romance hit the papers.

New speculation of a royal romance surfaced when both Zara and Tindall arrived to a party at the famed Intercontinental Hotel, Park Lane- and later partied the night away at a posh nightclub.

She turned up with brother Peter while Tindall met up with England team-mates such as Lawrence Dallaglio and Mike Catt.

The pair later partied the night away with Zara’s brother at the Met Bar- and the royal party even happily posed for pictures when they emerged bleary-eyed at 4am yesterday.

But a palace spokesman denied a romance, saying: "Mike and Zara are friends - it's that simple. They are a similar age and have similar interests.

"Zara is stunningly beautiful woman who loves sports- rugby in particular.

"She went to the World Cup as a rugby fan."

A spokesman on behalf on Tindall added, "Mike is very much single."

The Bath player is injured and the spokesman added: "Mike is just concentrating on getting fit. He doesn’t have the time to see the princess that often."

When Mike was asked if love might develop with the royal rebel he said: "The crystal ball's a bit dirty."
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April 10, 2004 08:30

She is the Queen's eldest granddaughter, but Zara Phillips was just another competitor at a top Norfolk horse trials yesterday – and had an early bank holiday start into the bargain.

The royal horsewoman set off from her home in Gloucestershire at 5.30am with her elder brother Peter Phillips, who kept a watchful eye on her as she competed in the Burnham Market Horse Trials.

Peter, 26, enjoyed the sunshine and chatted to a friend as he watched his sister warm up for the showjumping course. He was later seen dashing round the cross-country track in a bid to keep her in sight.

But his protective arm extended even further when asked to talk about his talented sibling. He simply smiled politely, saying: "No, not today thank you."

Alec Lochore, director of the premier league competition, said he was pleased to have Zara at the event but stressed that she received no preferential treatment due to her royal connections.

"In our sport Zara is just another rider. She doesn't get any benefits for being royal.

"You do not get to her position through privilege, but through hard work and guts," he said.

And the young royal, who was once photographed at her grandmother's birthday sporting a tongue stud, kept up her individual streak with a distinctive letter Z shaved on to the back of her horse.

But despite the unusual tattoo, her presence caused few ripples.

Colin Chipperfield, from Bishop's Stortford, who had come to watch his daughter Jo, said he did not know about the royal competitor.

Zara, who will be 23 next month, has entered the Norfolk trials once before, and yesterday she was one of just a handful of Olympic hopefuls who used the competition to prepare for a chance to represent their country in Athens this year.

She was certainly pleased with her third test of the day, the cross-country course, and described her ride on Irish-bred Springleaze Macaroo as "awesome".

She told the commentator: "He was really good at everything. When he sees a fence he thinks, 'Here we go' and you just need to hold him back a bit."

But at the water jump, the horse ahead of Zara distracted Springleaze Macaroo and she said she had to "ride it a little bit stronger" to make it over the fence.

Her performance was even more admirable considering that she could not enter her usual horse, Toytown, which she hopes to take to Athens, because of a training injury he sustained two months ago.

The royal rider had also been due to take part in the competition on Thursday but, for reasons unknown, withdrew the horse, Ardfield Magic Star.

The selection for the Olympic team will be held in July and if Zara secures a place she will be following in the footsteps of her parents, the Princess Royal and Captain Mark Phillips, who were both top international riders and represented their country at the Games.

Mr Lochore would not comment on her chances but said she had progressed enormously since she won a silver medal at the European Young Rider Championships in 2002.

He said she was ranked as one of the top riders in the world, alongside the likes of Pippa Funnell, the world number one who, according to Mr Lochore, has had the most successful season of any rider so far.

In the morning, Zara completed the dressage followed by showjumping and a cross-country course in the afternoon.

She came sixth out of 24 riders in the under-25 advanced category, clocking up a penalty total of 59.6, while the winner of the group, Oliver Townsend, on Weston Justice, received 45.2 penalty points.

The trials, which are held over three days, attract a wide range of riders from novices to stars such as William Fox-Pitt, the world number two, who has ridden for the British team for several years, and Leslie Law, who won a silver medal at the Sydney Olympics.

Chirria Killingbeck, event spokeswoman, said: "The great thing about the event is that grassroots riders can rub shoulders with top- class riders."
Old 05-03-2004, 12:24 PM
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Zara Phillips News and Pictures 2

Welcome to the second thread dedicated to Zara Philiips.

To find the first thread, go here
Old 05-03-2004, 01:23 PM
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Zara gets a soaking at badminton trails

A little bit of rain wasn't going to stop Zara Phillips enjoying the Badminton Horse Trials at the weekend. The 22-year-old was spotted clapping and cheering from the sidelines at the four-day championship, despite the drizzly weather.

The young royal was expected to compete at the trials, but was forced to drop out after her horse suffered a leg injury. Hopefully Toytown will recover before too long, because Zara is currently competing for a place in the British equestrian team for this summer's Olympics.

But in the meantime she was content to enjoy the event as a spectator. Princess Anne's daughter was also spotted arm-in-arm with England rugby hero Mike Tindall. There has been widespread speculation of a romance between the two, but both parties insist they are just good friends. The pair first met in Sydney last December, when Mike's team won the Rugby World Cup, and they have since made a number of outings together.

And Zara wasn't the only royal guest at Badminton over the weekend: Prince Michael of Kent likewise came along for the showjumping event.


Old 05-03-2004, 01:39 PM
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It is time to close this thread.

To see part 2, go to
Old 05-03-2004, 06:40 PM
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Forgive me, but is Zara's boyfriend considered attractive in Britian?
Check it out: Royal News Examiner
Old 05-03-2004, 06:53 PM
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Who??????????? Zara?????? Look for Princess Anne and Zara father and we gona find the explanation
Old 05-03-2004, 07:16 PM
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Originally posted by megknight@May 3rd, 2004 - 4:40 pm
Forgive me, but is this he considered attractive in Britian?
I'm sure by his mother he is :P You'd think that being able to say "My granny is the Queen of England" would put you first in line to date Armani/Calvin Klein models.. pity.

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