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Old 06-01-2003, 11:48 PM
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Originally posted by Mariana@May 30th, 2003 - 5:17 am
bbc video link
Thanks for realplayer !

its neat pictures for me ! i also love with him ever !

Sara Boyce

Old 06-02-2003, 12:00 PM
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This is a attempt to get little more organized, so that you can follow the news about William easier

Old 06-03-2003, 02:51 PM
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william is the cutest!! vote for him! :P
Old 06-03-2003, 03:19 PM
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Originally posted by bouga@Jun 3rd, 2003 - 1:51 pm

william is the cutest!! vote for him! :P
William is Best attractive man he good looks man and he goods style with the ties and clothes neat !

i love his style it ! like his mother do !

Sara Boyce
Old 06-06-2003, 01:08 PM
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Prince William marks his 21st birthday later this month with an official visit to Wales.

Two days before his birthday on June 21, William and his father, the Prince of Wales, will visit north and south Wales.

On June 19, William, a student at St. Andrews University, Scotland, will visit a food fair in Anglesey and a project helping single homeless people in Newport.

"He wanted to highlight the importance of two issues - rural communities and the homeless - and he wanted to visit Wales, seeing as one day he will be Prince of Wales," said St. James's Palace spokeswoman.

William and Charles will travel together on the Royal Train overnight to Bangor station from where they travel by car to the Agricultural Showground at Anglesey.

Stalls of Local produce and cookery demonstrations will be among the attractions for William, who says he is a "hopeless" cook.

The Queen has given permission for heir and the second in line to the throne to fly in same aircraft to Cardiff but she ruled out them flying together in a helicopter.

From Cardiff they will travel by road to Newport and visit NASH, Newport Action for Single Homeless.

The Royal visitors will meet homeless people and staff at the centre, and look at the computer, art and pottery rooms.

But William, if not necessarily his 54-year-old father, will enjoy the final stop which is in the basement where there are DJ decks, drums kits and the chance to do some "scratching" on turntables.

Sara Boyce
Old 06-09-2003, 12:51 PM
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Bright idea Josefine!
You have your life, I have my life, you do your thing, I do my thing, I understand that you were not put on this earth to please me, just as I am not here to please you, but if we should meet, it would be a beautiful thing.
Old 06-10-2003, 08:17 AM
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Old 06-10-2003, 08:25 AM
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Old 06-10-2003, 02:20 PM
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i look pics of Wills and woman he told her whispering in her ears ! what he talking about ! :P :P in polo

Sara Boyce
Old 06-12-2003, 03:32 PM
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Royal heir at club for the bare?

June 12 — Did Prince William visit a strip club? Patrons of For Your Eyes Only, a strip club in Newcastle, England, are saying they were treated to a recent surprise appearance by Britain’s heir to the throne, according to a source.

“I WAS ON DUTY the night William turned up and even though he was covering his face with a baseball hat, he was still instantly recognizable,” a staffer at the club tells our source.
The 20-year-old prince earlier that evening had attended a nearby college dance with Juliet Rykens, a business student he met during a year he spent doing voluntary work in South America, according to the source.

“We don’t make any inquiries about Prince William’s private life,” a royal spokesman said. “We make a point of not checking his itinerary.”
But the Palace can relax about one thing: According to an eyewitnesses, the handsome prince was a gentleman throughout his visit and did not receive any lapdances.
Old 06-15-2003, 11:54 AM
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Posts: 3,218 - Father And Son Share Love of Polo - Prince Charles and Prince William
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Name:	willsa.jpg
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Old 06-16-2003, 02:08 PM
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Media storm may be brewing for Prince William

The Associated Press

LONDON - He prefers cider to beer, is teaching himself Swahili, and
enjoys loafing in front of the television with friends.

Hardly earth -- shattering revelations, but as Prince William Arthur
Philip Louis Windsor nears his 21st birthday, the British press is
getting hungrier for any tidbit about the second in line to the

Since the death of his mother, Princess Diana, he had been insulated
from intense press coverage. But in a sign the rules may be changing
with William coming of age on June 21, British newspapers recently
have been awash with stories about him, ending a self -- imposed
embargo on reporting on his private life.

