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Old 12-19-2002, 06:44 AM
Mary Anne
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Prince William Current Events 1: December 2002-June 2003

17 DECEMBER 2002
Prince Harry and his brother William are distraught after the death of their friend Henry van Straubenzee in a car crash. The 18-year-old was travelling as a passenger in the car when it hit a tree outside Ludgrove School in Wokingham, Berkshire.

Harry and Henry had been classmates at the school and a spokesman for St James's Palace said that both Harry and his brother were "very, very upset."

"They (the van Straubenzees) are well-known in royal circles," said one source close to the family. "The families have been friends for years."

Henry, who was working as a junior master at Ludgrove, intended to spend some time teaching English in Uganda before going to college at Newcastle University. He is survived by parents Alexander and Claire and his two brothers, Thomas, 20, and Charlie, 14. "He had a fantastic sense of humour," said his father. "That was his biggest attribute. Everyone will miss that."

The 19-year-old driver of the car is still in hospital in critical condition. Police are appealing for witnesses to the accident, though no other vehicle is thought to have been involved.

Caption for picture:
Prince Harry is mourning the loss of his friend Henry van Straubenzee, whose family have been close to the royals for years
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Woman accused of mailing poison to Sen. Kennedy and preparing tainted package for Prince William found innocent by reason of insanity

Thu Dec 19, 8:13 AM ET

GREAT FALLS, Montana - A woman accused of mailing cyanide-laced soda bottles to Sen. Edward Kennedy was found innocent by reason of insanity.

Tashala Hayman, 22, will be sent to a federal psychiatric hospital until she is deemed no longer a threat to herself or to others, U.S. Attorney Bill Mercer said Wednesday.

Authorities said Hayman, of Vaughn, mailed a package containing two bottles to the Massachusetts Democrat on Aug. 1, and prepared another package with a tainted soda bottle to send to Britain's Prince William in Scotland.

The package to Kennedy, a Massachusetts Democrat, was found in the Capitol mail system. Tests found cyanide in the bottles, in quantities exceeding levels needed to kill someone, according to court documents.

Hayman was arrested Aug. 8 after police said she bought a pistol with a stolen debit card number. Police said they found the package to Prince William and printouts of Sen. Hillary Clinton (news - web sites)'s address in her mobile home.

Mercer said earlier it was unclear why she targeted Kennedy, Prince William or Clinton, a New York Democrat. Her attorney, Tony Gallagher, said Wednesday he could not address that issue.

During a bench trial Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Sam Haddon found that Hayman was "legally insane" when the offenses occurred, suffering from symptoms of schizophrenia.


Women have served all these centuries as looking-glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of man at twice its natural size. -Virginia Woolf
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The Year in Ideas; Smart Mobs
December 15, 2002, Sunday
By Clive Thompson
(The New York Times Archive)

Prince William can't keep the women away. At the University of St. Andrews, where he's a student, he'll try to sneak out for a quiet drink, informing no one of his plan. But suddenly, out of nowhere, a mob of 100 crazed young women will appear, clamoring for his attention. No matter how secretly William tries to move around, a gang always masses within minutes. How do they do it?
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William and Harry: We'll buy Diana love letters from Hewitt
by LOUISA PRITCHARD, Mail on Sunday
12th January 2003

Royal Princes William and Harry want to buy the 64 love letters their mother sent to James Hewitt - to end the agony of watching him trying to auction them off to the highest bidder.

They could cost £10million - but The MailonSundayhaslearnedthatWilliam has said there is 'no price not worth paying'.

Former Army officer Hewitt, 44, has exploited his relationship with Princess Diana since the end of their five-year affair in 1991 and Diana's children have been left with a deep hatred for him.

Now it emerges that Prince William is determined to make sure Hewitt can no longer trade on the memory of his mother.

Insiders say the 20-year-old Royal wants to engineer a way of securing the letters, which disclose intimate details of Diana's relationship with Hewitt.

The process will involve Royal solicitors, who will have to decide whether the money should come from William's private fortune of around £22 million --which includes £6.5 million from his mother's estate.

During an appearance last week on the American television chat show Larry King Live, Hewitt claimed the letters deserved a wider circulation because they were 'important historical documents'.

He indicated that he would be prepared to accept an offer of £10 million for them. Following the interview, William expressed the view that he would rather pay for the letters than have his mother's most secret thoughts laid open to the public.

