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Old 05-28-2003, 01:22 AM
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Harry told: Dump pal Pelly

Fall guy ... Pelly in nude at polo
Picture: XPOSURE

Battle Royal: Wills v Harry

Royal Correspondent

ANGRY Prince Charles has ordered son Harry to dump boozy best mate Guy Pelly.

Charles is furious after The Sun revealed yesterday how Pelly shocked VIP guests by drunkenly stripping naked at a charity polo match.

He telephoned Harry, 18, and insisted he stop seeing Pelly — the lad accused of introducing the young Prince to drugs.

A Royal aide said last night: “Harry has been told he has to lose Pelly as a friend. His behaviour was totally unacceptable for someone who associates with the Prince.

Pelly ... one shoe, no
trews before rampage
“Charles understands Harry had nothing to do with what went on but Pelly is still his friend. He shouldn’t be in his circle any more.”

Pelly, 21, and another pal of Harry’s stripped after an all-day drinking binge at the Windsor polo match. They climbed on top of a marquee hosting a VIP party before sliding down and running off.

Harry had earlier been drinking with Pelly at the Royal Berkshire Polo Club, but was back at Eton before his mate ran wild.

The Prince took a break from A-level revision to attend the match and a pop concert featuring Emma Bunton and Girls Aloud at the Royal Berkshire Club.

Royal aides say Charles is particularly angry because Pelly misbehaved at a charity event in aid of The Prince’s Trust.

Harry ... dad was furious
One insider said: “Pelly is trouble and will only cause more problems for Harry.”

Farmer’s son Pelly hit the headlines 16 months ago when he was accused of being responsible for introducing Harry to drugs and under-age drinking.

But he remained firm friends with Harry and Wills and has often been a guest at Prince Charles’s Highgrove home and joined the Princes at England rugby matches.

Pelly is from a wealthy land-owning family and grew up on a £2million home in Kent. Dad John said last night: “It was harmless fun. Boys will be boys.”

Oi, you Harrible shower!

Sir, yes Sir ... Harry
barks out orders

ATTENSHUN! Prince Harry barks out orders as he leads cadets during Eton College’s military tattoo last night.

Harry was commanding a 48-strong guard of honour which marched on to the college field.

Battle royal .. Prince takes part
in mock attack last night
Among 500 parents and friends watching the parade was Prince Charles and his guest — Harry’s former nanny Tiggy Legge Bourke.

Harry clutched a ceremonial sword as he accompanied Brigadier Jamie Balfour, director of Army Infantry, during an inspection of troops.

On parade ... Prince Harry last night
Officer cadet Harry achieved one of Eton’s highest military accolades by being appointed parade commander.

After the 20-minute parade he changed into combat fatigues to take part in a noisy mock battle.

On the march ... Harry at parade
Harry’s face was streaked with green and brown camouflage paint. He fired blanks from a rifle as he led a squad defending a mock castle specially built in the college grounds.

Old 05-28-2003, 01:34 AM
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Im sorry i mess from Sun Newspaper so if you can make it ! show it them !

So that sad story why because his dad knew it because Prince Harry have drugs related from Pelly have it !

Prince Charles told Harry order to DUMP Pelly because of show pictures of nude of him ! like as stripper ! at Windsor Castle

Prince Harry told his dad explain for what happened other night like that but his dad understood what he told him !

Sara Boyce

Old 05-28-2003, 01:40 AM
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i add that links is,,2-20032...3241082,00.html

other news from old one not so important that new one of Prince Harry's dump pals

Sara Boyce

p.s. please read it !
Old 05-28-2003, 01:47 AM
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William is keen to join father in Guards
By Michael Smith, Defence Correspondent
(Filed: 28/05/2003)

Prince William is about to join the Army's Officer Training Corps at his university in a clear indication that he wants to follow in his father's footsteps with a military career in the Guards.

He wanted to join the SAS, one officer said, but has been told very firmly that he cannot and is now expected to be commissioned into the Welsh Guards where his father is Colonel of the regiment.

The Arms Plot, the Army system which dictates where units serve, has been changed to ensure that the regiment is based at Wellington Barracks, close to Buckingham Palace, when the Prince would be ready to leave Sandhurst.

It had been due to move to Germany this year for three years, giving families and soldiers a rest from Northern Ireland operations and ceremonial duty at Windsor.

Instead planners axed the move and put the Welsh Guards on standby for another Northern Ireland tour, sending them to St Athans in south Wales where the Prince can visit them rather than travel to Germany.

He has already spent time with the Guards on Salisbury Plain and in the jungles of Belize, where he confided that he would like to take a short-term commission with the regiment. The men are said to like him a great deal.

A source within the Welsh Guards confirmed that plans were being made on the assumption that the Prince would be joining.

"We have been told to make preparations," the source said. "That doesn't mean it is written in stone, he may change his mind, but I expect he will come and spend a couple of years with us and then take on the role of Colonel that his father currently has.