The sensational headlines -- trumpeting reports that he is dating a
beautiful 20 -- year -- old brunette and speculation that he plans to
live in New York or has no intention of becoming king -- prompted
concern in royal circles that William will soon be hounded by the
paparazzi that pursued his mother.

"In many ways the future of the monarchy in this country lies in the
hands of these editors," said Bob Houston, publisher of Royalty
magazine. "If William sees he has been harassed and harried, he is
bound to be upset, and who knows what seeds it could plant in the
lad's head."

In an effort to sate the media's interest in "Wills" -- to use the
prince's nickname -- the office of his father, Prince Charles, in
Saint James's Palace organized a rare interview last month with Press
Association, the British national news agency.

The informal chat and photo session at Saint Andrews University in
Scotland, where William is studying for a degree in art history,
revealed little. Nevertheless, snippets about his life as a student
commanded several pages in most British newspapers.

Importantly, William used the interview to ask the press to respect
his privacy.

"The media have been very good considering, I'm sure, how tantalizing
it is having me up here... and I hope that continues," William said.

Diana was the focus of intense media scrutiny and for almost 20 years
was never far from the front pages.

In a searing funeral eulogy, her brother Earl Spencer blamed
paparazzi for chasing Diana to her death in a high -- speed Paris car
crash in 1997, saying he "always believed the press would kill her in
the end."

Diana's death heralded a new era of royal coverage, with the press
granting her young sons, William and Harry, unprecedented privacy.
When William turned 18 and later began college, editors grudgingly
agreed to continue that policy in return for official photo calls and
interviews on key occasions.

Although last month's interview has temporarily satisfied the press,
the informal agreement is under strain amid claims that Saint James's
Palace hasn't produced William enough.

"The whole agreement is right now up in the air," said one journalist
on the royal beat, who spoke on condition of anonymity. "It was
planned that it would continue until he is 23, but there has been a
lot of frustration in the press over Saint James's failure to keep
their side of the bargain. The access to William has been minimal
since he has been at university."

Until last month's photo session, the first since he started college
two years ago, papers had opted for snatched images of William --
outside a supermarket in the medieval university town of Saint
Andrews or lazing on the grass as he watched a rugby tournament.

The newspapers were also awash with stories about his love life and
speculation about his future -- "a shot across the bows of the
palace" warning what coverage will be like unless more official
interviews are organized, the royal correspondent said.

"Is this William's Queen of Hearts?" asked The Sun tabloid in a story
about William and a 20-year-old fellow student, Kate Middleton.

The Sunday Mirror reported William wants to live in New York and work
at a US auction house or gallery after graduation.

The Sunday Express said Queen Elizabeth II is upset her grandson
appears reluctant to perform royal duties.

The Independent went even further. A feature by author Johann Hari
said the prince has no intention of being crowned king.

"As a country we have still to absorb the fact that the person who is
second -- in -- line to the throne just ain't going to play the royal
game," wrote Hari, author of God Save the Queen? The Truth About the

Truth or guesswork?

Houston, the Royalty magazine publisher, calls Hari's comments
intelligent and perceptive.

"William has seen what happened to his mother. If he is given a hard
time [by the press] anything is possible," Houston said. "But the
more you dip your toe into this world, you realize it is all

Saint James's Palace says it is concerned about the recent coverage,
while insisting the informal agreement remains in place.

But the palace also concedes it could have done more for the
press. "Perhaps we have not given as much as we should have done," a
spokeswoman said, speaking on customary condition of anonymity.

She said something would be organized for the media to mark William's
21st birthday.

"Reaching 21 is a landmark age and people will be more interested in
what he has to say as he gets older," she said. "People are desperate
to get pictures of him to sell newspapers. They know the occasion is
imminent and the temperature is rising."
Old 06-16-2003, 02:20 PM
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Angry earl finds speeding 'yob' is Prince William
By Ben Hoyle and Andrew Pierce

Prince William, on the left, and his father the Prince of Wales during the polo match at Cirencester Park

AN ARISTOCRAT described his fury yesterday at giving chase to “some young yob” speeding across his country estate only to discover that the driver was Prince William.
Only the swift intervention of two royal protection officers prevented a potential “road rage” confrontation between Earl Bathurst, 76, and the Prince last Saturday.