The collection of handwritten notes include alleged references to a part of Hewitt's body - which Diana calls 'my friend' - and his dalliances with other women.

They were written between 1989 and 1991 - many while Hewitt was commanding a tank squadron in the Gulf War - and cover the period of the couple's five-year affair during which they were closest.

Asked by interviewer Larry King if he thought William and Harry would be embarrassed by the letters, Hewitt said: 'The letters are extremely well-written and nothing to be ashamed of.'

But the Princes are deeply concerned about any public airing of their mother's intimate thoughts. While Hewitt is in possession of the letters, the copyright on their content is held by the executors of Diana's estate, namely her mother, Frances Shand Kydd, sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale and the Bishop of London. None want the letters published.

However, no copyright action can be taken if the letters are bought by a private collector and put on show in a museum. Hewitt had promised in a 1999 deal with the Spencer family's lawyers that the letters would be stored in a safe place, never sold and destroyed when he died.

Yet his efforts to market the letters during his television appearance indicate that these were empty promises. Hewitt's about-turn is partly due to his dire financial circumstances. He is on the verge of bankruptcy, with Customs and Excise pursuing him for tens of thousands of pounds in unpaid VAT.

The former Cavalry officer, who received a £40,000 pay-off from the Army, faces a bankruptcy hearing in London's High Court on January 23. Princes William and Harry have a combined fortune of around £ 47million, but neither can access the money until they are 25.

However, in special circumstances, it is understood they could take a loan against their personal wealth if the trustees of their respective trust funds - which include Prince Charles and Lady Sarah - agree.

According to senior Royal sources, Hewitt's cynical 'hard sell' of the Diana letters could be enough to warrant such an extreme move. The British Museum has already indicated it would be interested in taking the love letters but they would have to be donated by a wealthy benefactor. It said it would bar access to anyone other than Diana's sons for an agreed period.

In December, Hewitt was trapped trying to sell the letters for £10 million to an undercover News of the World reporter posing as a middleman for a Swiss tycoon. He tried to use the alleged intimate sexual content to push up the price. However, his appearance on American television indicates he is no longer interested in brokering secret deals.

His plans have horrified even his own family. Hewitt's twin sister Caroline told friends earlier this week that she is 'appalled' he has put the love letters up for sale.

Last night Michael Coleman, the solicitor acting for Hewitt, said: 'If William or Harry, or anyone representing them, wishes to make contact with me I've got no objection whatsoever in discussing a possible acquisition by them. I would be happy to negotiate with them.'

He refused to discuss whether other offers had been made for the love letters.

Women have served all these centuries as looking-glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of man at twice its natural size. -Virginia Woolf
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article and pictures from

Going out with no guard, shopping at Tesco, riding his bike, chatting with friends... at last prince gets simple life his mum always wanted


HE looks like any other student as he trudges back to his shared house loaded down with bags from the supermarket.

In his college kit of jeans, fleece, trainers and a baseball cap, Prince William slips through the crowded streets almost unnoticed.

It's the free, open life his mother Princess Diana longed to give him.

In his second year at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, William keeps the pomp of royal life at arm's length.

Even his Scotland Yard bodyguard seems nowhere to be seen as the prince wanders from the supermarket to his home in a rented terraced house and down to the local pub.

A family friend said: "He just wants to be like everyone else. His father once asked if he wanted a valet and he laughed out loud."


William has a part-time secretary and that's it. He has access to a fleet of royal cars and drivers, but happily nips around St Andrews on a mountain bike.

His relaxed lifestyle means friends can stop and chat without any of the stiff formality usually associated with the royal family.

"It's exactly the life his mother wanted for him. She would be very proud," said one family friend.

As a youngster, William was taken on the Tube and buses and made to wait in line at McDonald's.

The friend added: "His mother wanted him to have a taste of what ordinary people do day in, day out and she would be so glad that her lessons have stood the test of time."

But in three months some of that precious freedom will start to ebb away as William turns 21 on June 21.

When Prince Charles was that age he had been invested as Prince of Wales and had a full public life.

The friend added: "William accepts things might change when he turns 21, but at that age his father was heir to the throne. William isn't.

"He knows there could be 10, 20 or 30 years before he comes to the throne and he has to find a role for himself."
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Source unknown
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Old 03-17-2003, 12:26 PM
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article and pictures from

17 MARCH 2003
Prince William is set to follow in his father's footsteps by pursuing a career in the military. Army sources have revealed that the young Prince intends to join the Welsh Guards when he finishes his university studies at St Andrews.