"We have seen a lot of him in the past few years and without doubt he has a keen desire to join the SAS and, while his aides clearly ruled that out, he was delighted to learn that many SAS soldiers and officers are drawn from the Welsh Guards."

The Prince's desire for an Army career is not the only reason behind his decision to join the OTC at St Andrews, where he is in his second year. He has told friends that part of the attraction is that the university's unit, which meets on Wednesday evenings for training, holds more than 40 balls a year.

The OTC is a Territorial Army unit which grooms students for a career in the military, taking them on overseas trips and training them to fire the latest weapons.

But the incentive for many students is being paid for their time and the bars.

Writing on the OTC unit's "Sinner" website, one student said the opportunities offered by membership at St Andrews were "pretty staggering".

He added: "It is a non-profit bar and offers the best prices anywhere. Something like 50p for a G&T! Great! You also get paid £7 per evening for the pleasure of being there."

St James's Palace has refused to comment on the Prince's plans.
Old 05-28-2003, 03:11 AM
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Sara I think Zara was kidding,and your not the only one would like to marry William.My cousin (she's 22 as well) would really like to be his wife as well.Besides I think it will be a few years before gets married. :P
You have your life, I have my life, you do your thing, I do my thing, I understand that you were not put on this earth to please me, just as I am not here to please you, but if we should meet, it would be a beautiful thing.
Old 05-28-2003, 03:17 PM
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Posts: 40,,5-20032...3241116,00.html
Old 05-28-2003, 04:36 PM
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Calm Sara. I don't think William is in a hurry to walk down the aisle.

My niece is 15, 5'10, lanky and has long blonde hair and big green eyes. She looks like a model and looks over 18 but she is very sweet and grounded. She is an accomplished rider (horses) and very "sporty"....she just got back from Europe (Germany and The Netherlands) traveling for a week with a soccer team of 15-18 year old American girls from across the country and next year they go to the UK so hopefully she will get picked then, too.

Like I said, she is very grounded and she doesn't let the thought of William be the alpha and omega of her life. She has several interests that keep her busy and she is very well-rounded person which is what I think matters.

smile smile

*****However, Kayla Elizabeth does love a good challenge! hahahahhahaha....

Peace, Zara
Live Simply So Others May Simply Live.
Old 05-28-2003, 07:54 PM
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Prince William have serious girlfriends before ! he been dated Zara Simmonds i think so im not sure i hard think he been dated miss Anagrave then both broke-up because William rough day at Polo all summer !

Sara Boyce
Old 05-29-2003, 03:39 PM
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Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	X00168_9.jpg
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Name:	X00168_9.jpg
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Name:	X00168_9.jpg
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Name:	X00168_9.jpg
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Name:	X00168_9.jpg
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Name:	X00168_9.jpg
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Old 05-29-2003, 03:49 PM
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Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	X00168_9.jpg
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Name:	X00168_9.jpg
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Name:	X00168_9.jpg
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Name:	X00168_9.jpg
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Name:	X00168_9.jpg
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Name:	X00168_9.jpg
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ID:	7320  
Old 05-29-2003, 04:09 PM
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I love that picture !

I wishes he would be golf ! because my family who is golf ! my uncle is pro golf also!

Sara Boyce
Old 05-29-2003, 04:12 PM
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I´m not liking the socks.....
Old 05-29-2003, 05:18 PM
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I really like this pictures, When i open the thread I was expecting he would be wearing a suit and posing in a formal way, so this is a good surprise :)

And the socks...well...
Old 05-29-2003, 07:46 PM
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Thanks so much for these wonderful pictures of William Josefine.

I agree with you Teresa, I think it's lovely and great that William is not all formal and proper in a suit and tie. Even though his future role is great and significant, he is still only 21 at present and great to see photos that reflect his age and natural spirit.
Old 05-30-2003, 03:26 AM
Posts: n/a
articles from the sun!,,5-20032...3241911,00.html,,2-20032...3242231,00.html

he's soo cute on these photos.
Old 05-30-2003, 05:13 AM
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wow, these pictures are really nice!!! he's such a cutie!

what? you don't like his socks, josefine?? I think they are great ... I laughed so hard when I saw this pic
Old 05-30-2003, 06:08 AM
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are these the testino pics at all?
i've been reading a lot interviews and articles today but they never mentioned the name testino.
does it mean there are going to be even more birthday pics of wills ... after all theres going to be a another (longer) interview on his birthday.

i really doubt that these are the testino pics. i think these ones are nice but the ones of harrys birthday look a lot more beautiful.

what do u think?
Old 05-30-2003, 06:17 AM
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bbc video link
Old 05-30-2003, 01:46 PM
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I love how you can see the holes in his sweater! I think its great that these pics were so informal. Its a nice contrast between now and his father at 21. These photos definitely show the times and what Prince William is, a modern prince.
Old 06-01-2003, 06:30 PM
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Prince of brides
Jun 1 2003

by Laura Kemp, Wales On Sunday

HE LOVES glamorous blondes, watches EastEnders and reads the tabloids for the sport.

