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June 22, 2002 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom --- Prince William deep in thought at a polo match at the Beaufort Polo Club the day after his 21st birthday. His mannerism and his hand on his chin are reminiscent of his mother.

Tim Graham/Corbis
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June 22, 2002 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom --- A huge crowd watching Prince William in polo action at the Beaufort Polo Club.

Tim Graham/Corbis
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June 22, 2002 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom --- A handsome portrait of Prince William after polo at the Beaufort Polo Club as he applauds at the prize ceremony.

Tim Graham/Corbis
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June 22, 2002 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom --- Prince William Prince Charles and Prince Harry in action at the Beaufort Polo Club.

Tim Graham/Corbis
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June 22, 2002 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom --- Prince William with his father Prince Charles and his brother Prince Harry playing for the Mercedes-AMG team at Beaufort Polo Club. None of the royal players wore the AMG commercial logo on their shirts.

Tim Graham/Corbis
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June 22, 2002 Tetbury, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom --- Prince William, Prince Charles and Prince Harry in action at the Beaufort Polo Club.

Tim Graham/Corbis
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What teams do William play for, it seems that he plays for different teams...

Thanks for starting this new thread Josefine!!
Thank you Jalmey. I hope people think it is a good idee that a thread is about 10 pages long and they think its alright with closing a thread that is starting to get long...
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The full interview from the Prince of Wales's Website

By Peter Archer, Court Correspondent, PA News.

To mark his 21st birthday, Prince William agreed to be interviewed by the Press Association and posed for photographs by Mario Testino. In the first part of what is his frankest and most revealing interview ever, William answers questions about his life, his mother and father, the Queen, a Windsor Castle birthday party and fast motorbikes.

"My guiding principles in life are to be honest, genuine, thoughtful and caring," said the 21-year-old Prince.

Sat on a golden sofa at St James's Palace beneath a gilt-framed picture by Van Der Meulen, he was a modern Royal in denim jeans and open-necked shirt.

William slipped off his shoes and sipped still mineral water, at ease in surroundings fit for a king.

But the unassuming young man, who has already experienced much in his relatively short life, is equally at home in a student's room with utility furniture and posters for Old Masters.

At times amusing but always sincere, the heir of Charles, Prince of Wales and second in line to the throne, was intriguing, yet easy to be with.

His firm handshake, welcoming smile and boyish charm were a winning combination.

However, William left no doubt who was in control.
"I'm not an over-dominant person," he said. "I don't go around and expect everyone to listen to me the whole time.

"But I like to be in control of my life because I have so many people around me, I can get pulled in one direction and then the other.

"If I don't have any say in it, then I end up just losing complete control and I don't like the idea of that.
"I could actually lose my identity."

Without prompting, he continued: "A lot of people think I'm hugely stubborn about the whole thing.

"But you have to be slightly stubborn because everybody wants you for one reason or another.

"If you don't stick to your guns and stick to your decision, then you lose control."

However, William insisted that he did listen to advice.
"I do listen, of course I listen. I listen to what people have to say to me and I make my own judgements from there.

"I don't go off and say 'Oh no no, I'm not listening to you', and completely ignore their advice.

"I do take in whatever people say to me and around me, and then I'll make my own decision.

"I think it's very important that you make your own decision about what you are. Therefore you're responsible for your actions, so you don't blame other people."

William, who is midway through a four-year Master of Arts degree at St Andrews University in Scotland, had come to London where earlier his grandmother, the Queen had celebrated the 50th anniversary of her Coronation.
But he is not rushing into a life of public service and regulation as a full-time Royal.

With his grandmother in robust health at the age of 77 and his father still in his prime, William knows there is time enough.

However, he is already developing leadership skills as a peacemaker and mediator among his peers.
"If I can do something to help as me and not just because of who I am, then that's really important to me. I can calm situations," he said.

William remains particularly close to his younger brother, 18-year-old Prince Harry, with whom he suffered the terrible trauma and heartache of their mother, Diana's early and tragic death.