Earl Bathurst, a former captain in the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars and one-time lord-in-waiting to the Queen, was in calmer mood yesterday but said adamantly: “I don’t care who he is, royalty or not, speeding is not allowed on my estate.”

The incident happened at Cirencester Park, where both the Prince and his father had been playing polo. The earl noticed a black Volkswagen Golf “undertake” him on a track leading away from the 15,000-acre estate and began to give chase in his white Land Rover Discovery.

Speaking in the kitchen of his stone Cotswold home yesterday, the earl gave his account of what happened. “I saw a car in my rear-view mirror,” he said. “It was coming up pretty quickly behind me and then it overtook me on my left-hand side, going on the grass verge to get past me.

“I have a 20mph limit and I wanted to catch him up and give him a piece of my mind. I thought he was some young yob — I had no idea it was the Prince.

“I knew it had to be a member of the polo club because he came from that direction and not where the public or press would come from. I accelerated to 50 to 60 mph to try to catch him and I was flashing my lights and using the horn. There were clouds of dust.

“I thought he was bound to stop but not a bit of it. He just pressed on. I knew I was not going to be able to pass him on the driveway so I cut through on to an avenue through the trees to cut him off.

“I got out on to the driveway and stopped in his path so he had to pull up. But as he did so another car which also looked like it had a couple of yobs in it pulled up closer to me.

“They got out and told me it was Prince William in the car and that they were his royal protection officers. It was the first time I realised it was the Prince. I have never met him personally and he looked just like any other youngster in a car that was certainly not new or distinctive in any way.

“The two policemen didn’t look like officers of the law and I suppose I should have asked them for their identification if I’d had the presence of mind. I’m afraid I gave them both a bit of lip about the speed the Prince — and they — were doing.

“I told them it doesn’t matter who it is. The speed limit is 20mph, and I certainly expect the polo club members to know and observe that.” Lord Bathurst said that while he was talking to the officers he saw the Prince pull off in his car and drive away.

“He did not get out of the car or speak to me at all and even now I only have their word for it that it was him,” he said. “I am afraid my attitude to him was not very good, but although I regret what’s happened I do not feel sorry at all about trying to make sure that people drive at the proper speed on the estate. When the officers were about to leave I told them: ‘You must tell Prince William that he must abide by the club rules and I am very surprised at his behaviour.’”

Lord Bathurst received an apology from the Prince of Wales for the incident and was magnanimous enough to admit that Prince William had played “very well” during the match between his father’s team and the Lovelocks. The Princes lost 4-3.

The Prince of Wales has been given a full report of the incident. Observers have assured him that the two bodyguards mounted a “textbook operation” to protect his son. A Palace spokeswoman said yesterday: “No one was hurt. As far as we are concerned the matter is closed.”

The two protection officers, who have been with Prince William for some time, are deemed by the Palace to have done their job properly. A spokesman for Scotland Yard said that they would not discuss the incident.
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From Hello

With just days to go before his 21st birthday bash next Saturday, Prince William has hit the headlines once again after reports emerged that he had a "pretend engagement" with a young woman from Kenya, where he spent part of his gap year.

The Prince struck up a friendship with Jessica Craig – the daughter of Wilderness Trails director Ian Craig, who helped organise William's Africa trip – in May, 2001, and has since returned to visit on three occasions. Jessica is currently staying at Highgrove in the run-up to Wills's birthday party, whose theme is "Out Of Africa".

St James's Palace official denies that "there is or ever has been any romantic liaison" between the two. The young brunette is said to already have a boyfriend.

On a less romantic note, Prince Charles apologised on Sunday after his elder son was involved in an argument with an angry motorist as he left a polo game to return to Highgrove.

Prince William, driving a VW Golf, overtook a car driven by the owner of the Cirencester Polo Club, Lord Bathurst, on a dirt road crossing the aristocrat's property. The 76-year-old, who was once a Lord-In-Waiting to the Queen, says he mistook William for "some young yob in a beat-up car", and gave chase until he was stopped and put right by royal bodyguards.

