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Old 02-17-2009, 06:03 AM
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Originally Posted by kimebear View Post
I'm having a really hard time wrapping my brain around the justification that Sarah can be condemned for adultery because of x, y & z, but the same rules fail to apply to Charles and Camilla. By the same token, I could say that Sarah didn't commit adultery with the Prince of Wales.
I can't understand why. Sarah was at the time of her affairs a member of the Royal Family, had she just been Sarah Z, it wouldn't have mattered. had she only had the one affair and then married the chap, that wouldn't have been so bad, but she didn't. She had more than one affair and stayed with none of them, therefore it was only for 'a bit of fun', the me, me, me syndrome where nothing and no one else matters.
I don't see adultery as a sin either. I do see it as a gross violation of trust. All the discretion in the world doesn't soothe that hurt.
In that, I believe you are wrong. The fact that your husband/wife is having an affair is bad enough, but to have it broadcast to the world, or at the least your friends and family is the worst thing, I would imagine. Discretion doesn't soothe the hurt but it makes the pain less and the recovery easier.
Originally Posted by Jo of Palatine View Post
Let's not concentrate only on the adultery. My point was that she didn't commit adultery because she did not love her husband anymore, but because she was unhappy with her situation - and this maily because of the fact that she had married the "poor" son of the queen. snipped.
I couldn't have put it better!
Originally Posted by Mandy View Post
Remember, the question is, "Have you slept with a man other than your husband?" and the answer is "yes" for both women. The question is not how many men have you slept with! If you can't forgive Sarah, you shouldn't forgive Camilla either. Otherwise, it is double standards.
Who asks such a question, certainly not the divorce court. The question is 'how many', that is why hookers, prostitutes whatever you want to call them, are despised, as are gold diggers.

Sarahs multiple affairs are a minus point but they are not the entire reason I find it hard to see any good points in her.

Old 02-17-2009, 07:58 AM
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Now that everyone has had ample opportunity to state and restate their justifications for continuing the Sarah-bashing entertainment,
we'll close this thread and open a new one.

The new current events thread will be just that. Those who wish to continue in the same vein as this closed thread are welcome to read through their old posts here. The new thread will not become a rehash of members posting what they have already posted many times previously,
nor will it be used as a vehicle to post bitchy and defamatory statements.

Sarah, Duchess of York current events part 13 can be found here.


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Closed Thread

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