The 20-year-old has apparently contacted Guards officers to tell them he wishes to join them after he has completed a year's training at Sandhurst military academy.

He already has some knowledge of the regiment, as he spent three months with them in Belize during his gap year. And his family also has a long-running relationship with the Welsh Guards, of which his father Prince Charles is Colonel.

William's younger brother Harry has also voiced interest in taking the military path in life. It is thought that he may follow his brother into the Welsh Guards once he finishes his A-levels at Eton.
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Old 04-21-2003, 05:57 PM
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Hi everybody, my name is Diana Mandolyn and i live in the U.S , This is my first post on this board. Last night prince william had a biography on A&E and i onlycaught the last 15 mins or so of it i was wondering if anyone saw it?
Old 04-22-2003, 12:36 PM
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Hi Diana,

I saw the biography and Prince William came across as so pure 18, or that age thereabouts, during his trip to Chile which impressed me the most about him. He was treated the same and had the same duties as the other students in this project. He spent time at the local schools playing with the younger children and he seemed to delight in that -- getting down to there level, with lots of games and giggling, and carrying children on his shoulders.

It also showed pictures of him next to an old wood cook stove waiting for breakfast -- looking like he got up way to early, but being a good sport nevertheless. Other pictures showed him cleaning a bathroom including the toilet -- on his knees with a sponge and a bucket of water. He still looked like a good sport about it. Gosh, the abuse some royal children have to endure. :o
Old 04-22-2003, 01:17 PM
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hi everybody!!
i havent seen this biography sniffffffffff
is there anyone who has recorded it??? thx!!
i think it's great that william was treated as everybody else and not as a royal person! thus he became a "normal" guy! :P
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Old 04-22-2003, 02:00 PM
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Is ther anything more on this subject?
Old 05-01-2003, 04:39 PM
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article from

With Ashley Pearson

Prince William: Party with pals only

May 1 — Prince William turns 21 this summer, and not everyone is celebrating. A royal furor has erupted because the heir to the throne is refusing to have a public ceremony to commemorate his coming of age.

BUCKINGHAM PALACE would like the future king to have a major public ceremony, along the lines of the massive party thrown for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebration last year, but William apparently feels that his birthday should be a private affair and is reportedly worried that it will be “hijacked” for publicity purposes.
The prince instead wants a private party with friends with rocker Pink performing. That has not set well with some royal supporters.
“Prince William is shortly to be 21 and therefore, or so goes the presumption, a man,” notes the London Express. “Which makes it all the more grotesque that he is approaching the event with yet more of the petulant, footstamping tantrums better suited to the spoilt brat of a child that he clearly cannot bear to leave behind.”

“It’s churlish behaviour for a young man whose entire life appears to be a celebration,” the London Mirror scolded. “His education is paid for, there’ll always be a roof over his head, he can drive the most expensive cars, ride horses, ski, sail and travel the world. The only debt he owes is to the public. And at 21, it’s time he started paying up.”
Some royals, however, are said to be supportive of the prince’s desire to shun the spotlight including, reportedly, his father, Prince Charles.
According to some sources, Charles was worried that a summer concert for William could upstage his own annual charity concert in Hyde Park on behalf of the Prince’s Trust.
Old 05-01-2003, 10:58 PM
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yes that true

Prince William wants be intived his friends from St. Andrews where he school and i think he will intived his friends from Eton i think so he wanted like as pals not as family make his grandmother disappointment when he been celebration at Golden Jubliee last year he wanted privated party with his friends that my respect with him like that.

Sara Boyce
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Originally posted by sara1981@May 1st, 2003 - 9:58 pm
yes that true

Prince William wants be intived his friends from St. Andrews where he school and i think he will intived his friends from Eton i think so he wanted like as pals not as family make his grandmother disappointment when he been celebration at Golden Jubliee last year he wanted privated party with his friends that my respect with him like that.