Lord Bathurst, who says Wills was driving at nearly double the 20mph speed limit at the time, said Prince Charles had apologised, but insisted that even Princes have to be courteous motorists. "I don't care who it is – royalty or not – speeding is not allowed on my estate."
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Old 06-16-2003, 02:31 PM
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Wills' secret 'engagement'

By Clive Goodman

PRINCE William fell madly in love with an African safari stunner.

The young royal, 21 next Saturday, was so smitten he went through a secret fun 'engagement' pact with Jessica Craig, daughter of a wealthy game boss, while in Kenya on his gap year break.

A friend revealed last night: "She made a big impression-it was a serious fling."

The handsome young royal fell desperately for stunning Jessica Craig, 21, and the couple pledged their love for each other with a secret 'engagement' in the bush.

It was Jessica-known as Jecca to pals, and whose dad Ian owns the Kenyan ranch where William spent part of his gap year-who inspired the prince's bid to learn the local language Swahili.

And he is planning to return to the remote 55,000-acre Lewa Down game reserve on the slopes of Mount Kenya when he finishes university.

Meanwhile Jecca is expected to be one of the star guests at his 21st birthday party next Saturday.


William is still so in love with his wild adventure that the entire party has an Out of Africa theme.

One family friend said: "Someone and something clearly made a huge impression on him."

The prince spoke movingly of his passion for Africa during an interview to mark his two years at St Andrews University in Scotland last month.

"I'm trying to teach myself Swahili, which has proved a little harder than I thought," he said.

"I love the people of Africa and I'd like to know more about them, and to speak to them.

"I've got a book and a book-tape-and they're collecting dust quite rapidly but I am trying to make progress." William's hush-hush 'engagement' came to light yesterday in a new profile of the prince.

One Kenyan source is quoted, saying: "It's a fairly open secret that he had a fairly serious fling with a young woman called Jecca Craig while he was in


"Jecca is a really sweet, unaffected girl. Apparently she and William had one of those teenage pretend engagements.

"It always amused us out here that no one ever found out."

Apart from romance another draw for William was the complete isolation.

A friend told us: "That helped keep it all under wraps. The prince was very impressed that not one word about his time there two years ago leaked out."

William spent most of his four-month Africa tour working alongside Jecca and her family at the sprawling privately owned reserve. Her dad Ian said:

"William loves Africa, that's clear. He just loves it out here. He did everything from rhino spotting to anti-poaching patrols and checking fences.

"He's a great boy, enthusiastic and just happy to be getting on with it."

Yesterday the rest of Jecca's family refused to discuss the romance or her secret love pact with William.

She was understood to be staying with her parents at Lewa Down.

Her big brother Will insisted: "I don't know anything-I've got nothing to say."

Although Jecca spends most of the year in Africa she is in touch with William's circle of pals in London.

A family friend disclosed: "She and the prince are still close."

It is understood that since his gap year William has spent a number of private holidays with Jecca and her family.

And now he has confided in friends that he wants to spend a year at Lewa Down before deciding on a military career. "He wants to do something different," explained a pal. "He doesn't want to get onto the royal treadmill of official functions, patronage and public relations.

"William wants to go out into the world and make a difference."

At university William is about to choose whether to carry on with his history of art degree or switch to geography.

"It slightly depends on my exam results," he said in an interview last month.

"I honestly haven't decided yet. I'm torn between the two. But I have to decide soon."

Those closest to the prince expect him to go for geography, partly because the degree would help with conservation work. William-who wears two African friendship bangles collected in Kenya-is understood to have his mother Princess Diana in mind.


A friend explained: "Her work made a real difference to the world. And that's what William wants to do."

Remote Lewa Down caters for a handful of tourists who stay in basic huts and take dawn rides across the landscape to see the wildlife.

On the prince's return to Africa one job on his roster will be a daily patrol of the vast estate's borders, ensuring boundary fences have not been damaged by poachers. And a special project already earmarked for him is a new water pipeline across the reserve.

One worker on the park said: "He'll literally be digging drainage holes."