"I have a very good relationship with my brother," he said. "We've grown up together and we have to go through a lot of things together.

"We've grown up around the same things and the same people, and we'll always have that common bond.

"We ring each other quite a lot. He usually rings me up to tell me some incredibly amusing story and the things he gets up to.

"He is a very nice guy and he's very caring."

In many ways, William, who was born into an extraordinary life, manages to be an ordinary student.

He cuts a dashing figure. At just under 6ft 4ins, he is sporty and keeps fit, excelling in water polo, swimming and rugby.
He supports Aston Villa Football Club and sticks with the Birmingham-based Premiership side, partly because he likes the fans.

"Villa supporters are dedicated – they are great because, although Villa don't always win, they stay loyal."

William loves new-style R&B music and enjoys dancing. He revels in banter with the boys and nights out drinking cider.

If he fancies a girl, he chats her up. But he is concerned that his girlfriends must be protected from the media spotlight, knowing the pressure his own mother was subjected to when she married into the Royal Family.

He watches TV and admits to having "very square eyes" at the moment. He likes going to the cinema to see action movies and he drives a car but prefers his high-speed motorbike.

"I have a small lap-top computer mostly for university work but I use it occasionally for playing the odd game and surfing the Internet," he said.

"But I haven't checked my e-mail for so long I think it's vanished – wiped away."

The 21-year-old Prince may not keep in touch on-line but he is certainly in touch with modern Britain and knows that the monarchy must be relevant to ordinary people's lives to survive.

How he handles the tabloid tales and maintains a higher sense of purpose could be his key to a happy and fulfilled life.

Fun-loving William chose an "Out of Africa" theme for his 21st birthday party to get the Royal Family into fancy dress.
More than 300 family and friends were invited to tonight's (Saturday) Windsor Castle party to mark William's coming of age.

Senior Royals and university students, all in fancy dress, will take to the dance floor to music by a band and a DJ. And William likes to dance.

Having a family party was the idea of the Prince of Wales who, with the Queen, set about helping to organise it.

William, who is teaching himself Swahili and loves his trips on safari, chose the fancy-dress theme.

"I thought it would quite fun to see the family out of black tie and get everyone to dress up," he said.

"It just gives it a bit of character. You can decorate a place and really make it feel like a party. Black tie is good but it's a little bit sterile. I thought fancy dress would be quite fun."
In the run-up to the party, William still had not decided on his own costume.

"I'm a little bit stuck on what to wear," he said. "I haven't thought much about it."

Laughing, he said: "The party is on my birthday, June 21 – my 21st on the 21st, which is Midsummer's Day, the longest day of the year and the longest night for a lot of people who are helping to organise it.

"My father very kindly suggested having a party, although he's probably regretting it now. But he very kindly offered, and my grandmother and my father basically helped to organise it all.

"My grandmother may be slightly apprehensive as to what she's going to wear, and what's going to happen, but she's very much looking forward to it. She's very positive towards the whole thing."

Then with a hint of fun in his voice, William added: "I don't know what she's going to wear but I'm sure she'll look very amazing in whatever she chooses."

The 21-year-old student Prince loves music, particularly new-style R&B, rap, hip-hop, dance and even pop.

"We're having a band and a DJ," he said. "They'll play a selection of classic soul covers and 70s funk.

"I like most music really. I'm not that fussy. But I do like my music.

"I'm not one for buying a lot of CDs. I listen to the radio a lot and I don't go out and buy something unless I really like it. But there is quite a lot of good music out at the moment."
Party guests would be sitting down to dinner, rather than having a buffet, but the menu would not be too exotic.

"We're not going to go drown the whole party in an African theme," said William. "The dress is African and the tables will be decorated, along with the rooms.

"Lots of people will be wondering if we're actually going to be eating crocodile, but obviously we won't be doing that," he said with a wide grin. "It's not going to be African food, even though it will be hilarious to see everyone's faces when they read the menu!