Sara Boyce
Huh? I am sorry, but I have no clue what you are trying to say. I really want to know what you are saying, because I think it could be very interseting. Thanks.
If I am not enough of a freak already, let's add a taria!
Old 05-03-2003, 12:26 AM
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i got article from Prince William and her friends Kate who is Model that very close you dont believe it ? he and Kate walk on stroller then later Kate close to the William's arms i don't believe about that you read it them !,,2003201469,00.html

i knew it of Kate she will be Wills's Queens of hearts but DON'T think so they will stealing by his mother's Queens of hearts i dont believe it !

im honest it ! and im not lied

Sara Boyce
Old 05-04-2003, 05:39 AM
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May 4 2003
By Colin Wills And Susie Boniface
article from

PRINCE William has told courtiers planning for his future that he would prefer to spend a few years living in the States after he finishes his degree.

He says he would enjoy a "free and easier" lifestyle there away from the Royal spotlight in Britain.

Such a move was described as unprecedented by constitutional experts last night.

A courtier said: "William is determined to maintain a degree of anonymity and feels America offers him the best chance of that.

"At the moment it is under discussion, with New York as the option he prefers. It would be to work in a gallery, auction house or even to take a post-graduate degree. Various options are being discussed. It would be for a year or perhaps two.

"Despite some security concerns, it is likely the move really will happen because William usually gets what he wants.

"He has loved the peace and freedom that St Andrews University has brought him away from the London spotlight. Like his mother, he wants his independence - and is convinced the States will offer that to him."

Traditionally, the royal princes join the armed forces immediately after leaving school or university. Prince Harry has already said he wants to join the Army.

But William is determined to put the knowledge he has picked studying History of Art and Geography at St Andrews to use in the civilian world for a couple of years before considering that option.

During discussions with Prince Charles and aides at St James's Palace, William is said to have been "forthright" in his determination to go to America.

He is likely to either take a post-graduate degree at an American college or a job with an auction house.

Princess Diana loved the States so much at one time she even talked of moving there - and her constant praise of the country while William was growing up had a profound influence.

William, who is 21 next month and will finish his St Andrews course in the summer of 2005, is also said to have been influenced by chats with one of his cousins, Lady Gabriella Windsor.

Gabriella, daughter of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, is already studying in America, at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island - and is said to love the lifestyle there.

But William's main reason for wanting to go to America is that he feels he stands more of a chance of preserving his anonymity there.

Only yesterday he faced fresh intrusion when one of his flatmates, fellow St Andrews student Kate Middleton, 20, was reported to be his current girlfriend.

The claim was quickly denied by her parents. "I spoke to Kate just a few days ago and can categorically confirm they are no more than just good friends," said her father, company director Michael Middleton, at the family's £500,000 mansion near Newbury, Berks.

"People do not seem to realise that there are two girls and two boys sharing the flat at the university. They are together all the time because they're the best of pals - and yes, cameramen are going to get photos of them together.

"But there is nothing more to it than that. We are very amused at the thought of being in-laws to Prince William, but I don't think it is going to happen."

Like Wills, Kate is in her second year at St Andrews, and can often be found drinking with him at the Ma Bells pub in the town. They enjoy plenty of time together sharing a £400-a-week Georgian flat with two fellow students - a girl and boy.

The most recent rumour of a relationship between Kate and William was fuelled by friends after they were seen "looking cosy" together at a rugby tournament at St Andrews.

Mr Middleton, 54, who runs a mail order business selling children's party toys, said: "They are just good friends who enjoy each other's company. People are always going to try to make more of an issue out of it. We are very amused by it all.

"I spoke with Kate just a few days ago and if there was anything going on, she would have told us."

According to royal biographer Ingrid Seward in her new book William And Harry, William is self-mocking about the power his position supposedly gives him over women.

His favourite chat-up line is "Hi, I'm the future king, wanna pull?". This is often said in a flat tone, loaded with irony.

He has had several casual girlfriends, some of whom have been invited to spend weekends at the Balmoral royal estate in Scotland.

He is also getting on better with his younger brother, especially after Harry gained a reputation as a bit of a drinker and party-goer. William was secretly delighted at this streak of rebellion.

He does like possessions, the favourite of which is a handmade shotgun given to him by Charles and costing £20,000. Other presents given to him by his father include a VW Golf car and a black silk top hat costing £1,200. Temperamentally he is a cross between his laid-back dad and his fiery grandfather, Prince Philip. He is generally courteous to servants - a trait drummed into him by Diana - but can easily fly off the handle and has a fluent command of four-letter words.

Anyone who crosses him needs a good set of earplugs.

His obsession with privacy has now grown to the extent that it dominates every aspect of his life. At St Andrews, where he begins each day with 11 minutes of vigorous physical exercise in his room, he leads a Spartan existence, keeping himself very much to himself.