Sounds like most young men in Britain. Except this one is the next Prince of Wales and is being groomed to be our King...

TOP Welsh royal author Brian Hoey says the future of the Monarchy rests on Prince William's choice of bride.

In his new book marking the young royal's 21st birthday this month, Hoey says he is "the star of the future; the one on whom the Royal family's hopes rest".

It's partly to do with his model good looks, it's also because he is an ordinary man with an extraordinary destiny.

But it's overwhelmingly because he is the new generation of Royals: he can bring the family up to date, smooth over the marriage break-ups of the past and confine the toe-sucking and Squidgeygate scandals to history.

So his choice of bride is considered crucial.

Hoey says William is acutely aware of the pressures he faces and how the future rests on his shoulders.

And he also realises he's the world's most eligible bachelor, making him a girl-magnet wherever he goes.

In his book 'Prince William', a fellow student at St Andrew's University - where William is in his second year - says: "William's shyness is just a cover. There's no real nervousness at all, it's all a carefully and discreetly cultivated mannerism to make people, girls especially, fall for him - and boy does it work."

Hoey says William likes to be seen with attractive girls and prefers slim, tall women.

But on the advice of his father, Prince Charles, he knows to look out for "predatory females" as "sexual aggression" is no longer confined to "eager young men".

"William is by no means reticent when it comes to girls, he loves to party and chat up the best-looking girls in the room and he knows he can have any of them by crooking his finger.

"He may not have marriage in mind and they are aware this would be highly improbable, but that doesn't stop any of them from enjoying flirting with the eventual heir to the throne," writes Hoey.

Another student told him: "We were all having a marvellous time at a party, dancing and drinking all over the place, I couldn't see Wills anywhere, then when I went into the kitchen, there he was surrounded by four or five gorgeous girls who were hanging on his every word.

"He was loving every minute of it and so were they. He knew the effect he was having, the girls couldn't get enough of him."

But Hoey says any girl who is considered for wife material will have to pass the most vigorous vetting procedure.

"The Queen has already let it be known that she regards the choice of wife for Prince William to be the utmost importance for the continuity of the Monarchy," Hoey says.

The Queen and Prince of Wales would like to see him settled before he's 30 otherwise the chances of finding a girl with an "unblemished past" - like his mother Diana, Princess of Wales - will get slimmer.

William argues he should be allowed to make his own choice, that family and country should have enough confidence in him to pick the right one.

But Hoey reveals Buckingham Palace keeps files on prospective young women. If one features too much in the gossip columns or is seen with unsuitable companions, she is struck off the list.

His name has been linked with a number of high society debutantes, but not one has figured permanently - although he was said to be delighted at the rumour he was dating Britney Spears!

Dating for William is not easy. He would love to take them out for a drink or dinner, to share his love of pasta, venison, salads and red wine. Instead, he is given 'safe houses' to date girls to keep him out of the limelight.

Wills-mania kicked off when he turned from a pubescent adolescent into a strapping young man.

Captain Norman Lloyd-Edwards, Lord Lieutenant of South Glamorgan and the Queen's representative in Wales, recalls an impromptu walkabout in Wales.

"It was like something out of the Beatles. Girls were screaming, it was deafening. They threw bunches of flowers at him and climbed over each other trying to touch him.

"He handled it brilliantly and secretly he didn't mind it at all.

"Prince Charles was delighted that William "worked the crowd" as well as his mother used to," he says.

And when it was announced he would be going to the Scottish university, applications from females leapt.

Ex-student Elizabeth Hadley, 22, from Preston, who lived in the same residence as William, told Hoey that girls get dressed up and hang about outside his lectures.

"One night in a popular student bar a girl, for a dare, pinched his bottom. He turned round and gave her a scathing look and she felt a real fool," she said.

Instead he associates with aristocratic students, the Yahs as they are known, who fiercely protect his privacy.

Another problem he faces is the permanent presence of his bodyguards.

At Eton, he was looked after by Sergeant Graham Cracker who lived in an adjoining room.

Hoey, who presented the first BBC Wales Today programme in 1962, writes: "They got on well but had disagreements usually because William wanted to go to a party and be left alone or because he had met a pretty girl and felt the presence of the policeman was ruining his chances."

And he reveals if William ordered his bodyguards to leave him "not one of them would obey him - it would be more than their careers' worth".

Security is a huge issue - Wills even has to take minders with him when he goes out for a bite to eat with his student pals.

Hoey, who is official biographer of the Princess Royal, says a police officer accompanies him to restaurants and eats at a separate table to keep watch.

William has to make sure he pays in cash too, because if he used his Coutts credit card, someone may sell his signature or even his number.

Despite all these pitfalls, Hoey says he is man enough to meet the challenge of being the next heir to the throne.

"William above all others of his contemporaries, knows exactly what his destiny is: he is going to be king."

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prince william

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