"We sent out just over 300 invitations - lots of family and lots of my friends, and my brother and my father have invited friends.

"There'll be the immediate family and also Godparents."
William added that he would also like to have a barbecue party this summer at Highgrove, which he refers to as "home".

"It would be for people who've helped to look after me at home," he said.

Diana showed him the way and now William wants to help the homeless just as his mother did.

He told of the influence Diana had on him and how he hopes to use his position as a Royal, to help people.

William said: "I was influenced a lot by my visits to hostels with my mother when I was younger.
"I learned a lot from it, more so now than I did at the time.

"It's made me aware and I think homelessness is one of those topics that people kind of gloss over and don't really focus on.

" It is an important issue that needs to be understood and highlighted.

"My mother used her position very well to help other people, as does my father, and I hope to do the same."

But William was wary of committing himself.

“There are a few areas that I am particularly interested in but at the moment I've got to concentrate on university and get through that."

The Prince also mentioned his mother, Diana when he talked about his 21st birthday photographs taken by Mario Testino.
"He did take some pictures of my mother – I've seen them and I think they're amazing," said William.

Then jokingly, he put himself down: "I chose Mario because he's the only person who could make a moose look good," he said.

William called on his father's critics to give the Prince of Wales a break.

Taking up the mantle of his father, William said Charles had been given a hard time and deserved better.

"He does so many amazing things," said the supportive son. "I only wish people would see that more because he's had a very hard time and yet he's stuck it out and he's still very positive.

"And he's very happy and protective towards Harry and me as well."

William said his father had been a "huge influence" on him, especially concerning rural issues, like organic farming and sustainability, for example.

"I'm one of his biggest fans in that sense," he said. "He's been given quite a hard time reccently and I just wish that people would given him a break."

Among other issues, William shares his father's concern for the future of the countryside and warned that rural communities were dying partly because of a dearth of affordable housing for young people.

He said: "At the moment there are quite a few challenges facing the countryside. To me one of the worrying things is the lack of affordable housing for the younger generation. If younger people leave, there's no future for the countryside.
"All the inherited skills you get passed down from farmers, for example, will be lost.

"But I know this is a problem, beyond the countryside, for young people who are just starting out."

William recalled when he worked on a farm in the West Country and how hard country life was for farm workers and their families.

"Working as a farm hand during my gap year was very, very hard," he said. "It was the toughness of it. Admittedly, I was exhausted after only a week as a dairy farm hand, and the guy I was working with did it every day of his life.

"There's hardly any social life because of the hours you work which makes it an even tougher job.

"There were so many genuine people. They didn't care who I was and made me do the jobs I should be doing, like mucking out and driving tractors in the fields.

"They made me see what actually goes on and they trusted me as well."

William said he had always wanted to help out at the Highgrove Home Farm in the summer holidays but had not yet got round to it. "The early mornings are putting me off," he said, laughing, perhaps recognising his reputation for sleeping late.

The Prince said he liked to enjoy the countryside on long walks which gave him the opportunity to unwind.

"I love going for walks," he said. "My father is a great walker - he does a lot of it. But it's quite nice because you can just go off and ponder. You can think about things. It's your own time."

He particularly liked to walk in the Scottish Highlands, on the Queen's Balmoral estate, and on the broad, sandy beach at St Andrews, his university town north of the border.

A concerned Prince of Wales worries about William's safety as he indulges a passion for speed and fast motorbikes.
But the 21-year-old Prince shrugs off the danger and lives life to the full.

"Riding a motorbike can be dangerous but so can lots of things really," said William.

"Admittedly there are more risks involved in riding a motorbike than there are with other things.

"It is a risk but as long as you've had sufficient and thorough training, you should be okay. You've just got to be aware of what you're doing."

However, William conceded: "My father is concerned about the fact that I'm into motorbikes but he doesn't want to keep me all wrapped up in cotton wool.