And, according to Ms Seward, he shows all the signs of being tired with his royal role already. She says one of his most vivid childhood memories is of Diana voting 250 times in a TV phone-in poll for the abolition of the monarchy. And when the show asked whether William should take the throne instead of Charles, it was William's turn to pick up the phone - he dialled the "No" number again and again.

When he reaches 21 in six weeks time, he will be able to draw on a £2million trust fund set up for him by the Queen Mother. Through astute investment, this has now turned into £3million. Then at 25 William will get another £22 million trust.

He has been dreading the explosion of publicity and celebration that is bound to happen on June 21, the date of his coming-of-age.

Originally there were plans for a huge open-air rock concert at Windsor Castle, mirroring the Queen's Jubilee Concert last year which starred Atomic Kitten and Ozzy Osbourne.

Instead, the big day will be marked with the very minimum of fuss. There will be a formal celebration at Windsor Castle - a stuffy affair with the great and good and foreign royalty. The only time William is likely to let his hair down is at a private bash for his mates at Highgrove, where he hopes to get one of his favourite bands along. He has reluctantly agreed to do a few interviews on his life at St Andrews because he feels it is expected of him. He will also carry out a few public engagements around the time of his birthday. Last night constitutional experts said the idea of a future king moving to live or study abroad was startling.

Royal biographer Professor Ben Pimlott said: "It is usually the traditional fate of all male heirs to go straight into the armed forces and spend some time there.

"All the Queen's sons did that, not very successfully in Prince Edward's case. Until recently royals didn't even go to university and William would certainly be the first to study as a post-graduate.

"To go abroad in his position would be unprecedented."
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Would he be left alone in in the USA?
Old 05-04-2003, 05:43 AM
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Prince wants pop favourites at his 21st bash

By Suzanne Kerins And David Rowe
Apr 20 2003
article from

PRINCE William is hoping that tattooed wild child Pink will really get his 21st birthday started.

The Prince is a big fan of the 23-year-old American singer and has put her on a wish list of artists he wants to appear at his party in June.

He will be having a formal coming-of- age do at Windsor Castle on the actual day of his birthday - June 21. But it's his unofficial bash, which is likely to take place at Highgrove, where he plans to let his hair down by holding a private pop concert.

Chart-toppers Pink, Coldplay and Shania Twain are the acts he has set his heart on.

An insider said: "Prince William is very happy with the Windsor Castle event, but he also wants a party that won't be as formal where he can let his hair down with his friends.

"He feels that a party with big bands performing will be much more enjoyable for his group of young friends.

"He knows it's going to be difficult to get Coldplay as they will be touring overseas, but he's made it clear he would like them there. It's also the same with Pink, who is busy recording an album at the moment.

"Everything is in the very early stages."

Ozzy Osbourne, Emma Bunton and Britney Spears are also acts the Prince has expressed an interest in helping him to celebrate.

The Royal Family, who regard 21 rather than 18 as the official coming of age, are pulling out all the stops to make sure the Windsor Castle party is a great success.

But it will be the unofficial party at Highgrove, the private residence of Prince Charles since 1980, where William will be able to invite his close pals. A lot of them will include friends from St Andrew's, where he is studying history of art and anthropology.

Among those likely to be invited is the Prince's flatmate Kate Middleton, who famously wore a transparent lace dress during a university catwalk appearance, and the Hon Virginia Fraser, daughter of Lloyds underwriter Lord Strathalmond. Both girls were among the guests at a shooting party hosted by the Prince at Sandringham last year.

The contract for the official celebrations has been awarded to Michael Fawcett, the Prince of Wales's former aide who resigned recently over the "gifts for sale" scandal.


Shania Twain



Ozzy Osbourne

Emma Bunton

Britney Spears

Atomic Kitten


Will Young


The Queen







King Constantine

Zara Phillips

Peter Phillips
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here is some pictures from the article
Attached Images
Old 05-04-2003, 05:47 AM
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here is the article from the sun

DEEP in conversation with a beautiful brunette, Prince William seemed oblivious to the drama of the rugby game being played in front of him.

He had eyes only for the girl beside him — his flatmate and increasingly regular companion Kate Middleton.

Walking together down the local high street, the story was the same. The pair seemed relaxed, happy and absorbed in a world of their own.

Both scenes were played out in the sunshine of a Scottish spring day.