Now you never know when that sort of thing might come in handy as king of England.
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Old 06-16-2003, 02:36 PM
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Poor William. :( I have no idea if anything happened between this girl and him, but so what? He's going to be 21, there ARE going to be girlfriends. The media has been going in a frenzy about this, but until he actually announces he's engaged, what's the point of all this speculation? I really feel sorry for the girl, though, because no one should be subjected to this type of media onslaught. The press really needs to start treating Prince William with more respect, in my opinion.

Oh, and regarding to speeding incident on the Estate. I can NOT believe that made news. Yes, he was in the wrong for speeding, and even worse, Charles called to apologize, not William, but its really not a big deal. I mean, which one of us hasn't speeded or done something stupid like that before?
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I expected a fancier, sportier car from Wills than a Volkswagon Golf - as nice as they are.
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Old 06-19-2003, 05:58 PM
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The Express, June 17, 2003


Adrian Lee

Prince William will send a written apology to the elderly aristocrat
who accused him of yobbish behaviour.

Earl Bathurst, who chased William's speeding car along a gravel drive
on his country estate, is expecting a letter in the next few days, it
emerged yesterday.

Prince Charles, a personal friend of the 76-year-old Earl, has
already telephoned to smooth over the row, but William is determined
there should be no lingering illfeeling. The Prince, who turns 21
later this week, is said to be mortified by photographs which show
his Volkswagen Golf throwing up clouds of dust as he sped past the
Earl on Saturday evening after a polo match on the Cirencester Park
estate in Gloucestershire.

William, a regular visitor to the Earl's polo club, wants to wipe the
slate clean to avoid any future embarrassment.

The Earl's son, Lord Apsley, said yesterday: "William is a sensible
young man who does remarkably well considering all the pressure he is
under. I am sure that he will drop my father a line. It is something
he will do off his own bat."

The Prince infuriated Earl Bathurst, a former captain in the Hussars,
by swerving on to a grass verge to overtake at speeds allegedly up to
50mph. According to friends, the Prince believes that he did little
wrong and that his refusal to get out of his car to speak to the
furious Earl was misinterpreted as rudeness.

"There is a clear protocol for dealing with incidents like that, "
said one royal source. "William was not being discourteous. He didn't
know who it was - it may have been anyone pursuing him.

That's why he stayed in his vehicle."

The Prince's protection officers intervened to end the road rage
incident by forcing the Earl's Land Rover to stop, but received a
verbal volley from the irate aristocrat, who is a former Lord-in-
Waiting to the Queen.

Lord Apsley revealed yesterday that his father waged a constant
battle against "headstrong" young drivers leaving the polo club on
the 15,000-acre estate, which has a strict 20mph limit.

"The cars do go down there very quickly, " he said. "All the polo
players are aware of the speed limit. We have considered speed humps
but they would just drive round them."

Earl Bathurst has promised to give the Prince a ticking off when they
next meet but William hopes his letter will avoid an embarrassing
scene. The Earl said of the incident: "I thought he was some young
yob in a beat-up car.

"I had no idea it was the Prince. I don't care who it is - royalty or
not - speeding is not allowed on my estate."

St James's Palace refused to discuss any apology by William. A
spokesman said: "As far as we are concerned, the matter is over.
Prince Charles put in a call to make sure everything was all right
because he knows the family."

The brush with controversy comes at a sensitive time for William,
whose behaviour will be under added scrutiny now that he is about to
celebrate his 21st birthday.

He has managed to negotiate his first two years as a student at St
Andrews University without lurid headlines about drinking or high
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Pictures from Tim Graham's book at Corbis

18/6/03, LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM --- As Prince William celebrates his 21st Birthday, royal photographer Tim Graham has gathered for his book 'WILLIAM" his favourite photographs of the Prince. From the first picture taken at just a day old the book, with text by Court Correspondent Peter Archer, documents William s path from cheeky toddler via shy teenager to the pin-up prince
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	a.jpg
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Click image for larger version

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Name:	a.jpg
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Name:	a.jpg
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Name:	a.jpg
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More photos from Tim Graham's book.
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Name:	a.jpg
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Name:	a.jpg
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