"So you might as well live if you're going to live. It's just something I'm passionate about."

Enthusiastically, William disclosed that he has a Yamaha 600 trials bike.

"It's an on-off road bike, so you can do either," he said.

If he was hoping for a new motorbike for his 21st birthday, he was not letting on. But it is perhaps unlikely to be something his concerned father would buy.

"There's nothing specifically I would like – I'll just have to wait and see what's given to me," he said.

"I've dropped many hints to my father about pretty much everything. I think I've gone round in circles about what I want and he's given up on me. He'll do the paternal thing and decide what he thinks is best – I'm sure he'll give me something lovely."

William also has a car – a secondhand VW Golf – but is less passionate about driving and is content with the model he has.

"Everyone, I'm sure, hopes some day they'll get a new car but I'm very lucky with the car I've got at the moment. It's fast enough and it's very comfortable," he said.

"I've got a good stereo in it. Not one of those mega super woofers or what ever they're called – there's quite a lot of them around," William said laughing.

"I imagine my father would go absolutely bananas if he saw me driving, blaring music out of the windows.

"I prefer my motorbike. I don't know what it is about bikes, but I've always had a passion for motorbikes ever since I was very small. I used to do a lot of go-karting when I was younger and then after that I went on to quadbikes and eventually motorbikes."

William rides his motorbike mainly at Highgrove and around the country roads of Gloucestershire.

"It does help being anonymous with my motorcycle helmet on because it does enable me to relax," he said. "But I just enjoy everything about motorbikes and the camaraderie that comes with it."
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Part II

By Peter Archer, Court Correspondent, PA News.

To mark his 21st birthday, Prince William agreed to be interviewed by the Press Association and posed for photographs by Mario Testino. In the second part of what is his frankest and most revealing interview ever, William answers questions about his life, girls, the monarchy, the media and his future.

William will do his duty and be King.

That is the clear message which, as he comes of age, William wants to send.

He unequivocally denied rumours that he would not accede to the throne after his father, the Prince of Wales, and take his place in the line of succession.

Straightening his back, William answered the question: Do you want to be King?

"All these questions about do you want to be King? It's not a question of wanting to be, it's something I was born into and it's my duty," he said.

"Wanting is not the right word. But those stories about me not wanting to be King are all wrong.

"It's a very important role and it's one that I don't take lightly.

"It's all about helping people and dedication and loyalty which I hope I have – I know I have.

"Sometimes I do get anxious about it but I don't really worry a lot. I want to get through university and then maybe start thinking seriously about that in the future.

"I don't really ever talk about it publicly. It's not something you talk about with whoever.

"I think about it a lot but they are my own personal thoughts. I'll take each step as it comes and deal with it as best I can."

William said he sometimes felt part of history, especially when he was with the rest of the Royal Family.

"I'm sure a lot of people would love to get me doing royal engagements already," he said. "But I will wait until the end of my education before I even think about doing solo engagements.

"I will obviously do the odd one or two with my father, like I did in Wales before my birthday. But I just think, for the moment, I should concentrate on university – it's quite hard enough as it is."

William praised the Queen and said, as he faces up to one day being King, she is his inspiration.

"I think particularly nowadays the monarchy plays a very important role. You only have to look at my grandmother and see the amazing things she's done," he said.

"That to me is a huge inspiration – the work she's done and the work my father's done and a lot of the family.

"The monarchy is something that needs to be there – I just feel it's very, very important - it's a form of stability and I hope to be able to continue that."

William said it was difficult to look far into the future and predict changes in the monarchy.

"Modernisation is quite a strong word to use with the monarchy because it's something that's been around for many hundreds of years," he said.

"But I think it's important that people feel the monarchy can keep up with them and is relevant to their lives.

"We are all human and inevitably mistakes are made. But in the end there is a great sense of loyalty and dedication among the family and it rubs off on me.

"Ever since I was very small, it's something that's been very much impressed on me, in a good way.