And they have left many wondering whether pretty 20-year-old Kate has really become the queen of Wills’s heart. Kate, a fellow student at St Andrews University, cheered enthusiastically as Wills played in the rugby sevens tournament.

And when he was not playing, the pair were lost in deep conversation on the sidelines, either lying side-by-side or standing close together.

One on-looker said: “Their body language was very revealing. They looked very close.

“They seemed very intimate and I have no doubt they were together.”

After the rugby, Wills and his team-mates headed to the bar for an after-match booze-up.

One drinker told how Wills had a great time — and bought 40 shots for pals before he began looking queasy. A dozen teams took part in the rugger tournament, sponsored by The Gin House pub.

Wills’s side, from a pub called the Westport Bar, were runners up, taking home three crates of lager.

But despite the prince’s love of rugger, Kate seems to occupy an important place in his life.

Wills has been linked to many beautiful young women, including businessman’s daughter Emilia d’Erlanger, who joined him on a cruise, and Arabella Musgrave, who is well-known on the polo circuit.

But many reckon his relationship with Kate has moved on to a different level.

It’s not hard to see why she might have caught his eye.

Last April she strutted down the catwalk at a charity fashion show wearing just a transparent lace outfit over her underwear — and Wills was in the audience.

The pair first met as fellow students on the History of Art course.

And they kept bumping into each other as they lived in the same hall of residence.

Once they got friendly, the pair had plenty to talk about.

Like Wills, Kate has spent time enjoying the wonders of Chile.

The couple are the same age, 20, and both attended exclusive public schools, Wills going to Eton and Kate to £15,000-a-year Marlborough College in Wiltshire.

They also share a love of sport. At school, Kate was captain of the tennis team, a member of the hockey and netball teams, and a keen cross-country runner.

William, meanwhile, adores rugby, soccer and polo.

Like Wills, Kate is also an eldest child, having a sister, Pippa, 19, and a brother, James, 16.

And despite their privileged backgrounds, both are also prepared to muck in.

Wills cycles to university, shops at Safeway and cooks for his flatmates. And Kate has been happy to take work as a barmaid, serving Pimms for a posh catering firm.

Owner Rory Laing praised her as a superb worker. He said: “I pay her only £5.25 an hour. But she’s pretty, so she takes plenty in tips.”

During her leisure time, Kate is often found on the other side of the bar, drinking at popular Ma Bells pub with Wills.

Like him, she was seen as shy in her younger days. But both have now come out of their shells.

Kate even helped to found St Andrews’ first women-only club — to rival an elite university society that admits only men.

A pal said: “She is very bubbly and gets involved in lots of activities.

“But she’s also very discreet about William.”

Despite all they have in common, the pair come from different backgrounds.

Kate was brought up in a prosperous middle class home.

Her parents Carole, 48, and Michael, 54, run a mail-order children’s party toys business and live comfortably in the Berkshire village of Bucklebury.

Wills and Kate get to enjoy plenty of time in private, as they share a £400-a-week Georgian flat along with two male chums.

Kate was also among a group of friends who joined Wills at Wood Farm near Sandringham at the end of last year.

Fellow students have suggested Kate already has a boyfriend but he has never materialised and could be a smokescreen to deflect attention from her royal connection.

As well as forming a close new friendship at St Andrews, Wills has also shaken off his shy reputation and begun to revel in the party-packed fun of student life.

When he arrived at university, Wills was seen as a quiet and dutiful prince, while young brother Harry was the rebel. Wills was on his best behaviour during his first days as a student and pointedly shunned the normal drunken debauchery of freshers’ week.

He became a bit of an outsider and at one point even considered quitting the course because he was lonely.

But the last year has seen Wills immerse himself in the joys of partying.

In the small town of St Andrews he is often found drinking and chatting happily with pals in his favourite haunts — Ma Bells or The Gin House.

And in London he is a regular at the K Bar in Soho and Jak’s in Lower Sloane Street.Last summer the newly- confident Wills even cavorted naked in a river with pals.

One-time rebel Harry, meanwhile, has shed the reputation he gained for underage drinking and smoking cannabis.

The prince, 18, has been chosen to be parade commander of Eton’s Combined Cadet Force.

It is an important honour and is likely to be followed by a spell in the Forces.

And he is also showing great talent on the polo field and could even take part in the 2004 World Cup in France.

A royal insider quipped: “There are more concerns about William than Harry these days.”

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