"People say it's not ambitious, but it is actually quite ambitious wanting to help people.

"Trying to keep that going is quite tricky and it's something that, without the whole family, is harder for just one person to do.

"It would be dangerous to look a long way ahead and predict changes in the monarchy.

"I think my grandmother is incredibly good at managing the different aspects of being sovereign and putting across the monarchy.

"She is able to really promote the monarchy without getting too involved in things that she almost definitely has a view on, an opinion of her own.

"But, frankly, she does what she feels is right and I think that's very impressive."

Along with his father, the Queen was a role model for William.

"I think of the Queen first and foremost as my grandmother and to me that's important," he said.

"She's a huge role model for me – she's incredible – and in the family she's one of the biggest role models I have, along with my father.

"My grandmother has achieved so much in her lifetime and she's just so experienced. For me she symbolises the monarchy.

"She's been put in some really difficult positions and yet she handles it very well. What she's done for this country is amazing."

William does not have a steady girlfriend.

But if the right girl comes along, he is ready to make his move.

However, the 21-year-old Prince, who is among the most eligible bachelors in the world, realises the media scrutiny his girlfriend would be subjected to and is protective towards any potential date.

"There's been a lot of speculation about every single girl I'm with and it actually does quite irritate me after a while, more so because it's a complete pain for the girls," he said.

"These poor girls, you know, who I've either just met and get photographed with, or they're friends of mine, suddenly get thrown into the limelight and their parents get rung up and so on.

"I think it's a little unfair on them really.

"I'm used to it because it happens quite a lot now. But it's very difficult for them and I don't like that at all."

William would not be drawn on media speculation about specific girls in his life.

But he said: "I don't have a steady girlfriend."

Not that he is uninterested in romanace with the right girl.

"If I fancy a girl and I really like her and she fancies me back, which is rare, I ask her out," he said.

"But, at the same time, I don't want to put them in an awkward situation because a lot of people don't quite understand what comes with knowing me, for one, and secondly, if they were my girlfriend, the excitement it would probably cause."

William, who is modest about his appeal, joked: "Only the mad girls chase me, I think.

"No, I've never been aware of anyone chasing me but if there were, could they please leave their telephone number," he said, laughing.

It was his trademark gesture which infuriated photographers and earned him the reputation of being shy.

But William protested that he was never shy – just naive about how to avoid being photographed.

"I was never shy," he said. "But, it's very funny. I was called shy because I put my head down so much when I was in public.

"It was never because I was shy. It was a really naive thing that I hadn't picked up on.

"I know it's silly and that everyone will laugh at it. But I thought that, when I was in public, if I kept my head down, then I wouldn't be photographed so much.

"Therefore, I thought, people wouldn't know what I looked like so I could go about doing my own thing which, of course, frankly was never going to work.

"It was so that people wouldn't recognise me and I could still go out with friends and things like that.

"So they just saw the top of my head. But usually I was photographed with my eyes looking up through a big blond fringe. It was very silly.

"I wouldn't say I prefer to be unnoticed because that's never going to happen.

"But I'm someone who doesn't particularly like being the centre of attention."

As he turns 21, William appealed to the media to continue to allow him privacy at university.

He thanked the media for giving him space to be himself and complete his formal education while he was at Eton and now at St Andrews University in Scotland.

"They have been really good about the whole thing and I'm sure they've been very frustrated at the same time," he said.

"I just feel it's better for both sides, St James's Palace and the media, that it happens this way.

"I don't think either side wants to return to the free-for-all of the old days.

"It's a really fine balance and it could be quite volatile if things get out of hand," he said.

"So I don't want to go back to that – I've seen it and I don't like it – and I hope that it all works out the way it is."

Since the death of their mother, Diana, Princess Of Wales, the media have agreed to leave William and his younger brother, Harry, alone to complete their education.

In return, William and Harry have been willing to give interviews and photocalls at significant points in their lives.

For someone, who when he was younger, was thought to dislike media attention, at 21 William is determined to act like an adult.

"The media can be tricky at times but so can most people," he said. "But it's something that I want to handle with the most maturity I can.

"So it is difficult but it's not impossible.

"The way it's been handled so far, particularly to do with me, has been amazing from both sides, St James's Palace and the media.

"I just really hope that continues because I've had such a good time in my first two years at St Andrews and I would be absolutely gutted if that disappeared."

As for his portrayal in the media, William said he just wanted to be seen as himself.

"My own portrayal has been something that I hope people take with a pinch of salt sometimes," he said.

"I don't want to be anything I'm not and I don't want to come across as being super-human or an idiot.

"I just want to come across as me – and I hope that's what will happen."

He was born His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales but at 21 still wants to be known as just William.

"This has been quite a confusing issue for a lot of people I think," he said.

"I am and always will be an HRH.

"But out of personal choice I like to be called William because that is my name and I want people to call me William – for now.

"I was HRH Prince William as soon as I was born. But I don't want all the formalities because they're not needed for the time being."

William has his own coat of arms, which was granted to him by the Queen on his 18th birthday, but he has not used it yet.
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Article about Testino's Pictures
(The pictures have already been posted on Part I of the Thread).

Self-confident, relaxed, impressive – and so much like his mother.

That was the verdict of top photographer Mario Testino after a photo-shoot with 21-year-old Prince William.

It was partly because William liked the photographs Testino took of Diana, Princess of Wales that he asked him to mark his 21st birthday with a set of pictures.

“I have actually photographed the whole family so it's like closing a circle,” said Testino.

“The thing they all had in common was humour – they all liked a laugh and managed to find the funny side.

William went to Testino's London studio for the birthday photo session and posed in different settings, wearing a variety of outfits.

“I thought he was so relaxed and open - so impressive for his age.

“He's very self-confident – that's the thing that comes across the most. He is very sure of what he likes and dislikes.

“William is a very photogenic person. I think it comes from a sense of security. The camera reveals how you feel.

“Taking pictures of William was easier than with a lot of people.

“These shot show a new elegance coming through, I think.

“With photography, you sometimes want a sharper image than real life. But I didn't want to change William and followed his own style.

“I'm recording a document of our times so I tried to keep him as he is.

“Sometimes it's necessary to do some hand re-touching of the photographs – when we get older we like to lose a few wrinkles - but that wasn't necessary with William because he has a very good complexion.

“The camera definitely likes William – incredibly so.”

Testino used a Pentax 67 with standard lens. Lighting included natural daylight and some strobe against a mainly white backdrop.
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New Picture (From PrinceWilliam'sCastle2)

Don't know where its from; possibly one of the Testino pictures?
Attached Images
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What did you all think of the Testino pictures?
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Just wondering if anyone has any pictures of Jessica Craig, the Kenyan girl William has been linked with? I'm quite curious as to what she looks like.

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Originally posted by holly*anja@Jun 23rd, 2003 - 9:09 pm
Just wondering if anyone has any pictures of Jessica Craig, the Kenyan girl William has been linked with? I'm quite curious as to what she looks like.

17 JUN 2003

here she is
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It has been said that this is her boyfriend of 3 years Henry Ropner
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Many thanks, Josephine! You're the best...
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new william & harry photos at polo on corbis!!! :P here the link:
Old 07-01-2003, 01:20 PM
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plz vote for prince william to win the monthly vote of hello! :P
here's the link

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Prince William Current Events 14: December 2006-January 2007 Avalon Current Events Archive 194 01-15-2007 11:38 AM
HGD Guillaume, Current Events 1 to 8 (January 2003 - January 2007) Josefine Current Events Archive 1160 01-08-2007 07:52 PM
Prince William Current Events 13: October-December 2006 Avalon Current Events Archive 184 12-08-2006 06:26 AM
Prince William Current Events 1: December 2002-June 2003 Mary Anne Current Events Archive 117 06-23-2003 09:30 AM

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